What are the biggest global events for Venture Capitalists and Business Angels where they can learn about their own business?


The first day is full of optional educational seminars from The Power of Angel Investing series, developed by the Angel Resource Institute. There are break out seminars on educational topics, and lots of networking. Gust News Invested Interests angel investors Angels business conferences global events seminars VCs

Addressing the Gaps: Auckland University of Technology // Auckland, New Zealand


In addition to their main programming, Sabrina and the entrepreneurship team provide ad hoc seminars and workshops as experts and authorities visit the school. “There is a gap in Auckland that we are trying to fill.” .


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3 key ingredients for successful remote work

Entrepreneurs' Organization

They recently collaborated on a seminar exploring the key ingredients for successful remote working. The global coronavirus pandemic has forced a widespread shift to remote work. The impact on our families and careers has been significant.

Innovating veterinary medicine in Costa Rica

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

She regularly speaks at conferences and seminars and is the organizer of the First and Second International Congress of Regenerative Medicine in Costa Rica. By Jewelle Saunders. Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Meet the man empowering young leaders by starting with their computer repairs

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

The opportunities I have received from YLAI have allowed me to share my knowledge, attend further seminars and learn how to help others in ways normally overlooked. By Jewelle Saunders.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

A partnership with Invent Penn State that offers the region’s entrepreneurs, students, faculty members, and small business owners’ business startup accelerators and entrepreneurial training in ten-week seminars.

Ramon Ray and Seth Godin to Launch Small Business Essentials on Akimbo

Smart Hustle Magazine

His Akimbo courses include The Marketing Seminar and The Freelancer Course. The year 2020 being full of trials and tribulations may be an understatement. As we know, small businesses have experienced major challenges and setbacks while others closed their doors forever.

How one woman is facilitating responsible financial management in Belize

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

I was able to learn by being exposed to workshops, seminars and my internship placement with Economic Arkansas in the U.S. 2018 YLAI Fellow and co-founder of L3G’s & Associates, Fatima Chi, is empowering businesses in her community in Belize to take control of their finances.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – Definition, Roles, & Responsibilities


CTO improves the social presence of the company by leading various technology related summits and seminars. Every company has a C-suite leading it. This C-suite or chief-suite constitutes the senior-most executives responsible for the core strategic direction of the organisation.

A New Network for Startup Community Builders

Ecosystem Builder Hub

In addition to topics and circles, the platform also includes an events calendar and potential for seminars in the future. .


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

In addition to the money, the winner will receive: Access to seminars offered by Ben Franklin’s eMarketing Learning Center and the Clarion Small Business Development Center. DUBOIS, PA – There’s up to $50,000 on the line! You don’t need to be an inventor, scientist, or historic statesmen like Ben Franklin in order to win this year’s BIG IDEA contest.

Is there an incubator for aspiring Angel Investors or VCs?


The most comprehensive and best known is the Power of Angel Investing seminar series developed by the Angel Resource Institute (formerly known as the Angel Capital Education Foundation, and prior to that part of the Angel Capital Association). No, but there are several sets of courses on angel investing that can provide a good base from which to start.

You Could Win Up To $50,000 In Ben Franklin’s BIG IDEA Contest!

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

A one-year pass to seminars offered by Ben Franklin’s eMarketing Learning Center. ERIE, PA – When you add it up, ART + Technology = A Tech StARTup! One of history’s first tech-enablers, Leonardo da Vinci, used his engineering background to develop a new technique for sculpting in bronze. Today, when art meets science, the result can be innovations in animation, gaming, robotics, industrial design, or artificial intelligence to name just a few.

Coaches: How To Sell Happiness to Your Customers (Delivering on Your Promise)

Startup Grind

In the coaching industry, it’s easy to sell inspiring audio CDs, seminar tickets, books, and other tools to clients who are hungry for change. billion industry , and people pay thousands of dollars to attend seminars and conferences across the world. People hire coaches to help them achieve their dreams. On the surface, many of those dreams look like mere money or a solid relationship, but underneath lies the drive to pursue happiness.

