Innovation 2021 – Reactive Disruption

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The post Innovation 2021 – Reactive Disruption appeared first on UBI Global | Innovation Intelligence Company and Community. The effects of COVID-19 on startups and the global innovation ecosystem This article may be a bit different from what we would normally share to begin a new year.

Disrupting Environmental Destruction


Disruption” is a word that gets tossed around business a lot these days. But what if we could disrupt not just the way we do business, but the fate of our species and our planet? We asked ourselves: What can TNC do to help advance technology and disruption in conservation?”. Want to disrupt environmental catastrophe? Source: Ben Duke. The World In 2050. What will the world look like in 2050?


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Registration for TC Disrupt 2021 is now open


Mark your calendar for TechCrunch’s annual celebration of the startup community — TC Disrupt 2021 returns this September 21-23! At Disrupt , you’ll rub virtual elbows with the thousands of startup founders, investors and innovators building cutting-edge products and companies.

Putting the disruption of 2020 to work

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Helping Oklahoma’s entrepreneurs find ways to put the disruption of 2020 to work to build scalable solutions into scalable companies is at the top of our list. When I say disruption, I mean changes to the status quo — anything that breaks up inertia. By Scott Meacham. Happy New Year!

Startup Discovery: Disruption in Climate Change

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The post Startup Discovery: Disruption in Climate Change appeared first on UBI Global. Purpose-driven Entrepreneurship and Climate Change Startups from the World Benchmark Report 2019 – 2020 Unless there is hope, no one takes it upon themselves to address catastrophic situations such as climate change. Global concerns such as climate change spark innovation by the most innovative people on earth, who believe they can find the tools and […].

5 Disruptive Cybersecurity Startups That Are Changing the Industry

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But this age of disruption has also created numerous opportunities for hackers and cybercriminals. While innovations are driven by technological disruptions, cybersecurity provides the stability companies need to keep pace. Accelerated digital innovation has catapulted the world into unprecedented growth. Big stories like the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and government offices getting hacked are all over the news – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Why @UpfrontVC invested in Disruptive Rental Car Startup @Skurt

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It’s a classic “innovator’s dilemma,” making this market ripe for disruption. I’ve looked at many companies trying to disrupt this market and I’ve seen very interesting solutions and feel certain one or a few will stick and become big. Rental cars.

disrupting the cycle of food insecurity and climate crisis: celebrating student and faculty innovation

Venture Well

The post disrupting the cycle of food insecurity and climate crisis: celebrating student and faculty innovation appeared first on VentureWell. In honor of World Food Day, we spoke with two members of our community about their work at the intersection of climate change and food insecurity.

The Up and Coming Startups Aiming to Disrupt Healthcare


The post The Up and Coming Startups Aiming to Disrupt Healthcare appeared first on 500 Startups. Healthcare has a notorious reputation for being intimidating. From complex insurance policies and payments to the intense legal regulations on its processes, many innovators stray away from trying to tackle the industry. But at 500, we believe in being bold. It’s one of the many reasons why we chose these health industry startups to join our 25th seed program batch in downtown San Francisco.

How to Avoid Being Disrupted as a VC

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In the end, if you’re not developing a deep bench of talented professionals who keep you on your toes, you’re bound to be disrupted. But we all believe deeply in the need to evolve, challenge ourselves and willing to even let ourselves be disrupted from within. If we don’t, we’re be disrupted from external sources.

Has VC Become So Big It Must Be Disrupted?

Tomasz Tunguz

The key question he poses is: has the industry become so large that it needs to be disrupted? Nathan Heller published an article called Is Venture Capital Worth the Risk? in the New Yorker. It’s a well-researched critique of the venture industry. It’s a thought provoking question and a good opportunity to ask for feedback on how we can imrove. If you have ideas for how to improve venture capital for founders, please tweet me or send me an email with the link above.

Disrupting Finance From Above: Wealthfront

Many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley believe that the financial services industry in the United States is “ripe for disruption. ” Like Google, Amazon, ebay, and Facebook, the leading Internet companies in China are interested in disrupting payments. While in China, we learned about a radically new approach that opened our eyes to what it might take to truly disrupt banks. Once you have the assets, all the disruptive things that Silicon Valley types want to do will be easy.

Deep Tech: What Is It & How It Disrupts Businesses


Scientific discoveries and engineering are disrupting almost every industry we know. Impact : The deep tech innovations are very radical and disrupt an existing market or develop a new one. are some examples of how biotechnology is disrupting the current system.

