Incumbent and Insurgent: Adding Value Together


Today, global energy corporation Equinor and startup Crux OCM are working together to test Crux OCM’s software, which functions as an “autopilot” for oil and gas control room operators. It’s early days yet, but if the Crux OCM solution works and scales, it will lead to efficiencies, cost savings, and new revenue opportunities for Equinor.

Seizing Opportunity When Incumbents Play It Safe | E1270

Jason Calacanis

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[Varo Money in The Financial Brand] U.S. Challenger Banks Turn Up the Heat on Incumbents


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The Future of Corporate Venture Capital


Conventional wisdom dictated that incumbents should focus their innovation efforts on R&D and growing their cash cows while investing in a few startups. The following is an excerpt from 500’s CVC report. How has corporate venture capital changed? In the decade since the Great Recession, we have seen digital upstarts – taking advantage of disruptive technologies from AI to IoT – reshape the economy and the corporate pecking order.

The Opening

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

So the existing incumbents are the defensive line. And they are not taking on any of the incumbents directly. I like to think of investing in new things a bit like a football running play. Imagine you are the running back.

The Duolingo English Test

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

The “incumbent provider” of English proficiency tests, Test Of English As A Foreign Language (aka TOEFL), has had all of the companies and universities who accept it locked up for many years. But in some markets, incumbency matters more than better. I wrote about our portfolio company Duolingo’s English Proficiency Test back in August of last year.

How To End Your Pitch with Your Vision

Dream It

As all investors know from the case of Uber, you cannot size a market based on an incumbent. Getting investors excited about your product is a critical part of raising capital.

Understanding How The Innovator’s Dilemma Affects You

Both Sides of the Table

The thesis of the book is that incumbents in markets – especially large and well entrenched markets – seldom survive fundamental technology changes in their industries. It should affect how you think if you are an incumbent but also if you’re a startup. Let’s start with the incumbents position in a market. It is often the situation that the incumbent offers a product that is vastly superior in the market in terms of performance or functionality.

Why fintechs are buying up legacy financial services companies


It used to be that if you were a fintech startup or, for lack of a better term, a digitally native financial services business, you might be eyeing an acquisition from an incumbent in the industry. Oh, how the tables have turned.

Fintechs could see $100 billion of liquidity in 2021


For the fourth straight year, the publicly traded fintechs massively outperformed the incumbent financial services providers as well as every mainstream stock index. Jake Jolis. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

After raising $10M, Breeze breathes fresh air into a stagnant disability insurance market


Lisa Dolan, managing director at Link Ventures, said she found the company while examining web traffic data, where Breeze was listed among industry incumbents among consumers searching for disability.

How to Build a Team That Can Navigate Your Business Through Difficult Times

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Meanwhile, it’s incumbent on you as the CEO to create an environment that encourages action-oriented behavior. Contributed by Chen Amit , co-founder and CEO of Tipalti. Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging vocations on earth.

FintechOS nabs $60M for a low-code approach to modernizing legacy banking and insurance services


Now, a startup out of Romania that is building tools to help the incumbents respond with better services of their own is announcing a significant round of funding as its business grows.

Predictions for Living, Working, & Traveling Post-Covid in America’s Startup Cities


Venture investors pay close attention to the innovation that emerges when startups unbundle the offerings of industry incumbents.

UK challenger bank Starling raises $376M, now valued at $1.9B


Starling — which competes against incumbent banks, as well as other challengers like Monzo and Revolut — said it will be using the money to continue its growth. - The Future of Video Intelligence

Tomasz Tunguz

Despite the UI challenges of incumbent solutions, their scale is a testament to the amount of customer demand. co-authored with Patrick Chase. We are thrilled to announce that Redpoint has partnered with Spot AI to lead their $20M Series A.

Debt versus equity: When do non-traditional funding strategies make sense?


Discount airlines, cell phones (not smartphones) and integrated circuits are good examples of the “faster, cheaper, simpler” variety, because they simply displaced familiar incumbents. People tend to think that category creation is less risky than incumbent disruption. David Friend.

The Market Diversifies: International Innovation Captures Larger Share Of Startup Funding Applications


Quarterly data from Gust, the online platform for the global angel investment industry, reveals that while incumbent leaders show no sign of slowing down, new industries and areas Read more >. In Q3 the global startup ecosystem continued to thrive, with 25% growth over the same quarter last year and up 18% from last quarter, as the innovation economy expands around the world.

Hungryroot co-founder’s new venture, Noops, a plant-based pudding startup, raises another $2M


And, while the food type has reached a number of categories, like meat and seafood, there is not much in the space of pudding, nor have incumbents come out with better-for-you options, Hippeau said.

How to Get a CISO to Buy Your Product

Dream It

Find out how incumbent products you are likely to replace are performing. To keep an organization safe, a CISO depends on as many as 50 to 100 different products. This presents a huge opportunity for startups. However, this means that a CISO sees a LOT of pitches in their role.

