13 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Best Business Advice

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Nine out of 10 entrepreneurs I know have long-term pain with their partners. The tenth entrepreneur without the headache is usually the one without a business partner. For more insights and inspiration from today’s leading entrepreneurs, check out EO on Inc.

How to Become a Circularity Entrepreneur with a Soul

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Contributed by Maxim Mulyadi (EO Indonesia East), the founder of Circularity Coach International, who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs achieve remarkable profit while balancing their purpose and the planet. Entrepreneurs, after all, are the changemakers of the world.


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Why Creativity is Essential for Entrepreneurs

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This type of thinking is essential for entrepreneurs; define a problem or need, then leverage the ability to quickly pivot , iterate and actualize an idea. Being in quarantine can offer opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, despite the challenges it forces upon you.

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards alumni share their competition journeys and tips

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— Alberto Soto, Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) Alumnus and EO Guatemala member. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, so surround yourself with others who have gone through this experience, or who are also starting their journeys. “Start now.

New Year, New Entrepreneurs: Five tips for supporting early-stage entrepreneurs ?

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While starting a business is a common new year’s resolution, soon-to-be entrepreneurs make the leap for a variety of reasons. To effectively support any entrepreneur, you must develop an infrastructure of resources in your community. New entrepreneurs make a big difference.

Freelancer or entrepreneur? Making the mindset shift

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After 25 years of self-employment, I felt ready to make the shift from freelancer to entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs, however, usually call themselves founders or CEOs. Saying you’re an entrepreneur means committing to all the aspects of running a business.

How To Build a Pandemic-Proof Business Plan for 2021

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And with no end in sight for returning to business as usual, that number can be intimidating to anyone who’s considering opening their own business or entrepreneurs hoping to survive the next year. Contributed by Alexis Maness, contributing editor at 365businesstips.com.

For Ukraine and beyond, the world needs entrepreneurs

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By David Anderson, Chair of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Board of Directors. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) stands with the millions of Ukrainian people whose lives and livelihoods have been severely damaged by the impact of Russian forces.

Innovation Stacks and Crazy Entrepreneurs

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McKelvey is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, philanthropist and artist. The irreverent first-person narrative is an insider’s view of the world of entrepreneurship and a call to action for all of us to find the entrepreneur within ourselves—one crazy idea at a time. .

The Four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism

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Kent Gregoire is an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member and founder of Symphony Advantage, which helps CEOs achieve ongoing success through strategic thinking, advice and planning. EO asked Kent how entrepreneurs can embrace the tenets of Conscious Capitalism.

How a female entrepreneur gained Traction in a male-dominated industry

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For more insights and inspiration from today’s leading entrepreneurs, check out EO on Inc. The post How a female entrepreneur gained Traction in a male-dominated industry appeared first on.

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Limit Their Creative Potential

Marty Zwilling

Every entrepreneur believes in their heart that their startup is more innovative and creative than their competitors. Yet none knows exactly

4 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

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An excerpt from the book Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur , by Charlene Walters , MBA, PhD. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is all about working on and developing an entrepreneurial attitude by making certain shifts in the way that you think.

How entrepreneurs benefit from ‘Alien Thinking’

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We asked authors Cyril Bouquet, Michael Wade and Jean-Louis Barsoux how entrepreneurs can benefit from Alien Thinking: What does it mean to think like an “alien”? . Can you share those stories and the lessons for entrepreneurs?

25 Lessons In 25 Years: Tips for Success from a Self-Made Beauty Entrepreneur

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Manage All of Your Crazy Ideas and Review Them Each Quarter Like most entrepreneurs, I have no shortage of ideas. It’s frustrating when I see entrepreneurs jump on the same old business bandwagon with no real positioning as to how their company is different from the rest.

Essential skills for an entrepreneur

NZ Entrepreneur

Are entrepreneurs born or made? While it helps to have that entrepreneurial flair inbuilt, there’s no reason you can’t learn and develop the qualities of an entrepreneur. For Luke Thompson, it’s part of the entrepreneur’s lot. “If We think both.

Why coming out as a gay entrepreneur is a privilege and an investment

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We asked Mike about his experience in taking a stand for inclusivity by overcoming his fear of coming out as a gay entrepreneur. For more insights and inspiration from today’s leading entrepreneurs, check out EO on Inc.

From sales to CEO: A female entrepreneur’s journey in the beverage alcohol industry

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The progress women in leadership have made over the past decade is energizing and generates hope and excitement for the future of female entrepreneurs. I interview female entrepreneurs and industry innovators on my podcast, discussing their careers, industry trends and businesses.

6 traits that make an entrepreneur

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Heidi Zak , Elon Musk, Oprah, Warren Buffet, Kendra Scott , Sara Blakely and Bill Gates—entrepreneurs may appear quite diverse, but they typically share a few key qualities. What makes an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs require a lot of personal drive and discipline to be successful.

