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The Benefits Of Venture Capital In Web3

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

There is a lot of criticism of venture capital in web3. Bitcoin did not have or need venture capital. Ethereum did not have or need venture capital. So why would any web3 project need venture capital? That’s why you might want to take venture capital for your web3 project.

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Playing the Long Game in Venture Capital

Both Sides of the Table

LPs Haven’t Yet Grokked the Long Game While the VC community realized 5ish years ago that short-termism in venture capital didn’t make sense and has capitalized on the scale advantages of letting companies go long, the LP community by and large hasn’t totally grokked this.


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The Globalization Of Venture Capital Investing

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

It takes a long time, at least five years and more likely a decade, to know how changes in the startup economy and venture capital will play out. And we are doing exactly that. We won’t know how this move to invest globally will impact returns and founder success.

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The Future of Corporate Venture Capital


How has corporate venture capital changed? The post The Future of Corporate Venture Capital appeared first on 500 Startups. The following is an excerpt from 500’s CVC report. As one of the most active, early-stage investors in the world¹, 500 Startups has a unique perspective on the innovation economy.

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4 problems venture capital can’t solve


As the technology industry retrenches and venture capital firms tighten their standards, savvy founders should consider this counterintuitive question: Even if my vision is compelling enough to secure funding, should I take it? As an investor, my job is to put capital to work. People problems?

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Navigating the Deep Waters of Venture Capital: An Interview with Vadim Shpak, from Vickers Venture Partners


Register In the fast-paced world of venture capital, experience and expertise are the keys to success. With a foundation in engineering and an MBA from Cass Business School, he brings a distinctive perspective to the venture capital landscape. “Relationship building is pivotal in venture capital.

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Shield Capital’s Inaugural Venture Capital Fund Focuses on Frontier Technologies

American Entrepreneurship

30 Investments to date in the areas of AI, autonomy, cybersecurity and space Shield Capital was launched in 2021 by the Managing Partners Philip Bilden and Raj Shah, both of whom have deep experience in technology and investing, driving their passion to support founders of frontier technologies.