5 Things VC Associates Wish Founders Knew Before Their Call

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In this Dreamit Dose, associates Alana Hill and I, Elliot Levy , offer five things we wish founders knew after screening over 1,000 startups in the last year. That’s something I didn’t realize when I was a founder sitting on the other side of the table.

Announcing the Founder Support Fund


I’m excited to announce the Founder Support Fund. It’s an evergreen microgrant-making fund dedicated to supporting founders’ mental and emotional health and well-being. And many startup founders have been particularly affected by the stress and unknowns of this time. .


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Founder Led Companies

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I remember about fifteen years ago, a well-known VC said to me “you need to sell a company within a few years of the founder leaving. Companies can’t sustain their innovation after a founder leaves.”

Founders Share Stories and Encouragement on Mental Wellness


Over the past few months, the GAN Community came together to support startup founders who have been deeply impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Startup life is hard enough; now, the pandemic has left many founders in an impossible position.

Why Investing in Female Founders Matters Now More Than Ever


500 actively invested in founders who were diverse or were building for diverse customers; we shunned manels by making sure to feature female speakers at our events, so that it wasn’t predominantly men doing the talking.

Women millionaire founders under 35: Three different journeys

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Contributed by Libby Rothschild , EO New Jersey, the founder of Dietitian Boss , an online education and coaching platform that shows registered dietitians how to start, grow and scale a virtual private practice.

The Moments that Define Investor and Founder Relationships

This is going to be BIG.

In almost every single investment I’ve ever made, I can think of a singular moment in my relationship with a founder that, no matter what came before or what might come after, defined our relationship. Often times, it came in a very vulnerable and down moment for the founder—perhaps they just lost out on a big opportunity, had someone from the team leave, or they’re running low on capital before sales have come around.

Six Reasons We Love Investing in Founders in Small Cities


Here’s the thing, though: We know that an uneven amount of dollars go to founders in major tech hubs—the Londons and San Franciscos of the world. And, three years into running our fund at GAN Ventures, with over 25 investments (almost exclusively in founders operating in cities like the ones I just mentioned), we’ve seen investment markups on a full third of our portfolio. Most founders in smaller cities are already leaders in their communities. (It’s

13 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Best Business Advice

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Ai-Ling Wong—founder at The Decorateur. Alex Louey—founder and managing director at Appscore . Andrea Grisdale—founder and CEO at IC Bellagio. David Fastuca—founder at Ambisie and founder at Locomote. Demi Markogiannaki—founder at WeTeachMe.

The Four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism

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Kent Gregoire is an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member and founder of Symphony Advantage, which helps CEOs achieve ongoing success through strategic thinking, advice and planning. Contributed to EO by Kent Gregoire.

Introducing Trust, and the Importance of Product-Founder Fit

Both Sides of the Table

founders, marketers, investors?—?and As a VC, one of the key things I’m looking for in any new investor is “product-founder fit” e.g. does this founder have an insight or advantage that makes them uniquely suited to successfully build this product and business?

Founder Control

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

As I said in this post , I am generally a “one share one vote proponent”, but I have supported founder control provisions in a few companies where I was or am on the board. The founder had a 10:1 supervoting provision and controlled a majority of the board seats. But I can only imagine that WeWork was running out of cash and needed funds from its existing investors and the founder had to cede all of that to keep the company afloat.

Why I’ve Stopped Searching for a Tech Co-founder

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founder-stories founders entrepreneurship startup-lessons startupDon’t have a business partner? Don’t let it stop you from building your startup. Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

The Difference Between Rich Founders and Poor Founders, From an ex-VC

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It’s not about being rich, it’s about repeatedly building value What some people think will happen when you become a founder | source I love the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Let’s tastefully call this phenomenon: Rich Founder, Poor Founder. Most founders end up owning 5%-20%.

Why We Invest in Authentic Founders


When GAN Ventures considers whether to invest in a startup, we look for four primary things: Authentic founders: Founders that know their own strengths and weaknesses and aren’t afraid to ask for help. Passionate founders: Founders that joyfully know more about their market than most people would think is normal to know about anything. Authentic founders communicate what’s going on with themselves.

Underrepresented Founders and The Discouraging Pass

This is going to be BIG.

While I got some very kind words on my recent writings , I heard from some founders that didn't feel like they got treated fairly—specifically around feeling patronized or dismissed—and that I wasn't showing enough action to improve on that. It’s easy in my position to forget how much courage it takes to pitch something for any founder—but especially founders for whom stepping out and taking this kind of risk feels like it comes with a bigger downside.

A Founder's Guide to Notes & SAFEs: Caps, Discounts & More

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We hear founders say “I did a SAFE and inventors get a 20% discount and a $7m cap”. Sophisticated investors will argue that an uncapped note or SAFE misaligns founder and investor interests. Raising early-stage funding?

5 Mistakes Derailing Startup Founders


Sometimes when you’re in the zone as a founder, a case of the twisties can utterly derail progress. The top 5 mistakes founders make right before burning their startup to the ground: Waiting too long to launch. Arriving at a minimum viable product or MVP is torture for founders.

