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3 in 5 Small Businesses Don't Inform their Customers About Third-party Data Collection, Reports Survey

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Brent Leary , co-founder and partner of CRM Essentials, said, It's no secret that data is valuable for powering personalized ads, but we were surprised to find how comfortable companies of all sizes are with unethical data collection methods that leave their customers in the dark and their information in potentially dangerous hands.

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Data collection isn’t the problem: It’s what companies are doing with it


Nearly all digital businesses collect some type of data from their users, so there has been growing concern from privacy rights groups about how that data is used. Yet, data collection is not wrong in and of itself.


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Tokyo-based Startup FLUX Raises $32M in Series B Funding for its No-Code AI Platform


The company boasts a monthly data collection volume of over 100 terabytes through its services, which is utilized to train and enhance its models. FLUX uses a shared database to store this data, ensuring compliance with data governance and privacy regulations while adhering to the best data management practices.

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How collective data and storytelling can lead to lasting impact for underserved entrepreneurs

Source Link

SourceLink will be working closely with these groups not just to power their data collection efforts as Hubs, but surrounding this cohort with opportunities to learn from one another on a quarterly basis.

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AIMMO Raises 14.4 Billion Won in Pre-IPO Investment, Bolstering Its Global AI Data Solutions Presence


Emphasizing the company’s ambition, he added, “This pre-IPO investment will catalyze our expansion, propelling us to deliver even more advanced full-cycle data services.” Furthermore, it aims to enhance its global footprint by establishing operations in strategic locations like the United States and Germany.

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5 Ways E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Can Make More Data-Driven Decisions in 2022


All of these things can, and should, be supported by data. Collect strong data to optimize supply chain. One supply chain startup, Logmore, describes how they’ve used data to solve supply chain issues , especially with perishable items. Says the company, “Data is not collected from where it should be.

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ACA Receives an NSF Award to Connect Early Stage Capital to Deep Tech Innovations

Angel Capital Association

This award, Connecting Early Stage Capital to the Deep Tech Innovation Ecosystem, will conduct activities related to data collection, investor education and investor activation in the Deep Tech sector. Grant activities will focus on the ten technology areas identified in the Chips and Science Act.