Case Study: The Dan River Region Ecosystem Development

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Eva Doss, President and CEO at The Launch Place, elaborated, “We had multiple organizations in the region that were providing specific services to entrepreneurs and small businesses: business counseling, seminars, workshops, investment capital, pitch competitions, networking events, etc.

Female Entrepreneurs: Can You Manage It All & Still Find Happiness?

Smart Hustle Magazine

Headquartered in Singapore, The 24-Hour Woman platform reaches and engages women with leadership seminars and multiple levels of support. Ramon Ray got a chance to speak with Cheryl Liew-Chng for a few minutes at the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network in Singapore. Cheryl is the author of The 24-Hour Woman: How high achieving, stressed women manage it all and STILL find happiness.

Finalists in $50,000 BIG IDEA Contest Announced!

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

In addition to the money, the winner will receive: Access to seminars offered by Ben Franklin’s eMarketing Learning Center and the Clarion University Small Business Development Center. DUBOIS, PA – D ozens of people located in North Central Pennsylvania recently applied to Ben Franklin’s $50,000 BIG IDEA Contest. This week our team had the difficult job of identifying just a few finalists from all the great applications received from emerging tech startups and small manufacturers.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

In addition, three Ben Franklin alum entrepreneurs, Dr. Maureen Mulvihill with Actuated Medical, Hunter Swisher with Phospholutions, and Dr. Fred Marroni with Indigo Biosciences were seminar panelists on “The Entrepreneurs’ Perspective on Raising Money.”.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

In addition to the cash, Sarah and Matthew will receive: three months of free co-working space in Knowledge Park; a one-year pass to seminars offered by Ben Franklin’s eMarketing Learning Center; a free consult on protecting intellectual property from Jonathan D’Silva, the founder of MMI Intellectual Property; and access to SEMrush, a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing.

KaiPod Learning thinks ‘learning pods’ are here to stay


For example, one kid may be following an entirely different curriculum than another; which means the physical space won’t be used for, say, a lecture, but may be used for a Socratic-style seminar that motivates children to share their separate learnings.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

In addition to the cash, the winner will receive: three months of free co-working space in Knowledge Park; a one-year pass to seminars offered by Ben Franklin’s eMarketing Learning Center; a free consult on protecting intellectual property from Jonathan D’Silva, the founder of MMI Intellectual Property, and access to SEMrush, a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing.

Robo-advisor StashAway gets $25M Series D led by Sequoia Capital India


StashAway WorkPlace grew out of the Financial Wellness Program, a set of seminars and workshops on financial planning and investing that has been used in Singapore by about 200 companies, including Salesforce, Twitter, Netflix and LinkedIn.

Vision for your future success is EVERYTHING!


Years ago, as a panelist at an entrepreneurial seminar, I watched as over fifty aspiring young entrepreneurs filed past a microphone, each tasked with making a thirty second pitch to the panelists of professional investors. I love absolute statements. And this is one of my favorites. You’re at the ignition stage of your newest business venture. Of course, you have a vision for what you will do to change the world.

Please learn this: “Noses in; fingers out!”


I first heard this expression in a governance seminar for a non-profit higher educational board upon which I sit, years ago. Many of us have someone who reports directly to us and who supervises others in return. If that fits, well then, this one is for you. And it is one of the most important lessons you can learn as a manager or board member of a company or a non-profit enterprise.

board 76

4 reasons why entrepreneurs need a strong personal brand

Entrepreneurs' Organization

As Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt , CEO of TechWerxe and EO New Jersey member said: “I do podcasts; I do interviews; I do webinars; I do seminars; I speak at larger conferences; I speak at smaller conferences; I speak on panels; I’m part of different organizations.

The Secret to Become More Interesting Is… Making a List?