Pandemic a force of ‘positive disruption’ for telemedicine

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Dr. Prescott says that the pandemic has been a force of positive disruption with the explosion in telemedicine for patients and a “fast-path” mindset at the FDA. By Scott Meacham.

Your body, disrupted


We expect healthcare to change in the next decade as disruptive technologies promise to improve patient outcomes, making medicine more personalized, effective, and interconnected. The post Your body, disrupted appeared first on OurCrowd. In April, scientists at Tel Aviv University “printed” the world’s first 3D vascularized heart using a patient’s own cells and biological material. This is just the tip of the medical iceberg.

Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted

David Teten - VC

On June 25, I’m speaking to the Stamford Fintech Meetup on “Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted” This is based on my Institutional Investor cover story: “ Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted ”, cowritten with Katina Stefanova (CEO/CIO, Marto Capital; former management committee at Bridgewater Associates) and Brent Beardsley (head of Strategy, Vanguard).

Disrupting the Screen: Backing Tinkergarten to Get Kids Out to Play

This is going to be BIG.

A little more than a year ago, I got a note from Brian Fitzgerald, a Product Manager I met while I was at First Round. He was "taking time with family" to figure out what's next. Most people take that to mean that they'll stop spending as much time with their family and go on to work at another startup or be a founder themselves. Brian, on the other hand, doubled down on family and decided to work on the side project he started with his wife Meg. Brian and Meg are parents of three little girls.

Why You Should Start a Business to Solve a Common Problem


By now, we’re all familiar with the classic persona of the Bay Area-located, hoodie-wearing techie, who tells their team to “move fast and break things” in order to “disrupt” entire industries.

What I *Would Have* Said at TechCrunch Disrupt

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What do you get when you combine 7 panelist plus one moderator on to a stage for 30 minutes to talk about a serious topic? Answer: Not much. And that was evident on today’s Angel vs. VC panel. It’s a shame. There are real changes in the venture capital industry and it would have been fun to talk about them. I said almost nothing in the 30 minutes. My friend Ethan Anderson put it best to me after the panel, “You probably shouldn’t have been up there.

Industrial drone maker Percepto raises $45M and integrates with Boston Dynamics’ Spot


era,” said Chase Koch, president of Koch Disruptive Technologies, in a statement. Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Funding Fundings & Exits Hardware Recent Funding Robotics Startups boston dynamics drones industrial industrial drones Koch Disruptive Technologies percepto nabs $3.2M seed to build personal intelligence platform


The last we heard from, the startup was participating in the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield in September. TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 2020The company got a lot of attention from that appearance, which culminated in a $3.2 million seed round it announced today.

Uber vs. Le Taxi: The Disrupter and the Disrupted

Fred Destin

On the one hand, I give you a literal Ayn Rand fan (see Paul Carr / PandoDaily''s " Cult Of Disruption ") who believes his service should be allowed to take over the world at speed and will lash out at anyone who suggests otherwise. A Rayndian and Schumpeterian hero of the Silicon Valley who symbolizes disruptive innovation (see also Elad Gil guest starring on Techcrunch re " Uber and Disruption "). A multi-pronged disruption.

The First Rule Of Disruption


Have a 800 pound gorilla you're trying to disrupt? But here's a tip: Don't talk about disrupting them. The first rule of disruption is: You do not talk about disruption. In just about all cases, to successfully disrupt a large incumbent, your best case scenario is that they completely ignore you and what you're doing. And, responding to their actions will distract you from that whole disrupting thing you're trying to do. not "we are disrupting".

Moving Fast, Breaking Things, and the Support of Disruption

This is going to be BIG.

Disrupt. In fact, Marc Andreessen once tweeted: "To be AGAINST disruption is to be AGAINST consumer choice, AGAINST more people bring served, and AGAINST shrinking inequality." Or one in which to get a government license to build a crypto trading platform, you need to pass background checks to make sure you haven’t been too disruptive on your way to building financial disruption. The latter is financial engineering masking itself as disruption.

Disrupting the Whole Damn Thing

This is going to be BIG.

Last night, I went to go see Dallas Buyers Club. It''s a very powerful movie. Whether it''s accurate or not, is debatable , but it''s theme is something that resonated with me. We, as a society, put in place structures like government and big corporations largely as an organizational efficiency. By pooling our resources and centralizing control, theoretically, we can more effectively do things like police neighborhoods, manufacture things and defend our borders.