The two powerful skills every 10X entrepreneur needs

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Kevin Chin is an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member in London and the author of HyperTurnaround! To be a 10X entrepreneur, you have to capitalize on both peaks and troughs. The post The two powerful skills every 10X entrepreneur needs appeared first on THE BLOG.

7 EO members share what they wish non-entrepreneurs knew about entrepreneurs

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Kym is fascinated by entrepreneurs and their journeys, so he asked EO members from various chapters to share their entrepreneurial experiences. In this first installment of Kym Huynh’s Leadership Toolkit series, Kym asked what entrepreneurs wished non-entrepreneurs knew about them.

GSEA Studentpreneur Camilo Salinas: Entrepreneur first, business after

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At EO, we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs at every stage achieve their full potential. where “studentpreneurs” from 38 countries competed and connected with both seasoned entrepreneurs and their fellow competitors. Entrepreneur first, business after.”

How entrepreneurs are building resilience in their communities

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

How entrepreneurs are building resilience in their communities. Learn how other #YLAIStrong entrepreneurs are building their resilience and strengthening their businesses in the face of adversity. By Shannon Courtney.

How the Pick Two Rule helps entrepreneurs juggle priorities

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The post How the Pick Two Rule helps entrepreneurs juggle priorities appeared first on THE BLOG. Contributed by Robert Glazer , the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners , a global partner marketing agency and the recipient of numerous industry and company culture awards.

Accidental Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur's Handbook

How I Became an Accidental Entrepreneur A journey from leaving the family path of medicine to launching a successful cosmetics business I stood at the window of an operating theatre and watched my grandfather lead his team through a total knee replacement.

What work-life balance looks like for entrepreneurs post-Covid

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Entrepreneurs like me often struggled to maintain a healthy work-life balance even before the pandemic, but I saw this become even more true as my working hours grew longer at home. Julia Langkraehr is an experienced entrepreneur and Certified EOS Implementer.

40 Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Leadership Skills


No wonder leadership development is a hot topic among millennials, especially young entrepreneurs. Related: What Millennial Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Working with VCs and Angel Investors. Advice from other entrepreneurs. Millennials are making waves.

How Caribbean entrepreneurs are tackling climate change with their businesses?

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

How Caribbean entrepreneurs are tackling climate change with their businesses. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are leading the way and demonstrating that the time to care and act is now. . The post How Caribbean entrepreneurs are tackling climate change with their businesses?

How an ex-cop turned entrepreneur gives back by combatting human trafficking

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The post How an ex-cop turned entrepreneur gives back by combatting human trafficking appeared first on THE BLOG. Contributed by Robert Young, an EO Nashville member, who is the founder and CEO of Covert Results , a private investigation and security firm.

Why self-care is important for entrepreneurs

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Why self-care is important for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs know that it takes a lot of time and effort to get their dreams off the ground. Let’s take a deeper look at why self-care is important to your path as an entrepreneur. By Jewelle Saunders.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, make these 8 investments

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Rosenfarb , a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and a certified public accountant who helps entrepreneurs increase cash flow, sell their companies successfully, manage their wealth and create predictable passive income. The best investment for entrepreneurs is always going to be in themselves. Look at the schedule of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs and you’ll uncover that comprehensive wellness is a high priority. Contributed by Noah B.

5 Leadership Traits No Entrepreneur Succeeds Without


Entrepreneurs have some of the hardest jobs in the world. Entrepreneurs wear many hats: the role of marketing, sales, day-to-day operations and more all fall on your shoulders. Related: 10 Common Traits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs.

How strategic decluttering helps entrepreneurs scale summits faster

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Even after achieving success as a serial entrepreneur, Saahil Mehta struggled to experience peace, happiness and abundance. . Here’s what he shared: How do you define strategic decluttering, and why is it critical for entrepreneurs?

AEA Ignites Appalachia’s Next Generation of Entrepreneurs


On the final day of programming, students pitched their ideas to an audience of entrepreneurs at App State’s Grandview Ballroom at Kidd Brewer Stadium as the culminating event. We expect great things from these future entrepreneurs and leaders!”

5 Foundational Pillars for a Successful Entrepreneur Lifestyle 


Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job. These are the foundational pillars for a successful life as an entrepreneur. You will encounter many challenges as an entrepreneur, but if you refuse to give up, you’ll succeed. Hunger for knowledge is a hallmark of all the best entrepreneurs.

4 Major Obstacles Every Entrepreneur Must Overcome


Many entrepreneurs struggled mightily to keep the lights on at their businesses. Entrepreneurs facing a bear market or other obstacles to success must remain vigilant to guard themselves against any form of panic.

10 Common Traits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs


Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. If only this were the reality, everyone would be an entrepreneur! Being an entrepreneur can be tremendously rewarding, but it is hard work. Keep in mind the 10 common traits of successful entrepreneurs: Vision.