Financing Document Forms

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Many founders want to do SAFE note financings for their early rounds to save time and money. My response to that is “let’s do a priced round, we can use a standard financing form we both like, we won’t use a lawyer on our side, and we can close in a week.” ” The key to being able to do that is the availability of standard financing forms.

Open Finance First, Open Data Second

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

We expect we will see continued innovation in the open finance (finance 2.0) My partner Nick put together a deck outlining USV’s approach to crypto investing earlier this year and we have been using it with founders and investors since then.

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Top Four Survival Tips for Small Business Owners

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BUSINESS GROWTH FINANCES INNOVATION LEADERSHIP PEOPLE/STAFF PR/MARKETING coronavirus COVID-19 small businessRemember when owning a small business was risky but rewarding? Stressful but satisfying? And then COVID-19 hit.

Finance Basics for Small Business Owners

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One of the most important--understanding your business’s finances. Some business owners feel that finances are not their strength so they shy away from that aspect of their business. You might even think it a good business decision to outsource the bulk of the finances and bookkeeping.

United Nations Development Program and 500 Startups Join Forces to Bridge the World of Impact Financing and Tech Startups


ImpactAIM Indonesia’s goal is to bridge the world of impact financing with the world of tech startups in Indonesia. The post United Nations Development Program and 500 Startups Join Forces to Bridge the World of Impact Financing and Tech Startups appeared first on 500 Startups.

New Study by MPOWER Financing Shows the Value of Investing in Immigrants

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The report, “Empowering Global Citizens to Create Global Change,” focuses on the impact of MPOWER Financing’s core product, the world’s only fixed-rate, no-cosigner education loan for international and DACA students at top U.S.

NeuroFlow Closes $7.5M Series A Financing to Advance Behavioral Health Integration and Engagement

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million Series A financing round led by San Francisco-based Builders VC. NeuroFlow ( Healthtech - Fall 2019 ) is a platform for getting patients with behavioral health issues better by supporting clinical teams with collaborative and measurement-based tools in all care settings.

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We’re Entering the Stay-Home Economy. Here are 10 Industries That Will Be Winners

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BUSINESS GROWTH FINANCES INNOVATION PR/MARKETING acceleration partners remote work robert glazer stay-at-home economy stay-home economyThe below article is part of Robert Glazer’s LinkedIn Newsletter series and originally appeared on Glazer’s LinkedIn page.

How to Project Cash Flow to Forecast the Impact of COVID-19

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BUSINESS GROWTH FINANCES STARTUP STRATEGY balance sheet coronavirus COVID-19 economy EO birmingham greg crabtree small businessAs uncertainty swirls around how long the COVID-19 crisis is going to last, many businesses are temporarily shuttered.

Stepping Up in Crisis: EO Members Respond to COVID-19

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BUSINESS GROWTH FINANCES INNOVATION LEADERSHIP OPERATIONS PR/MARKETING STRATEGY Brera Serviced Apartments Bruce Stanger EO Connecticut EO Italy EO South Florida Evan Nierman Matteo Ghedini Red Banyan Stanger Stanfield Law

Financial Assistance for Businesses Around the World

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FINANCES STARTUP coronavirus COVID-19 EO Accelerator financial assistance government relief small business Tabatha BacaContributed by Tabatha Baca, program coordinator for Entrepreneurs’ Organization EO Accelerator program. .

Accelerating Working Capital

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

hacking financeAs policy makers around the world seek to mitigate the economic shock from this pandemic, one less obvious but powerful place to look are working capital flows. Yes we do need direct relief for small businesses like the forgivable PPP loans. We also need things like payroll tax deferrals and other relief from the CARES Act. We also need our capital markets to work so actions like the Fed is taking are necessary and important.

Disrupting Finance From Above: Wealthfront

Finance government stimulus Internet Payment Regulation Uncategorized Venture Capital Disruption payments wealthfront Many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley believe that the financial services industry in the United States is “ripe for disruption. ” The basis of this argument is really two fold.

Tax Filing is Approaching, Here’s How Your Business Can Save


All finance guest post Startups tax tax credit tax season taxationGuest Post: The following post is a sponsored guest post by Scott McCutcheon of incentAdvise.

Revisiting Paul Graham’s “High Resolution” Financing

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When I first read Paul Graham’s blog post on “High Resolution&# Financing I read it as a treatise arguing that convertible notes are better than equity.

Making Sense of the Stock Market Drops in Relation to Venture Financing

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It will make follow-on financings much harder and people will have to consider whether or not to do inside rounds.

Author-entrepreneur says i2E offers ‘founder-friendly’ financing through state-funded program

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He was talking about the Technology Business Finance Program (TBFP), Oklahoma’s nationally recognized pre-seed capital fund that i2E administers for the Oklahoma Center for Science and Technology. News Elliott Adams Scott Meacham TBFP Technology Business Finance Program The Startup MixtapeBy Scott Meacham.

