4 Ways to Support Early-Stage Innovators Beyond the Classroom

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In this article, we explore the types of support early-stage innovators need most, and highlight tools to assess the impact of resources. The post 4 Ways to Support Early-Stage Innovators Beyond the Classroom appeared first on VentureWell.

Supporting Latinx Entrepreneurs Means Building Relationships of Trust

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As entrepreneur support organizations seek to support Spanish speakers starting new businesses, they need to understand that engaging this community effectively and respectfully may require some new ways of thinking. “In

pop-up classes: a simple, effective approach to supporting young innovators

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The post pop-up classes: a simple, effective approach to supporting young innovators appeared first on VentureWell. We’ve compiled some of the key elements to think about as you create your pop-up classes, and outlined a variety of options to keep in mind.

5 Ways Student Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Support Resources

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The post 5 Ways Student Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Support Resources appeared first on VentureWell. VentureWell Program Officer, Samer Yousif, shares his insights to help student entrepreneurs make the most of the I&E resources available to them.

Startup money needed to support entrepreneurs

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From the Love’s Cup collegiate business plan competition, through the R&D funding from OCAST, to the venture services provided by i2E, Oklahoma supports and encourages entrepreneurs. Instead of investing more resources or even keeping our effort constant, the state has actually disinvested in the state’s support of this critical area. By Scott Meacham. Copyright © 2019, The Oklahoman. When Gov.

Should a leader support constant change?


The worrying that always precedes a change. When a new CEO or manager is hired into a company, for a while lots of energy flows from the top and new ideas seem to be generated daily.

Improving cluster performance through entrepreneurial support programs

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Supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and company formation is critical for improving cluster performance. Establishing entrepreneurial support programs (ESPs) with a specific cluster focus can consistently help to encourage entrepreneurship, launch new businesses and move innovations to market in the targeted cluster. Economic developers create cluster initiatives in order to support the growth of a particular cluster, or clusters.

Innovative businesses that support local communities

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

YLAI Network members Juliana Nieva de Castillo from Tucumán, Argentina and Julio César Bueno Cruz from Cali, Colombia illustrate two forms of social innovation and community support through unique business concepts.

Support for entrepreneurs is a moon shot effort

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We have learned that with support and assistance, these startups can morph into “gazelles,” and when they do the payback is huge. However, there is less support for great business ideas that may not be high-growth in the traditional sense but will allow someone to start a great company and make a good living for their family or even create generational wealth within the family. By Scott Meacham. Copyright © 2019, The Oklahoman.

How Extreme Adventure Racing Informs Entrepreneurship

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He is currently the president and CEO of Support Services of Virginia , a mid-sized company that provides Intellectual and Developmental Disability Waiver services, supports and housing in community-based integrated settings across Virginia, USA.

Doing More Together: Techstars Foundation and Western Union Foundation join forces to support underrepresented entrepreneurs


The mission of the Techstars Foundation is to support and develop underrepresented entrepreneurs in order to stimulate innovation and positive social and economic global.

[OurCrowd in CrowdFund Insider] OurCrowd to Support “New Wave of Tech Collaboration” in Partnership with Toyota Tsusho


The post [OurCrowd in CrowdFund Insider] OurCrowd to Support “New Wave of Tech Collaboration” in Partnership with Toyota Tsusho appeared first on OurCrowd.

[PRESS RELEASE] OurCrowd and Toyota Tsusho Corporation Announce Partnership to Support a New Wave of Tech Collaboration


The post [PRESS RELEASE] OurCrowd and Toyota Tsusho Corporation Announce Partnership to Support a New Wave of Tech Collaboration appeared first on OurCrowd. Jerusalem / Tokyo – Oct.

Techstars and Hyundai Card launch Network Engagement Partnership to support Korean Startups


The partnership will support startups within Hyundai Card Studio Black, a premium amenity-driven co-working space located in the Gangnam district in Seoul, to connect startups across the Techstars network with Hyundai Card for potential collaboration opportunities.

EO Hosts International Entrepreneurial Summit at the United Nations in Support of UN Sustainable Development Goals

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The interactive International Entrepreneurial Summit (IES) focused on supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) —17 goals and 169 targets to eradicate poverty, reverse inequality and halt climate change by 2030.

[Virgin Hyperloop One in Yahoo Finance] For First Time, Federal Lawmakers Gather in Support of Hyperloop Technology on Capitol Hill


Virgin Hyperloop One Grows Roster of Bipartisan State and Federal Partners who Support Certification and Regulatory Investment in this New Form of Mass Transportation.

