The Future of Hospitality is Here


For example, traditional hospitality, a category which is poised to grow to over $200 billion in the next five years, still remains ripe for disruption and innovation. The future of hospitality is here folks.

[Beyond Meat in Fox Business] Beyond Meat coming to menus at baseball stadiums, hospitals, schools


Now, food service provider Aramark says it will offer Beyond Meat burgers, sausages and other items on its menus at schools, hospitals, ballparks and other businesses.

[Surgical Theater in Yahoo Finance] St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital First Children’s Hospital in Southeast to Use Virtual Reality Visualization Platform


Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa is the first children’s hospital in Florida and the only pediatric facility in the Southeast to use the evolutionary Surgical Theater Precision Virtual Reality technology in its pediatric neuro and cardiac surgery programs.

The Art of Integrating Your Product Into a Health System or Hospital

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While the healthcare industry’s long sales cycles are a frequent topic of conversation, discussion about the burdensome post-sale process rarely comes up. Yes, we’re referring to the actual integration of your product into a health system’s existing workflows and technologies.

[CyberMDX in TechCrunch] Flaws in hospital anesthesia and respiratory devices allow remote tampering


Researchers at healthcare security firm CyberMDX said that the protocol used in the GE Aestiva and GE Aespire devices can be used to send commands if they are connected to a terminal server on the hospital network.

[Morphisec in Healthcare IT News] As cybersecurity threats change, so must hospitals


The post [Morphisec in Healthcare IT News] As cybersecurity threats change, so must hospitals appeared first on OurCrowd. All of these scenarios and more are outlined in a new threat assessment from Morphisec, a cybersecurity firm. Read more here.

[Surgical Theater in Yahoo Finance] Surgical Theater to Share How Precision VR® Drives Financial Success to Its Hospital Partners at HKEX


The post [Surgical Theater in Yahoo Finance] Surgical Theater to Share How Precision VR® Drives Financial Success to Its Hospital Partners at HKEX appeared first on OurCrowd.

The Startups and Investors Bringing Voice Tech to Healthcare

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Boston Children’s Hospital has piloted or promoted dozens of voice applications and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has supported the development of platforms like Sopris Health and Aiva Health. This same report concluded that a 10% increase in patients rating a hospital as “excellent” led to a 1.5%

Prize Money=Nice | Funded Pilots=Amazing

Paul G. Silva

We provide analytics software to service providers and facility managers that maintain our most frequented spaces: such as our offices, hospitals, and schools. This summer I had the pleasure of facilitating the 2019 Energy (CleanTech) cohort for the AccelVT accelerator in Burlington, VT.

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How To Impress Investors with A Flashback Pitch Deck [In 2019]

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Using a company that reduces prescription errors as an example, here’s what the text on that snapshot slide could look like: Problem: 3% of prescriptions written for admitted hospital patients are in error. Market Size: ~6,000 hospitals in the US. 6 hospitals trialing the product.

Welcoming MDmetrix to the Founders’ Co-op family

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In 2009, in a national effort to improve quality and lower costs, the Federal government launched a huge incentive program to drive the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), spending an estimated $40 billion over the past decade to implement this data-gathering technology in hospitals across the country. Those are bold claims, but they’re backed up by hard evidence generated by the company’s pioneering efforts at local healthcare leader Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH).


A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Fifty-eight years ago this morning, my mother went to the hospital at West Point New York and shortly thereafter I arrived on planet earth. I’ve always liked having a birthday late in August, at the tail end of the summer and right before labor day. It is the most relaxed time of year for me, with the start of the fall season right around the corner. I plan to celebrate it at the beach with family and friends. life lessons

MedStack (Dreamit HealthTech 2016) Closes $2.4 Million Seed Round

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While products like AWS and Google Cloud offer HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting, only using this type of hosting won’t allow vendors to meet all of the security and privacy requirements of most health system, hospital, and health plan customers.

Troy Henikoff on how #GiveFirst grew the Chicago startup ecosystem


Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Troy: Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. We attribute that success to Lurie Children’s Hospital. Over the years, a #GiveFirst network will reward its members time and time again.

