Continued investment needed for economic growth

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In today’s world, a state’s economic growth demands investment in innovation and high-tech industries — especially for a natural resource-rich state like ours that must leverage our existing resource base to diversify our economy for the future. By Scott Meacham. Copyright © 2019, The Oklahoman.

The New Economy Starts with Gender Inclusive Programs

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Women are already experiencing the economic and social consequences of the pandemic. Their capacity to absorb economic shocks is therefore less than that of men.” Gender inequality is a global problem.


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Companies will be more sustainable after COVID-19 I

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Impact Hubs have also made available aid to economically fragile members, information on specific state aid has been provided and collections have been made for the most affected entrepreneurs, groups, and companies. How has COVID-19 affected the purpose and modus operandi of companies?

What Will Workplaces Look Like After The Pandemic?

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All Europe SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Social innovation

What the Pact for Impact Summit can Teach us about Measuring Success

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With burning fires in Australia to rising international tensions and now a pandemic, moving to a more sustainable political and economic system is more critical and more urgent than ever before. From the outset we have shaped our network into the solid structure it is by supporting both economically viable and socially beneficial enterprises. Recent trends indicate that SSE organizations, even through times of economic recession, have shown significant growth.

9 Ventures Forming the Future of Fashion

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Europe North America Programs SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production SDG 13 - Climate Action SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure SDGs Social innovation america Fashion innovation SustainabilityOver 80 million* people are employed globally in the fashion industry, and yet many of them are at risk of exploitation and unsafe working conditions.

Forget Presidential Politics: Here’s How We Create Jobs — And How You Can Help


growth to other developed countries, “It isn’t difficult to be the least dirty shirt in the hamper these days.” Nevertheless, there are literally thousands of other examples scattered around the country, each of which grew from a founder or two with an idea to a successful growth company employing scores, hundreds or even thousands of skilled employees, with the attendant benefits to the local and national economy.

How Madrid Promotes Female Entrepreneurship

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Europe Programs SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities SDG 5 - Gender Equality SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth SDGs Social innovation business entrepreneurship program scaling SDG10 sdg5 SDG8 spainWomen are a key element in the family economy in Spain, although over recent years they have been greatly affected by high rates of unemployment. If we add the gender pay gap to this, it means that, generally speaking, women earn less than men for doing the same job.

Press Release: Impact Hub Joins Pact for Impact Summit 2019

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Impact Hub Executive Director, Gabriela Gandel will be featured as a panelist to share Impact Hub’s commitment to social and economic growth. At the conclusion of the event, there will be a signing of a Manifesto , including voluntary and concrete commitments in future months to improve the contribution of Social and Inclusive Economy to economic, social and human development in the world.

Impacting world hunger via SMS

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Africa & Middle East All SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Social innovation innovationAs part of Impact Hub and WWF’s ‘Join Forces for the Climate’ campaign, we had a chance to speak to Roger Akayesi, Communications & Marketing Lead at Ignitia. This venture is the world’s first and most accurate tropical weather forecasting company.

industry and university collaboration: how partnership drives innovation

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Industry and university collaboration produces groundbreaking research and innovation that solves complex problems, drives economic growth, and creates a more skilled workforce. The post industry and university collaboration: how partnership drives innovation appeared first on VentureWell. Faculty I&E Ecosystems entrepreneurial mindset National Science Foundation

expanding equity in STEM innovation: showcasing female founders of color

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Innovation and entrepreneurship are fundamental drivers of economic growth. Studies show that diversity is key to sparking innovation and developing holistic solutions in early-stage ventures, The post expanding equity in STEM innovation: showcasing female founders of color appeared first on VentureWell. Inclusive entrepreneurship STEM

How To Grow Your Economy. Build It, Don’t Buy It!

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Building Startup Communities is the Way to Economic Growth and Recovery. And yet, our economic policies espoused by governments and traditional economic development approaches continue to focus on attracting big businesses. Fewer startups leads to less productivity growth.

