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Entrepreneurship Activities on Campus: Helping Students Leverage the Power of an Ecosystem

Venture Well

Faculty play a key role in helping students identify campus entrepreneurship activities that most align with their personal and professional interests. The post Entrepreneurship Activities on Campus: Helping Students Leverage the Power of an Ecosystem appeared first on VentureWell.

Techstars Includes Diverse LEADers: Camilla Olson, Fashioning Body-Positive Beauty


Techstars Includes Diverse LEADers is our series highlighting diverse members of the Techstars Network.

The Long Engagement

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

The Gotham Gal and I met when we were 19 and got married when we were 25. We lived together for most of those six years before we got married. By the time we tied the knot, we knew each other very well. While venture capital investing and marriage are two different things, I think there are some things one can take from love and marriage into the world of startups and venture capital investing. One of them is the value of long engagements.

Prize Money=Nice | Funded Pilots=Amazing

Paul G. Silva

This summer I had the pleasure of facilitating the 2019 Energy (CleanTech) cohort for the AccelVT accelerator in Burlington, VT. At last week’s graduation they showed one of the critical differentiators between their accelerator and most others: funded pilots with utilities.

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500’s Latest San Francisco Batch is Hoping to Innovate in Music, TV, and Intellectual Property


Music, TV, and intellectual property all have the potential of influencing what content we consume and what technology we use to go about our daily lives. And because all three of these are huge, established, and complex industries, they are ripe for scalable solutions. It’s solutions with this kind of mass potential that are exactly what we go for in our San Francisco seed program.

How Much Should I Pay My Employees? An Introduction to Compensation Philosophy


Developing a compensation philosophy—and doing so sooner rather than later—is one key way to get compensation right. But what exactly is a compensation philosophy, and how do you go about developing one for your startup? .

Should Entpreneurs Trust Their Gut?

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Written for EO by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, disaster avoidance expert, speaker and author. . Decision-making research shows that many entrepreneurs don’t know when to rely on their gut instincts and when to follow reason.

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It’s Very Rarely About You


Sitting in the Denver airport earlier this summer, I heard our gate attendant get on the loudspeaker to announce that we had to switch gates. As I started to pack my things to make the move, I noticed that the guy next to me was absolutely irate. He couldn’t believe we had to switch gates and he made it known to everyone within earshot. Out loud, he kept ranting about how annoying the airline was, how they always do things like this to him (to him!),

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Quantum Leap


Blockchain, 3D printing, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence. A decade ago these were nascent technologies known only to hardcore geeks. Fast forward 10 years and they affect the everyday lives of billions. The question now is, what’s next?

The Summer Solstice And Seed Stage Squeeze


If you’ve been following my tweets lately, you’ve read some of my quick musings on the state of the seed market this summer. In short, in my 6.5 years of investing in the seed stage, I have never seen activity levels like I’m seeing today. Granted, 6.5 years is not a long arc – I have not experienced a prolonged down market as a private investor.

Crypto IRA

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I have an old IRA that I don’t pay much attention to. I thought about cashing it out but the tax load to do that was too much for me to stomach. So then I thought about investing it in crypto. But that turns out to be pretty hard. I think there is an opportunity out there for a crypto brokerage to offer IRAs or an IRA custodian to offer crypto, or both. Given the tendency for many investors to buy and hold crypto, it would lend itself to a long term investment product like an IRA.

Improving cluster performance through entrepreneurial support programs

Carol Lauffer

Supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and company formation is critical for improving cluster performance. Establishing entrepreneurial support programs (ESPs) with a specific cluster focus can consistently help to encourage entrepreneurship, launch new businesses and move innovations to market in the targeted cluster. Let’s explore how cluster-focused ESPs work and the steps necessary to create one. The U.S.

Revenue-Based Investing: A New Option for Founders who Care About Control

David Teten - VC

Does the traditional VC financing model make sense for all companies? Absolutely not. VC Josh Kopelman makes the analogy of jet fuel vs. motorcycle fuel. VCs sell jet fuel which works well for jets; motorcycles are more common but need a different type of fuel. . A new wave of Revenue-Based Investors are emerging who are using creative investing structures with some of the upside of traditional VC, but some of the downside protection of debt.

