The Four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism

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Kent recently became the seventh certified Conscious Capitalism consultant globally. EO asked Kent how entrepreneurs can embrace the tenets of Conscious Capitalism. I also believe that Conscious Capitalism offers an alternative that can align business with people, profit and the planet.

Innovation In Capital Markets

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

And here we are, with a 24×7 global marketplace for crypto assets that has a market capitalization of over half a trillion and daily volumes in the hundreds of billions. This pales in comparison to the legacy capital markets, but that is always the case with a new entrant on the scene. The legacy capital markets are not sitting still. So if you want to see the future of capital markets look here , not there.


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Accelerating Working Capital

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

As policy makers around the world seek to mitigate the economic shock from this pandemic, one less obvious but powerful place to look are working capital flows. We also need our capital markets to work so actions like the Fed is taking are necessary and important. Yes we do need direct relief for small businesses like the forgivable PPP loans. We also need things like payroll tax deferrals and other relief from the CARES Act.

The Globalization Of Venture Capital Investing

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

But until very recently, raising capital for your startup was significantly easier if it was located in the major startup hubs, most notably Silicon Valley. It takes a long time, at least five years and more likely a decade, to know how changes in the startup economy and venture capital will play out. I’ve written a bunch about the globalization of the startup economy. You can start and build a tech company almost anywhere these days.

5 Things VC Associates Wish Founders Knew Before Their Call

Dream It

The venture capital screening call is an important step to get right in due diligence. To get to partners, often you’ll have to go through the associate first.

The Benefits Of Venture Capital In Web3

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

There is a lot of criticism of venture capital in web3. Bitcoin did not have or need venture capital. Ethereum did not have or need venture capital. So why would any web3 project need venture capital? That’s why you might want to take venture capital for your web3 project. It is a good question. In the age of community-funded projects, why would a web3 project want to take funding from venture capitalists?

Capital is a commodity


He leads the group’s venture capital fund, Seedstars International, which invests in seed-stage startups across emerging markets. Whether you think this is a bubble , one fact remains true: Capital is a commodity. Charlie Graham-Brown. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

ECHO Investment Capital BIO

Innovation 2 Enterprise

The post ECHO Investment Capital BIO appeared first on i2E. OKBio Christian Kanady ECHO investment Capital Wheeler BioTo read the full 2022 i&E OKBIO Edition, click here.

The Future of Corporate Venture Capital


How has corporate venture capital changed? The post The Future of Corporate Venture Capital appeared first on 500 Startups. All International Investor Education Venture Capital InvestingThe following is an excerpt from 500’s CVC report. In the decade since the Great Recession, we have seen digital upstarts – taking advantage of disruptive technologies from AI to IoT – reshape the economy and the corporate pecking order.

Creative capital is the secret sauce, not venture capital


To create a pathway for market success, startups need two essential assets groups: venture capital and creative capital. Venture capital is formed of the financial and operational assets invested in a new, unproven business enterprise. So what is creative capital?

Venture Capital is About Human Capital

Both Sides of the Table

Fundamentally venture capital is about human capital. In the end I know the only true differentiator in venture capital is the company you keep. Venture Capital is a people business. Venture Capital is About Human Capital was originally published in Both Sides of the Table on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Venture capital undermines human rights


The world’s 10 leading venture capital firms have, together, invested over $150 billion in technology startups. There is a startling lack of diversity within the venture capital sector. We all live in a world shaped by venture capital. based venture capital funding in 2019.

Angel Investing by the Numbers: Valuation, Capitalization and Startup Economics

The Seraf Compass

In the sport of Major League Baseball, the greatest hitters are those who get a hit just one out of every three times at bat and a home run 5 or 6 times out of 100 at bats.

The Seven Flavors of Capital (for Startups)

Paul G. Silva

Startups need capital to launch and grow. What many entrepreneurs don’t know is that startup capital comes in many different flavors. Here is a 2-page table summarizing each of the major flavors of capital, their pros, cons, and who they are good for.

Product-Market Fit in Different Capital Environments

Tomasz Tunguz

When I asked him what he meant, he replied because capital was so plentiful and accessible today, he hired more expensive people, spent more time developing a product, and invested with a longer time horizon before demonstrating evidence of success.

Video: Womensphere Capital Forum

David Teten VC

Womensphere has now posted the video from the first Womensphere Capital Forum , which I was honored to co-chair. We discuss advancing women’s leadership in finance and investment, and expanding capital access for women in business.

An Invitation to Explore and Adopt “Capitalism With Care”

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Is COVID-19 the catapult that will vault us into a new era of Capitalism With Care ? During the Great Recession of 2008-10, Kent guided dozens of CEOs and their companies successfully through the crisis and positioned them to capitalize on the economic expansion that followed.

The Importance of Investing Human Capital

The Seraf Compass

When you combine great leadership with a strong board of directors, the likelihood of a successful outcome for a business increases by an order of magnitude. Legally, directors are required to provide governance and oversight.

Lessons from a Diverse Venture Capital Portfolio

This is going to be BIG.

The diversity is the direct result of our mission—to build the most accessible venture capital fund in NY. When you conflate hyperbole for ambition and realism for lack of aggressiveness, you will ultimately wind up shutting out a lot of groups from the game of risk seeking capital and opportunity. Brooklyn Bridge Ventures , the pre-seed and seed stage VC fund I run in NYC, has invested in 64 companies in the last six and a half years.

