Announcing the Founder Support Fund


I’m excited to announce the Founder Support Fund. It’s an evergreen microgrant-making fund dedicated to supporting founders’ mental and emotional health and well-being. Now, let’s support the people behind those businesses— founders.

Supporting Entrepreneurs Wherever They Are, Including Prison


Techstars has been a longtime supporter of Defy Colorado (along with its founding organization, Defy Ventures) because we support the mission of creating second chances through entrepreneurship.


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Universal Support: ESHIP Goal 6

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Goal 6: Universal Support: Expand external stakeholder understanding of and support for ecosystem building. We asked ecosystem builders why expanding external stakeholder understanding of and support for ecosystem building is important to them. “We,

A Startup Support Guide for My Mom


While I’ve been in the startup world for over a decade now, I know my mom (and many of my friends) have no idea about all of the startup jargon we throw around, especially when it comes to the type of support startups can receive. So, I thought it might be helpful—for my mom and yours—if I put together a “startup support terminology guide.” How Those Startups Get Support Along the Way. The post A Startup Support Guide for My Mom appeared first on GAN.

Buyer’s Checklist: How to Evaluate a B2B Contact Data Provider

Many organizations fail to properly evaluate vendors during the selection process. Download ZoomInfo’s data-driven eBook for guidance on effectively assessing the vendor marketplace. After reading, you’ll gain insight into the following components:

How Employers Can Support Workplace Mental Health

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Managers greatly benefit from relevant training designed to support staff with mental health problems. Some people will need just a little support and guidance, while others will require significantly more attention and encouragement. Contributed by Bethany Seton.

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HandHero: how early-stage support transformed a scientist’s career

Venture Well

Learn how early-stage support helped E-Team HandHero helped transform a scientist’s career trajectory. The post HandHero: how early-stage support transformed a scientist’s career appeared first on VentureWell.

infrastructure support services: the behind-the-scenes secret to RADx

Venture Well

Infrastructure support services may not get the attention of a game-changing technology, but, as the RADx program demonstrates, it can be a deciding factor in whether an innovation fulfills its commercial promise.

Supporting Latinx Entrepreneurs Means Building Relationships of Trust


As entrepreneur support organizations seek to support Spanish speakers starting new businesses, they need to understand that engaging this community effectively and respectfully may require some new ways of thinking. “In Supporting the Latinx community demands not just trying to understand and respect their unique culture, but also recognizing that some fundamental assumptions about outreach might need to be rethought.

Unsung Heroes of Ecosystem Building: Meet the Voices Championing “Universal Support”


ESHIP GOAL 6 | Universal Support: Expand external stakeholder understanding of and support for ecosystem building. We asked ecosystem builders why expanding external stakeholder understanding of and support for ecosystem building is important to them. “We,

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Supporting and empowering children with autism in Nicaragua

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Before establishing this organization, I searched for support but was unable to find it. We are very honored that so many people in Nicaragua have supported us through our national walks, our Zumbatóns , raffles, and other various events. By Ana Gonzalez.

Monica Moldovan: Supporting Seniors’ Entrepreneurship

Impact Hub

Supporting seniors’ entrepreneurship and providing practical solutions for people with these types of barriers is absolutely key not to leave anyone behind. Personally, I enjoy supporting community projects that improve livelihoods.

3 critical lessons I learned while scaling RingCentral’s customer support team


Shaun Spivak is the senior director of Global Customer Support at RingCentral, a global leader in communication and call center software provider. There are many things I wish I knew when starting out with my small customer support team at RingCentral, but in the end, we figured it out.

Vinehealth, offering digital support for cancer patients and SaaS for R&D, gets $5.5M to launch in the US


Vinehealth , a 2018-founded, London-based digital health startup that’s built an app which offers personalized support for cancer patients while also making it easier to gather patient-reported outcome (PRO) data, including for drug development and clinical trials, has closed a $5.5

supporting student healthcare pioneers: a q&a with Dr. Delphine Dean of Clemson University

Venture Well

By centering STEM concepts and international collaboration in her curriculum, Dr. Delphine Dean of Clemson University is supporting future healthcare innovators.

4 Ways Supporting Corporate and Public Art Benefits Startups


For startups wishing to build their brand and cement their place in the local community, employing the skills of artists and supporting public art projects can be an excellent means of doing so. There are financial advantages for businesses that support the arts.

3 Ways Leaders Can Support Balance in a Connected World

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Here are three ways technology and work-life balance can operate in tandem to support employees: 1. The post 3 Ways Leaders Can Support Balance in a Connected World appeared first on Octane Blog – The official blog of the Entrepreneurs' Organization.

