Teaching Green: Integrating Sustainability Principles into I&E Curriculum

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Jeremy Faludi's Tools for Design and Sustainability includes a guide to teaching green principles in innovation and entrepreneurship courses. The post Teaching Green: Integrating Sustainability Principles into I&E Curriculum appeared first on VentureWell. Early Stage Innovators Faculty sustainable design teaching resources

Are CSR and Sustainability the New Magnets for Top Talent?

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CSR and sustainability can be viewed as new magnets for talent. Why Sustainability in Business Matters. They are committed to sustainability, equality, climate change, peace and justice. They demand sustainable and ethical business practices both as employees and as consumers.

Ben Franklin Alum Company, Sustainable Composites, In The News!

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Sustainable Composites Introduces Recycled Enspire Leather To Market, And La-Z-Boy And Timberland Sign On! Mother nature doesn’t give up her secrets easily,” Fox shared with me from his Sustainable Composites office in Lancaster County, PA. “We

Create a More Sustainable Future: The 2019 class of Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy


Today ten companies from around the US and Mexico are joining us in Denver, Colorado for an intensive three-months where they will accelerate their companies, and their impact, to create a more sustainable future for us all.

Sustainability will eat the World

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sustainability investments future private equity venture capital nature enviromentalI always get asked as many other investors: “what’s the next big thing to invest in…?” The standard.

EO Hosts International Entrepreneurial Summit at the United Nations in Support of UN Sustainable Development Goals

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On 25–26 June 2019, EO presented a two-day International Entrepreneurial Summit at the United Nations focused on inspiring, educating and connecting business leaders to promote sustainable business practices.

Innovator Spotlight: Mahdi Eghbali of VerdiLife

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Early Stage Innovators Sustainable Innovation E-Team entrepreneurship innovation sustainable designE-Team grantee Mahdi Eghbali of VerdiLife has learned to look for teammates who have vision and passion for the problem the startup is trying to solve.

How Battery Entrepreneurs Learned the Power of Environmentally Responsible Business

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Early Stage Innovators Faculty Sustainable Innovation entrepreneurship higher education innovation open startup STEM sustainable design teaching resources

Innovator Spotlight: Julie Bliss Mullen of Aclarity

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Early Stage Innovators startup sustainable design waterJulie Bliss Mullen of ASPIRE team Aclarity has learned that it takes a team to make an impact through innovation and entrepreneurship. The post Innovator Spotlight: Julie Bliss Mullen of Aclarity appeared first on VentureWell.

Faculty Spotlight: Richard Niesenbaum from Muhlenberg College

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Faculty sustainable design teaching resourcesWe continue our series highlighting educators within the VentureWell network who are doing good work—faculty members who are catalyzing change in higher education and inspiring.

Innovator Spotlight: Myriam Sbeiti of Sunthetics

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Early Stage Innovators startup sustainable designAn innovator’s journey from idea to market can be challenging and complicated—but also rewarding. Our Innovator Spotlight series explores how inventor-entrepreneurs in our network have.

Water-Energy Nexus: A Connection That’s Driving Innovation

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Early Stage Innovators Global I&E Sustainable Innovation E-Team entrepreneurship innovation startup waterFor World Water Day, we spoke with three ventures operating at the water-energy nexus to learn how they're addressing strains in both resource systems.

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Disrupting Environmental Destruction


One shows the state of humanity and the natural world if we continue with “business as usual,” and the other offers a more positive future for both us and the environment if we switch gears and move towards a more sustainable path. Accelerators Sustainability The Nature Conservancy

Innovator Spotlight: Katie Kollhoff of NUMiX Materials

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Early Stage Innovators Sustainable Innovation E-Team entrepreneurship innovation startupsFor Kollhoff, getting comfortable with discomfort has become a valuable survival skill. The post Innovator Spotlight: Katie Kollhoff of NUMiX Materials appeared first on VentureWell.