2019 State of Coworking: Over 2 Million Coworking Space Members Expected


The market for coworking spaces has undergone remarkable growth in the last couple of years and continues to flourish to this day. And new questions are being asked: what if economic growth slows and a new financial crisis emerges? Locations in megacities, however, seem to have reached the limits regarding their size. Who would profit and who would lose?

Navigating the Stages of Community Growth


Despite suffering significant economic loss which spawns a culture of grim survival, a growing number of communities are beginning to break free of the past in an unexpected comeback. Taking local institutional leaders by surprise, rapid economic and cultural transformation is occurring in unlikely places, often led by strange grassroots groups of creatives and non-traditional entrepreneurs. A new model for economic development. A community growth pattern.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

American PreCast Industries , located in Clarion, is focused on innovative, cost effective products to meet the economic pressures from COVID-19 while stimulating regional economic growth.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

American Precast Industries , located in Clarion, is focused on innovative, cost effective products to meet the economic pressures from COVID-19 while stimulating regional economic growth.

Supporting Entrepreneurs Wherever They Are, Including Prison


Utilizing our network’s privilege in order to drive personal and economic growth for people with criminal histories allows us to drive a meaningful impact and provide a ray of hope. Defy Colorado is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with criminal histories — who they call Entrepreneurs in Training — create legal business ventures outside of prison.

Our Economy Measures Success with the Wrong Metrics. Here is How We Should Measure Successful Economic Development


A collection of people organized toward achieving shared economic goals is a “business.” If we want to know if a city, state, or nation is thriving we measure their entire economic output and divide it among their population. Modern GDP measurement is a crude economic tool developed in the 1930s by economist Simon Kuznets for a report he was required to give to Congress. Here is How We Should Measure Successful Economic Development appeared first on CO.STARTERS®.

Cities Championing and Expanding Awareness of Entrepreneurship

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Research shows that entrepreneurs and young companies are the key drivers of economic growth. They need to understand why entrepreneurship is critical for economically thriving communities.

Innovation Policy and the Economy: Some New Research

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The Spatial Mismatch between Innovation and Joblessness (Glaeser/Hausman): Ed Glaeser is considered one of the leading “gurus” on regional economics and innovation. The Changing Structure of American Innovation: Some Cautionary Remarks for Economic Growth (Arora, Belenzon, Pattaconi and Suh): This paper describes a critical divide in American innovation. Universities have stepped in to fill the research void, but this division does not bode well for economic growth.

Request for Startups: Government 2.0

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Since 2013, this number has been as high as 65% — even though we are experiencing our 10th straight year of economic growth. To be clear, we do not seek to replace the government and its policymakers but seek to fund startups that create solutions that provide Americans the foundations for economic growth. In 2018, Pew Research Center reported that 57% of Americans believe that children in America today will be worse off financially than their parents.

Where have you gone, Bill de Blasio?

This is going to be BIG.

I’m not writing this to look back, but to look forward—to acknowledge that while New York City isn’t the disaster area the NY Post would have you believe it to be, it has some really serious problems that it needs to dig out of—much of it economic, but under the covers, systemic. Despite years of economic growth in the city, the homeless population was larger at the start of this year than when the Mayor took office. Reports of NYC’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

The New economy starts with Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs

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Double-digit sales growth was reached by 67 percent of our members and 78% of members expanded the amount of goods and services provided. As we all know, these past months have been daunting. Our world has been on a halt like never before.

YC’s Fall Tour 2020

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We believe startups will be a continued driver of innovation and economic growth around the world, and we hope to see more startups start in places that haven’t historically been thought of as technology hubs.

5 Questions with Dr. Roshawnna Novellus


EnrichHER’s investment platform is fueling the growth of women business by enabling female founders to secure capital in an affordable and non-dilutive way. Dr. Novellus is a gender equality advocate who believes in economic empowerment and inclusive economic growth. Roshawnna Novellus is the Founder and CEO of EnrichHER , a financial technology platform with regulatory approval to help women secure funding to grow their ventures.