How to Support the Supporters

Source Link

Entrepreneurial service providers are on the front lines every day working to help their small business clients survive—and sometimes without the tools they need to cope with the emotional strain

Financial institutions can support COVID-19 crowdfunding campaigns


Well-established financial institutions can lend their support in defining the policies and standard operating procedures for crowdfunding even during such a chaotic time as the COVID-19 pandemic. Scott Purcell. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

How AT&T is Supporting Small Businesses

Smart Hustle Magazine

They also support their needs through the COVID-19 crisis. So finding ways to support in any way that we can is something that we've been focused on. These are the times that ATT&T small business solutions are here to support customers.

The Post-Pandemic Entrepreneurial Support Organization (ESO)


The post The Post-Pandemic Entrepreneurial Support Organization (ESO) appeared first on InBIA

Crowdsourcing, collaboration, support groups. Oh my.


At the MIT Center of Collective Intelligence, professors and graduate students are wrestling with an important opportunity – and gaining ground. With new collaborative tools available for use in the cloud, people are no longer isolated in their creative endeavors.

How One Thriving Veteran Supports Women Business Owners

Smart Hustle Magazine

Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast · How One Thriving Leader Supports Women Business Owners. The post How One Thriving Veteran Supports Women Business Owners appeared first on

Japanese startup ispace raises $46M to support planned moon missions


foot-tall Hakuto-R will also be used in the second mission in 2023, to deposit a small ispace rover that will collect data to support the company’s subsequent missions to the moon.

Walmart-supported Symbotic set to go public via SoftBank SPAC


Walmart’s had its ups and downs in the robotics world, looking for any advantage in a bid to stay competitive with Amazon’s online domination. In July, the mega-retailer inked a deal with Symbotic , further cementing its commitment to the Massachusetts-based automation firm.

The New Economy Starts with Support to Underserved Communities

Impact Hub

The focus is on providing personalized support to underserved communities. For this first cohort, the program supported 20 ventures, 70% of whom completed the program, 50% were women, 45% refugees, and 55% were non-EU-migrants. New Roots.

Why I support Chris Quinn

This is going to be BIG.

She came to a Startup Weekend and gave a speech about how New York wasn''t doing such a great job supporting tech entrepreneurship. Her support made the Brooklyn Tech Triangle study possible and I''m always getting questions from her team about making sure their policies are keeping the fast growing tech sector in mind. But her effort and responsiveness in the tech sector isn''t why I''m supporting Chris. I first met Chris Quinn in person three years ago.

SimpliFed serves up $500,000 pre-seed toward infant nutrition support


Feeding babies can take many different forms, and is also an area where parents can feel less supported as they navigate this new milestone in their lives. Enter SimpliFed , an Ithaca, New York-based company providing virtual lactation and a baby feeding support platform.

EO to Support Global Entrepreneurial Summit 2016

Entrepreneurs' Organization

A leading voice in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, EO will support GES 2016 by fostering personal and professional development through special mentorship and networking sessions, which are designed to educate, inspire and encourage innovation in youth, women and early-stage entrepreneurs. While on site, EO will support participants by leveraging its nearly 30 years of intellectual property and granting access to some of the leading entrepreneurial minds in the world.

Indonesian fintech Flip secures $48M in Series B to support expansion


Flip , an Indonesia-based fintech startup, announced today it has raised $48 million in a Series B to accelerate its growth. The funding brings Flip’s total capital raised to $65million. . Sequoia Capital India, Insight Partners and Insignia Ventures Partners co-led the Series B round.

Why it matters having Matter support for your new smart home device


That’s why for any company launching a smart home device this year, having Matter support will be helpful. It is also collaborating with silicon vendors on what will become a Matter System-on-a-Chip to support the frustration-free setup.

A Few Surefire Ways to Support the UN SDGs

Entrepreneurs' Organization

This will ensure that your work around SDGs is positively publicized and inspires others to support SDGs. My role as the EO UN Global Ambassador means my work supports all of the SDGs. Supporting the SDGs is no small undertaking.

Supporting Working Parents Works for Your Business, Too

Entrepreneurs' Organization

As the leader of a company that focuses on giving back to the community as its “why,” we asked Alex how he recognizes America’s National Working Parents Day and supports working parents every day. Does your company do enough to support working parents?

How Customers Can Support Small Businesses This Holiday Shopping Season


27 event, how else can customers show support for local businesses during the holidays? Even if you can’t spend as much, you can still help create positive word of mouth online to support your favorite small businesses. Considerable momentum is shaping the 2021 holiday shopping season.

4 Ways to Support Early-Stage Innovators Beyond the Classroom

Venture Well

In this article, we explore the types of support early-stage innovators need most, and highlight tools to assess the impact of resources. The post 4 Ways to Support Early-Stage Innovators Beyond the Classroom appeared first on VentureWell. Early Stage Innovators early stage innovator I&E Ecosystems

Can your startup support a research-based workflow?


Can early-stage companies support a research-based workflow? João Graça. Contributor. Share on Twitter. João Graça is CTO and co-founder of Unbabel , an AI-powered language operations platform that enables any agent to communicate in any language.