[Ripple in Forbes] Purpose At Work: How Ripple Foods Disrupts To Drive Growth And Impact


Business leaders that innovate around impact can disrupt categories, gain market share and scale growth. The post [Ripple in Forbes] Purpose At Work: How Ripple Foods Disrupts To Drive Growth And Impact appeared first on OurCrowd Blog.

[DreaMed in Nasdaq] The Most Disruptive Medtech Trends Born Out of the Most Unpredictable Year Ever


They say necessity is the mother of invention, and as with any disruptive healthcare innovation, it takes time, validation, and the right catalyst before it becomes fully embraced across the medical community.

[Airobotics in Nasdaq] The Most Disruptive Medtech Trends Born Out of the Most Unpredictable Year Ever


They say necessity is the mother of invention, and as with any disruptive healthcare innovation, it takes time, validation, and the right catalyst before it becomes fully embraced across the medical community.

Outrider raises $65 million to bring its autonomous tech to distribution yards


The Series B round was led by Koch Disruptive Technologies and brings its total funding raised to $118 million. Andrew Smith, the company’s founder and CEO, says disruptions caused by COVID-19 has highlighted the need for this kind of automated distribution yard technology. Automotive Recent Funding Startups TC Transportation autonomous systems Koch Disruptive Technologies Outrider

[Beyond Meat in Forbes] Beyond Meat CFO Mark Nelson To Retire: How The Company Disrupted The Global Meat Industry Under His Leadership


The post [Beyond Meat in Forbes] Beyond Meat CFO Mark Nelson To Retire: How The Company Disrupted The Global Meat Industry Under His Leadership appeared first on OurCrowd Blog.

The Disruptive Effect of Open Source Startups

Tomasz Tunguz

Open source is a disruptive distribution strategy. As a result of both the disruptive nature of open source distribution, and the changes in buyer preferences, the number of open source financings has increased nearly monotonically since the genesis of the movement, and it shows no signs of slowing. Open Source Software started the movement in the late 1990s. Since then, open source software has transformed the software industry.

Disruptive Innovation in SaaS by Competing with Non-Consumption

Tomasz Tunguz

But to incite disruption requires a different set of marketing skills. He says, “A new-market disruption is an innovation that enables a larger population of people, who previously lacked the money or skill, now to begin buying and using a product and doing the job for themselves.”. Viewing the SaaS world through this lens, disruption means enabling users to do things for the first time.

How the NYTimes avoided disruption

Tomasz Tunguz

In addition, the company hired a handful of young bloggers to incorporate a disruptive medium into their product. By plunging the company into the new form of media, understanding the industry changes, and becoming agents of change themselves, the Timesmen were able to save the business during a great crisis, avoiding irrelevance and disruption by embracing innovation.

Ready to Disrupt Health Care? Applications open for the UnitedHealthcare Accelerator Powered by Techstars


There has never been a better time to pursue innovation and disruption across the continuum of health services.”. The digital health market is transforming before our eyes. Unprecedented capital is penetrating the health-tech sector, with startups seeing over $8B in funding in 2018, exceeding 2017’s $5.7B venture funding, and digital health IPOs are starting to infiltrate Wall Street.

The Key Ingredient to Disrupting with Machine Learning

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Which are the ripest areas for startups to disrupt using machine learning? At the core, machine learning/artificial intelligence relies on two key ingredients: advanced algorithms and data sets to train those algorithms. Novel algorithms are increasingly making their way into the public domain in the form of open-source libraries. So, the key differentiator for startups and ultimately long-term competitive advantage is access to proprietary data sets.

[OurCrowd in The Jerusalem Post] COVID-19 supply disruption could be opportunity for Israeli start-ups


Speaking to The Jerusalem Post ahead of addressing the OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference on Monday, former Amazon manager Ackerman said he believes the same disruption will also provide “rampant opportunities” for innovators in Israel. The post [OurCrowd in The Jerusalem Post] COVID-19 supply disruption could be opportunity for Israeli start-ups appeared first on OurCrowd.

[Sight Diagnostics in Crowdfund Insider] Koch Disruptive Technologies Invests in Sight Diagnostics Alongside OurCrowd in $71 Million Series D


Koch Disruptive Technologies has announced an investment in Sight Diagnostics alongside global crowdfunding platform OurCrowd. Sight Diagnostics is a long time portfolio company of OurCrowd. The Series D funding raised a solid $71 million. Total funding now tops $124 million.