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He replied that there certainly were problems with nuclear energy but that they paled in comparison to those of burning fossil fuels. I have come full circle on nuclear energy and now see it as way more attractive than most other forms of generating energy. There are two ways of making energy with atoms. We can split atoms to generate energy and that is called Fission. Or we can combine atoms to generate energy and that is called Fusion.

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New York’s David Energy has raised $4.1 million to ‘build the Standard Oil of renewable energy’


“We intend to build the Standard Oil of renewable energy,” said James McGinniss, the co-founder and chief executive of David Energy , in a statement announcing the company’s new $19 million seed round of debt and equity funding. . McGinniss’ company is aiming to boost renewable energy adoption and slash energy usage in the built environment by creating a service that operates on both sides of the energy marketplace.


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EnerVenue raises $100M to accelerate clean energy using nickel-hydrogen batteries


In order to support a buildout of renewable energy, which tends to over-generate electricity at certain times of day and under-generate at others, the grid is going to need a lot of batteries. They all see the future as, the energy mix is shifting.

Our Next Energy closes $25M Series A for battery tech with backing from Bill Gates, BMW


Michigan-based startup Our Next Energy (ONE) has closed a $25 million Series A for tech that it says can double the range of EVs, as more and more startups take aim at surpassing the pitfalls of conventional lithium-ion batteries. Image Credits: Our Next Energy.

AI-driven energy startup Octopus hits $2B mark after $200M investment from Tokyo Gas


Now meet the challenger energy suppliers. s Octopus Energy has attained a $2.06 Its Kraken software is also licensed to Origin Energy, nPower and E.On, Good Energy and Hanwha Corporation, among others, reaching 17 million energy accounts worldwide.

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Green Energy Makes Business Sense


Venture funds are joining the rush to renewable energy—and it’s not a passing fad • Government subsidies will help, but inno vative companies and business logic will drive growth. New energy is good business. The post Green Energy Makes Business Sense appeared first on OurCrowd Blog.

Facilitating AccelVT Energy 2019 Cohort

Paul G. Silva

I often talk about how startups are the ones out there saving the world. This summer I have the delight of facilitating the newest cohort of the AccelVT Accelerator. This accelerator focuses on “ startup and/or seed stage ventures who offer new technologies, or novel applications of existing technologies, aimed at reducing fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions in the heating and/or transportation sector.

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Bringing jobs and health benefits, BlocPower unlocks energy efficiency retrofits for low-income communities


Retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient and better at withstanding climate change-induced extreme weather is going to be a big, multibillion-dollar business. billion for new energy initiatives.

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Kevala raises $21M to improve tools for managing energy grid infrastructure


Kevala , the startup that collects and analyzes energy grid infrastructure data for utility companies, renewable energy providers, EV charging companies, regulators and other energy industry stakeholders, has raised $21 million in a Series A round. is using AI to drive energy and emissions savings for real estate


It does this by providing incentives to building owners/occupiers to shift to clean energy usage through a machine learning-powered software automation layer. So, ironically, in the future we see this as a way to push for a renewable energy system and makes that transition happen even faster.

Dracula Technologies turns ambient light into energy with printed solar cells


Dracula Technologies was founded in 2011, after a project in collaboration with the CEA (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives, or the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), a public research organization.

Water-Energy Nexus: A Connection That’s Driving Innovation

Venture Well

For World Water Day, we spoke with three ventures operating at the water-energy nexus to learn how they're addressing strains in both resource systems. The post Water-Energy Nexus: A Connection That’s Driving Innovation appeared first on VentureWell. Early Stage Innovators Global I&E Sustainable Innovation E-Team entrepreneurship innovation startup water

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Heimdal pulls CO2 and cement-making materials out of seawater using renewable energy


Heimdal is a startup working to pull that CO2 back out at scale using renewable energy and producing carbon-negative industrial materials, including limestone for making concrete, in the process, and it has attracted significant funding even at its very early stage.

