Data collection is about to get much more dangerous


On January First, 2020, California will enact the toughest data protection laws ever, far outpacing Europe’s General Data Protection Act (GDPR.) Called the California Consumer Privacy Ace (CCPA), few of us are even aware of this and need to know. But more impactful – the law creates more and more duties for companies collecting data within the state (which is most everyone.) All collecting data when I type or speak (hopefully to not just near them.)

Niama El Bassunie’s Mission to Unlock Trade in Africa


According to data collected by Magnitt and published in the report, our portfolio has a higher percentage of startups with at least one female founder than the average percentage of female-founded startups in all of MENA.² With all this data, we wanted to share some of the unique stories of these female founders in MENA. It is within 500’s DNA to invest in talented founders, no matter whether they are situated in Silicon Valley or on the other side of the world.

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Seraphim Capital’s space tech accelerator releases details of its newest Space Camp cohort


Description: “Kinnami uniquely secures and optimises data sharing, ongoing data migration and management across distributed systems. Kinnami has created a unique storage and security system, ‘AmiShare’, which fragments and encrypts data. The U.K.’s

Firefox Better Web (with Scroll)

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Close to 800mm people around the world use them to avoid intrusive ads and data collection. Ad blockers are hugely popular. I do not use an ad-blocker but I completely understand why one would choose to do so. And yet much of the media business is supported by advertising. There are a growing number of subscription-based media services, but many people cannot or won’t pay for content and the vast majority of content consumed on the web is advertising supported.

5 Qualities to Look for in a Remote Employee

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Everything from private customer data to delicate company financials could cripple you if placed into the wrong hands. Your remote workforce will be entirely reliant on technology to perform their essential duties—and the data collected since the coronavirus shutdown supports this.

The Right Kind of Time Off


Data collected in 1991 from a renowned ongoing longitudinal project started in 1948, called the Framingham study , shows that female homemakers who took a vacation only once every six years or less had nearly twice the risk of developing heart attacks or having a fatal heart problem than those who took time off at least twice a year. Time Off and Our Mental Health. As I talk with people about the last few weeks, I don’t hear many stories of people taking time off work.

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8 Steps to Making Better Business Decisions

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Collect relevant information from a range of informed perspectives on the issue. Use the data collected from those varying perspectives to accomplish this step. Contributed by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky , disaster avoidance expert, speaker and author. . History’s headlines are filled with examples of companies brought to their knees by bad decision making. Decca Records famously turned down the Beatles. Motorola chose not to make smartphones.

The Startups and Investors Bringing Voice Tech to Healthcare

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With the app, doctors can speak notes aloud and MDOps will transcribe and transfer the data into the EMR. Kiroku targets dentists—its product listens to dentists’ conversations with patients, transcribes them, and then condenses that data into clinical notes. The auditory data is then transformed into the encounter notes. With this data, the company suggests it can prepare a written report for doctors to review and sign. Voice tech is on the rise.

Unsung Hero Spotlight: Steven Rodriguez

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Someone who works at the intersection of economic/community/ecosystem development, is data-driven, collaborates and connects diverse stakeholders, focuses on being the right kind of busy and has a give #GiveFirst attitude. Data analysis and science in ecosystem work. Steven is data-driven, focusing on measurable outcomes and impact, and minimizing noise and resources; being the right kind of busy essentially. To you, what is an Ecosystem Builder?

Developing Rapid-Response Plans for Cities to Help Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in This Time of Economic Crisis

Forward Cities

As the extent and impact of COVID-19 becomes more apparent, entrepreneurs and small businesses are on the front lines of its devastating impact–and with their demise comes potentially catastrophic economic losses for local communities. According to JP Morgan Institute , 50 percent of small businesses have less than 30 days of cash on hand.

The Measurement Trap

Ian Hathaway

Using data to dictate which strategies get implemented, the proverbial tail is wagging the dog. Furthermore, data collection is best done at the individual level, continuously, and over a long period of time. Mariana Mazzucato is one of my favorite thinkers.

VCs eating our own dog food: Using technology and analytics to make better investments

David Teten - VC

Point Nine Capital’s website is now powered by Contentful ; they use Unbounce for landing pages ; and Typeform for surveys and other data collection. “We’re The proportion of LPs using technology to manage their portfolios will continue to increase, and GPs unable to provide quality data to LPs will find it increasingly hard to retain and attract LPs. This is a great example of why data businesses have substantial moats.

