13 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Best Business Advice

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Nine out of 10 entrepreneurs I know have long-term pain with their partners. The tenth entrepreneur without the headache is usually the one without a business partner. For more insights and inspiration from today’s leading entrepreneurs, check out EO on Inc.

Why Creativity is Essential for Entrepreneurs

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This type of thinking is essential for entrepreneurs; define a problem or need, then leverage the ability to quickly pivot , iterate and actualize an idea. Being in quarantine can offer opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, despite the challenges it forces upon you.


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We Talked to 150 Entrepreneurs


Last week, Jose Alfaro led the CO.STARTERS team in hosting a series of virtual roundtables for entrepreneurs who feel stuck due to the COVID-19 crisis. Are you interested in bringing the Refocus Workshop and other programs to entrepreneurs in your community?

Innovation Stacks and Crazy Entrepreneurs

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McKelvey is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, philanthropist and artist. The irreverent first-person narrative is an insider’s view of the world of entrepreneurship and a call to action for all of us to find the entrepreneur within ourselves—one crazy idea at a time. .

Today’s entrepreneurs weigh in: Is entrepreneurship a lonely journey?

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At the core of Entrepreneurs’ Organization ‘s mission is helping entrepreneurs achieve their full potential. That stark statistic illustrates the tide the entrepreneur wades against in their efforts to create a viable business.

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Limit Their Creative Potential

Marty Zwilling

Every entrepreneur believes in their heart that their startup is more innovative and creative than their competitors. Yet none knows exactly

4 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

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An excerpt from the book Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur , by Charlene Walters , MBA, PhD. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is all about working on and developing an entrepreneurial attitude by making certain shifts in the way that you think.

6 traits that make an entrepreneur

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Heidi Zak , Elon Musk, Oprah, Warren Buffet, Kendra Scott , Sara Blakely and Bill Gates—entrepreneurs may appear quite diverse, but they typically share a few key qualities. What makes an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs require a lot of personal drive and discipline to be successful.

Freelancer or entrepreneur? Making the mindset shift

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After 25 years of self-employment, I felt ready to make the shift from freelancer to entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs, however, usually call themselves founders or CEOs. Saying you’re an entrepreneur means committing to all the aspects of running a business.

#1 Put entrepreneurs front and center


As ecosystem builders, we are committed to serving the entrepreneurs in our communities. But how do you find these entrepreneurs – especially those who are just emerging or are historically marginalized? When I started this work, entrepreneurs were my primary circle of friends.

How To Build a Pandemic-Proof Business Plan for 2021

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And with no end in sight for returning to business as usual, that number can be intimidating to anyone who’s considering opening their own business or entrepreneurs hoping to survive the next year. Contributed by Alexis Maness, contributing editor at 365businesstips.com.

How entrepreneurs benefit from ‘Alien Thinking’

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We asked authors Cyril Bouquet, Michael Wade and Jean-Louis Barsoux how entrepreneurs can benefit from Alien Thinking: What does it mean to think like an “alien”? . Can you share those stories and the lessons for entrepreneurs?

The Real Rebuilding Will Begin after the Election, and it Will Start with Entrepreneurs, Economic Developers, and Ecosystem Builders


Entrepreneurs, business owners, ecosystem builders, educators, parents, community leaders, and concerned citizens solve problems. Today’s visionary entrepreneurs want to build companies with holistic perspectives that help people realize their potential.

What work-life balance looks like for entrepreneurs post-Covid

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Entrepreneurs like me often struggled to maintain a healthy work-life balance even before the pandemic, but I saw this become even more true as my working hours grew longer at home. Julia Langkraehr is an experienced entrepreneur and Certified EOS Implementer.

GSEA Studentpreneur Camilo Salinas: Entrepreneur first, business after

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At EO, we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs at every stage achieve their full potential. where “studentpreneurs” from 38 countries competed and connected with both seasoned entrepreneurs and their fellow competitors. Entrepreneur first, business after.”

10 Common Traits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs


Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. If only this were the reality, everyone would be an entrepreneur! Being an entrepreneur can be tremendously rewarding, but it is hard work. Keep in mind the 10 common traits of successful entrepreneurs: Vision.

Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Can Help You Do More Faster


At Techstars we believe that entrepreneurs create a better future, which is why we are building the Worldwide Network that Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed. It’s also why we created the Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit , an online educational resource to help entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is a prime example of this value in action. The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit includes: Build Your Lean Canvas.

This Young Entrepreneur Shares Her 4 Tips for Startup Success


What do you think of when you hear the word “entrepreneur”? Over the past three years, my definition of an entrepreneur has changed dramatically. Today, I will share with you the key business lessons I have learned as a youth activist and entrepreneur, along with some tips for success.

How Women Entrepreneurs Can Advance in Business

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We are just recognizing that women entrepreneurs have to fight harder and longer to be as successful as their male counterparts. One Woman Entrepreneur Having an Impact. Her mission is to make the journey easier especially for diverse and women entrepreneurs.