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MGA Thermal raises $8M AUD led by Main Sequence for its modular energy storage blocks


MGA Thermal wants to help utility companies transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources with shoebox-sized thermal energy storage blocks. The company says a stack of 1,000 blocks is about the size of a small car and can store enough energy to power 27 homes for 24 hours.

A Sneak Peak at Some LA Startup Energy

Both Sides of the Table

Have a quick view below for what is in store at our Upfront Summit – a little bit of LA startup energy and creativity. You disappeared? What the fork happened to you? And what’s up with this crazy new blog design? Well … more on that next week. I will tell more. But for now … Every year we run a big VC, LP & Tech Summit in Los Angeles (this year downtown) to showcase the best of our community and invite others from around the country.

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[Dandelion Energy in Wall Street Journal] VC Daily: Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Ventures Looks for Co-Investors


One of the tools he’s using to address the climate problem is investing in the venture fund he spearheaded called Breakthrough Energy Ventures. News Center dandelion_energy energy portfolio newsBill Gates is in the news lately with his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.”

[Dandelion Energy in TechCrunch] Geothermal startups get another boost from Chevron as the oil giant backs a geothermal project developer


The post [Dandelion Energy in TechCrunch] Geothermal startups get another boost from Chevron as the oil giant backs a geothermal project developer appeared first on OurCrowd Blog. News Center dandelion_energy energy portfolio newsThe U.S.-based

A Mental Model for Prioritizing Your Startup's Energies

Tomasz Tunguz

I’ve playing with a new mental model for early-stage startups: a pendulum. This pendulum oscillates between the limiting factors of the business at different stages. There only two limiting factors in this mental model: product and go to market. At the moment a startup is founded, the business is product limited. You can’t do much without a product. After the company establishes product market fit, the pendulum swings to go-to-market.

[Dandelion Energy in VBM] GMP customers save thousands by choosing geothermal for home heating and cooling


The post [Dandelion Energy in VBM] GMP customers save thousands by choosing geothermal for home heating and cooling appeared first on OurCrowd Blog. News Center dandelion_energy energy portfolio news

Geothermal technology has enormous potential to power the planet and Fervo wants to tap it


Tapping the geothermal energy stored beneath the Earth’s surface as a way to generate renewable power is one of the new visions for the future that’s captured the attention of environmentalists and oil and gas engineers alike. Image Credits: Fervo Energy.

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How Can Young Entrepreneurs Stop Freaking Out so Much and Save Up Their Energy?

Entrepreneur's Handbook

The techniques my 92-year-old mentor taught me to become a better leader Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». business management entrepreneurship leadership startup

Post-pandemic, weighing the climate ‘risk’ from energy use

Innovation 2 Enterprise

I don’t get to write that often about the energy industry; i2E’s charter is to expand Oklahoma’s entrepreneurial ventures in non-traditional sectors to diversify our state’s economy. There is also radical energy abundance of all types. Over his career, Ming has designed wells, drilled fields, and served as Secretary of Energy in Governor Fallin’s administration. He is an adjunct professor at OU, as well as a national leader in energy research and policy.

[Dandelion Energy in Rochester Business Journal] Dandelion Energy brings residential geothermal options to region


Residential geothermal company Dandelion Energy is expanding into Rochester as well as the Finger Lakes and Western New York. The post [Dandelion Energy in Rochester Business Journal] Dandelion Energy brings residential geothermal options to region appeared first on OurCrowd Blog.

A road map for climate investors


Global carbon usage is highest in energy production as we burn coal, oil and natural gas to power our cars, cities and industry (yes, coal is still mined and burned in 2021). We will need more than double today’s clean energy output to service growing demand. Arvind Gupta. Contributor.

Malta’s energy storage tech to stabilize electricity grids reliant on renewables gets $50 million


As energy grids transition away from fossil fuels and toward the use of zero emission sources of power from primarily renewable energy sources, they’re going to need an ability to store and then use the massive amounts of energy that’s only generated intermittently by the sun and wind. In a 2017 paper , Laughlin proposed a system that used a thermal heat-pump tapping super-cold cryogenic storage fluids and superheated molten salt to store energy.

