How To Pitch A Real Estate Tech VC

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Jeff Berman is General Partner at Camber Creek , one of the first venture funds dedicated to real estate technology and the built world. The team owns, operates and manages over 150 million square feet of real estate, making Camber Creek one of the biggest value-add venture partners for real estate tech startups. Camber Creek portfolio companies benefit from the network effects of his four partners from the real estate world.

The Proptech Startups Using VR & AR to Reshape Real Estate

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billion will be specifically for real estate. Over the past week, Zillow announced the rollout of their 3D Home tool, which lets real estate agents show immersive VC views of homes for sale. Virtual reality and AR have the potential to transform a number of areas within real estate and the building process: Property walkthroughs that can accelerate the sales process for residential brokers.

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Singapore tech-based real estate agency Propseller raises $1.2 million seed round


Propseller , a Singapore-based real estate agency that combines a tech platform with in-house agents to close transactions more quickly, announced today it has raised $1.2 Another Singaporean real estate-focused startup that recently raised funding is PropertyGuru.

Future of Real Estate Pitch Competition in Miami

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On May 14, 2019, our friends at Lab Ventures Miami are hosting Future of Real Estate Tech Summit Miami. This event brings together investors, innovative startups and leading corporations in the construction and real estate industry.

Looking to Invest in Real Estate? Check Out This Expert Advice on the Do’s and Don'ts

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Investing in real estate can be an exciting premise — it’s been well-known that with the right decisions, real estate can provide a very good ROI (return on investment). Divya Tandon is an expert in real estate management and investing, and she gave Ramon the rundown on how to get into this field of work and be successful. Divya’s company is a real estate management and investment firm. Real Estate Advice .

The Data Revolution in Real Estate

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Real estate data is notoriously fragmented, but a new crop of startups, including Cherre, are helping businesses harness disparate data sources and gain a competitive edge. Salmanson, founder of Cherre, to discuss his startup’s path to becoming a leader in real estate data. In this Episode: 9:36 Where does data come from, how do you extract it 12:30 What is truth in real estate data?

Construction tech startups are poised to shake up a $1.3-trillion-dollar industry


On top of being laborious and error-prone, the lack of real-time data is extremely limited, therefore decision-making is often based on outdated information. Allison Xu. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Why Floored is Awesome, and Not Just for the Real Estate Industry

This is going to be BIG.

The other day, I looked at some real estate space on behalf of one of my portfolio companies. The owner sent me this. Maybe I just don''t have enough imagination or lack of the requisite architecture degree. At least it''s better than showing an actual picture of what the office looks like now, after the last tenant trashed the place on their way out. Or, if they didn''t trash it, they subdivided it for a colony of bees and painted it what can best be described as neon beige.

One-click housing startup Atmos raises another $4M from Khosla, real estate strategics, and TikTok star Josh Richards


The company, which we profiled back in July , announced today that it raised another $4 million, this time from Evan Moore at Khosla Ventures, real estate strategic investors like David Gerster at JLL Spark and Lennar board member Scott Stowell as well as individuals like Adam Nash of Dropbox and TikTok star Josh Richards, who I guess has turned that whole concept of hype houses into a real estate investment thesis.

The Keys to Selling Enterprise SaaS in Real Estate

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In this DreamitLive, Urbantech Managing Director Andrew Ackerman speaks with StringBean founder and CEO Reuben Levine about the do’s and don’ts of selling into real estate, including how to get into the mind of the buyer, how to de-risk your product to increase the likelihood of making a sale, and how to pursue product-led growth.

Giraffe360, a robotic camera for real estate, raises $4.5M from LAUNCHub and Hoxton Ventures


Giraffe360 has a robotic camera, combined with a subscription service, which enables real estate agents and brokers to generate high-resolution photos of properties, floor plans and virtual tours. The camera is sold to real estate agents and brokers as a service for £399 per month.

Why Revolution Growth is Investing in Orchard


Orchard’s customer service is also enhanced by their local real estate brokers who are hired full-time as home advisors (vs. real-estate startup venture-capital

Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost explains the strategy behind acquiring Spacemaker


Other investors on the cap table include Nordic real estate innovator NREP, Nordic property developer OBOS, U.K. real estate technology fund Round Hill Ventures and Norway’s Construct Venture. Autodesk, the U.S.

