Hire a consultant; ignore the advice.


At one time or another, most all businesses use consultants to fill the gaps in knowledge or to provide guidance for management. Consultants are good in that you can sample their work with short projects, change to other consultants quickly, and stop using them when a project is completed.

[Tyto Care in HIT Consultant] Telehealth Platform Tyto Care Joins Epic App Orchard Marketplace


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[Tyto Care in HIT Consultant] Best Buy Expands TytoCare’s On-Demand Medical Exam to Select Stores in CA, OH, ND, SD


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Consultants are only as good as the advice you take.


At one time or another, most all businesses use consultants to fill the gaps in knowledge or to provide guidance for management. Consultants are good in that you can sample their work with short projects, change to other consultants quickly, and stop using them when a project is completed. I have a partner in a consulting practice that specializes in the travel industry. Not all consultants give advice worth taking, of course.

How Entrepreneurs Can Invest in Their Families

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As founder of The Vested Group, Joel has more than 20 years of experience in the consulting field. Joel was also a founder of Lucidity Consulting Group, an Oracle consulting and implementation firm.

How to Use a Ghostwriter to Build Your Authority and Generate Sales

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Written for EO by Nico Prins, a communications consultant who specializes in internet marketing. . Nico Prins is a business consultant and the founder of Launch Space.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

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By Miranda Naiman, accidental entrepreneur, motivational speaker, member of the EO Tanzania chapter and founder of Empower Limited , a Tanzanian human capital consultancy firm.

Follow Your Curiosity and Success Will Follow

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Michael Weitz is a speaker coach and co-founder of Virtuozo , a boutique training and consulting company that specializes in bringing out people’s unique presence and enhancing their impact as communicators and leaders.

Should Entpreneurs Trust Their Gut?

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Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is CEO of the training, coaching, and consulting firm Disaster Avoidance Experts, empowers entrepreneurs to avoid business disasters by addressing potential threats, maximizing unexpected opportunities, and resolving persistent personnel problems.

3 Top-Paying MBA Concentrations in 2018

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Strategy In large part, strategy is such a financially rewarding focus of study in the United States because the most prestigious consulting firms are actively seeking candidates who have expertise in this specialization.

Startup Business Funding: 5 Business-Breaking Misconceptions

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The company then evolved into Saborstudio, a digital marketing consulting agency. I've been an alum of Dreamit twice. The first time, back in 2012, I joined as part of a mobile gaming company.

Why Every Startup Needs to Shift Its Focus From the Checkbook to Cash Flow

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He and partner Steve Denny launched the business in 2014 to perform business valuations, help people buy and sell companies, and provide exit planning and consulting. Written for EO by Terry Lammers , certified valuation analyst and managing member of Innovative Business Advisors. .

What I’ve Learned From 20 Years as an EO Member

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Randy Nelson is currently the CEO of Gold Dolphins LLC, a coaching, writing, speaking and consulting firm for entrepreneurs and leaders. In 1988, Randy Nelson was one of the founding members of the Raleigh-Durham chapter of EO.

Networks vs. Nodes: Developing New Business Models for the Connected Age

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Sometimes this process looks like consulting, but more often it means exchanging value in the form of relationships. By Enoch Elwell, CO.STARTERS Founder & Visionary.

Growth Is Great. But Don't Take On More Than You Can Handle. Scaling Your Company.

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SBDC - free and fee based help from local consultants. Suhaib Zaheer built a thriving business brokerage business and grew it from 3 offices to many more multiple offices with a staff of 75 people. This was GREAT, until it wasn't.

Startup Communities – Where to Find Them and How to Get Involved

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Service providers (consulting, accounting, legal, etc.). An entrepreneur needs a network of supportive people and resources to maximize his or her chances of success, because there will always be fires to put out.

Key Takeaways From Startup Grind Global

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He is the managing director of RetailCare and spends much of his time as an accomplished consultant and mentor to the retail industry. . Carlo G. Santoro attended the 2019 Startup Grind Global as an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) ambassador and mentor.

How to Pick Advisors

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Should we pay consultants with stock options? Answer you’re looking for: “No, stock options are for long-term employees, not short-term consultants. If you can’t afford consultants, do the work yourself.”.

SecureTech News Roundup

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based company that sells managed detection and response and cybersecurity consulting services, has raised $9.6

Should You Fear Outsourcing Your Software Development?

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Whether it’s a member of your team or a consultant, be sure to have a qualified individual assess the potential partner’s work. But only if you are not clear on how to make the correct partner selection.

Get Help Faster: Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars Spotlight on My Wellbeing, a Therapist-Client Matching Service


Within 24 hours, My Wellbeing sends a match and encourages them to schedule a free phone consultation with the therapist. Highlights of student-led ventures participating in the LaunchPad Lift Cohort , part of the Blackstone LaunchPad® powered by Techstars® entrepreneurship program.

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Forging Ahead: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Foundation Investing Activities

Surdna Foundation

Click here to read the full report from the The Giving Practice, the national consulting team of Philanthropy Northwest. Can the money that is at the heart of the foundation business model be responsive to a foundation’s important values of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)? The answer is yes. This report includes interviews with executives at eight large foundations that have embraced organization-wide DEI efforts.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

A free consult on applying for federal R&D grant money from the Innovation Partnership. DUBOIS, PA – There’s up to $50,000 on the line! You don’t need to be an inventor, scientist, or historic statesmen like Ben Franklin in order to win this year’s BIG IDEA contest.

