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The Angel Capital Association stands for social justice, equal opportunity, and social mobility through the power of entrepreneurship. Black CEOs represent a low single digit percentage of angel backed portfolio companies and an even smaller percentage of funding. Forward, we are committing ourselves to building racial diversity in both the angel investing community and the entrepreneurs we support.

Internxt gets $1M to be ‘the Coinbase of decentralized storage’


It’s just bagged $1M in seed funding led by Angels Capital, a European VC fund owned by Juan Roig (aka Spain’s richest grocer and second wealthiest billionaire), and Miami-based The Venture City. Valencia-based startup Internxt has been quietly working on an ambitious plan to make decentralized cloud storage massively accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.


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Investments of time and money are critical for startups’ success

Innovation 2 Enterprise

In no area is the “why” discussion more important than when we are advising entrepreneurs on raising capital. High-growth startups have two basic sources of investment capitalangel investors (individuals, groups, or funds) and institutional investors like i2E. Angels invest their own money and are in the business of high risk/high return. I like to refer to Angels as “big game hunters.”. By Scott Meacham.

Seraf Founders Receive National Award for Changing the Landscape of Angel Investing

The Seraf Compass

In recognition of their incredible contribution to angel investing, Seraf Founders Ham Lord and Christopher Mirabile were awarded the 2021 Hans Severiens award by the Angel Capital Association, the largest professional angel investor development organization in the world

Seraf Co-Founder Appointed to SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee

The Seraf Compass

Christopher serves as the Chair Emeritus of the Angel Capital Association and Senior Managing Director of Launchpad Venture Group, and wholeheartedly understands the complexities around investing in early stage companies

WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Information Regarding Angel Investing (Episode 284)


On today’s Business Beat, Jeff speaks with Marsha Dawood, chair of the Angel Capital Association Board of Directors, regarding the advantages of angel funding to finance and launch a business. Jeff Sloan: What advantages does angel funding provide, Marsha?

What happens when you take 12 investors to Silicon Valley?

Startup Catalyst

In November 2017 we delivered our first Investor Mission, heading to San Francisco for an intensive week meeting with angels, VCs, corporate venture programs, accelerators, startups, pitch events, and dinners. The mission participants were a mix of angel investors, VCs, and an accountant and lawyer (who manage investment deals) from Queensland and New South Wales. The program kicked off with a full one-day angel investor education program delivered by Angel Labs.

6 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Successfully Pitch to Women Angel Investors


Only 11% of VC partners are women , and as a whole, women angel investors have only reached 22%. According to the Angel Capital Association (ACA), there has been a big increase in women who are members just in the last few years.

How to Find Investors


Many of the 16,000 startup founders across the GAN and GSSN community are wondering how to best raise capital in today’s environment. Whereas angel investments made up a larger proportion of post-accelerator funding 18 months ago, VCs now have a slight lead – 38% to 36%. .

How ACA is Working to Protect Angels - Section 1202 Update

Angel Capital Association

By: Pat Gouhin, Chief Executive Officer As new developments unfold regarding President Biden's proposed tax increases, the Angel Capital Association, in collaboration with our partners at GrayRobinson , pledges to keep our members updated with information as it becomes available. ACA, along with our Public Policy team, is working diligently to continue to protect our members and angels in the startup ecosystem.

Is there an incubator for aspiring Angel Investors or VCs?


No, but there are several sets of courses on angel investing that can provide a good base from which to start. The most comprehensive and best known is the Power of Angel Investing seminar series developed by the Angel Resource Institute (formerly known as the Angel Capital Education Foundation, and prior to that part of the Angel Capital Association). A third is the in-house course developed for its members by the Golden Seeds angel network.

Preparing to Start a Company

This is going to be BIG.

If you’re going that route—here are a couple of things I would suggest: Have at least six months of personal expenses in the bank —and that’s only if you know you can at least get some angel capital based around your connections to investors, friends, family, etc. It’s that time of year again—the season of people quitting their jobs soon to start a company.

"Money is Local, Impact is Global" for Angel Investing


By Michael "Luni" Libes In the traditional world of early stage, Angel and VC investing, money is local. Studies show that over 80% of funding at Angel groups and Series A VCs goes to businesses in the same city/region as the funders. Instead, we see groups like the Element8 Angels in Seattle funding deals across the country, and syndicating deals with other Angel groups in other cities.

Working Together to Incubate Biotechnology and Healthcare Companies

Angel Capital Association

By: Matt McMahon, Director – SEED (Small business Education and Entrepreneurial Development), National Institutes of Health The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is proud to be an Angel Capital Association Platinum Partner. Angel investors can partner with NIH to help NIH-funded small businesses bring their products and services to the healthcare marketplace, where they can improve health and save lives.

