3 in 5 Small Businesses Don't Inform their Customers About Third-party Data Collection, Reports Survey

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If you're thinking about ways to win your customers' trust, you should strictly consider safeguarding your customers' data. What's more surprising is that most of these small businesses have customer data privacy policies enforced. What Zoho Has Done to Stop Third-party Data Tracking.

Data collection isn’t the problem: It’s what companies are doing with it


Data is a company’s most powerful asset. Nearly all digital businesses collect some type of data from their users, so there has been growing concern from privacy rights groups about how that data is used. Yet, data collection is not wrong in and of itself.


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Why TransUnion led blockchain fintech Spring Labs’ $30M Series B


Consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion recently announced it had invested an undisclosed sum in Spring Labs, which is building out a blockchain-based data-sharing platform.

Data collection is about to get much more dangerous


On January First, 2020, California will enact the toughest data protection laws ever, far outpacing Europe’s General Data Protection Act (GDPR.) Called the California Consumer Privacy Ace (CCPA), few of us are even aware of this and need to know. But more impactful – the law creates more and more duties for companies collecting data within the state (which is most everyone.) All collecting data when I type or speak (hopefully to not just near them.)

How collective data and storytelling can lead to lasting impact for underserved entrepreneurs

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We must consider how these new support networks can be leveraged to show collective impact and attract sustainable and long-lasting local funding beyond the initial COVID-19 response and cash infusion from our Federal Government.

Niama El Bassunie’s Mission to Unlock Trade in Africa


According to data collected by Magnitt and published in the report, our portfolio has a higher percentage of startups with at least one female founder than the average percentage of female-founded startups in all of MENA.² With all this data, we wanted to share some of the unique stories of these female founders in MENA. It is within 500’s DNA to invest in talented founders, no matter whether they are situated in Silicon Valley or on the other side of the world.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners Invests in 12 Tech Companies!

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Their transient absorption (TA) device brings fast data collection and sensitivity to a larger market of researchers that can’t access traditional TA technology.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

STATE COLLEGE, PA – Every year, dozens of PA startups get their start with Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

How to Get Started Mapping Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem [Updated]

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Before you even get started collecting data, it’s a good idea to take some time to plan out the project and your approach. In my ecosystem mapping experience, I made the mistake of jumping in on my own and collecting data. Finding and Collecting the Information.

5 Ways E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Can Make More Data-Driven Decisions in 2022


E-commerce thrived in 2021, but if you want your brand to really take off in 2022, you need to focus on the data. Data-driven decision-making is the key to success in the modern world of e-commerce. But data for the sake of data doesn’t help anyone.

Growing and acquiring with Benchling and Benchmark on TechCrunch Live


Sajith Wickramasekara co-founded Benchling to improve laboratory data collection and collaboration. Since its 2012 founding, the company has grown to a valuation of $6.1 billion.

Dealroom raises €6M Series A for its startup data, market intelligence service


European startup and venture capital data company Dealroom has raised a €6 million Series A, it told TechCrunch. The startup collects data on private-market companies through public scraping and partnerships.

4 Tips to overcome the fear of growing your brand online

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The only way you will learn what works is by getting started and learning from the data. A key point in any data collection: You need enough data to make it accurate.

Penn State Startup, RealForests, Took Home Some Real Cash!

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The winner, Brennan Holderman with RealForests, developed LiDAR technology that uses emerging data collection techniques to measure various resources such as forest inventories.

The Right Kind of Time Off


Time Off and Our Mental Health. As I talk with people about the last few weeks, I don’t hear many stories of people taking time off work. And, this isn’t just true in COVID-19 times. In 2018, a record of 768 million vacation days went unused by employees.

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Firefox Better Web (with Scroll)

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Close to 800mm people around the world use them to avoid intrusive ads and data collection. Ad blockers are hugely popular. I do not use an ad-blocker but I completely understand why one would choose to do so. And yet much of the media business is supported by advertising. There are a growing number of subscription-based media services, but many people cannot or won’t pay for content and the vast majority of content consumed on the web is advertising supported.

Environmental, social and governance tracking gets easier with ESGgo


The product itself is focused on data collection; from the first 50 companies ESGgo spoke to, they learned that there were no tools available. To fully track ESG impact across a business, the GRI and SASB standards suggest tracking hundreds of data points across the organization.

The Startups and Investors Bringing Voice Tech to Healthcare

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With the app, doctors can speak notes aloud and MDOps will transcribe and transfer the data into the EMR. Kiroku targets dentists—its product listens to dentists’ conversations with patients, transcribes them, and then condenses that data into clinical notes. The auditory data is then transformed into the encounter notes. With this data, the company suggests it can prepare a written report for doctors to review and sign. Voice tech is on the rise.

3 ways to measure employee happiness (and 1 step you shouldn’t skip)

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Employees have room to comment, providing additional quantitative data to the survey. The qualitative data will guide your senior leadership team on how to react to the quantitative data. Gathering data is useless if you don’t act on it.

