The Lean Validation Board

Paul G. Silva

The great folks at Slidebean took the Lean Validation Board and gave it an update. Whereas the Business Model Canvas or the Lean Canvas map out your entire business model, this tool focuses only on the most critical things right now.

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Board Diversity

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

The board diversity problem is a symptom of a much broader problem around lack of diversity in founders that get funded and lack of diversity in VC firms. Most startup boards are made up of a few founders and a few VCs. No wonder you have no diversity on the board. 1/ When a startup board is created, there should be two independent seats on it. 2/ VCs should accept observer seats instead of board seats when they invest in companies. But boards are important.

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The Pre-Board Board: How to Create Accountability Before You Give Away a Board Seat

This is going to be BIG.

Typically, investors don’t take a board seat until you raise your first equity round—which means that it could be *years* before you have a real board meeting: A year of nights/weekends work researching, prototyping, and fundraising.

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InBIA Board of Directors Welcomes New Directors


The post InBIA Board of Directors Welcomes New Directors appeared first on InBIA. Blog Featured InBIA News InBIA News Member News Board of Directors entrepreneurs Executive Committee InBIA innovation

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The Bolster Board Diversity Survey

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Last June, I wrote about board diversity and suggested some things we are doing and that you can do to diversity your board. In the ten months that have passed since I wrote that I am pleased to say that we have seen a noticeable increase in board diversity in our portfolio.

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Build a solid deck for your quarterly board meetings


10 tips for running effective board meetings. A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on TechCrunch about how to run a successful board meeting. Since then, I’ve been asked one question over and over: What does a good board update actually look like? Yousuf Khan. Contributor.

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How to Be a Good Board Member

Both Sides of the Table

I have been writing a series on how startup boards get selected, who sits on them and what to avoid. I started this series in part to help entrepreneurs but also to help newer investors because I’ve know with so many new companies you have so many new board members and many people are trying to figure out there respective roles. msuster Many investors don't know how to be good Board members. As a board member it is your job to know this.

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Why Every Startup Should Have an Advisory Board


For most companies, that means having a board of directors. A board can be great in the right circumstances, but a board can also wield a ton of power over a CEO because they’re often investors who have capital in your company, which usually conveys them some tangible rights to it (like the ability to fire the CEO, to impact budgets, to change the overall direction of the company, etc.). This is where I believe an advisory board is critical for every startup.

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When it comes to startup board participation, VCs and CEOs must do their jobs


He is also the co-author of Startup Boards: A Field Guide to Building and Leading an Effective Board of Directors , and the author of Startup CEO , Startup CXO and the Startup CEO blog. Disengaged or dysfunctional boards aren’t just bad for CEOs and LPs; they’re bad for everyone.

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What Makes a Great Independent Board Member?

Both Sides of the Table

When you set up a board it is often initially a combination of the founders and the early investors. This post sets out how I believe founders (and investors) should think about independent board members having worked with many of them for the past 20 years. Founders on the other hand recognize that over time they are likely not to have complete control of the board of directors of the company they founded. The board is where large equity investors get their representation.

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Coming out of COVID, investors lose their taste for board meetings


Two weeks ago, longtime venture capitalist Chris Olsen, a general partner and cofounder of Drive Capital in Columbus, Ohio, settled into his seat for a portfolio company’s board meeting. ” Why are startup board meetings happening less and less?

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Jitx wants to change the way engineers design circuit boards using code


Electrical engineers have been designing custom circuit boards on computers for years, but this approach simply moved the paper and pencil method to digital. They have created a new way of designing boards using code to describe what the board looks like.

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Bolster Your Management Team And Board

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Bolster came out of stealth and into a beta period today and is opening up its marketplace to companies that want to access fractional talent and to executives who want to work at high growth companies in interim, fractional, advisory, or board roles. I have had the great pleasure of working with Matt Blumberg and the senior leadership team of USV’s former portfolio company Return Path (which was sold in 2019) for much of the last twenty years.

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The Theranos fiasco shows how much startup advisory boards matter


For pharmaceutical companies, especially medical affairs, the important lesson from this sad and sordid affair is as simple as it is powerful: Your advisory board matters — a lot. Those five words characterize Theranos’ board. Lessons learned for advisory boards. Ariel Katz.

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What’s the board’s role in an early-stage startup?


What’s the board’s role in an early-stage startup? Startup founders frequently ask me about the role of a board of directors. A board can be a crucial asset in an early-stage startup. What is a board of directors, anyway? What exactly can a board help you do?

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6 strategies for running more effective startup board meetings


For many companies in the United States, a board of directors is a fact of doing business. The board’s goal is to ensure the best is done for the company and its shareholders. While many entrepreneurs see board meetings as a chore, they can be a powerful tool if used well.

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When Do I Create A Board?

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I’ve been asked this question a bunch in the last few weeks in response to my post about more diversity on Boards. A Company should have a Board the day it is formed. The Board should contain one Founder (or possibly two) and at least two independent Directors. I know that many founders want to control their Boards for as long as possible. My answer to this question is simple.

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The hidden benefits of adding a CTO to your board


Boards are facing pressure to be strategic and thoughtful on how to evolve in the rapidly iterating world of technology, and a CTO is uniquely positioned to address specific challenges. There are now more reasons than ever to consider adding a CTO to your board. Abby Kearns.

