4 Secrets to Responsive Leadership

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Nationally recognized leader and executive coach Jackie Jenkins-Scott provides her perspective as she explores examples of responsive leadership in her new book, 7 Secrets of Responsive Leadership. We recently asked her more about responsive leadership. What makes a great leader?

5 ways founders and CEOs can diversify their leadership teams

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As a global talent acquisition leadership guru and expert on hiring diverse leadership teams, Debbie shares her insights on how to drive real change within your organization. Here are five essential blueprints every company can adhere to in order to diversify their leadership team.


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3 Reasons to embark on the EO Path of Leadership

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In just four years with EO, I’ve served in numerous leadership roles , traveled to 20+ cities, and enjoyed once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including jumping out of helicopters and wearing plaid (my RLA cohort will understand!).

4 Immutable truths of modern leadership

Entrepreneurs' Organization

As a speaker, writer and thinking partner for entrepreneurs and business leaders, Erik shared his expertise with Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) members during learning events about the future of leadership. . In leadership we trust.

New Leadership At Tech:NYC

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Julie and her team have done a tremendous job of taking an idea and making it a reality and I am incredibly grateful for her leadership. Six years ago this month Julie Samuels got together with a group of technology leaders in NYC and we decided to form an industry group for the growing tech sector in NYC. I agreed to co-chair the organization and have been in the chair role since then. We called it Tech:NYC and I first wrote about it here at AVC in March of 2016.

One Year Later: 10 Steps to Effective Coronavirus Crisis Leadership

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“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. The post One Year Later: 10 Steps to Effective Coronavirus Crisis Leadership appeared first on THE BLOG. Contributed by Winnie Hart, an EO Houston member who serves on EO’s Board of Directors.

Effective Leadership, Defined

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Adams have drawn on their research to define leadership that works, that does not, that scales, and that limits scale, in their book SCALING LEADERSHIP: Building Organizational Capability and Capacity to Create Outcomes that Matter Most (Wiley; hardcover; January 29, 2019).

Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro: A Lesson in Self-Leadership

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The post Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro: A Lesson in Self-Leadership appeared first on THE BLOG. HEALTH INNOVATION LEADERSHIP WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION miranda naiman Mount Kilimanjaro

Fusing hearts and minds: A new leadership model

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Sanei is Africa’s first Singularity University faculty member who served as a panelist during EO’s future of leadership event with moderator Winnie Hart. So, has leadership as we know it had a breakdown? This new reality leadership is about adding and acknowledging value to every role?big

Mindful Leadership for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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Rob is a member of EO in Detroit, speaker, author and an avid proponent of mindful leadership. . But, if the pressures of leadership are unavoidable, do we have to accept stress and the consequences that come with it? The responsibilities of leadership were overwhelming.

Leadership In the Future: Practical Tips for Leading From Home

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The following article is an abridged version of “Digital Leadership: Leading Virtual Teams From Your Home,” an e-book written by Erik Kruger. Virtual leadership requires some nuanced touches. It doesn’t always have to be a manager or member of leadership.

Leaders Wanted - Assessing Leadership Teams

The Seraf Compass

Great ideas are a dime a dozen. For example, living in the Boston/Cambridge area, we are surrounded by some of the most innovative researchers in the world working at institutions like MIT and Harvard.

40 Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Leadership Skills


One survey found that only 27 percent of millennial men and 21 percent of millennial women believe their leadership skills are “strong.” No wonder leadership development is a hot topic among millennials, especially young entrepreneurs. The good news is that leadership can be learned.

5 Leadership Traits No Entrepreneur Succeeds Without


For startup founders, the following leadership traits are key. Creativity might not sound like a leadership trait at first, but remember: entrepreneurship has no roadmap. Entrepreneurs wear more hats than anyone, but none is more important than the leadership cap.

The Crucible Of Leadership

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Yesterday evening, the Gotham Gal and I went to see Jerry Colonna do a reading from his recent book , Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up. The Crucible of Leadership. In the course of studying how geeks and geezers became leaders,” writes Warren Bennis in the introduction to his classic, On Becoming a Leader , “…I discovered that their leadership always emerged after some rite of passage, often a stressful one.

Successful CEOs Navigate These 3 Phases of Leadership

Entrepreneur's Handbook

business startup leadership productivity entrepreneurshipYou don’t have to attend a seminar to learn how to be a better leader Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

Kate Morgan: Leadership vs. Entrepreneurship

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“In my perspective, there is leadership and then there is entrepreneurship. Leadership illustrates the ability to see the goal and make it to the end. The post Kate Morgan: Leadership vs. Entrepreneurship appeared first on THE BLOG.