How AI Will Shift Customer Experience to the Next Level

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As per a prediction made by IDC (International Data Corporation), by 2019, 40% of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by some sort of cognitive computing or AI effort. This great potential of AI is because of the fact that AI has the power to analyze and process huge amounts of data from different sources, including human behaviors and emotions, thereby helping create more meaningful CX. Rather, decisions should be backed by data.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Through years of research and data collection conducted at Penn State University, PROJECT TEAM’s impact has been dramatic: disruptive behaviors decreased 70%; defiant behavior incidents decreased by 64%; student incidents of skipping class decreased 97%; incidents of students degrading a peer decreased by 92%; and incidents of physical aggression among students declined by 53%.

[Kryon in Thomas Net News] Latest Process Discovery Software Can Decide Which Processes to Automate in Minutes


Ability to support data collection for thousands of users in real-time and bots are utilized too increasing ROI. Offers Console X that delivers immediate insights into bot performance and automatically troubleshoots any issues.

TechCrunch: Where top VCs are investing in construction robotics

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Over the last few years, we’ve seen many entrepreneurs begin to tackle challenges in the construction world using robotics and AI, ranging from data-collection to completion of actual construction tasks like electrical wiring, drywall installation, concrete pouring, pad leveling and much more. Robots and drones can play an important role here in continuously updating the Building Information Model with up-to-date data to help plan, monitor and modify.

Retailers: Don't Track Me, Bro

This is going to be BIG.

Given the time I spent a decade ago doing not only venture capital, but investing in private equity funds that buy retail companies, I find this data collection fascinating. Don''t get me wrong--I have the utmost respect for the entrepreneurs behind these products and as a data wonk, I love the idea of sophisticated customer traffic analysis. No one really needs tracking data--unless that data helps you bring in revenues.

The Truth About Time Management: It’s Not About Time

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Established in 2006, JotForm enables customizable data collection for enhanced lead generation, survey distribution, payment collection, and more. Contributed by Aytekin Tank, founder of JotForm, We’ve all heard the expression, “There aren’t enough hours in the day.” In truth, we’ve likely all said it at some point. Time management is a struggle for everybody, but especially entrepreneurs, CEOs and founders.

Developing and Implementing Grant Metrics

Surdna Foundation

In this spirit, we conducted a pilot with our Inclusive Economies grantees to co-create how we set and track progress toward our collective goals. Share knowledge with our grantee partners about the types of data their colleagues are collecting and the targets they are setting. Gather feedback on Surdna’s data collection process. Findings From a Pilot With Surdna’s Inclusive Economies Grantees.

Why Startups Should Establish Qualifying Signals for Sales Teams Early On

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Internal data points are critical additions: adoption of new infrastructure technology, dissatisfaction with an incumbent vendor, budget availability, or a new project or initiative. This data collection is one reason salespeople are critical to many sales processes. Entice users to use a product, encourage usage and internal cross-pollination, then use data to prioritize leads for the sales team, which is none other than Kenny van Zant’s flywheel model.

Why Computer Vision Tracking the Flow of People Will be a Huge Market

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We’re essentially a data platform and envision others building applications to take advantage of this information. The basic use-cases of this simple data are obvious. That the computer vision has the ability to track the “flow” around a room and not just a static count is a big deal and the fact that we provide this data cheaply and anonymously we believe will lead to the creation of a massive market with applications supporting many use cases.

All The Questions You Wanted Answered about Bird Scooters and Their Recent $300 Million Funding

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I understand that this has caused some journalists and many an arm-chair Twitter commentator to shake their collective heads that some of us may have lost ours. Bird already has an enormous lead in data collection. Between our on-board CPUs and your mobile phone companions we have an enormous amount of data on transportation routes, where riders want to pick up scooters in the morning and where they leave them in the evening.

SaaS Freemium/Free Trial Survey is Here

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All the data collected is anonymized. Those participating will receive access to the raw, anonymized data. Please spread the word so we can get a representative data set. Earlier this year, I wrote about MadKudu’s analysis of free trials and asked if readers were interested in another benchmarking survey on the topic, and the response was overwhelming.

Noticesound B.V. - 57557403-01012020


Data collected are analysed, providing the opportunity to make more calculated informed decisions concerning a targeted reach strategy. NoticeSound uses a technology that provides a way of measuring music audience feedback in real-time by employing a purpose-built infrastructure that presents users with music suggestions based on their individual feedback.