How to find a Technical Co-Founder for your Startup

Entrepreneur's Handbook

Advice for non-technical founders for finding a serious CTO for your startup Finding a co-founder is hard work. Finding a technical co-founder is even harder. Yet, the benefits of having a technical co-founder make it all worthwhile.

Why Founders Have No Clue How They Raised (Or Failed To)

This is going to be BIG.

For years, he went on to advise other founders about how to generate VC interest, which really could have amounted to, “Be a warm body with a pulse in a sector that firm got shut out of a deal in.” Founders get “happy ears”. Sometimes it all seems like magic.

Female founders are making a buzzing, venture-backed comeback


The coronavirus pandemic disproportionately reduced venture capital funding for female founders last year, despite a greater boom in fundraising thanks to megafunds and the advent of Zoom investing.

Free Money for Student Tech Founders

David Teten VC

We have collected a wide range of freebies, contests, accelerators, online communities, and VCs designed for student tech founders. The Kauffman Foundation found 47% of US tech founders held degrees in STEM while 34% held degrees in business, finance, and accounting.

Look Outside of Silicon Valley to See How Founders Can Be Successful Post-Covid-19


The post Look Outside of Silicon Valley to See How Founders Can Be Successful Post-Covid-19 appeared first on 500 Startups. Founders International Covid-19 entrepreneurs global ecosystems innovation500 Startups kicked off a new series called Innovation Coffee Breaks.

3 Simple Ways Startup Founders Eliminate Burnout

Entrepreneur's Handbook

mental-health psychology entrepreneurship startup foundersLearn how to cultivate sustainable success by optimizing your mental, physical, and emotional health. Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

UK report spotlights the huge investment gap facing diverse founders


VC has been invested over the past decade according to race, gender and educational background makes for grim reading — with all-ethnic teams and female entrepreneurs receiving just a fraction of available funding versus all-white teams and male founders.

5 More Things VCs Wish Startup Founders Knew

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co-founder). This shows that you’re comfortable at “trial closing” and the type of founder who actively looks for the “obstacles to sale.” It set you miles apart from other founders and quickly demonstrate your sales skills.

Social Media and Thought Leadership for Founders

This is going to be BIG.

Just the immediate priorities seem to take up more than one person’s potential working hours—so it’s no surprise that when it comes to something like social media, many founders have trouble making it a priority. The consequences of failing to position a founder’s profile aren’t always obvious—and it’s usually all about missed opportunities. Some founders get more press, get speaking opportunities or have an easier time fundraising thanks to leads that started with social media.

6 career options for ex-founders seeking their next adventure


David Teten is founder of Versatile VC and writes periodically at teten.com and @dteten. Hey, founders between gigs: What now? Unfortunately, most founders are not in that position: nine out of 10 startups fail. David Teten. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Founders ‘bootstrap’ Crossroads LED into industry leader

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Founders ‘bootstrap’ Crossroads LED into an industry leader. Founders ‘bootstrap’ Crossroads LED into an industry leader. The post Founders ‘bootstrap’ Crossroads LED into industry leader appeared first on i2E. By Scott Meacham.

Calling All Founders

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

In this program, founders are connected to the CIOs of the top banks, brokerages, and insurance companies in NYC as they work on their products and pitches. And then there is the newest one, the Transit Tech Accelerator , where founders who are building transit companies are connected to the leading transit systems in the NY Metro area while they work on their products and pitches. NYC’s Partnership runs some outstanding accelerator programs.

Founders should use predictive modeling to fundraise smarter


Billy Libby is the CEO and co-founder of Upper90 , a $1.5 billion hybrid fund that provides founder-friendly credit and equity to top disruptors in e-commerce and fintech. Founders should think about their business as four distinct parts. Billy Libby. Contributor.

Raising money is catastrophically challenging for female founders


Shanea Leven is co-founder and CEO of CodeSee , a developer platform that helps developers and development teams better understand codebases. Raising money is catastrophically challenging for female founders, and even harder for Black female founders.”. Shanea Leven. Contributor.

3 Traits You Need to Develop to Be a Successful First-Time Founder

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founders entrepreneurship startup startup-lessons traits-of-entrepreneursTake risks, conquer your fears, and never give up Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

How much can you pay yourself as a founder?

This is going to be BIG.

If founder salaries are supposed to be no more than some set number, how does that work if a founder is a single mom with three kids and a mortgage. For example, if Katrina Lake, the founder of Stitch Fix, went off to start a new company, pretty much any investor would give her a blank check to do it. On the other hand, do you think that same number is the primary motivating factor for the black female founder, weather she, too, went to Harvard and can code or not.

Startup School for Future Founders

Y Combinator

We launched Startup School as an online program in 2017 to support founders actively working on building their companies. On November 9th, we’re also opening Startup School to potential founders who are interested in starting a company in the future.

The Surprising Toll of Entrepreneurship on Founders’ Mental Health

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entrepreneurship founders startup psychology mental-healthAn unspoken story of loss and a misguided attempt at healing Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

How Much Should Founders Pay Themselves?

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Founders are Working for Equity But Equity Can’t Pay the Mortgage Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». venture-capital entrepreneurship startup salary income