How Entrepreneurs Can Invest in Their Families

Entrepreneurs' Organization

When we asked EO members to share how being a parent and an entrepreneur overlap for them, we heard from Joel Patterson, a member of EO Dallas and founder of The Vested Group. “As any entrepreneur will tell you, finding true work and family balance is virtually impossible.

Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Can Help You Do More Faster


At Techstars we believe that entrepreneurs create a better future, which is why we are building the Worldwide Network that Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed. It’s also why we created the Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit , an online educational resource to help entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is a prime example of this value in action. The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit includes: Build Your Lean Canvas.

Ashna Mahepal to Young Entrepreneurs: Identify Your Source of Empowerment

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

As an independent woman with a go-getter attitude, she shared insights with us into her life as an entrepreneur and what it was like getting YHS off the ground, as well as her advice for other young entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Advice for Young Entrepreneurs.

Five Pillars of Success: Curated Content for Early Stage Entrepreneurs


If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, you may feel overwhelmed by all the new vocabulary and concepts around building a business. A fundraising template every entrepreneur can use: [link]. So you’ve got a terrific idea for a startup? Great!

Female Entrepreneurs: Can You Manage It All & Still Find Happiness?

Smart Hustle Magazine

Ramon Ray got a chance to speak with Cheryl Liew-Chng for a few minutes at the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network in Singapore. Building Female Entrepreneurs. The post Female Entrepreneurs: Can You Manage It All & Still Find Happiness?

2 Reasons Why Forums Are Important for the Mental Health of Entrepreneurs

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Written for EO by Steven Dudley, mindset and performance coach for entrepreneurs and competitive athletes. Forum can provide value for any niche group, but it is especially valuable for entrepreneurs. The biggest battle for all entrepreneurs is the one that happens inside our own heads.

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4 Essential Insights for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs' Organization

If you’re an entrepreneur who believes in advancing yourself in every area of your life, check out what it’s like to be an EO member. .

5 Ways Student Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Support Resources

Venture Well

VentureWell Program Officer, Samer Yousif, shares his insights to help student entrepreneurs make the most of the I&E resources available to them. The post 5 Ways Student Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Support Resources appeared first on VentureWell.

Entrepreneurs Relish The Challenge More Than Money


Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. On the average, the entrepreneurs I know are living on Ramen noodles. Read entrepreneur stories. Invested Interests challenge entrepreneur money startup

How Battery Entrepreneurs Learned the Power of Environmentally Responsible Business

Venture Well

The post How Battery Entrepreneurs Learned the Power of Environmentally Responsible Business appeared first on VentureWell. With the right training and support, battery innovators can hold to their environmentally responsible values even in this super-charged competitive space.

Entrepreneurs Need To Keep Their Business Focused


Unfocused entrepreneurs boast that their new technology will generate multiple disruptive products for consumers as well as enterprises around the world. Invested Interests entrepreneur focus startup Zappos logo via Flickr by Ben Spark.

How True Entrepreneurs Make Themselves Accountable


Everyone seems to like the aspect of being an entrepreneur that goes with “being your own boss” and “able to do things my way.” People with confidence problems and fear problems should avoid the entrepreneur role, since success without accountability is rare. Image via Wikipedia.

The Smartest Entrepreneurs Bootstrap Their Startup


There is so much written these days about how to attract investors that most entrepreneurs “assume” they need funding, and don’t even consider a plan for “bootstrapping,” or self-financing their startup. Invested Interests bootstrapping entrepreneur investor startup

Build Entrepreneur Credentials Early and Wisely


Many believe that entrepreneurs are born, not made. While I agree that successful company builders usually have a natural inclination to be entrepreneurs, a good education helps polish that apple. The bigger question, then, for an entrepreneur, is not “Should I go to college?”

