Key Takeaways From Startup Grind Global

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After the Startup Grind Global conference, he took time to reflect on the lessons he learned from the many early-stage entrepreneurs he spoke with. After 20 sessions, over two intense back-to-back days, I took away many lessons that I am excited to implement. Carlo G.

Top Four Survival Tips for Small Business Owners

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Every day—perhaps every hour—you feel forced to reset your expectations, your goals and your strategy. Entrepreneurs jump in to offer solutions.”. Before you tackle the problems at hand, take time to reflect on your core purpose. Encourage your clients to post online reviews.

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Public Speaking Essentials

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Sure, business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t required to deliver keynote presentations at large conferences or launch side careers as inspirational speakers. Ready to become a better public speaker? TED Talks are a great place to start.

EO Entrepreneurs Share Strategies for Failure-Proofing Small Business

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Before diving into entrepreneurship, wouldn’t it be ideal to tap into the knowledge of experienced, thriving business owners for advice on failure-proofing a new business? Do whatever legwork is possible to validate your product-market fit before investing everything in your concept.

An Invitation to Explore and Adopt “Capitalism With Care”

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During the Great Recession of 2008-10, Kent guided dozens of CEOs and their companies successfully through the crisis and positioned them to capitalize on the economic expansion that followed. to learn how our collective behavior toward planet Earth played a role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advancing your business with the help of an accelerator

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

When emerging entrepreneur David Davila started to develop his idea of a family business selling coffee, one of his friends recognized that he had a great idea and encouraged him to apply to Union Kitchen, a startup accelerator in the United States. Connect with your peers.

Helping Big Get Small - Why I invested in Orchard's effort to help institutions participate in online lending

This is going to be BIG.

This creates a large opportunity for companies who see consumer trends and understand enterprises well enough figure out what it will take to get them to participate. This is essentially the bet that Box has made relative to Dropbox. Online lending, specifically peer to peer, is one of those markets. I''m excited to have made an investment through Brooklyn Bridge Ventures alongside Spark and Canaan in their initial round.

The NYC Helium Network

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

As many of you know, Helium is a peer to peer low bandwidth wireless network that anyone can run a hotspot for. This is token incentive economics at work in building out wireless infrastructure and I am excited to watch this happen.


A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

The idea behind Haven is: Finally, people anywhere in the world can connect directly to each other using their mobile devices and trade privately with no credit cards, no banks, and no tech companies tracking their activities, or charging listing and transaction fees. .

Are You a Leader or a Laggard?

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GS1 US, an information standards organization that helps brands identify their products for commerce, recently surveyed more than 500 entrepreneurs to identify best practices to achieve sustained success. Are you prepared to think big?

A Simple Conversation Can Improve Employee Performance

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Investing in your employees also happens to be a great way to invest in your business. At the end of some workdays, one of my foremen would return to our yard with dirty tools and equipment just tossed in the back of his truck. It was time to have a conversation.

Blockchain: Renewing Trust in Charities


We at DECENT are investing in educating communities about the different ways that blockchain can be leveraged to make the world a better place. For example, in 2018, we worked with Techstars to bring a Techstars Startup Weekend Decentralize to Boulder.

What the Facebook IPO means: 10 things

This is going to be BIG.

1) Expect the angel and seed stage market to continue to stay hot. Newly wealthy Facebookers will likely contribute massively to early stage companies, which means building relationships with companies early and actually rolling up sleeves to add value will be a must for investors. 2) Facebook will be hungry for growth in its ad business, and since it is running out of internet connected humans to connect to, it will need tools to make more out of each person.

“This is my EO journey”

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Our member network is committed to learning and helping each other succeed. Beth Chernick was EO New York’s chapter manager from 2003 to 2020. My first EO assignment was to work at a learning event hosted by co-learning chairs, Jason Englander and Larry Zogby.

6 Lessons From an Entrepreneur’s Journey

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Like many Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) members, he believes in continuous learning and improvement in order to take his businesses further and better serve the people that benefit from his services. At other times, the system can teach people not to go out on a limb.