Supporting Entrepreneurs Wherever They Are, Including Prison


Defy Colorado is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with criminal histories — who they call Entrepreneurs in Training — create legal business ventures outside of prison.

Mindful Leadership for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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If you’re like most business leaders and entrepreneurs, you know what it’s like to be stressed. Sitting alone in silence probably sounds like the worst way for a busy business entrepreneur to spend their precious time. Happy meditating entrepreneurs and fellow EO members!

4 things I wish I knew as a young entrepreneur

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He is also an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Montreal chapter. . Many entrepreneurs I meet have incredible stories about the way they started their businesses. And like most entrepreneurs, we wear those scars as a badge of honor.

What entrepreneurs need to know about unconscious bias

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

It is vital for entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders to understand unconscious biases that may be present in their journey to growing their business or organization. The post What entrepreneurs need to know about unconscious bias appeared first on Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative.

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Boost Their Mental Health


Recent research shows that entrepreneurs are 30% more likely to suffer from depression than those who serve in the lower levels of an organization’s hierarchy. Entrepreneurs are in a position of leadership; in many cases, the livelihood of others depends on their success.

health 100

To succeed as an entrepreneur, make these 8 investments

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Rosenfarb , a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and a certified public accountant who helps entrepreneurs increase cash flow, sell their companies successfully, manage their wealth and create predictable passive income. The best investment for entrepreneurs is always going to be in themselves. Look at the schedule of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs and you’ll uncover that comprehensive wellness is a high priority. Contributed by Noah B.

Why Emmy Award-winning documentarians focused their lens on 5 GSEA student entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) encourages young entrepreneurs through its Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) , EO’s premier competition for college students who own and operate a business. What was your biggest takeaway about student entrepreneurs?

6 Lessons From an Entrepreneur’s Journey

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Like many Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) members, he believes in continuous learning and improvement in order to take his businesses further and better serve the people that benefit from his services. And yet, every entrepreneur who I know went out on a limb, particularly founders.

Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help


Monkey and Me: A Real Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs” by Mike Smerklo. Being a great leader and entrepreneur takes courage, confidence and the willingness to achieve what others have not been able to accomplish in the past. The following is adapted from “Mr.

Should entrepreneurs be worried about the new COVID strains?

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Should entrepreneurs be worried about the new COVID strains originating in the UK, South Africa and recently identified in the US and their implications on business? The post Should entrepreneurs be worried about the new COVID strains?

Startup Reads: 11 Books Every Early-Stage Entrepreneur Should Read


In a past article, Five Pillars of Success: Curated Content for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs , I mentioned that last year I read 12 books. Here my 11 top reads for early-stage entrepreneurs: 11. It’s a perspective from the other side: an entrepreneur turned VC.

Women entrepreneurs find success despite lack of access to investment capital

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Throughout history there are numerous success stories of female entrepreneurs, yet women continue to face a number of challenges when starting and growing their businesses. When venture capitalists ignore women entrepreneurs, they leave money on the table.

How Entrepreneurs Can Invest in Their Families

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When we asked EO members to share how being a parent and an entrepreneur overlap for them, we heard from Joel Patterson, a member of EO Dallas and founder of The Vested Group. “As any entrepreneur will tell you, finding true work and family balance is virtually impossible. The post How Entrepreneurs Can Invest in Their Families appeared first on Octane Blog – The official blog of the Entrepreneurs' Organization.

A Survival Kit for Entrepreneurs, From the Consumer-Facing Sector

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Written by Abdul Wahab Al-Halabi, partner, Decker & Halabi , and member, Entrepreneurs’ Organization UAE. A version of the following article originally appeared on Entrepreneur Middle East. By nature, though, entrepreneurs like us just don’t know how to do that.

EO Entrepreneurs Share Strategies for Failure-Proofing Small Business

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We asked members of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) , a global, peer-to-peer network of 14,000-plus influential business owners, what lessons they wish they’d known to ensure ongoing success before starting their companies.

Can You Be a Successful Entrepreneur? (And What It Takes to Be the One)

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Recently, I observed interesting conversations on ‘can everyone be a successful entrepreneur’ initiated by Smart Hustle Founder Ramon Ray and Shopify President Harley Finkelstein. And not everyone could be a successful entrepreneur. Everyone can be an entrepreneur.

25 Sources For Funding Minority Entrepreneurs

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Here’s a list of top sources for funding minority entrepreneurs. The NASE has been around since 1981, providing entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, including those by minority owners with access to grants and educational resources.

Building a Front Door for Entrepreneurs through a Wayfinding Program


By launching a Wayfinding program for early-stage entrepreneurs, The Company Lab (CO.LAB) positioned themselves as the front door for entrepreneurs in their community and created a pipeline into their additional programs, including CO.STARTERS. CASE STUDY. The Company Lab.