New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs


The hard part for entrepreneurs is figuring out what it takes to play. This should be a wake-up call for traditional entrepreneurs and investors alike. Invested Interests business entrepreneur funding startup

Corporate Perks Will Doom Your Entrepreneur Dreams


By the time many big-company executives are ready to go out on their own as an entrepreneur, they have forgotten what it’s like to fly in coach class, buy their own health insurance, or having to deal with running out of money. Invested Interests corporate perks entrepreneur startup

Practice Entrepreneur Integrity As Seen By Others


As an entrepreneur, your personal integrity is critical for getting and keeping the support of investors and team members, and your company’s integrity is critical for getting and keeping customers and vendors. Invested Interests entrepreneur integrity startup

7 Questions Test Entrepreneur Focus Before Funding


Fundraising is stressful and difficult, which is why 90% of successful entrepreneurs do bootstrapping. Do you really understand and aspire to entrepreneur lifestyle? Invested Interests entrepreneur funding startup Image via

One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Own

Both Sides of the Table

” I have long thought about and written about the personal toll that being an entrepreneur places on your life. These were amongst some of the most read blog posts I have written, which shows me that the stress, pressures and loneliness of being and entrepreneur resonates.

Black Entrepreneurs and the Embracing of Coworking Space


It’s Black History month, and a great time to shed light on how black entrepreneurs are embracing and thriving in the coworking space culture. Grassroots coworking … Continue reading Black Entrepreneurs and the Embracing of Coworking Space → BUSINESS OFFICE SPACE PRODUCTIVITY

6 Clues That You May Be Cool as an Entrepreneur


A while back, when a startup founder mentioned to me that he wasn’t sure he had the personality to be an entrepreneur, I realized how important that insight was. A successful entrepreneur has to come up with innovative ideas, but also turn them into a value-creating profitable business.

Entrepreneurs Need Experience More Than An MBA


In some reputable surveys , as many as two-thirds of entrepreneurs felt that their entrepreneurial spirit was more ingrained than learned, so a specific education level is at least irrelevant. On the other hand, I had trouble thinking of famous entrepreneurs with an MBA. As an entrepreneur, she grew EBay from 30 employees and $4 million in annual revenue to more than 15,000 employees and $8 billion in annual revenue, before moving on to HP. I don’t have an MBA.

A New Way to Help Student Entrepreneurs Succeed: Learnings from the inaugural LaunchPad Lift Cohort, part of the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars entrepreneurship program


This spring, Techstars and Blackstone launched a new program, LaunchPad Lift, a 10-week virtual mentoring program designed to increase the probability of success for student entrepreneurs. We’re so proud of these amazing student entrepreneurs, the newest members of the Techstars Network!

Entrepreneurs Must Not Confuse Action With Results


Too many entrepreneurs confuse actions with momentum and results. During the early start-up phase, most of the momentum in a new company derives from the entrepreneur’s own commitment and self-sacrifice. Invested Interests entrepreneur fake work momentum startup

The Discipline of Execution Defines an Entrepreneur


When entrepreneurs come to me with that “million dollar idea,” I have to tell them that an idea alone is really worth nothing. Invested Interests discipline entrepreneur execution ideas It’s all about the execution, and investors invest in the people who can execute, or even better, have a history of successful execution. Execution is making things happen, and for startups it usually means making change happen, Read more >.

10 Sage Quotes From $100M Entrepreneur Winners


Entrepreneurs are a notoriously stubborn (some say confident) group of people, so I see many of them making the same mistakes that predecessors have made. All the quotes come from entrepreneurs who have built and sold at least one $100 million company.

Startup Accelerators are Entrepreneur Boot Camps


The incubation period is very short and intense, usually intending to drive entrepreneurs from ideas to marketable products in a matter of months. networking with other entrepreneurs. David Cohen image via Kathleen Lavine, Denver Business Journal.

Understanding Your True Character as an Entrepreneur

Both Sides of the Table

” The post Understanding Your True Character as an Entrepreneur appeared first on Bothsides of the Table. Why do we do all that we do? Is it for the money? The recognition? Is work a part of life and life a part of work?