Experts Share Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business

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Finance to keep you recession-proof. BUSINESS GROWTH FINANCES OPERATIONS Bill Lyons Griffin Funding Lauren Zerweck Positive Adventures recession recession-proof Ryan ShortillContributed by Bill Lyons, CEO and president of Griffin Funding.

What Will Happen In The 2020s

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Asian crypto exchanges, unchecked by cumbersome regulatory restraints in Europe and the US and leveraging decentralized finance technologies, will become the dominant capital markets for all types of financial instruments. climate crisis crypto economics employment entrepreneurship Food and Drink hacking energy hacking finance policy Politics Science VC & TechnologyIt’s 2020. Time to look forward to the decade that is upon us.

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How to Build Authentic Customer Relationships That Spark Innovation

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Business/Finance Tips general StartupWritten for EO by Jason McCann , a lifelong entrepreneur and experienced founder. You wouldn’t be surprised if I said that customer feedback is essential for a startup.

Happy Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money

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While his financial expertise comes from owning and managing several businesses, his writing spans topics that include finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty.

New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs


Despite these pundits, I sense a fundamental change in the early-stage financing eco-system. If you are new to the entrepreneurial world of startups, you are likely confused by the terminology of seed-stage, lean startups, micro-VCs, and Super Angels.

Banner Year for Oklahoma Startups with $29.23M in Funding

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In total, 19 Oklahoma startups received financing and attracted an additional $16.34M from private investors, for a total of $29.23M invested in Oklahoma-based companies. in equity-based financing for 12 companies in FY2020. i2E, Inc.

Equity financing: great for rapid growth startups


We’ve spoken of financing a young company through friends and family, known as “inside angels.” Those are difficult goals for most entrepreneurs, making this form of financing unavailable to most, but attractive to those that fit into these criteria.

The Glorious Post Seed Startup Financing Chaos

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Startups Uncategorized Venture Capital angellist chaos financing seed startup The other day I got a call from Scott Kirstner at the Boston Globe answering: “what happens to all these incubators entrepreneurs after Demo Day”. The short answer: chaos. Full of opportunity, but chaos nonetheless.

4 Essential Insights for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurial Journey general Leadership Lessons Learned Startup eo arizona finance lessons first job graduate lessons Veronique James

Can you finance your company with grants?


If you can finance your enterprise through grants rather than equity or debt, you retain control and when it is time to sell your interest in the business, a lower sales price will create a higher return on your personal investment.

Do venture capital firms or private equity funds offer debt financing for startups?


The direct answer to your question is NO, VC and PE funds do not provide debt financing for any companies. Invested Interests debt financing private equity funds startup VCs venture capital firms Their entire business model is based on investing in companies that can potentially offer very high returns. For venture capital, this is typically ten times the invested capital, and those returns can only be achieved through equity appreciation, not debt service.

How to Start a Business in Canada

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Smarter Loans is the go-to resource for Canadians seeking any kind of loan or financing when starting up their new business. Managing Finances. Operations business loans finance small business finance small business loans

Should Investors in the Same Round of Financing Ever Get Different Prices?

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But Paul Graham really did have a point in his “ high resolution fundraising ” post – that there is a problem – particularly in angel financing – with herding cats.

Should You Fear Outsourcing Your Software Development?

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Business/Finance Tips Hiring Management Technology Mike Scott NONA outsourcing software developmentBut only if you are not clear on how to make the correct partner selection. Written by Mike Scott, co-founder and CEO of NONA , a software development studio based in South Africa.

EnsoData Raises $9M Series A Financing to Empower Clinicians with Waveform AI

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Last week, the company announced a $9 million Series A financing round led by Venture Investors and Zetta Venture Partners.

Worried About Regulation? How to Prep Your Business Early for Lifelong Compliance

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Best Practices Business/Finance Tips ManagementWritten for EO by Jim Moran, founder and managing partner of ValueStreet Equity Partners.

Do You Need a Crowdfunding Campaign for Your Startup?

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But, before putting all your efforts on finding investors, stop and think about alternative financing methods. Finances Fund Raising Marketing YerevanIs your startup dying? Raising funds for startups is becoming more and more challenging.

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Knowledge Is Power: Convertible Note Financing Terms, Part I


It should therefore come as no surprise that an asymmetry of information exists, mostly gleaned from experience, between founders and investors in a venture financing deal. For a traditional VC financing round structured as a sale of preferred stock, the best resources I can recommend are the Term Sheet Series by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson and Startup Company Lawyer by Yokum Taku.

Alibaba Upgrades It's Offerings. Improved Cash Flow and More.

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One solution is trade financing , which will powerful help smaller companies with cash flow as they seek to build their inventory prior to selling it to customers. “We eCommerce Beauty business finance

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[OurCrowd in Yahoo Finance] OurCrowd to Boost Investment in Seed, Early-Stage Startups


The post [OurCrowd in Yahoo Finance] OurCrowd to Boost Investment in Seed, Early-Stage Startups appeared first on OurCrowd. In defiance of global trends, OurCrowd is intensifying its incubator and early-stage investment activity to help grow young technology companies. Read more here.