 Child Care & Coworking part 3


Just a little recap…. In every facebook group, forum, contact form and unconference- Coworking and childcare comes up. While most of us agree that it is needed and the next step in the “co” nich movement- there is a real lack of information around it.

In the News: Israel keeps on innovating 💡


Israel received a visit from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg this week, where she launched Facebook’s “Playground” , a “new hub for startups and entrepreneurs in Israel to build connections, develop skills, and foster innovation.”

New EntreWorks Insights Now Available

EntreWorks Consulting

The latest issue of our e-newsletter, EntreWorks Insight s, is now available. This issue examines the power of place in economic development, and discusses how we can use work spaces,such as our offices, business incubators, and coworking spaces, to help build social capital, build community, and advance the cause of economic development. You can learn more and subscribe here. New EntreWorks Insights Now Available. EntreWorks Blog. Current News

Why are Revenue-Based VCs investing in so many women & underrepresented founders?

David Teten - VC

A new wave of Revenue-Based Investors are emerging who are using creative investing structures with some of the upside of traditional VC, but some of the downside protection of debt. Many are reporting that they’re seeing a more diverse pool of applicants than traditional equity VCs… even though virtually none have a particular focus on women or underrepresented founders. In addition, their portfolios look far more diverse than VC industry norms.

Edition #5: Carl Sullivan


Here at GCUC we are immensely fortunate to cross paths and work with so many amazing people. Through our work, we’ve cultivated a global community of people we think you should know about. Its that time again- another edition of Community of Cultivators. Check out our past posts.

Making Steps Toward Better Mental Health in Your Workplace

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Written for EO by Angela White, an ed-tech consultant and contributor. . Despite options like remote work and virtual offices, adults will spend at least one-third of their lives working.

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Unlimited Capital

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

This post on the WeWork IPO ends with the following observation: In fact, I would argue that the WeWork bull case and bear case have more in common than it seems: both are the logical conclusion of effectively unlimited capital. I don’t think there is unlimited capital. If that were the case, every idea, every startup, every person would be able to get the capital they need/want. And I see proof every day that is not the case.

Who are the Major Revenue-Based Investing VCs?

David Teten - VC

So you’re interested in raising capital from a Revenue-Based Investor VC. Which VCs are comfortable using this approach? A new wave of Revenue-Based Investors (“RBI”) are emerging. This structure offers some of the benefits of traditional equity VC, without some of the negatives of equity VC. I’ve been a traditional equity VC for 8 years, and I’m now researching new business models in venture capital.

Aaron Harris on Fundraising and Meeting with Investors

Y Combinator

Aaron Harris is a Partner at YC and before that he cofounded Tutorspree. He’s on Twitter @harris. Topics. 00:00 – Intro. 00:25 – Seed fundraising process. 3:15 – Emailing investors. 9:15 – Parallelized fundraising process. 12:00 – Meeting with investors. 14:00 – Overcapitalization. 16:50 – Communicating your plan to investors. 18:45 – Evaluating investors. 22:40 – Fundraising process for a Series A company.


Attention To Customer Details Is Her Secret to Success for this Domestic Staffing Company

Smart Hustle Magazine

The name you give your business, hiring the right people and a focused attention on customer details are just three of the many things that Donna Morris, of Xtra Pair of Hands DC has done to grow her business.


A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Fifty-eight years ago this morning, my mother went to the hospital at West Point New York and shortly thereafter I arrived on planet earth. I’ve always liked having a birthday late in August, at the tail end of the summer and right before labor day. It is the most relaxed time of year for me, with the start of the fall season right around the corner. I plan to celebrate it at the beach with family and friends. life lessons

Should your new VC fund use Revenue-Based Investing?

David Teten - VC

You’re working on launching a new VC fund; congratulations! I’ve been a traditional equity VC for 8 years, and I’m now researching Revenue-Based Investing and other new approaches to VC. The question I’m asking myself: should a new VC fund use Revenue-Based Investing, traditional equity VC, or possibly both (likely from two separate pools of capital)? Revenue-Based Investing (“RBI”) is a new form of VC financing, distinct from the preferred equity structure most VCs use.

