Building Rural Communities Through Entrepreneurship

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On Thursday, April 21, SourceLink hosted Building Rural Communities Through Entrepreneurship , a webinar on strategies for growing rural communities through entrepreneurship-led economic development. More rural resources and community success stories from Don can be found at: [link].

SourceLink + National League of Cities – Impacting Entrepreneurship in Rural Communities

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Both communities recently participated in NLC’s City Innovation Ecosystems (CIE) program, offered in partnership with and support from the Kauffman Foundation. Entrepreneurial Communities Innovative Programs


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3 new ways to empower your entrepreneurial community

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In 2017, we shared 3 ways to empower your entrepreneurial community. Racial wealth disparity is a major barrier to thriving communities and economic growth. A network of empowered and committed communities.

Engaging Your Community

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Engaging Your Community. Community engagement is about involving the people you serve as beneficiaries and as partners in your mission. Learn about ways to foster community engagement. Community Engagement. Understand what community engagement is and why it’s important.

Marketing-Led Post-COVID-19 Growth Strategies

Businesses are laying off workers, shutting their doors (some permanently), and struggling to react to the radical destruction that coronavirus (COVID-19) is doing to our society and communities. However, there’s no team better suited to lead that charge than the marketing department.

Engaging Your Community

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Engaging Your Community. Community engagement is about involving the people you serve as beneficiaries and as partners in your mission. Learn about ways to foster community engagement. Community Engagement. Understand what community engagement is and why it’s important.

Inspiring Community Participation

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Inspiring Community Participation. I’m Jeff Franco, and this is “Inspiring Community Participation” to solve local problems. First, knowing your community and its needs. It is critically important that you get to know your community intimately. Community Needs Assessment.

How entrepreneurs are building resilience in their communities

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

How entrepreneurs are building resilience in their communities. Communities, economies and trade benefit from strong businesses that have learned to weather unexpected challenges. Renewing Ecuadorian communities after a natural disaster.

The Startup Community Way

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

My friend Brad Feld has updated his excellent book on startup ecosystems called Startup Communities. The updated and expanded book is called The Startup Community Way and it is available for pre-order on Amazon. This suggests to me that we will see tech entrepreneurship and innovation move even more broadly around the US and around the world this decade and The Startup Community Way can be a playbook for how to make that happen.

When Community Works


At GAN, we often bring our global community of accelerators together in person in order to build relationships, share insights, and to not only work through challenges with their peers but to share their wins as a group. Unlike our community of accelerators, we’d never met these leaders. The post When Community Works appeared first on GAN. Proven Methods community gathering retreats startup studios studios

Latest Update on the SBA Community Navigator Funding Opportunity

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Small Business Administration first released the Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Community Navigator Pilot Program. What does the Community Navigator opportunity mean for my community or my organization? What is the SBA Community Navigator Model?

How to Create a Healthy Local Startup and Tech Community

This is going to be BIG.

That prediction obviously turned out pretty wrong, but it did drum up a whole lot of chatter about the right ingredients for building a startup community—about New York vs Boston on the East Coast and whether cities like Austin and Seattle would ever break through. Community isn’t organic.

SBA Announces Community Navigator Model and Funding Opportunity

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We’re thrilled the SBA goes on to recommend that effective network building must also adopt a data-driven approach , something we’ve been championing with communities via our SourceLink Pro entrepreneurship CRM and decision support system and Resource Navigator technologies. The U.S.

Create community: Advice on branding from YLAI Fellow Luisfer Pelayo

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

When we start a brand, we rarely begin with thinking about the community around it. The question for many might be: Why create a community? In my experience, generating a community implies giving something extra. Identify and strengthen your community.

advice 207

Community of Cultivators: Edition 45


The post Community of Cultivators: Edition 45 appeared first on GCUC Community. Coworking Community Community Cultivators Blog SeriesY’all, this week’s interview is coming at you from our home state of TX.

5 Reasons to Be a Part of a Business Community

Smart Hustle Magazine

Being a part of the business community plays a critical role in the success of small business owners. If you look at the thriving small business owners, you will find that most of them are outstanding community players. Reasons to Be a Part of a Business Community.

How Business Can Revitalize a Community After Crisis

Entrepreneurs' Organization

He also trained community members to utilize technology as the area rebuilt. What might have spelled the end of a business for others barely fazed Saito, who drew strength from a community rebuilding once again. He organized free massages for senior community members.

Five Tips for SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program Awardees

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Congratulations to all the grantees awarded funds to participate in the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program. You are embarking on work that is critical to building back inclusive and more resilient communities.