Inventing Solutions to Prevent Ocean Pollution

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Early Stage Innovators sustainable design waterDespite ominous data about the harmful impact - and volume - of ocean pollution, there’s a wave of early-stage innovators determined to address the issue. The post Inventing Solutions to Prevent Ocean Pollution appeared first on VentureWell.

Practical Ways to Integrate Principles of Environmental Responsibility into STEM Courses

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Faculty Sustainable Innovation teaching resourcesMany faculty struggle to incorporate environmental responsibility into existing STEM courses. Jeremy Faludi explains how he did it—and how you can, too.

how startups can lessen their environmental footprint

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Early Stage Innovators sustainable designFrom using renewable energy sources to minimizing packaging waste, early-stage innovators can find ways to lessen their environmental footprint. The post how startups can lessen their environmental footprint appeared first on VentureWell.

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9 Ventures Forming the Future of Fashion

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Slow and sustainable fashion is gaining momentum, and you no longer have to make a choice between style or ethics – you can have both. They audit every single brand that wishes to be stocked with them, to prove their ethical credentials and sustainable practices.

Building a sustainable city involves much more than electric cars

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The post Building a sustainable city involves much more than electric cars appeared first on Forward Cities. Instagram

How to Give Back Through Your Business

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Create sustainable giving through social entrepreneurship. You can even create self-sustaining giving. ” Piyush Patel ‘s commitment to sustainable giving and advancing educational opportunities for all has earned him a nomination for EO Global Citizen of the Year.

Show me the money: how entrepreneurial support programs (and organizations) become financially sustainable

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Creating financially sustainable Entrepreneurial Support Programs (ESPs) and Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs) helps to ensure that they can survive the loss any revenue stream–and continue to serve clients and generate results, whether those are jobs, new business starts, etc. Sustainability is defined as the ability to cover expenses with predictable, reliable sources of funding. To create a sustainable ESP or ESO requires the adoption of 5 best practices.

Why Coworking Will Thrive Post-WeWork


Community Coworking Coworking Trends Failure Future of Work SustainabilityI consider it part of my job at GCUC to identify and highlight up-and-coming coworking brands and leaders. In 2011, I called Adam Neumann of WeWork and invited him to come to Austin for the very first GCUC conference.

The NESI Forum Comes To Málaga In April 2019

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Only through this change of vision can we be optimistic in the face of challenges such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or the Climate Change Agenda.

3 Impactful Stories From Impact Hub Madrid

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Sugaro: a shift towards sustainable catering. The Events Department at Impact Hub Madrid asked us to shift our working methods towards sustainability, recycling and elimination of plastic. #ImpactOnTour ’s next stop this year is Impact Hub Madrid: at the forefront of innovation.

How Amsterdam Collaborates With The Global Impact Hub Network

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Europe Programs SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure SDGs Social innovation amsterdam challenge programs solution

Keeping It Green In 2019: How To Organize An Eco-Friendly Event

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Until the day when air travel becomes more sustainable, we believe we all must make conscious efforts to offset our climatic impact in light of journeying to meet in person. The Global Gathering.

Building bridges towards social cohesion

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BEYOND divides and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) share the same core idea: to address global issues locally and to work in partnership to create shared value. How can we strengthen social cohesion in fragmented environments?

Is todays office fit for purpose?


Community Coworking Coworking Trends SustainabilityOpen concept office spaces are all the rage but you have likely seen the push back on them – they are noisy, they are distracting, they don’t work. But is that true?

Catching a Second Wind


Sustainability and Transparency. Sustainability is no longer a fringe endeavor for those wanting to save the planet— it is a growing part of retail strategy. Technology is the key to the transition to sustainability.

Press Release: Impact Hub Joins Pact for Impact Summit 2019

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We build ecosystems to drive collaboration and entrepreneurial innovation around the Global Sustainable Development Goals through locally rooted Impact Hubs, as well as with partners and allied networks. Events News Press releases SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure SDGs Social innovation

Faculty Spotlight: Nordica MacCarty from Oregon State University

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Nordica MacCarty from Oregon State University is helping students invent sustainable household energy systems for developing communities. . The post Faculty Spotlight: Nordica MacCarty from Oregon State University appeared first on VentureWell.