Second Stage Companies: What’s All the Buzz About?

Carol Lauffer

At a recent InBIA conference, I found an overwhelming response to our session on the topic of programming for second stage companies. Directing economic development efforts at second stage companies can have a tremendous impact on the growth of these companies and the economic benefits to a community. Second stage businesses must expand their market and their teams, and of course, obtain capital to support their growth.

Take your Startup to the Next Level

Innovation 2 Enterprise

i2E’s e3 , formerly known as the Venture Assessment Program (VAP), has been a great tool for helping Oklahoma startup founders rigorously perform structured market validation of their ideas and solutions before they start creating products that the market does not want to buy.

The Post-Pandemic Entrepreneurial Support Organization (ESO): Creating a Model for the Economic Recovery

Carol Lauffer

To prepare for the upcoming recovery, your ESO (e.g. accelerator, incubator, coworking space, hub or other type of entrepreneurial support program) must start to plot the path forward. To begin the process, consider the following: Will your ESO’s mission be a fit for the new normal, or will adjustments be required? Your mission may not change; however, now is the appropriate time to discuss and reconsider with your board and stakeholders.

Food To Eat Founder, Deepti Sharma, Presents at Smart Hustle Growth Conference

Smart Hustle Magazine

Her company, Food to Eat specializes in connecting immigrant, women and minority-owned food vendors to opportunities for growth. Smart Hustlers seek to build healthy, profitably, great business. You’ll be able to share your experience with others and still learn a thing or two.

Why I applied to the Union Square Ventures analyst position

This is going to be BIG.

Why go back to a job I first took nine years ago when things are going so well for me and I''m running my own fund, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. Ringly , the most design savvy wearables company focused on fashionable women, recently graduated from the Highway1 Accelerator and I''m thrilled to see how beautiful their soon to be launched first product is. Versa has become the premier content marketing solution for real time responses to breaking news and trending headlines.

Her Accounting Business Is Rocking. Rachel Michaelov Shares Why at the Smart Hustle Growth Conference.

Smart Hustle Magazine

She posts how she's helped a client or saved them money or helped them in some way OR Rachel's sharing how a prospective client's finances are quite messed up and how she's GOING to help them or a lessons learned. Have you registered to attend?

Moving Forward: Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurial Support Programs During the Crisis

Carol Lauffer

about their approaches to meeting the challenges presented by COVID-19 and adapting to serve their members. Here are the key lessons learned that will help all of us to better serve entrepreneurs and small businesses in our communities and move our programs forward successfully: Embrace the value of virtual. Events and conferences that were once out-of-reach to potential participants due to location and/or travel costs are now accessible through a virtual platform.

Disrupting the Whole Damn Thing

This is going to be BIG.

Last night, I went to go see Dallas Buyers Club. Still, these entities are supposed to work for us and in our best interest. Because of their power and influence, they also know how to protect themselves through legal and regulatory methods quite well. They got bigger than we ever needed them to be and the more that we can seamlessly connect to each other, understand each other, and mobilize our numbers, the less we need them. I''m psyched to be a part of it.

Helping entrepreneurs to commercialize technology

Carol Lauffer

Accelerators and incubators can be very effective at helping entrepreneurs to commercialize technology. Five barriers to commercialization often prohibit entrepreneurs from getting to market: (1) business model and strategy, (2) market, (3) technology and intellectual property (IP) protection, (4) management, and (5) capital. In an incubator programs, the process is individualized, with a plan developed for each client tailored to its individual needs.

Protect your outlier innovators.


The company’s most valuable technical visionary, the person tasked with staying out in front of new technologies, developing the next generation of new products, and thinking “a mile above the box” is drawn into working on projects that are incremental to the product and to the existing business.

Here’s What’s Driving Collaborative Consumption and Where the Market May Head Next

Both Sides of the Table

Add unemployment to debt. Consider the case of Tradesy founder Tracy DiNunzio who could only launch her startup by giving up her bedroom for a year and earning $28,000 that allowed her to not have a full time job that year. It is the antidote to top-down control.