Nigerian data and intelligence company Stears raises $3.3M, backed by Mac VC and Serena Ventures


While studying at the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford , a group of graduates noticed how difficult it was to get data and information on Africa’s largest economy and their home country, Nigeria. a data company focused on Africa.

5 construction tech investors analyze 2022 trends and opportunities


Even so, investors are backing startups bringing robotics, data management, automation and augmented reality into the construction process. A lot of this tech is focused on job sites, but given the need for data collection and analysis, what advances are you seeing in back-end technologies?

Deepgram lands new cash to grow its enterprise voice-recognition business


The company’s data scientists source, create, label and evaluate speech data to produce speech-recognition models that can understand brands and jargon, capture an array of languages and accents, and adapt to challenging audio environments.

Invisible AI raises $15M to stick worker-monitoring cameras in factories


“Everything done in manufacturing, from safety audits to continuous improvement cycles, is still based on manual data collection using stop watches and clipboards.

Did venture capitalists undervalue startups for decades?


Data indicate that the pace of startup value creation reached a fever pitch in 2021. According to venture capital data collected by PitchBook , prices spiked for startup equity across the maturity spectrum last year.

Creative adtech is on the cusp of a revolution, and VCs should take note


Not to mention the trillions that have gone toward helping brands keep track of customer data and interactions — the marketing clouds, DMPs and CDPs. But the digital ad ecosystem can’t get by only using broader data-crunching techniques to replace “retargeting.” Casey Saran.

[Arcadia in PR Newswire] Arcadia announces data connector on Salesforce Appexchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace


20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arcadia, the technology company empowering energy innovators to fight the climate crisis, today announced the availability of its Data Connector on Salesforce AppExchange, bringing the automated capture and delivery of auditable, real-time utility data to Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. The Data Connector is an essential tool for any business looking to effectively monitor, report and optimize its energy footprint. WASHINGTON, Sept.

8 Steps to Making Better Business Decisions

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Collect relevant information from a range of informed perspectives on the issue. Use the data collected from those varying perspectives to accomplish this step. Contributed by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky , disaster avoidance expert, speaker and author. .

5 Qualities to Look for in a Remote Employee

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Everything from private customer data to delicate company financials could cripple you if placed into the wrong hands. Your remote workforce will be entirely reliant on technology to perform their essential duties—and the data collected since the coronavirus shutdown supports this.

Queen City Angels: Setting the Example for Angel Investor Foundation Support

Angel Capital Association

QCA also believed ACA needed these resources to further build out the valuable services ACA offers to the angel community, including angel education, industry focused data analytics, public policy advocacy, and other important services. ACA and AIF provide an effective, scaled approach to critical needs for industry data collection and analysis; angel education and training; and public policy advocacy (handled solely by ACA) which no angel group could do on their own,” Dennis Hirotsu.

The Customer Is Always Right: Why Startups Should Pay Attention To CX Data


Mimicking the age-old catchphrase of ‘the customer is always right, the role of CX data in a growing e-commerce landscape is vital if you want to see high customer retention rates and a swift return on investment. . 5 Ways E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Can Make More Data-Driven Decisions.

Love’s Cup Graduate Division finalists named

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Data collected will inform users of workout effectiveness and offer exercise suggestions and health tips. SmartTurn is advancing theSmartTurn Intelligent Turning Bed health care technology that accumulates position and pressure point data to ensure that pressure points are minimized for each turn of the patient. The technology leverages the latest advances in artificial intelligence and data extraction for a faster referral process. GRADUATE DIVISION Finalists.

Evabot secures fresh capital to inject AI into corporate gifting


“[Gifts are] picked by our AI based on the data collected and attributes like past gift ratings, weather in a location, gift budget, and more,” Rabi Gupta said. The idea of corporate gifting to maintain client relationships isn’t a novel concept.

Miami-based Ironhack raises $20 million for its coding bootcamps as demand for coders continues


The company offers classes in subjects ranging from web development to UX/UI design, and data analytics to cybersecurity, according to a statement. . “We

Meet the mobile therapy startup backed by Christian Angermayer’s re:Mind Capital


It’s a move informed by two trends: passive data collection, and a burgeoning mental health crisis in teens and young adults. . Ksana’s platforms focus on collecting data related to mental health, and transfer that data from user to healthcare practitioners through an app.

How AI Will Shift Customer Experience to the Next Level

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As per a prediction made by IDC (International Data Corporation), by 2019, 40% of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by some sort of cognitive computing or AI effort. This great potential of AI is because of the fact that AI has the power to analyze and process huge amounts of data from different sources, including human behaviors and emotions, thereby helping create more meaningful CX. Rather, decisions should be backed by data.

How Amazon’s continued expansion into healthcare could buoy the sector


As Amazon begins to implement its healthcare services in a larger capacity, some have brought up questions about patients’ privacy data in light of recent events. Following Amazon’s $3.9

Empowering Entrepreneurs From Underserved Communities with GoDaddy

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Despite the differences, the data collected before and after the program shows that great and tangible results were achieved in both locations. Then, check the 2020-2021 New Roots report for some insightful data!