Wrap-up of the Startup Community Leaders Mission USA 2018

Startup Catalyst

The second Startup Community Leaders Mission to the USA took place from 11-18 March 2018, with 20 participants taking part, including 14 from 11 different regional towns in Queensland, 3 from Brisbane, one from Sydney, one from Adelaide, and one from New York (assisting the Beach City film crew). It also has a robust sense of community, and is a leading example of how robust startup communities can be built in regional areas. 2018 Startup Community

Thursdays are for the Community


The post Thursdays are for the Community appeared first on GCUC Community. Amenity Coworking Community GCUC MembershipWe asked and you said… You need more time to collaborate and learn with your peers. You need more structured time to learn what.

Community of Cultivators: Edition 53


The post Community of Cultivators: Edition 53 appeared first on GCUC Community. Coworking Community Coworking Trends Community Cultivators Blog SeriesHere at GCUC we are immensely fortunate to cross paths and work with so many amazing people.

Startup Community Engagement During Covid

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Much of what we do as startup community builders requires in-person interactions through workshops, meetups, and other events. But the Covid pandemic pushed the big pause button on in-person events that are the beating heart of many startup communities.

Community Navigator

Forward Cities

Small Business Administration ‘s (SBA) Community Navigator Pilot Program aimed at reducing barriers for underserved entrepreneurs and small business owners. Forward Cities was selected as a grantee for the U.S. We will work in close collaboration with both the City of Durham and Durham County to deploy the nearly $1 million awarded, with the two-year grant period beginning December 1. Home Slider

Serve Your Community with User-Friendly Technology


PEC has a powerful mission: to promote individual self-sufficiency and help the community of Philadelphia by providing housing, social services and quality-of-life support. Learn how Dell helped this business and how it can help yours by clicking below: Dell white paper serving the community.

Investing In Distressed Communities. Opportunity Zones

Smart Hustle Magazine

Basically, this is the government's response to helping disadvantaged communities, but Scott helps explain to us why we should care and why it's important. These are considered vulnerable communities, or distressed communities. . The post Investing In Distressed Communities.

Building Business Community: Focus on Cooperation, Not Competition

Entrepreneur's Handbook

From my experience, the business community can strengthen its every member if we build it on cooperation, not competition. The power of community Building a business community is also a win-win. Building a strong business community is beneficial for all members.

The Power of Entrepreneurial Community

Entrepreneurs' Organization

There are prosperous associations of entrepreneurs who gather to support, motivate and guide each other, to overcome challenges, leading to greater success—for each company and the community at large. The EO community has had an exponential impact on me. Unity in Community.

Community Solar

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

So we are reaching out to some community solar developers in NYC who have built out solar infrastructure that the community can participate in. I’ve been interested in community solar for a while now. Community solar works best when a consumer can receive a credit on their electrical bill for their community solar output.

What a community means in the modern world of startups


“We believe that a thriving community is a company’s most valuable asset,” Community-led writes in its Declaration. “Community scales your business, resources and presence in ways that traditional marketing or advertising channels can’t.

Finding Your Professional Community – 3 Things To Look For

Smart Hustle Magazine

Given that online communities have grown 3X in the last seven years, reaching revenues of $1.2 But just because digital communities are available and growing in prevalence doesn’t mean they’re all equally beneficial. Editorial note – Here are some of my favorite communities.

One social entrepreneur and activist’s mission to defend the environment and indigenous communities in Venezuela

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

He found his calling in environmental and human rights law and works to protect indigenous communities in his region. I think what I am most passionate about is having the opportunity to connect my interests, my career and experience with the change I want to achieve in my community.

ESHIP Communities

Forward Cities

The ESHIP Communities program is a community-driven approach for building entrepreneurial ecosystems that foster inclusion, relationships, collaboration, and social capital across networks of entrepreneurs and those who support them. The program supports the creation and evaluation of a repeatable, bottom-up approach to building and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems. Home Slider

Leveraging Your Community and Networking Online

Smart Hustle Magazine

This conversation focused on community building, networking and how to do it virtually. Luminary helps advance women in the workforce through community no matter their job, industry, schooling or background. It happens through community building. Building Community the New Way.

Creating a forever home for this Trinidadian community and the endangered animals within it

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

The YLAI Network team asked Rondell a few questions about his unique path to conservation and his role in his community, ensuring that all species are living in a healthy environment. What is your role in your community? I serve as a resource within my community.

Building Community While Creating Your Company: The Value of Social Networks to Solopreneurs


This separation from a meaningful and significant community can be liberating, but it can also lead to isolation. Build a virtual community. Another interesting trend we observed is the growing importance of virtual communities.

HPA Welcomes New Marketing & Community Manager

Hyde Park Angels

The firm welcomes Cate LeSourd as HPA’s new Marketing & Community Manager to focus on driving and strengthening the HPA brand. The post HPA Welcomes New Marketing & Community Manager appeared first on HPA.

Assembling a Tulip: Can you engineer thriving Web3 communities of humans (DAOs) using code?

This is going to be BIG.

The community norms and values of the space had been carefully nurtured by the three people that started it. There were about ten indie coworkers from the original community and ten employees of this startup. The vibe of the community started to come apart quickly.