Why We Invested in CLEAR


However, the company is also executing on the broader vision for its network by providing member use cases in sports and entertainment, travel and hospitality, healthcare, and building access.

Announcing the Rise of the Rest 8.0 Finalists


GuestBox | About : GuestBox creates curated boxes of high-end and eco-conscious items for the hospitality industry. Meet the companies that will pitch Steve Case and the Revolution team on the upcoming Rise of the Rest Road Trip.

UrbanTech News Roundup

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The President of JLL Property Management discusses the company's "curae approach" and bringing hospitality ideas into their property management practice. Our UrbanTech News Roundup is one of the features in our bi-weekly newsletter.

8 Tips To Improve Your Healthy Living Strategy

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If you haven't visited the hospital because you weren’t ill, then that's a plus. Healthy living is not a cup of tea that you can warm up and reuse. You need to chart a full diet plan to stay well and strong.

Med Tech startup gel-e has developed revolutionary technology that can almost instantaneously stop…


In a hospital setting at the completion of interventional cardiology, it can decrease the time to discharge, with current post-operative hemostasis routinely taking 3+hrs.

HealthTech News Roundup

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MedCity CONVERGE | Philadelphia, PA | June 19 | Executives and innovators from health systems, payers, pharma companies, startups, and hospitals come together at MedCity CONVERGE to discuss the future of cancer care.

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[MedAware in The Jerusalem Post] Research shows Israel’s MedAware can reduce prescription errors, save lives


Physicians at Sheba analyzed results in a single medical ward, from a hospital-wide live implementation of MedAware, which had been integrated into the center’s existing EMR system.

Community Leader Spotlight: Kristopher Riley


The first step was working in the hospitality industry during college, where I learned two very powerful lessons: patience and integrity. Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you? I’m a creative problem solver and servant-leader.

[CyberMDX in BBC] Anaesthetic devices ‘vulnerable to hackers’


CyberMDX’s research suggested the Aespire and Aestiva 7100 and 7900 devices could be targeted by hackers if left accessible on hospital computer networks.

[MedAware in PR Web] Sheba Researchers Find Significant Improvements in Patient Safety Standard Following Deployment of MedAware’s Machine Learning-based Platform


Physicians at Sheba analyzed results in a single medical ward, from a hospital-wide live implementation of MedAware, which had been integrated into the center’s existing EMR system.

Techstars Brings Smart Mobility-Focused Accelerator to Turin, Italy


The program will be led by Martin Olczyk, previous managing director of the METRO Accelerator for Hospitality powered by Techstars in Berlin, and most recently, Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) for the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars located in Amsterdam.

The Future looks Juicy – What can we Expect from the Flexible Workspace Industry


These hybrid spaces will increasingly provide a larger proportion of private space that will be focused around a core coworking environment with hospitality type services and amenities.

In the News: Who’s hungry for FoodTech? We are


OurCrowd portfolio company CyberMDX’s latest discovery: Flaws in hospital anesthesia and respiratory devices allow remote tampering. The food industry is GIANT – $12 trillion and growing.

3 Impactful Stories From Impact Hub Madrid

Impact Hub

It’s by far the most complicated thing to substitute in the hospitality industry”, assures Tomás. #ImpactOnTour ’s next stop this year is Impact Hub Madrid: at the forefront of innovation. What do we mean when we talk about ‘impact’?

Techstars Is Making an Impact: Meet the 2019 Techstars Impact Class


VitalFlo makes it easy to manage asthma, empowering patients to take back control over their lung health and take corrective action to prevent asthma attacks before they land someone in a hospital. We are excited to announce the ten companies joining the Techstars Impact 2019 class!

In the News: Most successful Q1 for Israeli hi-tech in 6 years


“Zebra’s work experience with radiologists in more than 50 hospitals worldwide highlights the role of AI as Augmented Intelligence…” Check out the full feature in Forbes: AI Startup Zebra Medical Vision Enlists Deep Learning To Save Lives.

