How to thwart collaboration overload by working smarter

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Contributed by Rob Cross , professor of global leadership at Babson College, cofounder and research director of the Connected Commons business consortium, and author of Beyond Collaboration Overload: How to Work Smarter, Get Ahead, and Restore Your Well-Being.

Open Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Resilience through Collaboration


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Cultural re-onboarding: 3 ways to adapt to virtual collaboration

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Here’s what he shared: Organizations will need to pivot their corporate cultures if they wish to survive and thrive in the world of virtual collaboration after the pandemic. It includes the norms and practices that determine how people collaborate.

4 Ways to Promote Team Collaboration and Inspire Innovation Within Your Startup


Team collaboration. Startups that embrace inventiveness and creativity rise, and such innovation happens when leadership and teams unify in pursuit of a shared vision within a culture that highly values collaboration. Embrace collaborative tools and technology.

Expand your global reach by collaborating with ITÜ Çekirdek

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8 Collaborative Partnerships that are Driving Global Change

Impact Hub

Impact Hub is collaborating with a wide range of organizations to drive inclusive and sustainable change across sectors, both public and private. We believe that only through collaboration, we can solve today’s complex challenges.

Passive collaboration is essential to remote work’s long-term success


The best engineering work isn’t done in isolation, but in collaboration, as teams discuss, wrangle and brainstorm through problems. But we don’t yet have a complete substitute for in-person work because we continue to lack tooling in one critical area: passive collaboration.

Pitch Perfect: When Competition Meets Collaboration

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creating impact through collaborative design: q&a with Penny Herscovitch of ArtCenter College of Design

Venture Well

VentureWell faculty grantee, Penny Herscovitch of ArtCenter College of Design guides students in understanding the full dimensions of their collaborative design impact as inventors.

how collaboration can improve entrepreneurship education

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An assistant professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, The post how collaboration can improve entrepreneurship education appeared first on VentureWell. Tom Katona had been thinking quite a bit about a simple question. Faculty I&E Ecosystems entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurs and Economic Developers Both Want to Make a Difference in their Community. Here are Practical Ways they Can Improve their Collaboration.


While some communities are lucky enough to have economic developers and entrepreneurs that share these values and collaborate frequently, many communities do not. The most successful ecosystems have significant collaboration between both.

Enlist collaborators. Everyone is invited. Fireside Chat 3

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3 Enlist collaborators. Rick’s approach to recruiting mentors is the epitome of the third principle for effective ecosystem building: Enlist collaborators. Pm EST for a one-hour Fireside Chat about Ecosystem Building principle #3: Enlist collaborators.

industry and university collaboration: how partnership drives innovation

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Industry and university collaboration produces groundbreaking research and innovation that solves complex problems, drives economic growth, and creates a more skilled workforce. The post industry and university collaboration: how partnership drives innovation appeared first on VentureWell. Faculty I&E Ecosystems entrepreneurial mindset National Science Foundation

The Collaborative Web: Github is the New Flickr

This is going to be BIG.

Enter the collaborative web--where people get together to actively create, build things and solve problems. The collaborative web arrived after the social web hit a tipping point. The seminal application of the collaborative web--Github--was launched in April 2008. Need to find a collaborator? What's also fueling this growth in collaborative software is the slow death of the big corporation.

Visual collaboration company Miro valued at $17.5B following $400M in new funding


CEO Khusid told TechCrunch he considers the company a “pioneer of visual collaboration,” with its early days as a digital whiteboard. Visual collaboration is something that allows teams in companies to better be on the same page.

Crowdsourcing, collaboration, support groups. Oh my.


With new collaborative tools available for use in the cloud, people are no longer isolated in their creative endeavors. How do you use the new tools for collaboration to enable people and computers to be connected so that collectively they act more intelligently than any individual?

State embraces collaborative culture with Oklahoma Innovation Model

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Our vision is that this state becomes recognized as a technology corridor by embracing partnerships and collaboration between our academic enterprises, our industrial complex, and supportive government programs and policies.”. By Scott Meacham.

‘Knowledge-as-a-service’ platform Lynk announces collaboration with UBS


The collaboration means the banking giant’s research analysts and institutional clients, including hedge funds, private equity firms and sovereign wealth funds, will have access to Lynk’s database of 840,000 experts around the world.

The State of Startup Collaboration at Large Health Systems | 2020 Survey

Dream It

A new survey finds that health system leaders are actively seeking new commercial relationships with startups regardless of when “normal” returns but startup success hinges on not only addressing solutions that are on health systems' shortlist but also data supporting a clear ROI.

