The Secret to Successful Mentorship

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As a member of the EO Columbus chapter, Kristen is an active participant in the EO Mentorship program. I have also served as the chapter Mentorship Chair and on the Global Mentorship Subcommittee. The benefits of mentorship. With the Entrepreneurs’ Organization , mentors and mentees can connect easily through the virtual Mentorship Platform. The secret to successful mentorship.

Why Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Is Essential for Entrepreneurs

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Mentorship is one of the best gifts. Peer-to-peer mentorship and learning programs provide multiple benefits—not the least of which is perspective. Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your peer mentorship: 1.


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advancing equity in I&E programs through authentic outreach and mentorship

Venture Well

Mentorship and outreach complement each other as important strategies for broadening participation for underrepresented student innovators who are considering I&E programs.

How one YLAI Professional Fellow unlocks potential through mentorship in Antigua and Barbuda

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

JEI uses Facebook Live events to connect with individuals around the world and increase their visibility, and it has refined mentorship and coaching programs for a more enriching and personalized experience. By Caroline Sachdeva. “I

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

5 Best Practices of a Robust Mentorship Program

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The agency has developed a robust internship and mentorship program. Mentorships, on the other hand, usually occur after a beginner has entered a specific field, pairing an inexperienced person with a senior sponsor who can impart wisdom and guidance to enhance their future success.

Mentorship Is Overrated?—?Accountability Is How You Get Things Done

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Give yourself a 95% chance of hitting your goals Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». business startup entrepreneurship work productivity

Wisdom nabs $2M to build out a social audio marketplace for mentorship


Wisdom , a social audio app that’s focused on surfacing “life advice” and broadening access to mentorship — and whose iOS app launch we covered back in October — has nabbed $2 million in seed funding off the back of early traction.

Selling your company? 4 issues at the intersection of parenting and entrepreneuring

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EO members are fortunate to have a variety of resources to tap into as they prepare for this critical step, including situational mentorship , executive education opportunities and virtual learning events.

Making a Mark Through Mentorship

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Check out the EO Mentorship program today. . Thanks to his mentorship, we now have clear, concise?and The post Making a Mark Through Mentorship appeared first on THE BLOG. general Davide Frau eo gsea KOMPAS mentorship Tom Charman

29 Words to Describe Mentorship

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For more information regarding EO’s Mentorship Program, contact Margaret Black. The post 29 Words to Describe Mentorship appeared first on THE BLOG. Entrepreneurial Journey EO News #EOlooksback mentorship

Participate in Cal Hacks’ hack:now and win prizes including summer mentorship or a YC interview

Y Combinator

Y Combinator is partnering with Cal Hacks and offering prizes for winners, including mentorship for top teams and a top prize of an interview for a future YC batch.

Wisdom is a social audio app for opening access to mentorship


UK social audio startup Wisdom has launched a new mentorship marketplace that’s described as a mix between Clubhouse and the celebrity-focused courses platform Masterclass. “The mission is to democratize access to mentorship and to democratize access to knowledge.

Why Every Established Entrepreneur Should Be a Mentor

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Now, have you ever thought about mentorship from the flip side? Everyone has a unique view of the world, and their experiences can help fast track your growth,” explains EO Brisbane member Gerard Murtagh, who has experienced both sides of the mentorship equation, thanks to EO Mentorship. “We

The unbundling of professional learning and entrepreneurship education


New approaches range from companies like The PowerMBA , which offers an MBA alternative for $800-$1,000, to On Deck , which offers professional development courses and communities for about $3,000, and Dorm , which sells mentorship support and networks to entrepreneurs for $150 per month.

The Continued Importance of Accelerators


Every startup needs a group of peers they can call on, cash to keep going, and mentorship to help guide them through strategic questions at any given time. The Industry accelerator coaching community connections coronavirus covid19 investment mentors mentorship networking partner venturesAccelerators have been around for almost fifteen years now.

Nigerian restaurant management platform Orda gets $1.1M, wants to be the Toast of Africa


Africa Cloud Food Funding Recent Funding Startups TC africa cloud based software EPOS food hustle fund Idris Ayo Bello inventory management LoftyInc Capital magic fund mentorships Microtraction Nigeria operating system payment processing point-of-sale TechStars

Top Leadership Trends—and Why They Matter

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Mentorships are yet another way to support professional development. Company Culture FINANCES general LEADERSHIP Mentorship employee engagement Jackie Roberson leadership management mentorship professional development remote work

Ask the Experts: Armando Ojeda, Angela Barbash, and Marcia Dawood on StartupNation Radio


The importance of mentorship to the startup community. On this week’s episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff speaks with StartupNation’s subject matter experts from SCORE Mentors: Armando Ojeda, Angela Barbash, and Marcia Dawood.

Founders must learn how to build and maintain circles of trust with investors


Many VCs tout their mentorship and hands-on approach to founders, especially those who run early-stage startups. If anything, it’s quite the opposite — this new dynamic is forcing founders to be extremely selective about exactly who is sitting around their mentorship table. Matt Cohen.