Who are the Major Revenue-Based Investing VCs?

David Teten - VC

Feenix focuses on companies in the consumer space across a number of industry verticals including: multi-unit Food & Beverage operators, hospitality, managed workspace (office or food halls), location based entertainment venues, and various direct to consumer online companies. So you’re interested in raising capital from a Revenue-Based Investor VC. Which VCs are comfortable using this approach? A new wave of Revenue-Based Investors (“RBI”) are emerging.

Press Release: Impact Hub Partners With Robert Bosch Stiftung to Launch BEYOND Divides’ Program

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Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus (Robert Bosch Hospital) and the Institut für Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung (Institute for the History of Medicine)). Impact Hubs in Bucharest , Istanbul , Madrid and Ruhr are spearheading a new regional convening program to enable changemakers across Europe to form a more unified, progressive, and collaborative future for all.

FundersClub Weekly Newsletter - June 8, 2017


" Kyle Killion of Suiteness (FC Portfolio) analyzes how hotels can compete in the new accommodation economy where the likes of Airbnb and HomeAway have been chipping away at the hospitality sector’s total addressable market in " How hotels can compete in the new accommodation economy.

[RealView Imaging in The Jerusalem Post] Hillel’s Tech Corner: Holograms Saving Lives


On April 2, 2019, President Reuven Rivlin unveiled RealView Imaging and the company’s technology, which had been used for the first time ever at the Peter Munk Cardiac Center in Toronto General Hospital in Canada. Read more here. The post [RealView Imaging in The Jerusalem Post] Hillel’s Tech Corner: Holograms Saving Lives appeared first on OurCrowd. News Center Healthcare portfolio news realview imaging

How To Gather Honest and Valuable Customer Feedback

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Let’s look at selling to a hospital as an example. That said, in any hospital, the CFO and their team will be the group who actually decides to pay for your product based on its ROI.

Stichting Derdengelden SBC - 63586223-­?30062017


Participating start-up are: Clevergig is a digital platform which solves Under- or overstaffing due to the unpredictability of the hospitality industry with its seasonal nature, high attrition rates and unexpected short-term peaks in demand.

AMOpportunities (Dreamit HealthTech S2019) Announces $2.2 Million Series A Round

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hospitals and international medical schools. AMOpportunities ( Dreamit HealthTech S2019) recently closed a $2.2 million Series A round of financing. Existing investors OCA Ventures , HealthX Ventures , Wildcat LLC, M25 Group , and The University of Chicago participated in the round. The U.S.

In the News: FoodTech: A hot dish on the Israeli innovation menu


Healthcare… Surgical Theater to Share How Precision VR® Drives Financial Success to Its Hospital Partners at HKEX. We’ve had some big news this past week!

How can we use data to fix the world?


The AI system resulting from Kira Radinsky’s research is running today in 4 hospitals in Israel and is in trials in New York, saving approximately 12 minutes per patient, per doctor. Kira Radinsky can actually fix the world.

The Fastest Growing Areas of Startup Investment in 2015

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In addition, founders have raised capital to transform many of the fundamental industries: transportation, hospitality, lending, health insurance, and banking. Others, like transportation and hospitality, fueled by Uber and AirBnB fundraising efforts, command more than 6% of the billions invested in the last 12 months. Earlier this week, we examined the trends in the major categories of startup investment including eCommerce, Software, Social Networking and Education.

Money Out of Nowhere: How Internet Marketplaces Unlock Economic Wealth

Instawork (*) is an on-demand staffing app for gig workers (professionals) and hospitality businesses (partners). (*) Benchmark is/was an investor in companies labeled with the asterisk.

How I Promise You One of the Most Meaningful Days of Your Life

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And as I’m sure you know the system isn’t exactly hospitable to employing ex-felons so the best way to sustain them is to find self employment and for them to hire each other.

“Customer First” Healthcare

If there happens to be a large, renowned hospital group in the area, the employer feels compelled to offer coverage that includes this institution, even if that system is highly over-priced ( the largest hospital systems typically have the highest procedural prices ).