A Hospitality Entrepreneur Changing How Travelers See the World

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The Future of Hospitality is Here


For example, traditional hospitality, a category which is poised to grow to over $200 billion in the next five years, still remains ripe for disruption and innovation. The future of hospitality is here folks.

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[Tyto Care in pharmaphorfum] UK hospital introduces TytoCare remote medical exam device


A UK hospital has introduced a modular device allowing for remote examinations for patients with acute and worsening chronic conditions. The post [Tyto Care in pharmaphorfum] UK hospital introduces TytoCare remote medical exam device appeared first on OurCrowd. Read more here. News Center medtech ourcrowd fund OurCrowd Qure portfolio news tyto care tytocare

[Morphisec in PRWeb] Morphisec Releases 2019 Hospitality Guest Threat Index During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month


The Morphisec 2019 Hospitality Guest Threat Index surveyed 1,000 consumers, weighted for the U.S. The post [Morphisec in PRWeb] Morphisec Releases 2019 Hospitality Guest Threat Index During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month appeared first on OurCrowd.

[MedAware in Israel Hayom] Assuta Ashdod hospital deploys MedAware’s patient safety platform


MedAware, a developer of artificial intelligence-based patient safety solutions, today announced that Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital, Israel’s newest hospital, will deploy its lifesaving AI-driven solution within its 300-bed facility.

[Surgical Theater in Yahoo Finance] St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital First Children’s Hospital in Southeast to Use Virtual Reality Visualization Platform


Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa is the first children’s hospital in Florida and the only pediatric facility in the Southeast to use the evolutionary Surgical Theater Precision Virtual Reality technology in its pediatric neuro and cardiac surgery programs.

The Art of Integrating Your Product Into a Health System or Hospital

Dream It

While the healthcare industry’s long sales cycles are a frequent topic of conversation, discussion about the burdensome post-sale process rarely comes up. Yes, we’re referring to the actual integration of your product into a health system’s existing workflows and technologies.

[Beyond Meat in Fox Business] Beyond Meat coming to menus at baseball stadiums, hospitals, schools


Now, food service provider Aramark says it will offer Beyond Meat burgers, sausages and other items on its menus at schools, hospitals, ballparks and other businesses.

[CyberMDX in TechCrunch] Flaws in hospital anesthesia and respiratory devices allow remote tampering


Researchers at healthcare security firm CyberMDX said that the protocol used in the GE Aestiva and GE Aespire devices can be used to send commands if they are connected to a terminal server on the hospital network.

[Morphisec in Healthcare IT News] As cybersecurity threats change, so must hospitals


The post [Morphisec in Healthcare IT News] As cybersecurity threats change, so must hospitals appeared first on OurCrowd. All of these scenarios and more are outlined in a new threat assessment from Morphisec, a cybersecurity firm. Read more here.

[Surgical Theater in The Washington Times] GW Hospital doctors among first to use virtual, augmented reality tech for surgeries


The post [Surgical Theater in The Washington Times] GW Hospital doctors among first to use virtual, augmented reality tech for surgeries appeared first on OurCrowd.

[Surgical Theater in Yahoo Finance] Surgical Theater to Share How Precision VR® Drives Financial Success to Its Hospital Partners at HKEX


The post [Surgical Theater in Yahoo Finance] Surgical Theater to Share How Precision VR® Drives Financial Success to Its Hospital Partners at HKEX appeared first on OurCrowd.

An In-Depth Look at The Medical Device Cybersecurity Startup Landscape

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Health systems and hospitals face unprecedented cybersecurity challenges. hospital uses between 10 - 15 connected medical devices. Health systems, hospitals, and other healthcare delivery organizations have to be accountable here as well.

The Startups and Investors Bringing Voice Tech to Healthcare

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Boston Children’s Hospital has piloted or promoted dozens of voice applications and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has supported the development of platforms like Sopris Health and Aiva Health. This same report concluded that a 10% increase in patients rating a hospital as “excellent” led to a 1.5%

Should You Build your Company in a Country Like Lima?