6 Successful Dealmakers Provide Top Tips on Raising Capital


When raising capital, these investor-entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share their best secrets, tips and strategies. One, it’s the same as raising capital, but you don’t have to give away equity or decision-making control. Bootstrapping will only take your startup so far.

Women entrepreneurs find success despite lack of access to investment capital

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Despite the growth in women-owned businesses, venture capital is still funneled to mostly male-owned businesses. of venture capital funds went to women-owned businesses in the U.S.

‘Patient’ capital is critical to startup success

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Patient” capital is critical to success of Oklahoma startups. Those of us who invest in very early stage advanced technology businesses talk about “patient” capital. First Capital. TBFP was the first capital in. By Scott Meacham.

Corporate Venture Capital?—?Self-Deception At An All-time High

Entrepreneur's Handbook

corporate-innovation venture-capital fundraising entrepreneurship startupIn the middle of our fundraising efforts for our seed round, I got a call from Joshua. He invited us to pitch in front of a coalition of… Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

Bad Notes on Venture Capital

Both Sides of the Table

On the phone … Me: So, you raised venture capital? ’ But do you want to start a relationship with your most important supplier – that of capital to fuel your business – by avoiding talking about his or her expectations in terms of rights or privileges? How about you close your first capital (say $500,000) and put in the docs that you have up to [90] days to raise an additional $1 million at the same price at your discretion. This week.

Staging Capital: Angel Follow-on Theory

The Seraf Compass

Most startup companies have a continuous need for funds to help grow the business. You will hear the term “Follow-on” as a frequent catchphrase for this type of investing. For example, it’s common to hear one investor say to another, are you planning on “following-on” in this round?

Conversion Capital locks down its biggest fund ever to back early-stage fintech and infrastructure startups


When Christian Lawless founded Conversion Capital in 2015, fintech was only starting to take off. Lawless raised $10 million and $20 million for Conversion Capital’s first and second funds, respectively.

The Venture Capital Diversity Gap and Why It Matters


Despite the growth in awarded venture capital (VC) funds, a staggering disparity remains between the amount of total VC funds invested in entrepreneurs and the portion of those funds invested in ventures founded and/or led by women—particularly women of color.

Success & Challenges of the angel community: SEC asks ACA CEO Pat Gouhin to advise on capital formation as part of the FinHub’s Peer-2-Peer Series.

Angel Capital Association

By: Pat Gouhin, Chief Executive Officer May 10, 2022 – Seeking to strengthen connection, advocacy and understanding as well as advise those in the SEC and FinHub community, CEO Pat Gouhin was thrilled to represent angel investors and the angel ecosystem at FinHub’s Peer-to-Peer meet-up on capital formation. “It He also discussed how raising the fund cap to $50 million and 500 investors would help to fill a void in the early stage capital formation space.

Raising Capital for Your Startup: Top Legal Considerations to Know


It’s an issue every entrepreneur and new business must face: raising capital for your business. While capital can come in many forms — debt or equity, private or institutional — this article focuses on raising equity capital.

5 Ways to Raise Capital for Your New Business


Below, you will learn about the importance of raising capital, and how it plays a vital role in the success of your startup. You will also discover five of the best and most reliable ways to raise capital for your business. Raising capital for your new business.

Venture capital probably isn’t dead


Venture capitalists are chatting this week about a recent piece from The Information titled “ The End of Venture Capital as We Know It.” A capital explosion. Thus, venture capitalists sold their capital dearly to founders.

Construct Capital’s $300M fund targets critical infrastructure automation


Construct Capital co-founders and general partners Dayna Grayson and Rachel Holt continue to dive into innovation that some investors may not think is so sexy, but actually runs behind the scenes so that our food gets to grocery stores every week and our packages arrive when they say they will.

Capital is Sufficient (Part 2)


In last week’s post , I provided some data on how much physical capital has grown in the last one hundred years. Put differently, the increase in physical capital has far outstripped population growth. As a first approximation much of that capital was previously used to meet wants.

Has VC Funding Bounced Back? A Look Into Post-Pandemic Venture Capital Trends


startup landscape boomed in 2021, doubling year on year with a $329-billion venture capital investment across the board. Did you know that new research has revealed that less than 5% of business start-ups now depend on venture capital investment during their primary growth stages?

Sequoia Capital reportedly raising two funds, and despite slower VC environment, it’s not alone


Venture capital investments may be slower, but that seems to be giving venture capital firms some time to go out and raise funds of their own. Sequoia Capital is the latest to reportedly be raising two new U.S.-focused This news comes out just over a month after the venture capital giant told founders that it was expecting a longer economic recovery. Sequoia Capital plays Nostradamus (again).

How To Launch Your Own Venture Capital Fund

Entrepreneur's Handbook

Tips for becoming a VC from Michael Kim of Cendana Capital (a “fund of funds” that backs emerging venture firms). fund-of-funds startup investing entrepreneurship venture-capital

Ten Realities of Taking Venture Capital Money

This is going to be BIG.

If you take venture capital money. 3) You will almost certainly take more venture capital money after that. 8) There are smaller exit opportunities you will not be able to take because your capital structure makes them financially unattractive. Venture Capital & Technology 1) You increase the chances that you may not be CEO of your own company one day--and that also might be the best thing for its long term success.