Video Of The Week: Overcoming Sprawl

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I have been fortunate to work for the last 25 years in the Flatiron District of NYC, which is a mixed-use neighborhood (office, retail, residential) that has excellent mass transit options (three major subway lines converge at Union Square), great biking and walking streets, and a feeling of vitality that is infectious.

The Future of Hospitality is Here


New developments are increasingly purpose-built for mixed use, where retail, office, coworking, hospitality, and residential (among other categories) are being intertwined as a means to preserve optionality and to deliver an enhanced customer value proposition. The connective thread here is the use of technology. Image courtesy of Mint House Real estate lies at the core of our everyday lives?—?it


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Pegasus Tech Ventures and Japanet launch new $50M fund to bring global startups to Nagasaki


It will center around a sports stadium, and include mixed-use facilities like offices, retail stores, hotels and event venues. Pegasus Tech Ventures , a firm that helps corporations launch startup investment funds, announced a new partnership with Japanet today.

Entrepreneurship and the Next CARES Act

Forward Cities

We add another proposal to the mix: use unemployment insurance to encourage entrepreneurship as well as traditional employment. This text first appeared on The New Localism and is co-authored by Christopher Gergen, Nic Gunkel, Bruce Katz, and Victor Hwang.

A Sign of the Times: Why Saving the Kentile Sign is Important #savekentile

This is going to be BIG.

We''ve learned enough from neighborhoods like Dumbo that mixed use communities of commercial and residential can anchor each other to create dynamic ecosystems. There''s a 60+ year old sign in Brooklyn leftover from a company that went bankrupt years ago. The current owner of the property wants to take it down and has every right to do so. So what''s the big deal? The Kentile Floors sign has become a mainstay of the Gowanus area.

Scooters, Clear Lanes, And Permissionless Innovation


And while Uber was bringing software-driven networks to vehicle capacity for cars which were already permitted to legally operate on the roads, scooter use often tended to drift into the sidewalk, which is a seemingly small but meaningful distinction. [A I don’t know how we’ll get there, but I believe eventually cities will permit more and more scooters for people to use. However, the previously-used methods of brute force feel less likely to work.