GCUC Mastermind: The Future


Conference Future of Work COVID-19 Real Estate GCUC MastermindGCUC Mastermind is a virtual learning series focused on the accelerating nature of work and the humans driving it. You need new skills and. The post GCUC Mastermind: The Future appeared first on GCUC Community.

The Future of Hospitality is Here


Image courtesy of Mint House Real estate lies at the core of our everyday lives?—?it Yet, technology adoption within the real estate community as a means to fundamentally disrupt how physical assets behave and how transactions occur was lagging up until the last couple of years. We have witnessed the likes of WeWork, Convene, and Airbnb reimagine working and living, all while catalyzing momentum for further investments across the real estate technology landscape.

GCUC Mastermind: Best In Class Ecosystems Takeaways


Tech Coworking Community Coworking Trends Future of Work Real Estate GCUC MastermindWe continued the GCUC Mastermind series last week with the Best In Class Ecosystems session. If you missed it, the replay is available on.

GCUC Mastermind: The Future Session Takeaways


Uncategorized Coworking Sustainability Coworking Trends COVID-19 Real Estate GCUC MastermindThe only way to predict the future is to create it. Our session on the future delivered. If you missed it, the replay is. The post GCUC Mastermind: The Future Session Takeaways appeared first on GCUC Community.

GCUC APAC Week 4- Best In Class Ecosystems


Uncategorized Design Other Coworking Sustainability Community Coworking Trends GCUC APAC Real EstateThis week’s session was all about Best in Class Ecosystems. If you missed it, the replay will be available on GCUC membership later this.

[enVerid in NY Real Estate Journal] enVerid Systems introduces new high-efficiency air filtration product with UVGI


The post [enVerid in NY Real Estate Journal] enVerid Systems introduces new high-efficiency air filtration product with UVGI appeared first on OurCrowd Blog.

The Increasing Costs of Real Estate for Startups in San Francisco

Tomasz Tunguz

In addition to increasing labor costs, startups in San Francisco are facing monotonically increasing real estate prices. JLL the real estate broker shared their data on the average asking rent in San Francisco from 2007 two 2016, year to date. The most expensive neighborhood in San Francisco is Mission Bay/China basin at approximately $85 per square foot per year for class A real estate, followed by South market for an average of $80 per square foot.

5 questions from Airbnb’s IPO filing


Fundings & Exits Real Estate Startups TC Airbnb proptech The ExchangeAirbnb filed to go public yesterday, offering the world a look into its financial performance over the past several years.

Merging Airbnb and the traditional hotel model, Mexico City’s Casai raises $23 million to grow in Latin America


With travel and tourism rising across Latin America, Casai , a startup combining Airbnb single unit rentals with hotel room amenities, has raised $23 million to expand its business across Latin America.

WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Mortgage Startup Tomo Streamlines the Way We Buy Homes (Episode 138)


There’s a new FinTech startup in the real estate industry, and it’s just secured $40 million in seed funding. And this morning, I’d like to tell you about a new FinTech startup in the real estate industry based in both Seattle and Stanford, Connecticut.

[ in PR Newswire] Chime Partners with to Arm Real Estate Professionals with High Quality Leads


Chime Technologies, an operating system for the real estate industry, today announced a strategic partnership with (formerly Agentology), a leading conversational marketing platform revolutionizing lead engagement across verticals, including the real estate market. to Arm Real Estate Professionals with High Quality Leads appeared first on OurCrowd.

GCUC Mastermind: Finance session takeaways


Financial COVID-19 Real Estate GCUC MastermindKnowledge is Power was the theme of our finance Mastermind. We had a great session with an amazing economist (Jon Haveman) who broke down. The post GCUC Mastermind: Finance session takeaways appeared first on GCUC Community.

[CrediFi in Fortune] Risky Business? New Report Says Banks Are Holding More Real Estate Debt Than Thought


CrediFi tracked more than $925 billion of commercial real estate loan originations in 2018—a “huge” figure that exceeds the numbers documented by more established industry groups like the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), which reported nearly $574 billion in new loans last year. New Report Says Banks Are Holding More Real Estate Debt Than Thought appeared first on OurCrowd.