Techstars Expands to Korea to Support Booming Korean Startup Sector


The accelerator will support and nourish the Korean startup ecosystem and is open to startups focused on digital and tech innovation across a variety of business verticals. Techstars and Hillstone Partners launch accelerator program in Pangyo, Korea. BOULDER, Colo.

Support Andrew Yang Now


So if you care about policies that are not left or right but forward into the future, support Andrew now.

If NYC is going to be a real innovation hub, we can't have our own senators supporting SOPA/PIPA

This is going to be BIG.

” That was until I found out that New York’s own senators, Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, appear to support these bills. This is what movie studios and the rest of the SOPA supporters need to do. It’s been a pretty popular move for New York area politicians to jump on the bandwagon of the emergence of New York tech growth—a phenomenon they largely had nothing to do with—and say they’re supportive of the community. Tweet.

The Customer Support Experience of the Future

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A few weeks ago, I had my first customer support experience of the future. Why did it feel so different than a traditional customer support call? The robot understood the context, in contrast to a typical support call with requires several frustrating minutes to get on the same page as a customer service rep: “What is your account number?” For outbound support calls like fraud verification, this system works brilliantly.

Targeting early stage companies with the right entrepreneurial support model (to create and grow successful businesses)

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By understanding the needs of entrepreneurs and companies at different stages of the company life cycle, ecosystem builders, economic developers, and others seeking to assist with company startup can determine the right entrepreneurial support model (typically, accelerator or incubator) to create and launch.

Are there any crowd funding options for tech start-ups not tied to just supporting projects?


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has very strict rules about who can raise investment funds for privately held businesses, and how they are allowed to go about doing it. At the moment, this is primarily limited to raising money from very rich people who qualify as Accredited Investors , and with whom you already have a pre-existing relationship.

Supporting Coal-Impacted Economies in the West

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Supporting Coal-Impacted Economies in the West. Last week, I was in Denver for an important and interesting meeting of eleven coal-impacted communities from around the Mountain West. The community teams were meeting to develop work plans and to share ideas on how to create new economic opportunities while also responding to job losses in coal-related industries. On Friday, Route 50 published an excellent summary of the session, and our larger project , that is well worth reading.

[Honeybook in Software Advice] 4 Best CRM Solutions With Excellent Customer Service and Support Ratings


The post [Honeybook in Software Advice] 4 Best CRM Solutions With Excellent Customer Service and Support Ratings appeared first on OurCrowd. HoneyBook’s got you covered. The software lets users manage projects, book clients, sign contracts online, send invoices, and handle payments.

Why Support Software Is the Future of Work Email

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In 2005, I started as a customer support rep in the AdSense team at Google. My training focused on using a customer service tool called Trakken that Google had acquired and heavily modified to enable AdWords and AdSense teams to manage the torrent of inbound support emails from customers. In AdSense, a team of fewer than 100 people supported a few hundred thousand customers almost exclusively through email with customer satisfaction scores consistently above 90%.

The BF TechCelerator is Hosting a Pitch Event: Someone Will Walk Away With Up To $10,000!

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Come and show support for the entrepreneurs but stay to enjoy the rest of the evening. A partnership with Invent Penn State designed to offer the region’s entrepreneurs, students, faculty members, and small business owners designated space, loan and investment programs, business support and mentoring services, and entrepreneurial training all housed in one location.

Climate Crisis Update: “Yes, It’s Terrible but No, I Can’t Support a Strike”


And invariably the answer is some form of “No, I really can’t support a strike.” I am pretty sure my list of excuses here is far from comprehensive and I will encounter new ones as I keep asking people to join and support the strike.

Show me the money: how entrepreneurial support programs (and organizations) become financially sustainable

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Creating financially sustainable Entrepreneurial Support Programs (ESPs) and Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs) helps to ensure that they can survive the loss any revenue stream–and continue to serve clients and generate results, whether those are jobs, new business starts, etc. Change happens and it can be unpredictable.

“Nipping Anxiety in the Bud” is a Family Affair for a Local Mother and Son

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Blog #startup funding ben franklin technology partners bootcamps business mentor business support entrepreneurs how to make a pitch innovation TechCelerator@StateCollege technologyTECH CELERATOR @STATE COLLEGE , – Judy and Kadin Karaky know a thing or two about anxiety. Anxiety has always been present in my life and the lives of the people I care about – even our dog gets anxious”, commented Judy Karaky, a Penn State graduate with a degree in Elementary Education.

