Why Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Is Essential for Entrepreneurs

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Likewise, transmitting your experiences to others feels energizing. I’ve made monthly peer-mentoring sessions of 10 to 12 other entrepreneurs an integral part of my ongoing education. In no small part, the knowledge I’ve gleaned from my EO peers led me to my newest undertaking.

Staax thinks peer-to-peer payments can onboard a new generation of stock investors


For better or for worse, Robinhood helped inspire a new generation of investors to enter the stock market. Her initial idea was to gift her friends shares of stock — a thoughtful gesture, she hoped, that could help them kickstart their investing journeys.


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What Is Peer-To-Peer?


The IT world witnesses two significant types of network architectures: the client server-network and the peer-to-peer network. Hence, peer-to-peer network architecture came into existence. What Is Peer-To-Peer Network?

The gray revolution: Fundraising within the older adult space


We see an emphasis on young founders (“40 Under 40”), innovative ideas and disruptive challenges to legacy brands, incumbent companies and “old” ways of thinking. Older adults have so much to offer. Lawrence Kosick. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Deposits banks $5M for its plug-and-play approach to financial product creation


More companies are adding payments and other financial features to their offerings; however, this often requires technical expertise that some don’t have. They want to feel ownership. They want to make sure that it supports their community.

Peer-to-peer car-sharing company Turo files IPO to go public


Peer-to-peer car-sharing startup Turo has released its filing to become a publicly traded company in the United States, a process the company began confidentially in August. million in 2020, a 6% growth from the previous year, according to the S-1.

Car-sharing startup Turo expands to New York and France


Peer-to-peer car sharing company Turo is expanding to New York State and France in June, the company said on Wednesday. The expansion comes at a time when post/mid-Covid tourism is beginning to heat up, but renting a car will be difficult and expensive due to ongoing semiconductor shortages and supply chain issues. Prospective hosts can start pre-listing cars on Wednesday, and guests who want to book on Turo can start June 27, the company said.

Lydia adds stock and crypto trading to its payment app


French startup Lydia is entering a whole new category by adding trading to its financial super app later this year. Lydia users will be able to buy, hold and sell American and European shares, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and ETFs. After that, you have to send money.

MFS Africa collects $100M to expand its digital payments gateway across the region


Investor interest in African fintech continues to grab headlines with large fundraises. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that it has raised $100 million in Series C financing — split between $70 million equity and $30 million debt.

Car-sharing startup Turo has filed confidentially for an IPO


Turo, the peer-to-peer car-sharing startup, has initiated the confidential process of filing for an initial public offering with the U.S. The number of shares to be offered in the IPO and the price range have not yet been determined, the company said in a statement.

Digital bank Umba raises $15M, plans to expand into three new African markets


As the region continues to experience rapid growth in mobile usage and the corresponding growing young population, these fintechs think this is the right time to provide financial services to every market category, from the banked to the unbanked. million to date.

New capital positions luxury goods reseller Rebag for next round of innovation


We profiled Rebag back in 2015, when its name included two “g’s,” (gotta love URL availability) and had raised $4 million in seed funding to go after incumbents like The RealReal. Online Designer Bag Reseller Rebagg Gains $4 Million In Seed Funding To Take On TheRealReal.

Turo’s S-1 filing shows that unicorns can slingshot out of the pandemic


Peer-to-peer car-sharing company Turo filed to go public last night. That Turo has filed to go public is not a surprise. From 2019 to 2020, Turo recorded slim revenue growth. million to $149.9 million worth of negative net income in 2019 to $97.1

Looking to emulate Venmo, JoomPay preps a Euro launch for easy bill splitting and cash payments


JoomPay , a startup with a similar product to PayPal-owned Venmo in the U.S., is set to launch in Europe shortly after being granted a Luxembourg Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license. The app allows people to send and receive money with anyone, instantly and for free.

Booming edtech M&A activity brings consolidation to a fragmented sector


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force teachers, students and parents to adopt new technologies, edtech’s total addressable market has massively grown in the last several months. Content, to an extent, is commoditized.

Identiq, a privacy-friendly fraud prevention startup, secures $47M at Series A


Fraud prevention is big business, which is slated to be worth $145 billion by 2026, ballooning by eightfold in size compared to 2018. Identiq takes a different, more privacy-friendly approach to fraud prevention, without having to share a customer’s data with a third-party.

Goldfinch raises $25M from a16z to power its DeFi lending protocol for borrowers in developing countries


For all of the excitement pulsing through the so-called web3 space in the past year, most of the heartiest sums of investor dollars have seemed to find their way toward products touching users in the United States. How African refugees used bitcoin to build their own grassroots economy.

With investors expecting a Latin American cryptocurrency boom, Mexico’s Bitso raises $62 million


Six years after the launch of the Mexico-based cryptocurrency exchange and financial services platform Bitso , the company revealed it has closed on $62 million in financing to capitalize on the cryptocurrency boom investors expect to hit Latin America. .

Cabinet brings in $2.6M, designs software for executive assistants


Executive assistants are the ultimate multitaskers and instead of relying on half a dozen apps to make their jobs easier, startup Cabinet is pulling all of that together into one software package designed for the 10 million-person administrative professional market.