Zoopla acquires PropertyFinder from Newscorp for #2 slot in UK online real estate

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Alex Chesterman, Doug, Simon and team Zoopla just completed on the acquisition of PropertyFinder to change the playing field in online property in the UK. Zoopla has also acquired last month from the Guardian Media Group. Atlas Venture is the largest shareholder in Zoopla and has been there since the start alongside the management team.

Video: Andrew Ackerman and Charlie Stephens from Cushman & Wakefield

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Dreamit UrbanTech Managing Director Andrew Ackerman joined Charlie Stephens (@ charlieNYC ), a real estate advisor at Cushman & Wakefield, for his “Leaders Live” series of interviews. Andrew Ackerman and Charlie Stephens. Stephens has been involved in advising over a million square feet of tenant and landlord representation transactions within Manhattan and across the country since 2009. He has worked with clients such as Conde Nast, ING, Ernst and Young, and many more.

Some Thoughts On New Tax Revenues

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

While this is always hard and has a real toll on people who might lose their jobs or have to pay more in taxes, it is also an opportunity to do things that have been hard to do until now. This happens all the time in real estate and also with stock gains. This will also have the benefit of reducing the rampant speculation in real estate that has been making real estate so unaffordable for so many.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, make these 8 investments

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Invest in Real Estate. Real estate is another area where entrepreneurs should allocate capital. Real estate can often be used to house the business of the entrepreneur. I’ve seen many instances where the entrepreneurs’ net proceeds from the sale of their real estate are greater than that of the sale of their business. My real estate strategy is to buy apartment complexes where we can implement our Infinite Return model.

Marketing for CREtech Startups: What Works (And What Doesn't)

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In this #DreamitLive, Urbantech Managing Director Andrew Ackerman speaks with CREtech CEO Michael Beckerman about the latest trends in innovation in the commercial real estate industry. Michael Beckerman runs CREtech, the largest event, data and content platform in the commercial real estate tech sector.

Knowing What You Are Looking For

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Public stocks, bonds, private equity, real estate, venture capital, etc. There are many ways to invest successfully. And within each category, there are so many different investment opportunities. In public stocks, there are something like 5,000 listed stocks in the US. In venture capital, there were something like 30,000 companies that raised venture capital in 2019. How do you make sense out of all of that opportunity?

UrbanTech News Roundup

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On Real Estate Tech Zillow rolled out a 3D home touring feature across all of North America that allows agents to use iPhones or more advanced cameras to create a more robust listing. Some investors question whether WeWork can survive a downturn in the commercial real estate market and wonder why IWG, a company with about 100k more work stations than WeWork, is valued at ~$40 billion less than the coworking startup.

Thoughts on WeWork

This is going to be BIG.

Real estate was previously a huge headache for small businesses before WeWork made co-working mainstream. If all real estate goes the way of server infrastructure, with no one ever signing a commercial lease except for larger campuses like Google and Apple, then WeWork hasn’t even scratched the surface of its potential. I’m convinced WeWork is part of a sea change in how business think about real estate, and from great disruption comes great economic opportunity.

The Future of Brick and Mortar

This is going to be BIG.

Storefront real estate's saving grace? And when we do, what happens to the real estate footprint that ATMs and bank locations take up? One thing that is undoubtedly true is that we all want to pull away from the computer once in a while--and empty storefronts will inspire innovation, as well as present an economic challenge for real estate owners.

NYC Is Dead, Long Live NYC

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Commercial real estate is facing a huge crisis and residential real estate might not be far behind. Real estate tax revenues (which provide much of NYC’s income) will decline creating an even more difficult fiscal situation for NYC. There is a lot of negativity around NYC right now. Bloggers writing sensational headlines. That sort of thing. It makes me want to go out and buy a ton of NYC stock right now.

The Achilles Heel of Startup Ecosystems

This is going to be BIG.

At some point, a real seed round needs to get raised—and it needs to get led by someone. Not only that, but for many in the real estate world, their economic upside is already tied to innovation. Across the world, various economic development organizations, government agencies, and non-profits are putting in admirable and well-intentioned efforts to develop startup ecosystems.