Entrepreneurs' Organization

My exploits and adventures with cooking classes, guitar lessons, traveling for fun, attending the World Series, movie acting, taking educational seminars on history or finance, and volunteering in my community all brought me a wealth of experience, interesting facts and stories to share. Written by Jeff Shugart, retired senior executive. . After 40 years of working, I was retired. I had always worked long hours in addition to traveling for work.

The Exempt Offering Ecosystem: What the SEC Changed

Angel Capital Association

By: Dror Futter, Legal and Business Adviser to Startups, Venture Capital Firms and Technology Companies The SEC announced a series of amendments (likely to be effective early next year) to the rules governing private offering exemptions – by far the most frequent path for venture fundraising.

Can a culture of entrepreneurship be created?

Carol Lauffer

Offer seminars, training and access to experts to help potential entrepreneurs to learn the necessary skills. Can you really create a culture of entrepreneurship, or must it occur organically? Can it be intentional? Here in Silicon Valley the culture of entrepreneurship permeates just about everything. Entrepreneurs are celebrated. Failure is recognized as part of the process. Almost everyone knows someone who either started a company, or worked in an early stage company.

Does a VCs Culture Really Matter? The Upfront Story

Both Sides of the Table

We wanted to be able to have regular educational meetings, breakfast gatherings, seminars or even just cocktail parties. I’m often asked about the differences between being at a VC and being an entrepreneur and whether I prefer one or the other. The biggest difference I cite is that Venture Capital often feels like an “individual sport” while startups are a “team sport.”

Why Your Startup Needs a Sales Methodology

Both Sides of the Table

If they don’t then it’s a case of putting your prospect into a “marketing funnel” so that non-sales resources can focus on staying in touch with the customer through white papers, seminars, etc. This article originally appeared on Inc.com. Like most startup entrepreneurs, when I began my first company in 1999 I had no formal sales experience. I did have the wherewithal to visit potential customers and try to understand the pain points that I thought could be solved with our solution.

Entrepreneurs Relish The Challenge More Than Money


Some formal learning is always advisable, but get beyond university MBA courses to professional seminars and case studies. Image via Flickr (Creative Commons). Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. On the average, the entrepreneurs I know are living on Ramen noodles. But one thing they all seem to have in common is a love for learning and change.

Valuation Workshop – The Art of Negotiation Between Investors and Founders

Angel Capital Association

From 1995 to 2007, in his role as an Entrepreneur in Residence with the Kauffman Foundation (Kansas City), he worked on educational programs for entrepreneurs and their investors, including the development of the Power of Angel Investing seminar series. By: Emily Angold, ACA Marketing Manager As an entrepreneur and seasoned angel investor, Bill Payne understands the critical importance of education to make well-informed decisions that determine the success or failure of a startup.

What the Alpbach Forum taught Impact Hub about building businesses of the future

Impact Hub

Smog in the Balkans, Bushfires in Australia and warm water in Antarctica. The future of our planet is becoming more uncertain and less avoidable with every natural disaster that occurs.

How to Win Consulting, Board, and Deal Roles with Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

David Teten VC

Next year will also see the introduction of an executive seminar, a high-impact week-long version of the Fellowship, for senior leaders of the Department of Defense and U.S. Would you like to work with private equity and venture capital funds?

Do you know what you do and who else knows?

This is going to be BIG.

Maybe it's a lunchtime seminar for the portfolio companies of a VC. I was chatting with a friend about going to work for startup companies, and told her that career development really came down to two simple things: 1. Do you know what you do? Do you offer a clear deliverable , best suited for a particular segment of customers or clients, that aligns with their near term goals ?

Engageli comes out of stealth with $14.5M and a new approach to teaching by video remotely


With tables, the idea is that either an instructor — or in the case of large classes as you might get with university seminars, teaching assistants assigned to tables — can engage with students in a more personalised way.

David Neagle: The Keys to Success are Mindset and a Mentor

Smart Hustle Magazine

David started seeking knowledge from books, conferences, and seminars.