Minority-Owned Small Businesses Especially Impacted by COVID-19, Can Get Free Help From SCORE


And yet, Hispanic entrepreneurs have continued to demonstrate strong growth, outpacing other groups in recent years. Census Bureau, show Hispanic-owned businesses reporting an average revenue growth of 14%, outpacing the growth of the U.S. COVID-19 has had a major impact on U.S.

Why Recessions Are a Good Time to Start a Side Hustle


They’re not so regular as to be predictable and they cause real economic damage, but they don’t halt business and entrepreneurship entirely. Recessions both expose existing economic problems and create new issues specific to that downturn.

Governor’s 2020-21 Budget Proposes $5 Million Increase for Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Tom Wolf today announced that his proposed 2020-21 General Fund budget will include a $5 million increase for the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority (BFTDA), which funds the statewide Ben Franklin Technology Partners initiative, one of the most widely known and emulated state technology-based economic development programs in the nation. HARRISBURG, Pa. 24, 2020) — Gov.

The importance of “Grow Your Own” (Part One)

Carol Lauffer

Grow Your Own is an umbrella term for economic development models that use entrepreneurship and small business development as the tool to create economic growth. Grow Your Own focuses on local strengths, small businesses and entrepreneurs in one’s own community–instead of spending resources to attract companies from outside–as a way to foster economic growth.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

With funding support from the BB&T Economic Growth Fund at the Lancaster County Community Foundation, the Tech Celerator @TheCandy Factory, offers free business-grade WiFi, six conference rooms with large screen TVs and whiteboards, three workshop areas, event space, and parking for guests and clients along with business mentoring and support services provided by Ben Franklin’s Transformation Business Services Network personnel.

How Will Beneficial Ownership and Blue Sky Fees Legislation Impact the Startup Ecosystem?

Angel Capital Association

Proposed legislation for the Anti Money Laundering Act could severely impact the small business community and impinge upon an economic recovery. In addition to data security, privacy, and reporting burdens, the Angel Capital Association believes that passage of these provisions would significantly dampen investment in small, start-up companies that are the engine fueling economic growth and job creation in our country.

How High Rents Hinder Startup Activity


This multiplier effect is powerful for economic growth, but comes with drawbacks. Many of these five multiplier jobs don’t pay that wage, and without those jobs it’s hard to sustain future tech growth. Most notably, on the supply side is The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), which offers tax credits as part of the capital stack to developers, making it more economical to develop for lower rents.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners to Appear Before PA Senate Appropriations Committee – 3:00 PM, Wednesday, March 6, live-streamed: [link]

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

That is simply not sustainable to foster the economic growth our Commonwealth needs. In fact, the most recent independent economic analysis shows that every dollar invested by the state into Ben Franklin generates $3.90 These high-value services accelerate clients’ growth and international competitiveness, and help them to identify and establish new markets. But now other states are investing heavily in innovation and high-tech economic development.

The Startup Community Way: Five Lessons for U.S. Policymakers

Ian Hathaway

The Startup Community Way: Evolving an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is essential reading for entrepreneurs, community leaders, policymakers, and other key stakeholders looking to entrepreneurship as an engine of innovation and economic growth.

Community Spotlight: Wheeling Heritage // Wheeling, Virginia


Wheeling Heritage’s strategy is to preserve the city’s historical heritage by stimulating economic growth and supporting entrepreneurs. . In collaboration with the Regional Economic Development Partnership , a local economic development organization, Wheeling Heritage joined the CO.STARTERS network in February 2018. . Half a century ago, Wheeling, West Virginia was a hub of entrepreneurship, innovation and manufacturing.

The Measurement Trap

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She’s an academic economist who rejects market orthodoxy and presents her arguments, persuasively, to the masses —a gift that many in the field of economics don’t possess. Mariana Mazzucato is one of my favorite thinkers.