How To Pitch A Real Estate Tech VC

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Jeff Berman is General Partner at Camber Creek , one of the first venture funds dedicated to real estate technology and the built world. Camber Creek portfolio companies benefit from the network effects of his four partners from the real estate world.

The Proptech Startups Using VR & AR to Reshape Real Estate

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billion will be specifically for real estate. Over the past week, Zillow announced the rollout of their 3D Home tool, which lets real estate agents show immersive VC views of homes for sale.

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Future of Real Estate Pitch Competition in Miami

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On May 14, 2019, our friends at Lab Ventures Miami are hosting Future of Real Estate Tech Summit Miami. This event brings together investors, innovative startups and leading corporations in the construction and real estate industry.

The Data Revolution in Real Estate

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Real estate data is notoriously fragmented, but a new crop of startups, including Cherre, are helping businesses harness disparate data sources and gain a competitive edge. Salmanson, founder of Cherre, to discuss his startup’s path to becoming a leader in real estate data.

Why Floored is Awesome, and Not Just for the Real Estate Industry

This is going to be BIG.

The other day, I looked at some real estate space on behalf of one of my portfolio companies. The owner sent me this. Maybe I just don''t have enough imagination or lack of the requisite architecture degree. At least it''s better than showing an actual picture of what the office looks like now, after the last tenant trashed the place on their way out. Or, if they didn''t trash it, they subdivided it for a colony of bees and painted it what can best be described as neon beige.

The Future of Hospitality is Here


Image courtesy of Mint House Real estate lies at the core of our everyday lives?—?it Yet, technology adoption within the real estate community as a means to fundamentally disrupt how physical assets behave and how transactions occur was lagging up until the last couple of years.

[ in PR Newswire] Chime Partners with to Arm Real Estate Professionals with High Quality Leads


Chime Technologies, an operating system for the real estate industry, today announced a strategic partnership with (formerly Agentology), a leading conversational marketing platform revolutionizing lead engagement across verticals, including the real estate market. to Arm Real Estate Professionals with High Quality Leads appeared first on OurCrowd.

[CrediFi in Fortune] Risky Business? New Report Says Banks Are Holding More Real Estate Debt Than Thought


CrediFi tracked more than $925 billion of commercial real estate loan originations in 2018—a “huge” figure that exceeds the numbers documented by more established industry groups like the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), which reported nearly $574 billion in new loans last year.

The Increasing Costs of Real Estate for Startups in San Francisco

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In addition to increasing labor costs, startups in San Francisco are facing monotonically increasing real estate prices. JLL the real estate broker shared their data on the average asking rent in San Francisco from 2007 two 2016, year to date. The most expensive neighborhood in San Francisco is Mission Bay/China basin at approximately $85 per square foot per year for class A real estate, followed by South market for an average of $80 per square foot.

Zoopla acquires PropertyFinder from Newscorp for #2 slot in UK online real estate

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Alex Chesterman, Doug, Simon and team Zoopla just completed on the acquisition of PropertyFinder to change the playing field in online property in the UK. Zoopla has also acquired last month from the Guardian Media Group. Atlas Venture is the largest shareholder in Zoopla and has been there since the start alongside the management team.

Video: Andrew Ackerman and Charlie Stephens from Cushman & Wakefield

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Dreamit UrbanTech Managing Director Andrew Ackerman joined Charlie Stephens (@ charlieNYC ), a real estate advisor at Cushman & Wakefield, for his “Leaders Live” series of interviews. Andrew Ackerman and Charlie Stephens.

Thoughts on WeWork

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Real estate was previously a huge headache for small businesses before WeWork made co-working mainstream. If all real estate goes the way of server infrastructure, with no one ever signing a commercial lease except for larger campuses like Google and Apple, then WeWork hasn’t even scratched the surface of its potential. I’m convinced WeWork is part of a sea change in how business think about real estate, and from great disruption comes great economic opportunity.

Marketing for CREtech Startups: What Works (And What Doesn't)

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In this #DreamitLive, Urbantech Managing Director Andrew Ackerman speaks with CREtech CEO Michael Beckerman about the latest trends in innovation in the commercial real estate industry.

No Community, No Co-working


Beyond the sleek minimalist office aesthetics and controversial Wall Street valuations, real estate vendors cannot ignore community within co-working spaces if they want to see their co-working establishments flourish.

Coworking Megatrend Predictions for 2020


The real estate industry has finally figured out that coworking is not a fad or a little blip. Coworking is significantly impacting the industry and real estate insiders are not going to sit back and wait for it to go away. the first coworking real estate opportunity fund.

PSA: Time is running out


95,000 governments, special authorities and special districts own more than 3 million buildings and 650 acres of commercial real estate, which includes offices, stadiums, warehouses, hospitals and parking lots. The US Government is going in BIG on Coworking. Will you answer the call?

The Future of Brick and Mortar

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Storefront real estate's saving grace? And when we do, what happens to the real estate footprint that ATMs and bank locations take up? As we prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I think a lot about the future of the physical retail landscape.

UrbanTech News Roundup

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On Real Estate Tech Zillow rolled out a 3D home touring feature across all of North America that allows agents to use iPhones or more advanced cameras to create a more robust listing. Bowery Valuation raised a $12M Series A for their tech-enabled real estate appraisal platform.

Next Level Entrepreneurship: Investing in a New Generation of Startups

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He is currently focused on real estate development with the Machani Group and auto components manufacturing with Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa. For many established entrepreneurs, establishing a purpose and passion beyond business is a fulfilling way to truly make a mark.