[TechSee in TechTarget] TechSee Smart uses AI vision to aid contact center support


The post [TechSee in TechTarget] TechSee Smart uses AI vision to aid contact center support appeared first on OurCrowd.

Ben Franklin Grew Pa.’s Economy by $4.1 Billion, Created 11,407 Jobs from 2012 to 2016: Challenges remain because of state funding shortfalls

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Ben Franklin does this by serving as a powerful ally for startups and innovation-led companies and by providing the essential support they need to thrive and succeed.”. Each center is united by a single mission — to invest in early-stage innovation-led firms and help to develop and support a more competitive and attractive Pennsylvania economy that creates highly paid, sustainable jobs. STATE COLLEGE, Pa.

Global Leader in Salivary Bioscience is Grateful for Ben Franklin’s Investment

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Salimetrics supports thousands of saliva researchers in more than 20 countries around the world. News Newsroom #startup funding ben franklin technology partners business support entrepreneurs funding innovation PA tech startups product development Salimetrics Salivary Assays Salivary bioscience startup funding in PA state college tech-startups

Tech-Startups Get Their Start With Ben Franklin’s TechCelerator Program!

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News Uncategorized #startup alleghenies #startup funding ben franklin technology partners bootcamps business mentor business support entrepreneurs funding how to make a pitch innovation PA product development Somerset startup funding in Somerset tech startup technologyBen Franklin’s TechCelerator@Somerset is inviting the area’s emerging entrepreneurs to participate in an intensive 8-Week Startup Accelerator.


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News Newsroom #startup funding ben franklin technology partners business mentor business support entrepreneurs funding innovation product development startup funding in PA tech-startups technology TZeroSTATE COLLEGE, PA – Doesn’t a cold, frosty beer sound good? Turns out, it actually does! Founded by three Penn State University engineering graduates, TZero Labs www.tzerolabs.com is a sensor technology and data-company that lets brew masters “ hear the beer ” as it ferments.


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Blog News Newsroom #startup funding ben franklin technology partners business support entrepreneurs heat recovery market innovation product development Saint-Gobain Spinworks SpyroCor startup funding in PA tech startup tech-startups technologyERIE, PA – More than 15 years ago, a Penn State Erie faculty member, Tom Briselden and his team at Spin-Works LLC, developed an innovative, silicon-carbide radiant tube insert called a SpyroCor.

Strong strategies and tactics support your goal.


The structure combined the listing of the goal with a series of strategies and then tactics, each designed to support each other, each measurable and made public throughout the organization. Now we’re getting organized. There are many ways to express the roadmap for your enterprise. One of the most popular was used by the U.S. Army late in World War II, and adopted by a number of high profile businesses such as Texas Instruments after the War.

Rethinking Pitch Competitions: Create Value, Not a Spectacle

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VentureWell Director of Venture Development, Eli Velasquez offers insights on how to develop pitch competitions that provide maximum support to startups.

Contribute to A-M-D, or support someone who does.


Everyone supports the contribution to AMD in some way, or, according to Erik’s challenge, should not be here breathing the air, taking valuable space and consuming scarce resources. Focusing your entire staff on a simple, understandable set of functions in support of the goal is a masterful way to increase productivity, create urgency and measure contribution of individuals to the common good. Accumulate or acquire (product line, breadth of services).

Growing a Living Community

Co Starters

CO.STARTERS Summit Highlights Deepened Support for Entrepreneurial Leaders. There’s often too much to do, conflicting priorities, and often not enough support for the people who are dedicated to supporting new entrepreneurs.

Techstars Foundation Accepting 2019 Grant Applications


The Techstars Foundation’s mission is to develop and support underrepresented entrepreneurs by providing nonprofit organizations with grants and access to the Techstars Network. The Techstars Foundation has supported 15 nonprofit organizations and hundreds of underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Five Years of Transformation

Co Starters

CO.STARTERS recently passed the five-year mark as a company, representing more than a decade of learnings in what is now known as “ecosystem building” support. What we now call CO.STARTERS began in 2008 as a grassroots effort supporting local creative entrepreneurs in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Welcome Tony Wang as 500’s New Managing Partner


500 centers itself around supporting bold, innovative founders around the world. As venture dollars increasingly shift towards being deployed outside of the U.S., firms need to be thinking about their strategy to manage the trend towards globalization.

12 Days of Starters: Give the Gift of Small

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Give the gift of small and shop local anywhere from the convenience of your couch while you leverage your holiday gift purchases to support starters and the communities they—and you!—call Supported by Launch NOLA, New Orleans Learn More View Project CO.STARTERS 2018-12-01T09:44:03-04:00.