What To Do When Your Competitor Gets Funded?

Both Sides of the Table

And our competitors are not really each other but the incumbent businesses that have 99.9% ” In summary: The competitors are the incumbents. This morning announced they raised $9 million from Sequoia , arguably the best venture capital firm that exists. Congratulations. Sincerely. Conventional wisdom says I shouldn’t tell you this because I invested in their main competitor, MakeSpace.

Cultivating a Practice of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Ecosystem Building Programs

Ecosystem Builder Hub

It is incumbent upon those of us working to build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems to put inclusion front and center, at the heart of everything we do.

Mambu raises $135M at a $2B+ valuation for a SaaS platform that powers banking services


It will be interesting to see how newer entrants in the SaaS banking-platform space disrupt what are, effectively, becoming incumbents in their own right: Mambu is now approaching 10 years old (it was founded in 2011).

Former Salesforce chief scientist announces new search engine to take on Google


Richard Socher, former chief scientist at Salesforce, who helped build the Einstein artificial intelligence platform, is taking on a new challenge — and it’s a doozy. Socher wants to fix consumer search and today he announced , a new search engine to take on the mighty Google.

Per Seat or Per Use Pricing: A Framework for Evaluating the Right Strategy for Your Startup

Tomasz Tunguz

Sometimes, entering the market with a different pricing model disrupts incumbents. Should you price your SaaS per seat or per use? That was one of the salient questions Madhavan Ramanujam answered in last week’s Office Hours at Redpoint. Madhavan provided an excellent framework for answering this question, in addition to a multitude of other insights.

The First Rule Of Disruption


In just about all cases, to successfully disrupt a large incumbent, your best case scenario is that they completely ignore you and what you're doing. You want the incumbent to act "rationally", because an emotionally fired-up incumbent will come try to crush you simply out of spite and ego. The fact that what you have doesn't meet the needs of the existing customer-base is what makes it easier for the incumbent to ignore you. Working on a startup?

Sequoia Heritage, Stripe and others invest $200M in African fintech Wave at $1.7B valuation


” Going up against incumbents. Third-party providers, mostly fintechs, have tried to capture some market share from these incumbents. Whereas the incumbents mostly focus on USSD (although there are provisions to use applications), Wave is solely app-based.

Why Taking a Customer-Centric Approach Significantly Reduces Risks and Increases Your Chance of Success


B2B companies face a similar battle against multibillion-dollar incumbents and unicorn startups. They know that this knowledge will become their edge, their primary competitive advantage, against incumbent and nascent competitors.

Tractable raises $60M at a $1B valuation to make damage appraisals using AI


And while a new generation of “insurtech” startups have emerged in recent years that are bringing more modern processes into the equation, typically the incumbent major insurance companies — the ones that Tractable targets — have lacked the technology to improve that process.

How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

Both Sides of the Table

So when Sam Rosen came to me with the idea of disrupting storage with a product that is priced cheaper than existing incumbents and he could build a product that is a better service I was intrigued. dominated by a few very large incumbents who control much of the distribution or are you going into a market that is “fragmented” where nobody controls the industry. Incumbent Strengths & Weaknesses. Many startup businesses – tech or otherwise – fail.

Ola Electric in talks to raise at over $2.75 billion valuation


Incumbents, despite all their resources have launched products which appear as another variant of an ICE product and lack the punch.

Pomelo raises $9M to build a payments infrastructure for LatAm fintechs


Cards have an estimated payments volume of $900 billion per year, and yet 95% of these transactions are being processed by local incumbents, asserts Pomelo. incumbents. “It

Insurgent UK broadband startup Cuckoo Internet raises $6M round led by RTP Global, with JamJar Investments


Cuckoo Internet, which is aiming to be an insurgent startup in the broadband provider space in the U.K., has closed a $6 million investment round led by RTP Global, along with participation from JamJar Investments. It will also launch on price-comparison site uSwitch.

Digital road freight forwarder Sennder raises $160M Series, plans European expansion


Sennder competes with large incumbents like Wincanton and CH Robinson, as well as other startups such as OnTrac and Instafreight. Sennder , a large digital road freight forwarder based out of Germany, has raised $160 million in Series D financing.

The gray revolution: Fundraising within the older adult space


We see an emphasis on young founders (“40 Under 40”), innovative ideas and disruptive challenges to legacy brands, incumbent companies and “old” ways of thinking. Lawrence Kosick. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Sweden-based digital bank Northmill raises $30M


As it stands, 2006-founded Northmill is available in Sweden, Norway and Finland, where it competes with incumbent banks with physical branches and the likes of Lunar, Revolut and Klarna (which operates as a bank in its home country of Sweden, and Germany).

Undock raises $1.6M to help solve your group scheduling nightmares


But we seem to be in a calendrical renaissance, with incumbents like Google and Outlook getting smarter and smarter and newcomers like Calendly growing significantly. Over the past decade, many startups have tried (and many have failed) to rethink the way we schedule our meetings and calls.