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What Mistakes Do VCs Make When Fundraising?

Both Sides of the Table

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking to Samir Kaji on the Venture Unlocked podcast about a wide range of topics that we as venture capitalists think about everyday, including: How to build a generational firm?—?retaining

Introducing EO Canada Bridge

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Contributed by Marina Byezhanova , an EO Canada Bridge member and the founder of personal branding agency, Brand of a Leader. What can be more exciting to entrepreneurs than a brand-new venture?


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Analog Summer

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

It is officially summer now and with adult vaccination rates passing 70% in many parts of the US, people are out and about. I’ve heard the term “analog summer” used to describe this moment. If the past 15 months have been a digital lockdown, then the next three months are going to mark a return to analog activities; beaches, parks, concerts, bars, restaurants, nightlife, etc, etc.

How To Properly Set Achievable and Meaningful Goals

Smart Hustle Magazine

Objectives and Key Results aka OKRs are a hugely popular way of setting goals. But like any framework and tool, when used badly it can cause issues, yet when used well, can build happy, high performing companies and teams.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Leading with Authenticity: How to Become and Remain an Authentic Brand


The following is excerpted from “ Make It Don’t Fake It” by Sabrina Horn (2021), ISBN 978-1523091492, with permission from Berrett-Koehler Publishers. There are many definitions of “brand.”

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10 Reasons to Join a Startup During Your Early Career

Entrepreneur's Handbook

Here are some snippets from my learning experience while working in a startup. Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash Many people are skeptical of joining startups, fearing the lack of job stability and work-life balance; I was one of those people long back.

Trying to Stay Relevant? 4 Things Marketers Should Keep in Mind.

Smart Hustle Magazine

To say the past year was tough would be an understatement –– the pandemic completely uprooted our lives, flipped entire industries upside down and forced many SMBs to rethink their entire business strategy.

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Endpoint Security Solutions from Dell Technologies to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity


Today’s cybersecurity threat landscape is evolving at an alarming rate. In order to keep pace for our customers, Dell Technologies deploys an intrinsic security approach that is intelligent, pervasive and built into the infrastructure, platforms and devices that our customers use.

DataRails books $25M more to build better financial reporting tools for SMBs


As enterprise startups continue to target interesting gaps in the market, we’re seeing increasingly sophisticated tools getting built for small and medium businesses — traditionally a tricky segment to sell to, too small for large enterprise tools, and too advanced in their needs for consumer products.

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

Simplicity a key to building a startup pipeline

Innovation 2 Enterprise

By Scott Meacham. In building a startup pipeline, keep it simple. Occam’s razor (also known as the law of parsimony) is a principle attributed to William of Ockham, a Franciscan friar and philosopher born around 1288.

Are You Prepared for a Hybrid Way of Work? LogMeIn Exec Offers Tips.

Smart Hustle Magazine

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations around the world to shift to remote work, creating some of the most significant challenges ever for the IT and cybersecurity industry.

Here Are 5 Best Practices for Post-Pandemic Content Marketing


Consumers have changed and evolved, and it’s imperative that your content marketing efforts reflect their current needs.

Electric utility bike startup Ubco raises $10 million to fund its global expansion


Ubco, the New Zealand-based electric utility bike startup, has raised $10 million to fund a global expansion focused on the U.S. market and scale up its commercial subscription service business. .

Pressure Points: How to Ensure Your B2B Pipeline Passes Inspection

This eBook highlights best practices for developing a pipeline management process that helps sales leaders and their team C.L.O.S.E (you’ll see what we mean in this eBook) more revenue through data-driven prospecting, stage analysis, and subsequent sales enablement.

Financial Freedom Is Impossible If You Don’t Find a Way to Make Money While You Sleep

Entrepreneur's Handbook

A passive income engine means more time and freedom to invest in meaningful experiences Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». entrepreneurship work personal-finance finance money

The Difference Between a Sales Pitch and an Elevator Pitch and Why it Matters.

Smart Hustle Magazine

The elevator pitch as we know it today comes from Hollywood. An aspiring screenwriter would corner an unsuspecting executive in an elevator and pitch his/her concept during the time it took to go one floor. If the executive liked the pitch they would stay on until their floor.

How to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader in Your Industry


When asked “who are you?” ” you might answer the question by saying “I’m a business owner” and sharing the name of your business and its offerings or services. As a thought leader, you might want to expand on your answer. Who are you? What is your background?

WaitWhat raises $12M to double down on what comes after podcasts


As podcasting continues to gain ground among mainstream consumers as a digital media platform alongside music, video, and the printed word, a startup that made a name for itself through building content for the medium has closed a round of funding to help it explore what comes next.

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Marketing-Led Post-COVID-19 Growth Strategies

Businesses are laying off workers, shutting their doors (some permanently), and struggling to react to the radical destruction that coronavirus (COVID-19) is doing to our society and communities. However, there’s no team better suited to lead that charge than the marketing department.

How I Earned $100,000 Doing Sales in My First Year Out of College

Entrepreneur's Handbook

Six strategies that were integral to my success Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». entrepreneurship sales business freelancing startup

NEWS – CoalitionForms “Launchpad America” to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed as Nation Emerges from Pandemic

Smart Hustle Magazine

Learn How to Run a Successful Franchise on StartupNation Radio


On today’s franchise-themed episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff is joined by co-host Chris McCuiston of Goldfish Swim School and two featured guests: Dr. Mary Mason of Little Medical School and Manish Vakil of Tumbles Kids’ Gyms.

Vercel raises $102M Series C for its front-end development platform


Vercel , the company behind the popular open-source Next.js React framework, today announced that it has raised a $102 million Series C funding round led by Bedrock Capital.

How ZoomInfo Helps Overcome the Top Pain Points of Inside Sales

Recent digital transformation has shifted the B2B landscape by ushering in the era of buyer empowerment. With more access to user reviews, analyst opinion, and industry research, decision-makers are more informed than ever while navigating what is now known as the “buyer’s journey.”

Go-to-Market Tactics for Category-Defining Startups

Entrepreneur's Handbook

Thinking beyond traditional approaches towards growth Image credits: [link] You’re a tech founder with a vision of building a product that will establish and dominate a brand-new category. You have an initial product, and maybe even raised capital.

Industry Perspective: CoCoTiv Coworking


In a year that has seen unprecedented change in real estate we have found it increasingly valuable to hear from our clients and share. The post Industry Perspective: CoCoTiv Coworking appeared first on GCUC Community. Community

WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Navv Systems Gets $3.2 Million in Venture Funding (Episode 244)


On today’s Business Beat, Jeff talks to physician Daniel Siegal, CEO of Navv Systems , a Michigan-based company focused on hospital personnel location and equipment tracking and location services. The company just closed a $3.2

Lidar company Quanergy to go public via $1.4B SPAC deal


Quanergy Systems, the Sunnyvale, California-based lidar company, said Tuesday it has agreed to merge with special purpose acquisition fund CITIC Capital Acquisition Corp., a Chinese blank-check firm affiliated with the country’s largest state-owned investment conglomerate.

Marketing Ops: The New Revenue Hero

As data continues to play a starring role in today’s B2B organizations, both marketing and sales operations professionals are poised to solidify their place as critical revenue drivers. In particular, the evolution of the Marketing Operations (Ops) role has created a new standard in marketing and has become a vital component of an organization’s success.