This Week in Venture Capital – Episode 3

Both Sides of the Table

Thank you to anybody who sent Jason a note on Twitter on my behalf. Before jumping into the post I wanted to point out one thing about doing TWiVC and posting my notes here on BSOTT. Peer-to-peer lending is back! Online peer-to-peer lending.

MakeSpace Raises an Additional $17.5 million and Unveils Strategy to Make Public Storage the Next Blockbuster Video

Both Sides of the Table

million in funding on TechCrunch led by Harmony Partners and Upfront Ventures to double its footprint of 3 cities (New York, Chicago & Washington DC) to 6 in 2016. And it’s easy to run circles around them as our product differentiation shows. Expanding to Cities.

Technology Trends: 10 Areas of Innovation to Watch for 2012

This is going to be BIG.

One of the best things any investor can do is to pull back from the day to day of getting pitches and think about high level trends. What areas are going to change? What areas need to be disrupted? What types of things might happen in 2012, as opposed to needing another 3-5 years to come to fruition. Election years tend to be good for technology diffusion. With the release of iCloud, that's less of an advantage now than it used to be.

How This Entrepreneur Raised $28,000 Using Airbnb to Fund Her Startup

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She drove her company to profitability before paying herself a modest salary. She leveraged herself and even sold many of her possessions to get started. And when her assets were tapped she rented out her bedroom and even her couch on Airbnb to afford her year-one operations.

Why Unicorns Are No Longer Enough. The Battle for Hendecorns

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We built MakeSpace’s logistics systems and customer applications (to see all of your items in storage in beautiful photography) in the first year. with further markets being announced later in the year but plans to expand our facilities are already under way.

The Case For & Against Cryptocurrencies (for those tired of all the noise)

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So I’m going to try and do a single sitting riff of how I’ve viewed the topic as I’ve watched the cheerleaders & naysayers from the sidelines. My goal is to lay out a basic framework for anybody unsure whom to listen to as a way of helping you think about a way to orient your own views.

Junk Removal Mogul Josh Cohen Presents at Smart Hustle Growth Conference

Smart Hustle Magazine

Franchising is a great way to expand one's business, if you have the staff and infrastructure in place to manage the franchise part of your business. He started the business in college using his mom's car to haul junk.

Liberal Peanut Butter

This is going to be BIG.

The best all-time exchange in his class that I got to witness was with my friend Gian, who was caught, like a deer in headlights on one particular question. Undaunted, as any true Regian would be in a situation where he had to speak on a topic he knew nothing about, words started to flow out of his mouth. He said that the factors that Murph had brought up in the question had all contributed to the "liberal background" at the time. You invite other humans to an event.

The Startup Sector That’s Quietly Booming

Tomasz Tunguz

I count seven major categories of innovation to date: Math Based Currencies/Payment Networks - Bitcoin might be the most well-known and best publicized math-based currency, but there are a handful of others in the market, like OpenCoin and LiteCoin.

What’s next in e-tailing – an ACK2012 panel

Fred Destin

At RueLaLa it's the exact opposite, where 45% of sales on mobile and tablets, of which 85% on Apple devices -- Ben states that the company's focus on mobile is absolute as core to its strategy. In particular, Pinch and pull, and generally the more tactile experience of tablets makes consumers more apt to purchase because they feel that they are interacting intimately with the products. The website is going to start looking like the Apps, not the other way around.

New investment models at MIT VC Conference

Fred Destin

I jotted down some notes, the main point of which is to present Kepha and Founder Collective and tell you what I really think of that continued Angel/VC debate. With $100M fund and $50M per partner, Eric says “he’s one of the big boys in the local market” but is keen to point out that they’re continuing to truly be early stage investors. Eric’s point : “it’s better to know you’re going down the wrong path early on when you’ve spent $250K rather than $5M Series A”.