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Seraf Toolbox: Exit Planning for CEOs and the Board of Directors

The Seraf Compass

As a director on an early stage company board, how do you deliver on your main responsibility as a board member - maximizing shareholder value? And, what do you do to make sure the CEO is doing her job in increasing the value of your investment in the company?

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Who Should be on Your Startup Board?

Both Sides of the Table

One of the things that founders have the most angst about is whom they should have on their board and at what stage of the business. This is smart because amazing board members can be transformative with important advice and access and can also help attract other great board members (and team members). Bad board members can make business very unpleasant. Do you need a board when you first start you company? If you get a smart person on the board?—?just

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Why I Create a Vision Board Every Year—and How It Creates Impact for Me and My Team

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Each January, I look forward to Artisan Creative’s first company-wide team meeting: The day we present our annual vision boards. For the past seven years, I’ve created a vision board, a process I’ve also introduced to my team. Creating my annual vision board.

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How to Win Consulting, Board, and Deal Roles with Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

David Teten VC

You can work as a consultant, an interim executive, a board member, a deal executive partnering to buy a company, an executive in residence, or as an entrepreneur in residence. . Board of Directors. Currently, many boards are also aggressively seeking to become more diverse, as 61.4%

3 guiding FinOps principles that will help you explain cloud costs to the board


Meanwhile, CFOs and CTOs need to get ready to answer some tough questions at board meetings. Gross margins are a board-level concern. Gross margins, previously seen as a problem to be solved at some indeterminate point in the future, have become an immediate board-level priority.

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The Care and Feeding of Advisory Boards


And I don’t mean because they lend a credible name to an investor pitch: way too many entrepreneurs look at names on Advisory Board as just a way to expedite a raise. If that’s all you really expect of the Board, you’re cheating yourself as well as the investors before whom you dangled the names. Proper use of Advisory Boards begins with proper construction. But the real key to good results is that you have to keep the Board members engaged and educated.

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Sounding Board raises cash as startups wake up to executive coaching


Christine Tao and Lori Mazan , the brains behind Sounding Board , want to train any leader within an organization to be a better leader. But in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Sounding Board has seen demand for its platform grow even more.

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Challenging Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship: A YLAI Alumni Advisory Board Virtual Event

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

The YLAI Alumni Advisory Board is excited to invite you to an upcoming virtual event entitled “ Challenging Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship “, presented in honor of YLAI4All and International Women’s Day.

Seraf Toolbox: Sample Board Meeting Minutes for Early Stage Companies

The Seraf Compass

Dealing with board minutes can be a bit of a chore, but they must be an important one given how much attention is paid to them. If we are going to be involved in startup boards, we need to get grounded in the basics.

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How do startups decide who sits on the board?


A company’s board of directors is technically elected by the company’s shareholders. So before a startup receives outside funding, the board is “elected” by—and usually consists of—the founders (although it may exist in name only.). This agreement includes, among other things, specific procedures for determining who gets to pick the members of the board. Invested Interests board of directors business entrepreneur founders startup

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TechCrunch+ roundup: SBA startup loans, quarterly board decks, bootstrappers’ delight


Build a solid deck for your quarterly board meetings. Board meetings are crucial for getting feedback on your progress to date and your plans for the future, but what’s the best way to give board members the full picture? Build a solid deck for your quarterly board meetings.

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Fewer CEOs are serving on outside boards. That’s good (and bad)


He is a member of the boards of directors at SumoLogic and Generac Power Systems. It used to be a heavily traveled two-way street in corporate America: CEOs joined other companies’ boards to broaden their experiences, expand their influence, or simply because it felt good. BJ Jenkins.

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Startup Boards

Both Sides of the Table

Startups that are backed by professional financial investors almost always have a Board of Directors that consists of some set of founders, investors and sometimes independent directors. While the management of a startup company deals with the day-to-day decision-making within the company (strategy, budgets, goals, tasks, compensation) ultimately the Board of Directors has the legal governing responsibilities for these things. Who Should be on Your Board?

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3 Tips for Getting Investors on Board With Your CSR Mission

Entrepreneurs' Organization

The post 3 Tips for Getting Investors on Board With Your CSR Mission appeared first on Octane Blog – The official blog of the Entrepreneurs' Organization. Contributed by Kevin Xu , CEO of MEBO International and co-founder of the Human Heritage Project.

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Necessary Ingredients: Building a Great Board

The Seraf Compass

We will consider this series of articles a great success if we answer this question in a way that helps you build great boards for the companies you are involved with. We believe we can convince you of the incredible value a board delivers for a startup company

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How Boards Need to Evolve Over Time

Both Sides of the Table

I’ve written a few posts about boards recently as part of a series on the subject. I admit that I haven’t yet read it but I’ve had numerous discussions with Brad over the years about board structure & conduct and consider him a mentor on the topic. When you first start your company and raise initial venture capital your board probably consists of 1-3 founders and 1-2 VCs. So our board meetings consisted of discussion about.

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Celus, which uses AI to automate circuit board design, raises $25.6M


Just about every electronic contraption you care to think of contains at least one printed circuit board (PCB), which serves to house and connect the various components that allow the device to function as a whole.

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