Leadership Training Like No Other

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EO’s Regional Leadership Academies (RLA) are offered across the globe and provide EO member leaders insights and education under the guidance of world-class facilitators. I am super excited, as I am sure it is just the start of my EO leadership journey.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017: Lessons on Leadership

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Leadership takes many forms and provides countless challenges and opportunities. “Army Ranger on Leadership,” Tim Jennings & David Will. Military creates natural entrepreneurs through its emphasis on leadership and initiative.

Leadership Matters

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Watching Thibs at work is a lesson in leadership. Leadership matters. Last night I watched the NY Knicks win their fourth straight game on the road in New Orleans. They are now 29-27 and have a fighting chance of being a.500 team this season with only 16 regular season games left. This is essentially the same team that went 21-45 last year. Elfrid Payton, RJ Barrett, Julius Randle, Mitchell Robinson, Taj Gibson, and Reggie Bullock were all on that 21-45 team. What changed?

Top Leadership Trends—and Why They Matter

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Whether you lead an entire organization or only a team of people, it’s smart to be aware of the key trends in management and leadership. The latest developments in leadership and management are often the best ways to boost employee engagement and overall company productivity.

Improving startup results through female leadership


During my career — spanning entrepreneurship, academia, arts management and venture capital — I’ve learned the importance of female leadership in contributing to successful outcomes. Let’s take specific actions that will result in more female leadership in the startup world.

Social Media and Thought Leadership for Founders

This is going to be BIG.

Similar to the longer form posts, try to think of sharing something meaningful that you want people seeing when they search for you—like why you started your company, what’s important to you about this business, or something specific about your leadership style. Running a startup consumes a ton of time.

How To Pursue Leadership With Your Eyes Wide Open

Entrepreneur's Handbook

The technique I used to get past the leadership myths into the real-life stories of greatness Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». entrepreneurship startup leadership business life-lessons

Time Management and Feedback Strategies to Hone Leadership Skills


The post Time Management and Feedback Strategies to Hone Leadership Skills appeared first on InBIA

Leadership: Values


Because leadership is ultimately about making certain difficult decisions. None of that is leadership. Leadership is when you make a decision based on values, explain the decision in terms of those values and use those values to rally support for the decision. So if you are in a leadership role or aspire to be in one, a great starting point to ask what your values are. leadership valuesA question I get quite frequently is “What makes a good leader?”

The Gift Of Induced Failure & Generalist Leadership

Entrepreneur's Handbook

learn-through-failure generalists entrepreneurship startup leadershipDave Snowden’s tips for future leaders and entrepreneurs. Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

Two Top Leadership Challenges—and How to Tackle Them

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Leadership. While we would all agree leadership efforts can always improve, few companies are putting the time or money into developing effective leaders. My team and I recently surveyed 297 business people on the topic of leadership. Written for EO by Justin M.

Why Creative Leadership is Necessary for a Virtual Environment

Smart Hustle Magazine

However, creative leadership can bring the best out of leaders and teams during these hard times. Yet, creativity applies to many different areas, and according to a study conducted by IBM , where 1500 CEOs responded, creativity is the most important virtual leadership quality.

Resilient Leadership: Thriving in the Unknown

Smart Hustle Magazine

Leadership needs to communicate these shifts and goal changes with their team so that everyone understands the long-term and short-term outlooks. Though now there are daily leadership meetings to keep up with the fast-changing world.).

6 Leadership Lessons Learned from the Founder of EO

Entrepreneurs' Organization

What better acknowledgement of World Entrepreneurs’ Day (WED) —a day devoted to celebrating the leadership and innovation that entrepreneurs bring—than by sharing lessons learned from the founder of EO, Verne Harnish?

The 5 Skills Ambitious Employees Should Master to Get a Seat at the Leadership Table

Entrepreneur's Handbook

management business startup leadership entrepreneurshipA roadmap for becoming a well-equipped leader Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

How to Get Out of Day-to-Day Operations and Into Leadership


The post How to Get Out of Day-to-Day Operations and Into Leadership appeared first on StartupNation. Grow Your Business Manage Your Business Management Operations Run Your Business Better Trending delegation How To leadership Management and Operations run your business better

On Leadership. And Diversity of Character.

Both Sides of the Table

I learned about leadership again in my first job out of school. But it was different and required different leadership styles. Many are run by relatively young people from top academic institutions who employ people who are similar in background and I think about this challenge of leadership where we have developed monocultures of young, single people of similar work ethic. The hardest leadership challenge is in the home. The post On Leadership.

Leadership Has A Price

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

” He gets pretty emotional and says “Winning has a price and leadership has a price. It also captures the burden of leadership and what is required to get everyone to commit to each other and be the best that they can be. Leadership is not being liked. Leadership is being respected and followed. We’ve been watching the ESPN series The Last Dance along with something like 6mm other fans who are watching it right now.