A Spirit of Hospitality. Finally, our team was blown away by exactly how hospitable Peruvians are. It might not directly correlate with or contribute to a “great startup ecosystem,” but the fact that Peruvians are so hospitable makes doing business down here incredibly enjoyable. Last week, we were in Lima for our second stop of the Momentum Tour ( video here! )

Welcoming MDmetrix to the Founders’ Co-op family

Founders Coop

In 2009, in a national effort to improve quality and lower costs, the Federal government launched a huge incentive program to drive the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), spending an estimated $40 billion over the past decade to implement this data-gathering technology in hospitals across the country. Those are bold claims, but they’re backed up by hard evidence generated by the company’s pioneering efforts at local healthcare leader Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH).

How To Impress Investors with A Flashback Pitch Deck [In 2019]

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Using a company that reduces prescription errors as an example, here’s what the text on that snapshot slide could look like: Problem: 3% of prescriptions written for admitted hospital patients are in error. Market Size: ~6,000 hospitals in the US. 6 hospitals trialing the product.

PSA: Time is running out


95,000 governments, special authorities and special districts own more than 3 million buildings and 650 acres of commercial real estate, which includes offices, stadiums, warehouses, hospitals and parking lots. The US Government is going in BIG on Coworking. Will you answer the call?

SeedFuel–Rowad, Flat6Labs, and Nest on the Bahrain Startup Community


Bahrain has a reputation for being a warm and hospitable country with an exceptional lifestyle and welcoming culture.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Also located in State College, Kijenzi, supplies replacement parts, medical devices, and occupational therapy tools by creating 3D printing farms that bypass long, expensive, or even non-existent supply chains for hospitals in Kenya.

Australia is burning: A simple guide of what is happening and how you can help

Impact Hub

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital treats injured Koalas and rehabilitates them to go back into the wild. You can help the hospital by donating through their gofundme campaign. What is happening in Australia?

Linear Health Sciences founder ‘living his dream’

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Or is his dream the success of a tireless physician and entrepreneur who started his own hospital group and then co-founded Linear Health Sciences, a medical device company with a safety valve technology having the potential to improve the care of virtually any patient connected to an intra-venous (IV) line. Imagine that you are joining that dream, following Dr. Dennis on hospital rounds. By Scott Meacham. Copyright © 2019, The Oklahoman.

MedStack (Dreamit HealthTech 2016) Closes $2.4 Million Seed Round

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While products like AWS and Google Cloud offer HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting, only using this type of hosting won’t allow vendors to meet all of the security and privacy requirements of most health system, hospital, and health plan customers.


A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Fifty-eight years ago this morning, my mother went to the hospital at West Point New York and shortly thereafter I arrived on planet earth. I’ve always liked having a birthday late in August, at the tail end of the summer and right before labor day. It is the most relaxed time of year for me, with the start of the fall season right around the corner. I plan to celebrate it at the beach with family and friends. life lessons

Cassandra Bailey Launches Children’s Book Series Talking About Mom’s Job

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When I was two days from my due date, they changed the location of our monthly Forum so I could be close to the hospital. Cassandra Bailey, CEO of Slice Communications , is one of the millions of entrepreneurs in the world who are also mothers.

How to Give Back Through Your Business

Entrepreneurs' Organization

He began his giving efforts as a teen, as the only male candy striper at a local hospital. Have you ever wished for a way to give back that’s integrated with your life and your work? EO Oklahoma City member Piyush Patel has figured out how to do just this.

A Weeklong Series: 10 Tech Trends from the Decade That Was … and What Will Be


as the industry (hospitals, insurance companies, pharma, etc.) A Weeklong Series: 10 Tech Trends from the Decade That Was … and What Will Be As we kick off 2020?—?both both a new year, and a new decade?—?it

Announcing the Startup School 2019 Grant Recipients

Y Combinator

A conversational platform for businesses within the catering and hospitality industry to help automate their facebook messenger conversations and reservations by means of chatbots. As part of our efforts to further support founders in Startup School , we awarded $15,000 in equity-free grants to the most promising companies to go through the course. The quality (and quantity!) of founders who participated in Startup School this past year made the grant selection process a tough one.