Get to the Bottom of Your Employees’ Collaboration Issues

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A Quantitative Approach to Trust Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». work management startup leadership entrepreneurship

The New Economy Starts with Networks of Collaboration

Impact Hub

Collaboration is part of our History. The data and information that we have been gathering, for the last 6 years as part of our annual surveys in the Impact Hub network, constantly confirms that community is the solution no matter the issue, and networks of collaboration play the main role.

Our Vision and Call for Collaboration in the Face of COVID-19

Impact Hub

We can still COLLABORATE. The Impact Hub network’s vision is to take collaborative action for a better world. As a global network sitting in over 100 locations worldwide, we are familiar with remote cooperation, having collaboration as one of our key values.

Collaborators in Equitable Ecosystem Building

Forward Cities

Forward Cities is fortunate to have a growing number of funding and ecosystem building partners to help us deepen and expand our work. Home Slider Uncategorized

Collaborate and Communicate Remotely with Webinars and Video conferencing

Smart Hustle Magazine

Effective communication and collaboration are crucial during this trying time and outside of it to keep businesses and education running smoothly. The post Collaborate and Communicate Remotely with Webinars and Video conferencing appeared first on

Singapore-based gets $6M to help B2B sales team collaborate more effectively


This makes it hard for them to collaborate, follow playbooks (or sets of best practices) and get a full understanding of their deals pipeline and revenue. integrates with different apps, surfaces key data and delivers it to the most convenient collaboration tool for a team, like Slack.

Beams wants to turn collaborative audio clips into a social media biz


“We are all about building a platform, and a community around collaborative short-form audio.

Liveblocks is an API that lets you add real-time collaboration to your product


Meet Liveblocks , a startup that has been working on a set of APIs so that it’s easier to build a collaborative product. Guillaume Salles and I decided to work together on a browser-based collaborative presentation/video tool.

Jam raises $3.5 million to Figma-tize product collaboration


The web of collaboration apps invading remote work toolkits have led to plenty of messy workflows for teams that communicate in a language of desktop screenshots and DMs.

Fiberplane nabs € 7.5M seed to bring Google Docs-like collaboration to incident response


Fiberplane , an Amsterdam-based early stage startup that is building collaborative notebooks for SREs (site reliability engineers) to collaborate around an incident in a similar manner to group editing in a Google Doc, announced a ??€

10 Ways to Enhance Your Team Collaboration Skills


It takes a great entrepreneur with a great vision to start a business, but it takes a collaboration of many people to make it a success. That’s where leadership comes in as a key ingredient, to drive the collaborative process to make the whole team better than the sum of the parts. It all starts with how to be the leader in your own life, but then extends to learning the following skills she outlines for building a great collaborative team: Build and maintain trust.

Engageli nabs $33M more for its collaborative video-based teaching platform


As schools move more widely into reopening their doors for in-person learning, many educational institutions have also learned a critical lesson in the last year.

The Human-Machine Alliance: Fostering The Age Of Collaboration

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Combine the unique, different strengths of humans and machines Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». business-science humanity machine-learning data-science strategy

General Catalyst, Abstract back Wanderlog’s $1.5M round for collaborative travel


Twin brothers Harry and Peter Yu grew up traveling all over, an aspect of their lives that continued even into their careers.

Ditto raises $1.5 million to help teams collaborate on copy


Even as remote software uptake has boomed during the pandemic, certain workflows have gotten prioritized for specialized toolsets while other team members have been left piecemealing their productivity.

Flutterwave and PayPal collaborate to allow African merchants to accept and make payments


That might be a thing of the past for some businesses as African payments company Flutterwave today is announcing a collaboration with PayPal to allow PayPal customers globally to pay African merchants through its ‘Pay with PayPal’ feature.

Recapped lands $6 million for collaborative sales software that gets the customer in the mix


Recapped , a startup building collaborative sales software, announced the close of a $6.3 He felt firsthand the difficulty of collaboration in the sales space, not only with members of the sales team and other departments within an organization, but also with the buy side of a transaction.

Bild takes in funding to share, collaborate on hardware designs in the cloud


He left Apple and started Bild in 2020, with CTO Avinash Kunaparaju and COO Derrick Choi, to put this type of collaboration into the cloud so that teams across an organization would be able to more easily review design processes leading to faster product releases. “We Bild collaboration tool.