Resources for Angels Considering Deep Tech


There are several reasons angel investors may consider adding deep technology to their investment portfolio. The Angel Capital Association’s Knowledge Center : Packed with advice for angels just starting out, as well as for angel group leaders, the ACA has compiled a library of instructional videos and webinars to aide your investment journey. Be sure to check out their guide to different approaches to angel investing.

Startup Investing: The New Trend in Alternative Assets


By definition Angel Investors are individual investors. This is something that we have experience at 1000 Angels , the private investor network that connects startups with investors. Wikipedia notes that “in 1996 there were about 10 angel groups in the United States. In a report on startup investing and “How the Rich Invest” Forbes notes that the Angel Capital Association counted more than 330 active angel groups in North America as of 2013.

New Board Members Elected at Annual Member Meeting During ACA 2020 – The Summit of Angel Investing

Angel Capital Association

By: Emily Angold, ACA Marketing Manager Three new board members were elected at the ACA Annual Members’ Meeting during ACA 2020 – The Summit of Angel Investing held virtually May 12-14, 2020. The Board of Directors focuses on supporting the success of angel investors through industry voice, professional development and public policy advocacy while maintaining the mission and values of the Angel Capital Association. Linda Smith , Sierra Angels, former ACA Board Chair.

Hambleton Lord and Christopher Mirabile Are Changing the Face of Angel Investing

Angel Capital Association

By: Sarah Dickey, ACA Membership Director Boston-Area Angels Hambleton Lord and Christopher Mirabile Receive Hans Severiens Award for Individual Impact in Advancing the Field of Angel Investing. With their shared dedication to professionalize angel investing, commitment to educate the angel community and decades long friendship, it is easy to understand why Hambleton Lord and Christopher Mirabile have been so successful at changing the face of angel investing.

New Look, Continued Commitment

Angel Capital Association

The Angel Capital Association’s top priority is to service our members by providing resources to help with making smart investments and improving returns. By: Emily Angold, ACA Marketing Manager ACA emails have a new look! Whether it is an upcoming event or a new piece of legislation, ACA wants to help our members easily identify the benefits that are most applicable to each individual.

Case Study: The Dan River Region Ecosystem Development

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Eva Doss, President and CEO at The Launch Place, elaborated, “We had multiple organizations in the region that were providing specific services to entrepreneurs and small businesses: business counseling, seminars, workshops, investment capital, pitch competitions, networking events, etc.

Kevin Learned: Entrepreneur, Teacher, Angel

Angel Capital Association

Editor’s Note – This story originally appeared in the Idaho Business Review by Sharon Fisher and reposted with permission by the Angel Capital Association. To many Idaho companies, Kevin Learned isn’t just an icon, he’s ang angel. That’s “angel” as in angel investing, where people invest money early in a new company’s career to help it get off the ground. One was entrepreneurship, one was teaching and mentoring and the third was how do we make more capital.”

What tools can I use to manage relationships with investors?


It’s the official collaboration tool of the Angel Capital Association (and the equivalent national angel investor federations in 20 other countries.) It’s also used by over 300 venture capital funds. is the most widely used tool platform for both sides, with hundreds of thousands of companies and tens of thousands of investors using it to track and manage their relations with the other.

ACA Chair Emeritus Christopher Mirabile Appointed to SEC?s Investor Advisory Committee

Angel Capital Association

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to represent the Angel Capital Association and the voice of all early stage investors as part of the vital work of the Investor Advisory Committee. Christopher Mirabile is the Chair Emeritus and Public Policy Committee Chair Emeritus of the Angel Capital Association and the co-founder of portfolio management tool Congratulations to Christopher on behalf of ACA, angel investors and the start-up ecosystem!

How Much Due Diligence Does An Angel Really Need To Do?

Paul G. Silva

Marianne Hudson, executive director of the Angel Capital Association (the trade association for angel investors in the US) wrote an article on this topic. One of the biggest debates in the angel industry is how much due diligence investors should do before they invest. From “rank and file” angels to rock star investors like Ron Conway or Mark Cuban , opinions differ vastly from literally doing none to conducting formal processes that take months.

He Believes in Angels: The Story of a Company Backed by 400 Angel Investors

Angel Capital Association

By: Elaine Bolle, RTP Capital Associates Rob Neville is a serial entrepreneur, and his story is a powerful testimonial about the importance of angel funding. Fast forward several years, and Rob leveraged his success with Evity to start Savara, using his own money and $1M from 10 angels.

Alicia Robb Magnified the Movement to Drive Impact, Diversity, and Inclusion in Early-Stage Investing

Angel Capital Association

By: Sarah Dickey, ACA Membership Director Groundbreaking economist, author, investor, and entrepreneur is honored with the Angel Capital Association’s Hans Severiens Award While performing the research that culminated in her book, The Next Wave: Financing and Investing Strategies for Growth-Oriented Women Entrepreneurs , Alicia Robb, Ph.D., They do not know other angel investors and are not part of investor networks. Contribution to the knowledge base of angel investing.

