Should Founders Still Raise in an Economic Downturn?

Dream It

Investors want to see you’re able to remain lean and adapt to changing economic circumstances. Founders planning near-term fundraising rounds need to understand that an economic downturn is one of the most difficult times to pitch to investors.

Decoding and learning from a business failure


The economic environment changing downward. Add the economic environment to the mix of reasons for failure, including jolts such as the Great Recession of 2007-8 or COVID’s devastation to travel, retail and other personal experience-based businesses.


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Millennials May Not Be ‘the Entrepreneurs of Today’ Everyone Thinks They Are

Wesley Cherisien

As John Lettieri, co-founder of the Economic Innovation Group said before the U.S. What they don’t have is a facilitative entrepreneurial environment and a winning culture.

The First Generation of the Talent Software Wars

Tomasz Tunguz

Both companies demonstrated very volatile sales efficiencies, which are probably more influenced by the macro economic environment than the performance of the sales teams. In the late 1990s, two of the dominant talent management platforms were founded. Taleo and SuccessFactors grew very quickly after they entered the market, bringing novel delivery to the human capital market.

What's Happening to the SaaS Market?

Tomasz Tunguz

To my knowledge, none of these SaaS companies growth trajectories have changed nor has the business environment entered a less fruitful period. Because the publicly traded SaaS companies continue to grow and because the economic environment is relatively stable, I’d argue the multiples will revert to right around the median, in the 4-5x range. What a difference three weeks make!

SaaS 40