Startup Pitching 301

Paul G. Silva

This is the 3rd post in the “Startup Pitching” series. View all posts in the “Startup Pitching” series. Innovation Accelerator Startup Pitching SeriesIn this post we’ll go over advanced-level (301) techniques. The one (maybe two) number rule.

Startup Pitching 201

Paul G. Silva

This is the 2nd post in the “Startup Pitching” series. So simplify your pitch. If your product solves 10 pain points then in the pitch focus on the top 2-3 most important ones and simply hint at the others. You can take the same concept and apply it to your pitch.


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Startup Pitching 101

Paul G. Silva

Multi-person pitches add complexity that almost always leads to people going over time, stepping on each other, or confusing the audience. Most of the time it is simply to get another, longer “date” with the people you are pitching to.

Pitch me!

This is going to be BIG.

It''s a co-working space full of creatives and freelancers, most of whom who have never pitched an investor, and probably never seen a startup pitch either. The first question I always get, which I find endlessly hilarious, is "Don''t you get tired of people pitching you all the time?". That''s the key--when you think you can help just about anyone, and you really do like helping people, each new pitch is an opportunity. Other pitches!

Startup Pitching Checklist

Paul G. Silva

This is the checklist / boil down of the techniques listed in the pior 3 posts in the “Startup Pitching” series. After you complete a draft of your pitch, go over this list to make sure you’ve applied as many of the techniques as possible. One rehearsed presenter – Pick one person to deliver your presentation, don’t tag team your pitches. View all posts in the “Startup Pitching” series.

When You Pitch, Focus on Your Essence


I heard an EdTech startup pitching to GAN Ventures do this recently, too. You can’t expect just to show up and give a pitch that’s simple and coherent. When I used to work at Techstars, we would spend an incredible amount of time in the first few weeks of a program helping startups understand precisely what their 30-second pitch should be. When you pitch investors and potential clients, you have 30 seconds to hook someone by sharing the foundation of what you do.

How To Pitch A Real Estate Tech VC

Dream It

Key Questions To Answer When Pitching Real Estate Tech VCs Is there demand for the product? For example, when Bowery pitched to Camber Creek, the partners ran mock appraisals their LPs to prove the efficacy of the appraisal software. You should pitch how to get higher rents.

5 Easy To Fix Virtual Pitch Mistakes

Dream It

Many of these new red flags that occur during virtual pitching are easy to fix. In this Dreamit Dose, Healthtech MD Adam Dakin provides 5 simple rules to avoid giving investors the wrong impression when pitching remotely. We hear startups pitch everyday and far too often founders end up joining the meeting late. When pitching investors virtually, you don’t want to start the call like Adam does in the shot above.

When You Pitch, Make Sure to KISS


Not long ago, I found myself pitching GAN. As I thought about other examples where this has happened, I realized that—as companies pitch me for investment dollars from GAN Ventures—I often don’t immediately understand what their companies do, even after their first 15 minutes of presenting to us. Unless you boil your points and supporting research down to their essence, every time, you might botch inevitable questions that come up during your pitch.

Create Your Perfect Business Pitch – 5 Tips from Precious Williams

Smart Hustle Magazine

All of this enters my mind as I prepare to give “The Art of the “Killer” Pitch” to my Canadian audience. To my shock and awe, I had over 200 attendees come to my session from hearing one of my pitches that I gave before the Keynote Speaker. Creating The Perfect Power Pitch.

How to Pitch Like a Shark Tank Winner


We needed to build our set and props and ship them to California, and I had to prepare a pitch and appear before the Sharks, all in a matter of weeks. Before I pitched my product on “Shark Tank,” I did a deep dive into previous episodes.

How To End Your Pitch with Your Vision

Dream It

Selling a compelling vision is so critical that some investors weigh it more heavily than the pitch deck itself. “It’s Strategies for crafting a strong and compelling vision for your startup: Towards the end of your pitch, tell investors that “this is just the beginning” for your startup.

