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SourceLink Affiliate Quarterly Conversation - March 17, 2022

Source Link

All things SourceLink was the theme of our March 17 SourceLink Affiliate Quarterly Conversation.

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Innovate, Scale Up, and Watch It Grow

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Here, Edison stressed the importance of makerspaces, where entrepreneurs can share experiences, support each other and test their products. American Spaces can make excellent makerspaces if entrepreneurs take advantage of them. A recap of U.S.


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Come Check Out a Very Important LA Tech Event on June 1st

Both Sides of the Table

LA Makerspace and many others bringing robots and 3D printers. Tomorrow LA is hosting an important tech event - please consider registering and coming by. A special thanks to Jason Lehmbeck , founder & ceo of DataPop , a great LA startup of which I have been a long-standing fan, for championing this event and bringing it to my attention. A couple weeks back I laid out the tech case for Eric Garcetti for LA mayor. Fortunately the LA tech community and Angelenos agreed!

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6 Pillars of Authority Marketing

Entrepreneurs' Organization

approximately 27 million people; 72% of millennials would like to be their own boss; and in higher education, there’s been an explosion of innovation and entrepreneurship courses, makerspaces and competitions.

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The Post-Pandemic Entrepreneurial Support Organization (ESO): Creating a Model for the Economic Recovery

Carol Lauffer

Beyond the services themselves, your service offering may require the addition of a different ESO model—accelerator, incubator, coworking, makerspace, hub, or other—to best serve the new market segments. The pandemic and its economic impact will require that your Entrepreneurial Support Organization (ESO) recalibrate. To prepare for the upcoming recovery, your ESO (e.g.

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Improving cluster performance through entrepreneurial support programs

Carol Lauffer

The options include accelerators, incubators, coworking, makerspaces, and an array of events, plus hybrids of these models. Supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and company formation is critical for improving cluster performance. Establishing entrepreneurial support programs (ESPs) with a specific cluster focus can consistently help to encourage entrepreneurship, launch new businesses and move innovations to market in the targeted cluster.