5 Entrepreneur Ideas That Investors See Too Often


Invested Interests business entrepreneur ideas startup People are always asking me for an inside tip on Internet sites that will be “the next big thing.” Those are hard, since someone has to invent something innovative, but I do have some views on other ideas whose time has come and gone.

Inventor Entrepreneurs May Be The Rare Exception


In my experience, inventors and technologists aren’t interested or aren’t very good at building a business, and entrepreneurs aren’t usually good scientists. Historically, it’s also not often that a good inventor was also a good entrepreneur. Thomas Edison image via Wikipedia.

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI

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In case it’s not obvious it’s a play on the Nike slogan, “Just Do It.&# ) I believe that being successful as an entrepreneur requires you to get lots of things done. Good entrepreneurs can admit when their course of action was wrong and learn from it.

Stealth Mode Entrepreneurs Only Increase the Risk


Openness is part of the business culture of entrepreneurs and technology centers around the world. Invested Interests business entrepreneur startup stealth modeImage via

10 Key Traits Of An Ideal Entrepreneur Partner


Most entrepreneurs work long hours and weekends to get the job done. Invested Interests business entrepreneur partner startup Photo of Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt with Sergey Brin and Larry Page via Wikipedia.

10 Entrepreneur Tips Dodge Million-Dollar Mistakes


It’s a well-accepted axiom in the investor community that entrepreneurs learn more from their failures than their successes. You hear about all the parallel entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs running Apple and Pixar at the same time. Wise people can become great entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur Thesis

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I call it the entrepreneur thesis. I’m not talk about the age old debate amongst investors whether you back entrepreneurs, markets or products (or as people like to hedge – product / market fit). It’s entrepreneurs I back. It’s what I call the “entrepreneur thesis.”

Who Are Your Entrepreneurs?

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We know that entrepreneurs create all net new jobs—but what’s their impact in your community? Do you know who your entrepreneurs are and how many jobs they create? Thought Leadership Best Practices

6 Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Think They Can Dance


Over time, I’ve concluded that even startup entrepreneurs can learn a few things from this one. Some entrepreneurs give the same talk, no matter what the audience. Invested Interests entrepreneur investor startup Image via

10 Incentives For Entrepreneurs To Bootstrap Their Startup


Eighty percent of new entrepreneurs use this approach, with only six percent using investor funding. The remaining entrepreneurs borrow from family and friends, or acquire a loan. If you chose the entrepreneur lifestyle to be your own boss, don’t accept money from anyone.

Entrepreneurs Need ‘Go-To’ People, and Be the Model


As an entrepreneur, you need these people, and you need to be one, if you expect your startup to be successful. Invested Interests business entrepreneur go-to startupImage via Facebook. Go-to people get things done.

One Of These Days, You May Not Be An Entrepreneur


If you recognize yourself in any of these categories, you may be more of a “wanna be” than a real entrepreneur: You are a dreamer, not a do-er. Successful entrepreneurs have a strong vision, and don’t let anyone or anything lead them astray. Image via Wikipedia.

Why ADD Might Actually Benefit Startup Entrepreneurs

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” This sentiment is probably familiar to many entrepreneurs and it must certainly resonates with anybody who suspects he or she has ADD. It was called “ Delivered from Distraction ” and it outlines many successful executives with ADD and in particular some famous entrepreneurs. ” So as I realized that ADD is a trait found in many successful CEO and entrepreneurs and that it has this creative benefit I started to feel better and look at how to improve my life.

Entrepreneurs must know when to speed and when to slow down

Innovation 2 Enterprise

After six years of working directly with Oklahoma’s entrepreneurs and startups, I fully understand just how much of a race starting up a company really is — a race against time, against competitors and, most of all, a race against the status quo. The need for speed is something most entrepreneurs understand inherently. Most of them are wired to be impatient and driven; if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have become entrepreneurs. News entrepreneurs investing Scott Meacham

Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs?

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I’m often asked the question about why there aren’t more women who are entrepreneurs. My inspiration to become an entrepreneur came from my mom, not my dad. She was the dominant figure in my family and was both an entrepreneur and a community leader.