[Boatsetter in Yahoo!finance] Boat-sharing ‘a natural extension’ in peer-to-peer rentals, Boatsetter CEO says


Similar to ridesharing made popular by Uber (UBER) and Lyft (LYFT), and vacation rentals like Airbnb (ABNB), boat-sharing allows individuals to rent boats directly from their owners through peer-to-peer services.

Viola Credit closes $700M fund to provide asset-based lending to fintech startups


Fintech startup and alternative credit asset manager Viola Credit has closed its latest $700 million fund, which provides asset-based lending capital to fintech, proptech and insurtech startups. Instead, Viola provides lending capital to fintech lenders.

Blockchain startup Propy plans first-ever auction of a real apartment as a collectible NFT


We previously wrote about Propy using blockchain technology to smooth real-world real estate sales by introducing the concept of smart contracts. Propy was the first blockchain startup to make that work. And, by golly, they are going to try. And so I think that has to happen.

Using data-driven techniques to beat the Great Resignation


Throughout the pandemic, people had the space and time to consider what really matters to them, and to ask the big questions such as “Am I happy?”. Clearly, many workers are looking for ways to better manage family and work responsibilities. Meisha-ann Martin. Contributor.

Subspace Labs raises funding for a more scalable, sustainable blockchain


As the crypto space has grown in popularity, some of the most popular blockchains have struggled to meet user demand. . are more scalable than their older counterparts, they still make security and decentralization tradeoffs inherent to the proof-of-stake system.

End-to-end moving startup Updater buys on-demand moving startup Dolly


Moving services giant Updater is bringing on the team from Dolly as the New York company looks to expand its scope of offerings with the acquisition of the on-demand startup known for helping consumers execute small-scale moves. according to their website.

Anthony Levandowski’s latest moonshot is a peer-to-peer telecom network powered by cryptocurrency


The peer-to-peer open source wireless network called Pollen Mobile will incentivize its users with cryptocurrency to run their own mini cell towers and build out the network’s coverage in the Bay Area where the service is initially launching.

African fintech unicorn Chipper Cash lays off about 12.5% of staff


Yesterday, a few affected and non-affected employees took to LinkedIn to reveal the news. TechCrunch reached out to Chipper Cash for comment. It expanded to the U.K. — to facilitate peer-to-peer money movement from the U.S.

Top Four Survival Tips for Small Business Owners

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Every day—perhaps every hour—you feel forced to reset your expectations, your goals and your strategy. Entrepreneurs jump in to offer solutions.”. Before you tackle the problems at hand, take time to reflect on your core purpose. Encourage your clients to post online reviews.

The End of Web3

Tomasz Tunguz

Why isn’t time kind to these types of proclamations? We refer to each wave by its architecture advance: internet, mobile, cloud, data lake, single-page apps, containers, serverless. At some point, startups tinker enough with the new technology to discover the applications customers value most. For example, a gaming company might build an app on a classic cloud stack on AWS and offer a decentralized peer-to-peer NFT exchange.

#NewYearGoals2018: Harness the Power of Accountability

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Octane’s #NewYearGoals2018 series is focused on tackling small, attainable goals to realizing big results. Want to increase the likelihood of achieving your goals? The Four As of Accountability.

CRED acquires CreditVidya


The two firms will continue to operate independently and CRED will extend its employee stock program and other benefits to CreditVidya workforce, CRED said in a statement. “Expanding access to credit is a key driver for financial progress.

3 key ingredients for successful remote work

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The global coronavirus pandemic has forced a widespread shift to remote work. Around the world, parents struggle to find a quiet space to work, professionals battle with technology, and employers assess the safest way forward. . Keep them to 20 or less.

Enlist collaborators. Everyone is invited. Fireside Chat 3

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Social Venturers is launching a series of Fireside Chats to discuss what makes ecosystem builders effective. Every two weeks from September 10th until December 3rd, they are hosting peer-to-peer knowledge sharing sessions and you are invited! #3

Indian fintech CRED to invest in lending partner LiquiLoans


CRED plans to invest about $10 million in its lending partner LiquiLoans as the Indian fintech startup broadens its ownership in financial services, TechCrunch has learned and confirmed. “Our goal has been to build a trusted and credible P2P lending platform.

Chipper Cash gets $2B valuation with $150M extension round led by FTX


The company’s total Series C stands at $250 million but its total funding to date is over $305 million. Serunjogi founded Chipper Cash with Maijid Moujaled in 2018 to offer a no-fee peer-to-peer cross-border payment service in Africa via its app.

Live the Values. Fireside Chat 4

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Social Venturers is launching a series of Fireside Chats to discuss what makes ecosystem builders effective. Every two weeks from September 10th until December 3rd, they are hosting peer-to-peer knowledge sharing sessions and you are invited! #4

Foster Inclusive Conversations. Fireside Chat 2

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Social Venturers is launching a series of Fireside Chats to discuss what makes ecosystem builders effective. Every two weeks from September 10th until December 3rd, they are hosting peer-to-peer knowledge sharing sessions and you are invited! #2