[enVerid in Globes] Energy efficiency co enVerid Systems raises $20m


Israeli air-conditioning energy efficiency company enVerid Systems today announced it has completed a $20 million Series B financing round led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures with participation from Ajax Strategies, Building Ventures and OurCrowd.

Arcadia steps in to Texas’ startup energy market with the acquisition of Real Simple Energy


” If that’s the case, then the startup renewable energy retail reseller Arcadia may be a true visionary. Even as energy startups servicing customers throughout the great state of Texas are forced to throw in the towel , the Washington-based, consumer-focused renewable energy power provider (based on renewable energy certificates purchased on the open market), is making an acquisition to enter the Texas market.

i2E Inc. and the George Kaiser Family Foundation co-lead a $4 million investment in Tulsa-based THG Energy Solutions

Innovation 2 Enterprise

THG Energy Solutions, LLC, is an innovative software-as-a-service energy data and technology provider. and the George Kaiser Family Foundation recently co-led a $4 million Series A investment round in THG Energy Solutions, LLC, a Tulsa and Austin-based provider of energy management and demand response technology serving multi-facility clients throughout North America. About THG Energy Solutions, LLC. May 21, 2019.

[Dandelion Energy in PR Newswire] Dandelion Energy Signs Lease on Bay Shore Operations Center, Begins Hiring


June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dandelion Energy, the country’s leading residential geothermal company, has signed a lease and begun hiring to staff a 12,000 square foot facility in Bay Shore that will serve as their first Long Island operations center. LONG ISLAND, N.Y.,

[NanoLock in Energy CIO Insights] Nanolock Security partners with Genus Power Infrastructures


The post [NanoLock in Energy CIO Insights] Nanolock Security partners with Genus Power Infrastructures appeared first on OurCrowd Blog. NanoLock Security has announced a collaboration with Genus Power, India’s global smart metering infrastructure provider. Read more here.

Inspiring energy efficiency in Bolivia and avoiding corruption

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Innovators Hernann Zabala Naoumov, 2018 YLAI Fellow, and Antonio Mendoza, 2016 YLAI Fellow, co-founded EnerGea , a social enterprise aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing pollution and energy consumption through sustainable technology. The YLAI Network gains insight from Hernann and Antonio about their sustainable work as well as how they adhere to their values while creating an organization and avoid corruption while innovating green energy in their community.

[Dandelion Energy in PR Newswire] Dandelion Energy Expands Geothermal Heating & Cooling Service to All Connecticut Homeowners


March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dandelion Energy, the country’s leading residential geothermal company, is expanding sales and service to the full state of Connecticut. News Center dandelion_energy energy portfolio newsHARTFORD, Conn.,

[Dandelion Energy in The Chronicle Express] Dandelion Energy Expands Residential Geothermal Service to FLX


PENN YAN – Dandelion Energy, the country’s largest residential geothermal company, is launching its home heating and cooling service for Finger Lakes region homeowners. News Center dandelion_energy energy portfolio news

Biden’s infrastructure plans could boost startups


That means tech companies focused on next-generation telecommunications and utility infrastructure, transportation, housing and construction tech around energy efficiency could see new dollars pour in over the next four years. Next-generation energy infrastructure.

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[Dandelion Energy in TechCrunch] How one founder realized the potential of sustainable energy stored deep below our feet


Kathy realized that harnessing geothermal energy was a way to make an entirely new category of sustainable energy accessible at scale to markets where it makes the most sense over other green energy options. News Center dandelion_energy energy portfolio news

Innovation Through Crisis

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Written by Ruchir Punjabi , the co-founder and chief digital officer of Distributed Energy , a company that matches investors with renewable energy projects across Africa, Middle East and India, and the founder of Langoor, which was sold to Havas Group in 2019.

[Dandelion Energy in Wired] Your house could be a geothermal power station


In the US, temperature control accounts for more than half the average home’s annual energy consumption, which makes up over 12 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. News Center dandelion_energy energy portfolio newsThe way we heat and cool buildings is broken.