Why Investors Say No - Three Startup Pitch Mistakes That Are Easy to Fix

Dream It

Word choice is important and even the smallest detail can make or break your startup pitch. Adam Dakin , Managing Director of Dreamit Healthtech, sees founders make the same common pitch mistakes over and over. Speaking to investors can require a language of its own.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

LANCASTER, PA – Ben Franklin Technology Partners is pleased to announce the winners of their TechCelerator pitch competition. The pitch competition was the finale for six teams who participated in an intensive 10-week startup boot camp offered by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

#DreamitLive with Ron Gula: Five Slide Pitch Deck

Dream It

In the episode, Steve asked Ron about his “five slide pitch deck.” Read Ron’s article on his five slide pitch deck here In our most recent episode of DreamitLive , Managing Partner Steve Barsh spoke with Ron Gula , President and Co-Founder of Gula Tech Adventures.

What do you need for a VC to properly evaluate a pitch?

This is going to be BIG.

Pitch deck outlines are ok, but they don’t say much about what you’re trying to convey besides particular categories that may or may not be relevant. Too often people only pitch what they have, not where they’re going—and they forget that fundraising is selling tickets to the future, not asking for rewards for the past. If you’re going to try to pitch metrics and momentum as the main feature of your pitch—make sure they’re as great relative to other startups as you think they are.

When Men Start Pitching to Women

This is going to be BIG.

And when guys start pitching to women for capital, that's when you really get behavior change. Don't you think guys would be a little more thoughtful about a slate of bros on their team page if they were pitching in front of a partner meeting of all women? The problem is that so few women pitch. I have this vision.

Announcing the TC Early Stage Pitch-Off startups


April 2 is the inaugural TC Early Stage Pitch-Off featuring 10 exceptional early-stage startups. The Pitch-Off is split into two segments. For the semifinals, each company will pitch for five minutes followed by a Q&A with our expert panel of judges.

Rethinking Pitch Competitions: Create Value, Not a Spectacle

Venture Well

VentureWell Director of Venture Development, Eli Velasquez offers insights on how to develop pitch competitions that provide maximum support to startups. The post Rethinking Pitch Competitions: Create Value, Not a Spectacle appeared first on VentureWell. Early Stage Innovators I&E Ecosystems competitions entrepreneurship entrepreneurship education innovation startup

The Thing About the Best Pitches

This is going to be BIG.

The best pitches have a hook. They mostly talk about where you're going, because the what you've done up until now in a seed pitch usually isn't that much. The best pitches acknowledge the reason why we're here--for you to ask me for money and for me to make a bundle of it investing in you. The best pitches follow the word problem with. The best pitches are ambitious--they ask for enough and aim to do something big.

11 words and phrases to cut from your VC pitch deck


Weeks or even months of working on your pitch deck could come down to the 170 seconds (on average) that investors spend looking at it. “Investors see a lot of pitches,” VC and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman noted. “In May Habib. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

5 Tips for Pitching VCs in Virtual Times


The post 5 Tips for Pitching VCs in Virtual Times appeared first on 500 Startups. All founder pitching oracle for startups pitching pitching investors virtual pitchingGuest Post: The following post is a sponsored guest post by JD Weinstein, Oracle for Startups.

A Tale of Two Pitches

Both Sides of the Table

This is part of my ongoing series, “ Pitching a VC.&#. I recently wrote a blog post here in which I argued that the best VC meetings are discussions and not sales pitches. Many people agreed and added that even the best sales meetings are also discussions and not pitches. A Tale of Two Pitches. Pitch 1: I had an awesome young entrepreneur come in this week to talk about his seed stage business. Pitch 2: This entrepreneur had a full house.

Tips on Pitching in Person

This is going to be BIG.

Personally, I find pitch events to be a little bit contrived. For the most part, while the companies may be interesting, the actual pitches are usually so-so. That being said, too many pitch presentations have the delivery of a Powerpoint as the main focus, verses the story. You should be able to get mugged, lose all your stuff, and walk into anyone with an internet connection being able to give a pitch.

The Most Important Question to Ask Potential Investors After Your Pitch

Dream It

Startup pitch meetings are pretty predictable. You walk into a venture fund’s conference room or Zoom room (if they’re progressive), pitch the partners, offer to answer their questions, maybe ask them a bland question or two, and then leave the meeting to await a response. Here’s the thing: asking a VC a couple of easy questions at the end of a pitch doesn’t get you any closer to receiving a term sheet.