Cabture B.V. - 60830891-11042019


Data collected and analyzed by Cabture allows taxi organizations to allocate their resources more efficiently, increase service and offer additional features. Cabture is an ad-tech company, founded in 2014 in Amsterdam. It focuses its business activities around the transportation, being especially active in the taxi industry. Cabture originates from a passion for traveling and a desire to utilize lost travel time.

Recovery Has Begun With or Without You.

Smart Hustle Magazine

Using data collected from 360,000+ small businesses, as well as advice from recovery experts, Alignable has created a report on the current state of small business economies, including a disaster recovery roadmap to guide small business communities. Yesterday I was speaking to a SCORE counselor about what they're seeing in the market place. They're seeing that we are entering a mode of recovery.

2012 Valuation Survey of Angel Groups


We received data from thirty groups of the fifty angel groups from whom we requested data. For the first time, we asked for data from specific business sectors, as follows: All pre-revenue deals. The average and median data for the entire set of data are shown at the bottom. Others were able to provide additional data for one or more business verticals. Consequently, their median data represented fewer deals.

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The VC Firm of the Future

Tomasz Tunguz

In the same way hedge funds scour data sources for insight on investments in the public markets, venture funds of the future will deploy technology to programmatically discover, evaluate and prioritize up-and-coming startups for partners to pursue. There has never been more data collected on startups than today. Processing that data is the key to creating consistent information asymmetries.

Hidden First Rounds

Ian Hathaway

To test how much of a problem this has become, I grabbed data on first financings from an analysis I did last year and compared them to first financings from a data pull today. One of the drawbacks of venture capital databases is that they are dynamic.

When Data Confounds Our Intuition

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And when prompted with data that confounds our expectations, only 10% of the time will we trust the data rather than our intuition, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Decisive Actions: How Businesses Make Decisions report. 57% of the time, survey respondents would reanalyze the data to ensure no issue with data collection or math errors. Our ultimate goal with data is to defeat bias. Suppose you’ve been selected to participate in a game show.

Angel Investors Do Make Money, Data Shows 2.5x Returns Overall


Through research backed by the Kauffman Foundation, NESTA (a UK-based entrepreneurship foundation), the University of Washington, and Willamette University, I’ve compiled the largest data set on angel investor financial returns that exists. The best estimate of overall angel investor returns from this data is 2.5 With this data, we don’t need to make deductions from the experience of venture capitalists. Let’s take a look at the actual data. (If

Defining a Personal API

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Consumers carry a trove of data: browsing data, ad click data, friend network data and social sharing data. Web businesses have realized the value of that data ( $12B in 2011 ). This EU law encourages consumers to become aware of the value of this data and manage it. Facebook application install dialogue boxes prompt us to evaluate the cost-benefit of data sharing. By visiting the site, a user accepts data use.

Investment and innovation themes from the Defrag conference

Fred Destin

Selling data. Collecting, interpreting and packaging data becomes a lower barrier to entry business given how much data is freely available online/through API's. Key questions on provisioning accounts, managing data silos, data security, compliance. Based on the iPhone App Store, many ideas around application marketplaces that combine SSO, data sharing and social graph within one framework on the web.

Data is Useless Unless You Can Act on It

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I see a recurring three step pattern with data waves: First data collected. In every data wave, the companies that transform data into actionable insights are the most valuable because their products not only identify but solve problems. Quantified self tools like FitBit and JawboneUp and Nike Fuel capture and display sleep data and while these devices confirm that I wake at 130am every night, they can’t help me sleep through the night.

We should be living in the future already

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Many manufacturers have started to believe in the benefits of subscription revenue economics and ongoing data collection from devices in the field. Deep learning technologies will use the data aggregated from devices to enable human-like intelligence, unlocking the magic of the connected devices vision. The advances seen in machine learning in the past few years have shown unprecedented gains as a result of increased processing power and better access to data.

The Power of Team Work in Startups

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Last, the sales team uses data collected by the product to inform and prioritize the sales processes improving close rates and customer satisfaction. Although I can’t share the data, I can assure you that startup case studies like this one reaffirm Aristotle’s aphorism that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. When the core teams of a startup work in harmony, they create tremendous leverage for a business.