Health and Hustle Don’t Have to Be at Odds

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However, this could ultimately be detrimental to your business if you wind up in the hospital. Written by Justin Song, a senior research analyst at LendingTree where he has experience covering topics such as personal loans and small business lending.

health 138

Troy Henikoff on how #GiveFirst grew the Chicago startup ecosystem


Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Troy: Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. We attribute that success to Lurie Children’s Hospital. Over the years, a #GiveFirst network will reward its members time and time again.

Why We Invested in CLEAR


However, the company is also executing on the broader vision for its network by providing member use cases in sports and entertainment, travel and hospitality, healthcare, and building access.

Med Tech startup gel-e has developed revolutionary technology that can almost instantaneously stop…


In a hospital setting at the completion of interventional cardiology, it can decrease the time to discharge, with current post-operative hemostasis routinely taking 3+hrs.

8 Tips To Improve Your Healthy Living Strategy

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If you haven't visited the hospital because you weren’t ill, then that's a plus. Healthy living is not a cup of tea that you can warm up and reuse. You need to chart a full diet plan to stay well and strong.

An RV Trip Across America


We had a great time in Fargo, ND in part due to the hospitality of Governor Doug Burgum, a long-time friend (we were both tech entrepreneurs 35 years ago). 30 days. 7,667 miles. 26 states. This summer, Jean Case and I took an RV on a trip across America.

Local Food Systems and Kitchen Incubators

EntreWorks Consulting

They may include programs that develop farmer’s markets, provide local food at area schools and hospitals, or create local capacities for value-added agriculture. Local food systems development has been a hot topic in community development circles for some time now. These efforts typically use agriculture and food development as tools to advance community economic development and to improve community health outcomes.

Announcing the Rise of the Rest 8.0 Finalists


GuestBox | About : GuestBox creates curated boxes of high-end and eco-conscious items for the hospitality industry. Meet the companies that will pitch Steve Case and the Revolution team on the upcoming Rise of the Rest Road Trip.

Coworking Megatrend Predictions for 2020


Hospitality will continue to be a big buzzword in our industry. by Liz Elam, founder of GCUC, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference. As founder of GCUC, the world’s largest coworking conference series, I travel the world learning about coworking.

Oklahoma’s Verinovum standardizes data from medical records

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Remember when doctors charted patient visits with handwritten notes that were filed in color-coded hanging folders that filled up miles of metal cabinets in doctors’ offices, hospital basements, and beyond? However, there’s so much more intelligence to be gleaned from all that data—from more effective hospital management to groundbreaking therapies to battle disease. By Scott Meacham.

OCAST Health Research Conference focuses steps to advancing products to market

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Co-founded by Clark and Oklahoma City physician Ryan Dennis, Linear Health Sciences developed a patented device known as the Orchid Safety Release Valve (SRV), which prevents dislodgement of IV catheters in hospitalized patients. The Orchid Safety Release Valve has drawn interest from both potential hospital users and investors alike. By Jim Stafford.

Build a Better Tribe, Build a Better World

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Six months in the hospital changed the way I looked at life yet again—from living one day at a time to looking toward the future. In August 2019, Kimberly Hickok Smith spoke at the MyEO Women of EO Summit in Bogota, Colombia.

UrbanTech News Roundup

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The President of JLL Property Management discusses the company's "curae approach" and bringing hospitality ideas into their property management practice. Our UrbanTech News Roundup is one of the features in our bi-weekly newsletter.

Community Leader Spotlight: Kristopher Riley


The first step was working in the hospitality industry during college, where I learned two very powerful lessons: patience and integrity. Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you? I’m a creative problem solver and servant-leader.

[Tyto Care in HealthcareITNews] Bradford partners with TytoCare to provide virtual consultations for children with acute health conditions


Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will be the first provider in the UK to partner with TytoCare, an all-in-one modular device and telehealth platform for remote medical examinations.