[MedAware in The Jerusalem Post] Research shows Israel’s MedAware can reduce prescription errors, save lives


Physicians at Sheba analyzed results in a single medical ward, from a hospital-wide live implementation of MedAware, which had been integrated into the center’s existing EMR system.

Want to Persevere? Show Up Every Single Day

Smart Hustle Magazine

Sabrina Tan left a comfortable tech career to start her own business in the skincare industry. Skin Inc , a customizable skincare solution, has won over 100 beauty awards and is featured in publications like VOGUE, WWD, Refinery29.

Startups often lead to acquisitions — and new opportunity for entrepreneurs

Innovation 2 Enterprise

By Scott Meacham. Copyright © 2019, The Oklahoman. For high-growth startups and their early stage investors, there are two primary paths to longevity and returns—an initial public offering (IPO) or a merger/acquisition by another (typically larger) company. MoneyTree reports that in 2018, 86 venture-backed firms held IPOs and 689 venture-backed firms achieved exits via merger and acquisition (M&A). Worth noting, at 183 exits, the fourth quarter of 2018 hit an all-time M&A record high.).

Should you raise traditional VC or Revenue-Based Investing VC?

David Teten - VC

Most founders who are raising capital look first to traditional equity VCs. But should they? Or should they look to one of the new wave of Revenue-Based Investors? Revenue-Based Investing (“RBI”) is a new form of VC financing, distinct from the preferred equity structure most VCs use. RBI normally requires founders to pay back their investors with a fixed percentage of revenue until they have finished providing the investor with a fixed return on capital, which they agree upon in advance.

[Syqe in The Times of Israel] LISTEN: How a young weed grower went on to found a cannabis inhaler startup


In this episode, Tusk, the CEO of Tusk Ventures, and Michael Eisenberg of Israel’s Aleph VC talk to Perry Davidson, founder and CEO of Syqe Medical, about his work in developing the first precise dosing mechanism — an inhaler — for medical cannabis. Read more here.

Security Beyond Passwords: Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Software Stops Hackers

Smart Hustle Magazine

Research has found that poor passwords cause 80 percent of data breaches. Businesses clearly need a better way to authenticate users accessing their networks than a simple password. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a good starting place for that.

The Purpose of a Corporation


On Monday of this week the Business Roundtable , an organization which “represents chief executive officers (CEOs) of America’s leading companies,” published a new statement on the purpose of a corporation. The new statement , which was signed by 181 executives, explicitly states that “we share a fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders ” (emphasis mine).

[yulife in City A.M.] The founder of Yulife on avoiding the grey-suit mentality of the insurance industry


Yulife offers life insurance cover to business teams – whether that’s small 20-person companies or those with 500 staff members – so that employees can protect their loved ones financially if they become unwell or die. Policies start at £4.99 each month, per member. Read more here.

[Nexa3D in Yahoo Finance] Ultrafast 3D Printer Company Nexa3D Commences Manufacturing Operations in California


Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast stereolithography production 3D printers, today announced it has started manufacturing operations in California as it scales its commercial activities to fulfill increased demand for the company’s flagship NXE400 printer. Read more here.

[Kenna Security in Forbes] How To Choose The Right Tech Vendor: 13 Strategies For Small Businesses


Smaller organizations or those without access to in-house IT staff need to remember that while some solutions boast excellent feature sets, the success or failure of technology projects often comes down to the users. Is deployment easy? Is the UX simple enough for our staff to use day-to-day?

[Beyond Meat in Bloomberg] ‘Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger Have A Head Start, ‘ Says Credit Suisse’s Moskow


Robert Moskow, Credit Suisse Packaged Foods Analyst discusses changing consumer eating habits as competition heats up in the area of meat alternatives on ‘Bloomberg Daybreak Americas.’ ’ Read more here.


[Beyond Meat in Yahoo Finance] Taco Del Mar Goes “Beyond Meat®” with New Taco Made with Plant-Based Protein


Taco Del Mar is introducing plant-based protein to its current vegetarian and vegan menu with its new Beyond Meat® Taco. Beginning August 20, the taco chain will be testing its new offering at 10 restaurant locations, spread between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC. Read more here.