StartupNation Radio featuring SCORE of Southeast Michigan and PIXO VR


First up, Jeff welcomes Armando Ojeda, certified mentor with SCORE of Southeast Michigan , an organization that provides free mentorship, networking and educational services and resources to entrepreneurs.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017: With Strength and Purpose, Women Rule

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Coaching FINANCES Inspirational Mentorship Productivity WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS #GEW2017 #womentrepreneur christina harbridge David Will Deb Gabor EO 360 Kim Parascos Mary Evelyn Tiffany Largie

Key Takeaways From Startup Grind Global

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Entrepreneurial Journey Mentor Mentorship 2019 Startup Grind Global Carlo Santoro early-stage entrepreneurs eo melbourne mentor peer-to-peer learning RetailCareCarlo G. Santoro attended the 2019 Startup Grind Global as an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) ambassador and mentor. He has been an EO Melbourne member for almost 25 years and is currently the managing director of RetailCare.

Inside the EO Accelerator Program

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Lessons Learned Mentor Mentorship WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS #diverseandunited accountability group Enrich Your Journey EO Accelerator Philippe Theunissen Qin Guo

EO Minneapolis Event Injects Energy Into Entrepreneur Scene

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Coaching Mentorship Networking Collective Genius Entrepreneurs' Rally EO Minneapolis Jeff Martin Lead by Change mentors Twin CitiesAsk Jeff Martin why he participates in the annual Entrepreneurs’ Rally sponsored by EO Minneapolis, and his answer is simple but profound. “It’s

energy 130

Why Every Founder Needs a Ran Grushkowsky

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entrepenuership mentorship mentor growth-hacking startup-lessonsThe mentor who helped me take on venture capital Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

Was it Their Internship. or Mine?

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Coaching Mentorship Elliott Holt eo nashville intern internship MediCopy Services teamwork Vanderbilt UniversityElliott Holt is an EO Nashville member and CEO of MediCopy Services, Inc. offering simple, secure solutions for healthcare information management.

Formation raises $4M led by Andreessen Horowitz to train truly ‘exceptional’ software engineers


Sophie Zhou Novati worked as a senior engineer at Facebook and then Nextdoor, where she struggled to hire great engineers for her team. Frustrated, she decided to try training engineers to meet her team’s hiring standards by mentoring at a local coding bootcamp.

merging biology and innovation studies for under-resourced students: a Q&A with Adrienne Williams of West Virginia University

Venture Well

Adrienne Williams from West Virginia University works to expand access to entrepreneurial mentorship opportunities for science and biology for under-resourced students.

Investments of time and money are critical for startups’ success

Innovation 2 Enterprise

News Angel Capital Association angel investors Angels entrepreneurs mentors mentorship Scott Meacham SeedStep AngelsBy Scott Meacham. Mentoring is one of the most valuable venture services i2E provides to Oklahoma’s innovators and entrepreneurs. Our mentoring covers a wide range of topics and situations based on the leadership team’s experience, the stage of the startup, and the market the company is working to serve. We are focused when we mentor.

Techstars New Health Care Partner: Announcing UnitedHealthcare Accelerator Powered by Techstars


This new mentorship-driven accelerator will be based in Minneapolis, launching in September 2019. Ten startups will be selected from applicants across the globe, and participating companies will gather in Minneapolis for an intensive three-month program of research, development, mentorship, and collaboration. Bringing together entrepreneurial spirit and mentorship helps us transform health care in the United States and abroad.”.

“How I Got Warren Rustand to Be My Mentor”

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What is mentorship, really? general EO Montreal leadership training mentor mentorship rejection Shawn Johal Warren RustandBy Shawn Johal, an entrepreneur, business growth coach and member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) in Montreal, Canada. .

¡Hola Batch 11 LatAm! These are the 9 Startups Joining our Latest Batch in Mexico City


The Mexico City program focuses on providing mentorship and guidance to foster fast-paced growth for Spanish-speaking, early-stage companies based in Latin America. 500 Startups is excited to announce the latest batch from our Seed Accelerator based in Mexico City.

“Why I Choose to Empower My Words”

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Entrepreneurial Journey Inspirational Mentorship #diverseandunited #womentrepreneur alan peterson empower Enrich Your Journey MyEo WomenDuring the most tragic moments in life, you just might discover your life’s motivation. Consider Alan Peterson ’s intimate and inspirational story.

Should You Try For a Spot in a Business Incubator? The Pros and Cons


They promise things like an instant mentorship network, camaraderie with other startup owners, shared resources like office space, and even the potential for funding. Business incubators can be very enticing for new entrepreneurs. However, before you dive into the application process for any business incubator, there are several things to consider. First of all, although … Continue reading Should You Try For a Spot in a Business Incubator? The Pros and Cons → BUSINESS

Announcing the 11 Startups in 500 LatAm’s Batch 10!


The Mexico City program focuses on providing a mentorship program for Spanish-speaking early-stage companies based in Latin America. 500 Startups is excited to announce the latest batch from our Seed Accelerator based in Mexico City. Our latest batch consists of founders from all over Latin America including 6 companies from Mexico, 2 from Chile, 2 from Colombia, and 1 from Argentina. The 11 startups began the accelerator activities on April 22nd at 500’s office in Mexico City.

STANLEY + Techstars Accelerator Welcomes Laila Partridge as Managing Director


A large part of creating these environments includes the hands-on mentorship Techstars brings to its accelerators around the world. I’m no stranger to the mentorship’s value, which I’ve experienced firsthand throughout my own entrepreneurial journey.