Why Coworking Will Thrive Post-WeWork


We looked at some real estate together, spent time in Austin, and they flew me up to New York to explore working for WeWork and selling them my brand and conference. I sat in his office while he negotiated a real estate deal.

The Achilles Heel of Startup Ecosystems

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At some point, a real seed round needs to get raised—and it needs to get led by someone. Not only that, but for many in the real estate world, their economic upside is already tied to innovation. Across the world, various economic development organizations, government agencies, and non-profits are putting in admirable and well-intentioned efforts to develop startup ecosystems.

What Will Happen In The 2020s

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

We will see real estate values collapse in some of the most affected regions and we will see real estate values increase in regions that benefit from the warming climate. It’s 2020. Time to look forward to the decade that is upon us. One of my favorite quotes, attributed to Bill Gates, is that people overestimate what will happen in a year and underestimate what will happen in a decade. This is an important decade for mankind.

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For Greater Retention, Offer a Stake in the Company

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WGO is a member of Windermere Real Estate, a real estate network comprised of 300 offices and more than 6,000 agents throughout the western United States. He leverages his 25-plus years of experience in real estate to coach other managers and brokers.

How to Accept Challenges and Thrive Alongside Business Risk

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He has launched business endeavors in the real estate, oil and gas, agriculture and automotive sectors. Written for EO by David Disiere. Fear of failure can have significant sway over entrepreneurs wanting to launch their own startups.

YC Summer 2019 Batch Stats

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Real Estate and Construction – 5%. At our 29th Demo Day, 175 companies presented over two days. You can read more about the companies on TechCrunch ( day one and day two coverage of S19 Demo Day), Forbes , and Crunchbase. Below are stats about the S19 batch. As a reminder, the application deadline for YC W20 is coming up next week on September 25. Apply here. Total companies that presented at YC S19 Demo Day : 175. YC S19 CATEGORIES: Aerospace – 1%. Agriculture – 1%.

Y Combinator Top Companies – 2019

Y Combinator

Real Estate – 2%. ? We’re excited to share the list of 2019 Top Y Combinator Companies. We also included top exits. We put this list together to help potential employees, partners, and late stage investors get to know a wider set of YC companies. If you’re looking for a job at one of our top companies, you can hit the Apply button to be taken to their careers page. The companies in this list are sorted by valuation. Why do we use valuation?


A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Late stage, public market, private equity, real estate, and most other popular forms of investing typically involve a single or a time limited series of investments. One of the unique things about early stage investing is the ability (and in my view, the need) to continue to invest in the companies for multiple rounds of investment.

[CrediFi in Yahoo Finance] CrediFi Announces Top Tier Clients


CrediFi, the leading source for data and analytics for commercial real estate finance, announced today its continued penetration of the top tier of the commercial real estate lending market.

How High Rents Hinder Startup Activity


Within the world of real estate, I believe there are two hugely interesting questions that address Hamming’s query: 1.

Ample Hills Bankruptcy and Recovery: What Happened and What's Next for a Beloved Brand

This is going to be BIG.

Some investors bailed at the last minute because (we believe) they had experienced real estate losses elsewhere. As a seed stage investor, I know the math. Half the companies I invest in won’t provide a financial return. Another forty percent or so will go sideways a bit, and the last ten percent will drive most of the gains for my investors. Leveraging up a company with venture dollars in an attempt to grow to a national or world class brand can be a risky proposition.

Impact Hub Recife leaves global network

Impact Hub

This decision was made as the Recife team’s expansion goals focus on real estate and innovative ways of work rather than on the social, economic and environmental impact. After six years of collaboration, the global Impact Hub Network and Impact Hub Recife are now parting ways.

The Amazon Shadow Economy


The news that Blackstone purchased nearly $18B of warehouse real estate reflects a trend that I think is just now coming into full view: the Amazon shadow economy.

Makerbot: The First "Real" Brooklyn Exit

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No, Makerbot was valued for it''s existing, real, growing business and it will continue to be in that business for years to come. Brooklyn is going to be an entrepreneurial powerhouse because it''s got a critical mass of outside the box thinkers like Bre, cheaper real estate and fantastic talent. It needs more investors, more founders, more established companies willing to move and anchor their business in the world''s creative capital, and more startup friendly real estate.

10 Questions for Brooklyn's Innovation Community

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Brooklyn now is an even better position than the rest of NYC was in 2005--with its critical mass of talent, creativity, friendlier real estate, etc. What kind of real estate will be available for innovative companies and where? Next Wednesday night, I'm hosting a roundtable discussion between Brooklyn innovation community stakeholders on how to make this side of the river a better place to create, build businesses and grow.

The Potential for Fraud Caused by the Unnecessary Mystery of the Family Office World

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billion under management plus real estate in NYC/Cal and 5 operating companies. And trust me, I can tell the difference between a real family office and a fake one. Real family offices are pretty shrouded in mystery.

Writing Checks Doesn't Make You an Investor

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They mostly participated in real estate transactions--an asset class where actual due diligence is conducted, deals take months, even years to close, and assets are sometimes held for decades. I met with a family office investor yesterday and we were talking about his family's interest in diversifying their investments into early stage companies.

What To Do When Your Competitor Gets Funded?

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market share today and are stuck with high real-estate costs, shitty customer service, bad value propositions and no ability to respond to competition because they have effectively become real-estate holding companies that store stuff for cashflow. This morning announced they raised $9 million from Sequoia , arguably the best venture capital firm that exists. Congratulations. Sincerely.