GCUC Welcomes New UK Producer Tim Devitt


With a background in client relationship management and international business consultancy, Devitt comes to GCUC from the diamond industry, where he spent the last 25 years developing businesses all around the world. “I GCUC Welcomes New UK Producer Tim Devitt.

Why are Revenue-Based VCs investing in so many women & underrepresented founders?

David Teten - VC

The Boston Consulting Group and MassChallenge , a US-based global network of accelerators, partnered to study why “ women-owned startups are a better bet ”. A new wave of Revenue-Based Investors are emerging who are using creative investing structures with some of the upside of traditional VC, but some of the downside protection of debt.

A university’s role in an emerging startup community and other conversations

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Matthew Brown (2015) left a role at one of the big 4 consulting firms to join Maxwell Plus , a medical tech startup rethinking the way we detect and diagnose disease (and are doing pretty well ). I’m Rosie Odsey and I interviewed Rowena Barrett from QUT in late August 2018.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

ERIE, PA – At a networking event held in Ben Franklin’s office in Knowledge Park on May 9, 2019, the finalists in Ben Franklin’s StARTup Contest were announced.

Instagram influencer marketing strategies -10 ways to drive sales for ecommerce

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Well I talked to an eCommerce Instagram consultant, Sean Kelly , who started a custom sports jersey company called Jersey Champs , and has managed to gain over over 1.6

Resources for Angels Considering Deep Tech


Cayenne Consulting’s Valuation Calculator : Ever wondered what the company you’re considering is worth? There are several reasons angel investors may consider adding deep technology to their investment portfolio. However, it is also a potentially risky endeavor.

What makes a successful and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem? (Part 2)

Forward Cities

Some organizations provide direct services such as business management training, legal or financial consulting, or assistance with sales and marketing. Reflections on measurement and definitions for evaluation – Part 2.

Press Release: Accelerate2030 Brings Innovative Solutions To Scale

Impact Hub

Key partners include Pfizer, International Trade Centre, Amazon Web Services, Boston Consulting Group and others. Impact Hub and UNDP launch the third edition of Accelerate2030 , an international scaling program for high-impact entrepreneurs tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

ERIE, PA – At a standing-room only event held at Room 33 in downtown Erie, two winners were announced in Ben Franklin’s BIG IDEA StARTup Contest.

You Could Win Up To $50,000 In Ben Franklin’s BIG IDEA Contest!

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A free consult on protecting your intellectual property from Attorney Jonathan D’Silva. ERIE, PA – When you add it up, ART + Technology = A Tech StARTup! One of history’s first tech-enablers, Leonardo da Vinci, used his engineering background to develop a new technique for sculpting in bronze. Today, when art meets science, the result can be innovations in animation, gaming, robotics, industrial design, or artificial intelligence to name just a few.

6 Ways to De-Risk Key Assumptions

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Consult analysts and professionals in the target industry. Under lean startup methodology , founders attempt to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible to create some order out of the chaos involved in starting a company.

Linking Up the World of Coworking


Liz is also a Partner at Deco Group , a global coworking consulting firm. Liz Elam | GCUC founder talks bold decisions, succession planning, and sticking to your values. These days, Liz Elam is a household name in the coworking industry.

Hekima B.V. - 51128683-04042017


MentesMe is een HR consultancy organisatie opgericht door Gerard Dekkers in 2011.

3 Impactful Stories From Impact Hub Madrid

Impact Hub

As a finalist, Merce was awarded a place on a 6-month bespoke incubation program at Impact Hub Madrid – Alameda and mentorship with Leyre Romero, also an entrepreneur and the co-founder of the social consultancy firm Areteia, with whom she still enjoys a close and trusty relationship.

Making Steps Toward Better Mental Health in Your Workplace

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Written for EO by Angela White, an ed-tech consultant and contributor. . Despite options like remote work and virtual offices, adults will spend at least one-third of their lives working.

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Founding a Startup is Not for Everyone

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Kate found herself consulting for Walmart on behalf of the National Disability Institute. Part of Kate’s role consulting for Walmart was to exploit social media. Kate Bradley Chernis is the founder of Lately , an AI-powered social media marketing company.

Working From Home Can Be A Productive Perk, But It's Best Done With Some Rules


Simpler is better, recommends Antoinette Forth, the CEO of Walkabout Collaborative, a management consultancy. Most offices, whether at a big company or at a startup, allow employees to work at home from time to time.

People Ops Question: How do we make sure we’re not breaking a bunch of laws?


Spend the money to hire an employment consultant early on to handle your initial setup. . There are a ton of companies and consultants that specialize in employment law, so you should be able to find someone pretty easily by running a search or tapping your network. (I

Startup Investment 101: Investment Rounds Explained


Prospective investors should carefully review the documents of any offering which they are considering for purchase and should consult with their legal counsel and professional advisors. By Michael Whitehouse Investment rounds are an essential part of the startup investment journey.

HubSpot CEO and Cofounder Brian Halligan with Wufoo Cofounder Kevin Hale

Y Combinator

14:20 – At what point did they shift entirely away from consulting? What we didn’t want to fall into was the trap of building something that was a consulting company. We said, all of the stuff that we’re consulting on, how to set your website on, how to get links into your site, how to set up your, and it wasn’t even Twitter and Facebook, it was Digg and Reddit back then, how to get everything set up appropriately so you can grow.