A university’s role in an emerging startup community and other conversations

Startup Catalyst

You then need your risk capital and we’re seeing increasing amounts of risk capital available in Queensland. There are still some gaps in terms of capital but that can be worked on. Stuff at the Capital? I’m Rosie Odsey and I interviewed Rowena Barrett from QUT in late August 2018. A quick note: My words are in italics. Rowena’s are in regular font. Headings, hyperlinks, and images have been added for effect but the words are ours. Meet Professor Rowena Barrett.

Venture Capital and the Art of the Deal: More of the Same

Angel Capital Association

By: Dror Futter, Legal and Business Adviser to Startups, Venture Capital Firms and Technology Companies. Based on recent data provided by the National Venture Capital Association in partnership with Aumni, the market for venture capital deal terms seem to be that kind of store.

2021 Luis Villalobos Winners Are Changing the Innovation Landscape

Angel Capital Association

By: Sarah Dickey, ACA Membership Director The prestigious Luis Villalobos Award, recognizing the most ingenious and innovative ideas recently financed by members of the Angel Capital Association, was recently awarded to two ACA member-funded companies disrupting their fields. We funded this deal in less than a month with a syndicate of the Alliance of Angels, SWAN Ventures, and Oregon Sports Angels.“

The Startup Community Way: Five Lessons for U.S. Policymakers

Ian Hathaway

Recognize there is more than one type of capital. A common complaint in startup communities and entrepreneurial ecosystems is that there isn’t enough capital. This typically means financial investment, and specifically, venture or angel capital.

Onboard Dynamics Is Leading the Transition to Next Generation Transportation Fuels, Reducing Emissions, and Driving Down Energy Costs

Angel Capital Association

By: Sarah Dickey, ACA Membership Director Cutting-edge clean energy company wins Luis Villalobos Award, Technology category, from Angel Capital Association The United States has abundant access to domestic natural gas, but we have struggled for decades to find scalable, economic ways to leverage natural gas as a transportation fuel, despite its environmental and efficiency benefits.

How Will Beneficial Ownership and Blue Sky Fees Legislation Impact the Startup Ecosystem?

Angel Capital Association

By: Pat Gouhin, Chief Executive Officer One of the fundamentals pillars of the Angel Capital Association is protecting and advocating for the rights of angel investors and the entrepreneurs they support.

Behind the Scenes: Building an Angel Experience You Will Never Forget

Angel Capital Association

By: Sarah Dickey, ACA Membership Director The programming team for ACA 2021 - The Summit of Angel Investing is full of experienced, respected angel investors and ecosystem providers, and they are hard at work creating a virtual experience that will change the way you think about angel investing.

8 investors and founders highlight Valencia’s potential as a fintech and cybersecurity hub


BIGBAN is a private nonprofit angel investor network based in Valencia, and incubators and accelerator programs continue to proliferate, supported by corporates and local government initiatives such as Startup Valencia. There are more family-owned companies, and individual and institutional investors, and they have also invested capital. Startup Valencia, BIGBAN, Lanzadera, Plug and Play, GoHub, Angels Capital, Demium, Tbig Advisory, KM Zero, BioHub and Draper B1.

SEC Framework Amended to Promote Capital Formation and Expand Opportunities

Angel Capital Association

By: Pat Gouhin, Chief Executive Officer The Angel Capital Association’s continued advocacy toward harmonizing and simplifying the existing framework to improve capital raising pathways and expand investment opportunities has yielded successful results for U.S. The Securities and Exchange Commission voted yesterday to amend rules that will harmonize registration exemptions and eliminate complexity to facilitate access to capital while still preserving investor protections.

How did she do it? A Q&A with Rita Hansen, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Onboard Dynamics

Angel Capital Association

Each year, the Luis Villalobos Award recognizes outstanding ingenuity, creativity and innovation among startups backed by Angel Capital Association members. RH: It is a challenge to find capital for a hardware energy. Also, don’t overlook the power of angel networks.

The ACA 2021 Innovation Funders Showcase Pre-Summit Kick-Off and Deeper Dive Feature Groundbreaking Companies

Angel Capital Association

A dedicated pre-event Summit kick-off gave each company more time to present with additional opportunities for Summit attendees to connect with companies during ACA 2021 – The Summit of Angel Investing. The ACA Innovation Funders Showcase presented 31 promising portfolio companies in an intimate virtual setting and the chance to connect with these innovative organizations in private meetings during ACA 2021 – The Summit of Angel Investing May 4-6.