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Building a Better Startup Ecosystem: Strategies for Success

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We highlight ways to establish and sustain a healthy startup ecosystem, from coordinating regional assets to accessing capital. The post Building a Better Startup Ecosystem: Strategies for Success appeared first on VentureWell. I&E Ecosystems early stage innovator startup

How do serial entrepreneurs such as Kevin Systrom and Jack Dorsey sustain themselves while working on a project that doesn’t yet generate cash-flow?


Unfortunately there is no magic involved here. In the two specific cases you mentioned, one had made money from his previous startups, and the other had paying jobs at Google and Nextstop. Typically serial entrepreneurs are serial because they have successfully exited from Startup One before beginning Startup Two, and they use the first one to fund the second.

United Nations Development Program and 500 Startups Join Forces to Bridge the World of Impact Financing and Tech Startups


The program will select up to 8-10 successful post-seed startups whose businesses align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, help selected participants measure and accelerate their impact, as well as showcase them to prospective impact investors.

A Look Ahead to Techstars Startup Weekend in 2020: More Connected than Ever Before


A vertical event is one with a theme specific to a particular industry—like FinTech or Travel—or social or environmental challenge—like Diversity and Inclusion or Sustainability.).

Two years into investing out of our first Impact Fund: here’s what we’re learning


And Connxus (Cincinnati, OH), a supplier management platform that enables procurement professionals to manage supplier risk, supplier diversity and sustainable sourcing, has raised nearly $17M to date. Two years ago, we raised our first impact fund, closing just under $7M in the fall of 2017.

Networks vs. Nodes: Developing New Business Models for the Connected Age

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While collaboration is a key value, but operational activities often focus on building a stronger (more competitive) organization by gathering more resources to assure sustainability. There is nothing wrong with pursuing sustainability—it’s essential for every organization.

Sherri Hammons on staying humble and staying strong


Give First is ingrained in Sherri’s leadership style and her approach to bringing together technology and sustainability, which is her focus as CTO of The Nature Conservancy. . How technology and sustainability intersect. The Techstars Sustainability Accelerator is “brilliant, actually.

Techstars and Cox Enterprises announce second accelerator, focused on social impact


The new accelerator program will focus on companies addressing social impact, with a specific emphasis on companies in the STEM training, environmental sustainability, and community-enriching initiatives spaces. Income inequality, cleaner sources of energy and sustainable food production are just some of the challenges we’re all facing,” said Alex Taylor, president and CEO of Cox Enterprises.

Congrats to a Former Student Making The World A Better Place

Paul G. Silva

Her venture diverted more than a million pounds of food to food pantries around the country, is financially sustainable, and has only just begun. So much food goes to waste in our country every year. So many people are hungry. It is literally cheaper to throw food away than to give it away… until now. A few years ago I had the honor of mentoring Maria Rose Belding when she and her partners at Means Database were in the Valley Venture Mentors startup Accelerator.

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“Delivering Meaningful Opportunities to do Good Stuff Together:” Community Leader Spotlight with Pascale Hyboud-Peron


If you want to ask her how she does it, you can connect with her on Twitter, or meet her at Tauranga Startup Weekend_Sustainable Development Goals edition, coming up on 30 August 2019.

It Takes a Village to Build an Ecosystem

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We see this set of roles as a tool for a more rigorous understanding of how this new thing called “ecosystem building” actually works, and for helping ecosystem builders to do their work better and more sustainably. By Enoch Elwell, CO.STARTERS Founder & Visionary.

Why Revolution is Investing in TemperPack


Over the years, many of Revolution’s investments such as Zipcar, Sweetgreen, and Optoro have experienced explosive growth brought about by their ability to develop sustainable alternatives to problems consumers and businesses were facing in sectors like transportation, food, and e-commerce.