Innovation Stacks and Crazy Entrepreneurs

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McKelvey is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, philanthropist and artist. The irreverent first-person narrative is an insider’s view of the world of entrepreneurship and a call to action for all of us to find the entrepreneur within ourselves—one crazy idea at a time. .

How Entrepreneurs Can Invest in Their Families

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When we asked EO members to share how being a parent and an entrepreneur overlap for them, we heard from Joel Patterson, a member of EO Dallas and founder of The Vested Group. “As any entrepreneur will tell you, finding true work and family balance is virtually impossible.

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Supporting Entrepreneurs Wherever They Are, Including Prison


Defy Colorado is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with criminal histories — who they call Entrepreneurs in Training — create legal business ventures outside of prison.

Mindful Leadership for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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If you’re like most business leaders and entrepreneurs, you know what it’s like to be stressed. Sitting alone in silence probably sounds like the worst way for a busy business entrepreneur to spend their precious time. Happy meditating entrepreneurs and fellow EO members!

6 Lessons From an Entrepreneur’s Journey

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Like many Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) members, he believes in continuous learning and improvement in order to take his businesses further and better serve the people that benefit from his services. And yet, every entrepreneur who I know went out on a limb, particularly founders.

Startup Reads: 11 Books Every Early-Stage Entrepreneur Should Read


In a past article, Five Pillars of Success: Curated Content for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs , I mentioned that last year I read 12 books. Here my 11 top reads for early-stage entrepreneurs: 11. It’s a perspective from the other side: an entrepreneur turned VC.

Advice from a Scientific Entrepreneur to Her 25-Year-Old Self


For context, I’m a serial entrepreneur in the materials science world, having operated on my own and in a large non-profit research institute, launching, leading and evaluating innovation programs and translational product incubators.

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Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Can Help You Do More Faster


At Techstars we believe that entrepreneurs create a better future, which is why we are building the Worldwide Network that Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed. It’s also why we created the Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit , an online educational resource to help entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is a prime example of this value in action. The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit includes: Build Your Lean Canvas.

EO Entrepreneurs Share Strategies for Failure-Proofing Small Business

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We asked members of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) , a global, peer-to-peer network of 14,000-plus influential business owners, what lessons they wish they’d known to ensure ongoing success before starting their companies.

Supporting Latinx Entrepreneurs Means Building Relationships of Trust

Co Starters

As entrepreneur support organizations seek to support Spanish speakers starting new businesses, they need to understand that engaging this community effectively and respectfully may require some new ways of thinking. “In

Building a Front Door for Entrepreneurs through a Wayfinding Program

Co Starters

By launching a Wayfinding program for early-stage entrepreneurs, The Company Lab (CO.LAB) positioned themselves as the front door for entrepreneurs in their community and created a pipeline into their additional programs, including CO.STARTERS. CASE STUDY. The Company Lab.

Embracing the Circular Economy: One EO Entrepreneur’s Story

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Integral to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s core beliefs is our commitment to making a positive difference in the world—exemplified by our pledge to support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ashna Mahepal to Young Entrepreneurs: Identify Your Source of Empowerment

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

As an independent woman with a go-getter attitude, she shared insights with us into her life as an entrepreneur and what it was like getting YHS off the ground, as well as her advice for other young entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Advice for Young Entrepreneurs.

Why Entrepreneurs Must Harness the Power of Sleep

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The words “sleep” and “entrepreneur” may seem like strange bedfellows unless you are running a start-up in areas such as making mattresses or developing a new Sleep app. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from performance athletes in this regard.

Five Pillars of Success: Curated Content for Early Stage Entrepreneurs


If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, you may feel overwhelmed by all the new vocabulary and concepts around building a business. A fundraising template every entrepreneur can use: [link]. So you’ve got a terrific idea for a startup? Great!

Avoiding 5 Common Cyber Entrepreneur Pitfalls

Dream It

Avoiding 5 Common Cyber Entrepreneur Pitfalls In this #DreamitLive, Ron Gula , president of Gula Tech Ventures , joins Steve Barsh to talk about the 5 most common mistakes cyber entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them. 42:15 - Final 2 things cyber entrepreneurs must not do wrong

Read This First - An Entrepreneur’s Library

The Seraf Compass

Investing in early-stage companies is investing in entrepreneurs. Understanding how they measure up is partly a function of understanding how they think, or should think. Entrepreneurship has come a long way toward being a better-understood and accessible way of life.

4 Essential Insights for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

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If you’re an entrepreneur who believes in advancing yourself in every area of your life, check out what it’s like to be an EO member. .

2 Reasons Why Forums Are Important for the Mental Health of Entrepreneurs

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Written for EO by Steven Dudley, mindset and performance coach for entrepreneurs and competitive athletes. Forum can provide value for any niche group, but it is especially valuable for entrepreneurs. The biggest battle for all entrepreneurs is the one that happens inside our own heads.