Future of Real Estate Pitch Competition in Miami

Dream It

Apply to Pitch at the Event The top 10 finalists will be given the opportunity to get their ideas in front of distinguished investor panels, influential media, global partners, and over 300 esteemed guests. The startups chosen to pitch at the summit will get an exclusive chance to participate in our private "speed dating" for 1-on-1 time with leading corporate executives and investors.

How to ace the 1-hour, and ever-elusive, pitch presentation at TC Early Stage


Lisa Wu, a partner at Norwest with investments like Calm, Plaid, Opendoor and Grove Collaborative, has a message for founders: Think like a VC during your pitch presentation. Startups TC early stage lisa wu Norwest pitching a startup TC Early Stage 2021


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

STATE COLLEGE, PA – On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, The Tech Celerator @StateCollege, a partnership with Invent Penn State that has helped create more than 130 new startups, hosted a zoom pitch event. The post THE TECHCELERATOR@STATE COLLEGE ANNOUNCES PITCH WINNERS!

Pitch Decks and Fundraising: A Fireside Chat with the Founder of Slidebean

Dream It

About Slidebean: Slidebean is a pitch deck and presentation tool with hundreds of templates available to use as a starting point. Thousands of companies have used our platform to pitch investors and raise capital. It's been about a year since Slidebean’s first Youtube video breakthrough. Since then, they’ve added around 20,000 subscribers, and their videos have been watched over 1.7MM times.

Scavenger Hunt: What To Look For In A Pitch Deck

The Seraf Compass

I’ve talked about the role of a compelling executive summary to get an investor's initial attention and secure their agreement to take a pitch meeting. But what should that investor expect out of the ensuing pitch deck Deciding whether to invest in a good idea is hard. Even when its potential is clearly explained. Trying to make that evaluation without a solid explanation is an exercise in needless frustration.

Hear how to nail your virtual pitch meeting at Early Stage 2021


More institutional capital is flowing into startups at much faster rates and a good deal of credit must go to the virtual pitch meeting. At TechCrunch Early Stage in April , Melissa Bradley will talk us through how to nail your virtual pitch meeting and take questions from the audience.

Watch 30 founder pitches from YC’s GTM Jobs Expo

Y Combinator

Y Combinator hosted our first Go-To-Market Jobs Expo in March , and we’re now posting the founder pitches on Work at a Startup. View all the pitches on Work at Startup and create a profile to connect directly with founders: [link].

Canned: My new response to blogger pitches.

This is going to be BIG.

I'm not a journalist by trade so I'm really not an appropriate person to pitch in such an automated way. To deal with these pitches, I just created a Gmail canned response: "Hi, this is a canned response in response to your canned pitch. If you really knew me, you'd know that I write a personal blog and don't write book reviews off of pitches, interview founders for my readers, or cover events as news.

Get live feedback on your pitch deck from big-name VCs on Extra Crunch Live


Your startup’s pitch deck could be the difference between getting funded or getting ignored. But we’re popping the lid off of that black box with the Pitch Deck Teardown. We’re asking EC members to submit their pitch decks right here!

4 Entrepreneur Pitch Lessons They Won’t Teach You at Business School

Entrepreneur's Handbook

And in the process of meeting these people, I’m constantly hearing pitches, proposals, business plans, and product ideas. Soft pitches, consulting pitches, investor pitches, elevator pitches, all the way down to simple “Hey can I get your advice on this thing I’m working on?”

Diet ID wins TechCrunch’s Detroit City Spotlight pitch-off — watch the event here


TechCrunch just hosted its first pitch-off in Detroit and we’re pleased to announce Diet ID won the event. The entire pitch-off is embedded above. Startups TC Detroit City Spotlight Diet ID Invest Detroit Ventures Jonathon Triest Ludlow Ventures TechCrunch Pitch-Off

The Art of the Pitch

Guy Kawasaki

For entrepreneurs, the operative phrase is, “I pitch, therefore I am.” Pitching isn’t only for raising money—it’s for reaching agreement, and agreement can yield many good outcomes including sales, partnerships, and new hires. Here are the key elements of a great pitch. When the meeting starts, you should set the stage for the rest of the pitch. Entrepreneurs believe that a pitch is a narrative whose opening chapter must always be autobiographical.