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One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Own

Both Sides of the Table

” I have long thought about and written about the personal toll that being an entrepreneur places on your life. These were amongst some of the most read blog posts I have written, which shows me that the stress, pressures and loneliness of being and entrepreneur resonates.

Can a Week in the Desert Make You a Better Entrepreneur?

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Our camp is comprised of members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization along with guests from around the world. If I had to pick one thing that would appeal to any entrepreneur, though, it would be that it is a true reset. At the root of all entrepreneurs, we do what we LOVE.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Blog

This is going to be BIG.

When an entrepreneur doesn't blog--it makes me wonder if they understand what investing in the long term really means. When you're fighting fires everyday and you don't have time to reflect on being a better entrepreneur, or to opine on what's going on in your ecosystem, you're not building a machine. That's a good thing for any entrepreneur, not just one who blogs. Ok, it's still resolution time, right? Time to get cracking on some new initiatives in 2013.

Female Entrepreneurs: Can You Manage It All & Still Find Happiness?

Smart Hustle Magazine

Ramon Ray got a chance to speak with Cheryl Liew-Chng for a few minutes at the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network in Singapore. Building Female Entrepreneurs. The post Female Entrepreneurs: Can You Manage It All & Still Find Happiness?

5 Ways Student Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Support Resources

Venture Well

VentureWell Program Officer, Samer Yousif, shares his insights to help student entrepreneurs make the most of the I&E resources available to them. The post 5 Ways Student Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Support Resources appeared first on VentureWell.

Startup Horror Stories: Scary Situations Entrepreneurs Can Avoid With Stress Tests

Venture Well

The post Startup Horror Stories: Scary Situations Entrepreneurs Can Avoid With Stress Tests appeared first on VentureWell. Frightened to fail? Face your fears! Download a free stress test to identify your startup's vulnerabilities and brainstorm contingency plans.

The Discipline Of Execution Defines An Entrepreneur


When entrepreneurs come to me with that “million dollar idea,” I have to tell them that an idea alone is really worth nothing. Every entrepreneur has to navigate that personal change from thinking to doing to managing. The entrepreneur lifestyle is not meant to be comfortable.

Why Latinx In Tech Startup Weekends? To Develop the Next Gen of Latinx Entrepreneurs


As a Latina entrepreneur, I know the transparent walls that we face every day for being different. I work every day to inspire other entrepreneurs to take these same chances. We need to develop the next generation of Latinx tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Understanding Your True Character as an Entrepreneur

Both Sides of the Table

” The post Understanding Your True Character as an Entrepreneur appeared first on Bothsides of the Table. Why do we do all that we do? Is it for the money? The recognition? Is work a part of life and life a part of work?

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI

Both Sides of the Table

In case it’s not obvious it’s a play on the Nike slogan, “Just Do It.&# ) I believe that being successful as an entrepreneur requires you to get lots of things done. Good entrepreneurs can admit when their course of action was wrong and learn from it.

Secrets from The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit-Singapore

Smart Hustle Magazine

Ramon Ray recently attended the 10th annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit in Singapore. The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) connects female entrepreneurs across the globe with networks, sources of capital, knowledge, and technology, giving them the power to do more.

Entrepreneurs Relish The Challenge More Than Money


Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. On the average, the entrepreneurs I know are living on Ramen noodles. Read entrepreneur stories. Invested Interests challenge entrepreneur money startup

How Battery Entrepreneurs Learned the Power of Environmentally Responsible Business

Venture Well

The post How Battery Entrepreneurs Learned the Power of Environmentally Responsible Business appeared first on VentureWell. With the right training and support, battery innovators can hold to their environmentally responsible values even in this super-charged competitive space.

Black Entrepreneurs and the Embracing of Coworking Space


It’s Black History month, and a great time to shed light on how black entrepreneurs are embracing and thriving in the coworking space culture. Grassroots coworking … Continue reading Black Entrepreneurs and the Embracing of Coworking Space → BUSINESS OFFICE SPACE PRODUCTIVITY

The Entrepreneur Thesis

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I call it the entrepreneur thesis. I’m not talk about the age old debate amongst investors whether you back entrepreneurs, markets or products (or as people like to hedge – product / market fit). It’s entrepreneurs I back. It’s what I call the “entrepreneur thesis.”

Entrepreneurs Need To Keep Their Business Focused


Unfocused entrepreneurs boast that their new technology will generate multiple disruptive products for consumers as well as enterprises around the world. Invested Interests entrepreneur focus startup Zappos logo via Flickr by Ben Spark.

How True Entrepreneurs Make Themselves Accountable


Everyone seems to like the aspect of being an entrepreneur that goes with “being your own boss” and “able to do things my way.” People with confidence problems and fear problems should avoid the entrepreneur role, since success without accountability is rare. Image via Wikipedia.

The Smartest Entrepreneurs Bootstrap Their Startup


There is so much written these days about how to attract investors that most entrepreneurs “assume” they need funding, and don’t even consider a plan for “bootstrapping,” or self-financing their startup. Invested Interests bootstrapping entrepreneur investor startup