Neo4j raises Neo$325M as graph-based data analysis takes hold in enterprise


What makes graph databases like Neo4j unique is their focus on the connections between individual data entities. CEO and co-founder Emil Eifrem said that Neo4j, which was founded back in 2007, has hit its growth stride in recent years given the rising popularity of graph-based analysis. “We

Cloud Data Lakes - The Future of Large Scale Data Analysis

Tomasz Tunguz

Cloud Data Lakes are a trend we’ve been excited about for a long time at Redpoint. This modern architecture for data analysis, operational metrics, and machine learning enables companies to process data in new ways.


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Companies betting on data must value people as much as AI


Asaf Cohen is co-founder and CEO at , a data operations platform. Those working with data may have heard a different rendition of the 80-20 rule: A data scientist spends 80% of their time at work cleaning up messy data as opposed to doing actual analysis or generating insights.

Seqera Labs grabs $5.5M to help sequence COVID-19 variants and other complex data problems


For a new virus about which so little is understood and that is still persisting, that’s invaluable data. So the problem is not if the data exists for better insights (it does); it is that it’s nearly impossible to use more legacy tools to view that data as a holistic body.

Hacking my way into analytics: A creative’s journey to design with data


My first job as a product designer was at a small but energetic fintech startup whose engineers also dabbled in pulling data. I was curious about quantitative analysis but did not know where to start. But where does this data come from? Data discovery for all: What’s in the way?

CockroachDB, the database that just won’t die


EC-1 Enterprise SaaS Startups Amazon cockroach labs CockroachDB CockroachDB EC-1 data analysis data management databases EC Cloud and Enterprise Infrastructure EC Enterprise Applications ec-1 Larry Page mysql new york city relational database Snapchat

SourceLink + National League of Cities – Impacting Entrepreneurship in Rural Communities

Source Link

Our team’s experience in entrepreneurial data analysis and asset mapping helped both communities to organize and visualize their ecosystem of resources. “We

Hex - The Best Product for the Technical Analyst

Tomasz Tunguz

We believe the 2020s are the decade of data. The number of data teams is growing as more companies rely on data for daily operations. During this period, there have been three main categories of data work: business intelligence, machine learning, and exploratory analytics.

Cloud Data Lakes - The Keystone to the Decade of Data

Tomasz Tunguz

Cloud Data Lakes are the future of large scale data analysis , and the more than 5000 registrants to the first conference substantiate this massive wave. Also, Tableau’s Chief Product Officer François Ajenstat will discuss the Tableau’s role in the cloud data lake. In my predictions post for 2021, I said that the 2020s will be the decade of data. Cloud data lakes are a key technology enabling the innovation in analytics and machine learning.

[ in Globe Newswire] Earns Highest Scores Possible in Data Governance and Management and Solution Vision Criteria in New Report from Leading Independent Research Firm


AUSTIN, Texas, July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, the cloud-native enterprise data catalog company, today announced it was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Solutions, Q3 2021.

Data Lake Engines - The Essential Layer of the Next Generation Data Architecture

Tomasz Tunguz

We shared a vision for a new way of working with data. More data is being stored in data lakes like Amazon S3 and Azure Data Lake Storage. There needs to be a layer between them to make all that data accessible to these users - a data lake engine.

Atlassian is acquiring Chartio to bring data visualization to the platform


The Atlassian platform is chock full of data about how a company operates and communicates. Atlassian launched a machine learning layer, which relies on data on the platform with the addition of Atlassian Smarts last fall. million along the way, according to Pitchbook data.

Credit Suisse leads $20M Series A in data extraction startup Daloopa


Daloopa closed on a $20 million Series A round, led by Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors, to continue developing its data extraction technology for financial institutions, which is now being expanded globally.

CybSafe raises $7.9M Series A led by IQ Capital for its ‘behavioral’ cybersecurity platform


data breaches are generally due to human error , for instance. CybSafe’s “behavior-led” platform manages these people-related security risks using behavioral science and data analytics by delivering personalized cyber support for users.

How to Build Authentic Customer Relationships That Spark Innovation

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Along with establishing formal ways to capture customer feedback through surveys and data analysis, look for opportunities to engage in conversations. Put it into context by combining it with all of the customer insights and market data you’re capturing. Prioritizing customer conversations and data gathering is what keeps innovation flowing, so don’t miss the boat. Written for EO by Jason McCann , a lifelong entrepreneur and experienced founder.

Unsung Hero Spotlight: Steven Rodriguez

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Someone who works at the intersection of economic/community/ecosystem development, is data-driven, collaborates and connects diverse stakeholders, focuses on being the right kind of busy and has a give #GiveFirst attitude. Data analysis and science in ecosystem work.

Research Assistant (Full Time – 6 months)

Forward Cities

The Research Assistant will primarily support the research team in the deployment of our primary data collection tools, including both the Survey of Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneur Support Organization Survey, and the production of data visualizations for all of our data sources. Ability to communicate data to internal and public audiences. Comfortable learning new technology/software for data analysis and visualization. POSITION SUMMARY.

The Power of Open Source to Solve the Data Fragmentation Challenge

Tomasz Tunguz

Most modern data architectures employ many different data stores and processing engines. Data analysts looking to unearth insights within these data stores must move data back and forth between different systems and different data formats. As the number of new open source projects continues to grow geometrically, this data fragmentation is likely to splinter further. ” Arrow promises data engineers three things.

Research Assistant (PT, TEMP)

Forward Cities

The Research Assistant will primarily support the research team in the deployment of our primary data collection tools, including both the Survey of Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneur Support Organization Survey, and the production of data visualizations for all of our data sources. Ability to communicate data to internal and public audiences. Comfortable learning new technology/software for data analysis and visualization. Position Summary.

‘Bowl food’ startup Poke House closes $24M Series B led by Eulero Capital to expand in Europe


It uses tech and data to optimize the production and delivery of its product via all the major food delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, etc. It also analyzes data from third-party delivery platforms (i.e. The food tech industry is effectively now going into fast food. raises $6M on the promise of ending data scarcity 


The availability of data can paralyze a company and its effort to bring software-centric products and services to market. To solve this issue, two-year-old data startup is generating synthetic data for the satellite, medical, robotics and automotive industries.

Crypto tax software provider TaxBit raises $130M at a $1.33B valuation


The startup also works with governmental agencies, including the IRS , to provide data analysis and tax calculation support for taxpayers with digital assets. .

Bloomreach raises $150M on $900M valuation and acquires Exponea


He points out that all of it is powered by an underlying data analysis engine that matches data to people and people to products. Exponea was founded in 2016 in Slovakia and has raised over $57 million, according to Pitchbook data.

Ex-Square execs launch Found to help the self-employed, raise $12.75M from Sequoia


Lin said he was particularly intrigued by the concept of Found because while he was in graduate school he ran a small data analysis business on the side. “I If you’ve ever been self-employed you know what a pain it is to keep up with the hassles of running a business.

Monte Carlo closes $60M Series C on the back of rapid ARR growth


The company helps customers monitor their data inflows, finding issues and errors that could foul downstream data analysis. The company’s market is growing in tandem with the larger world of big data and data-focused analysis.

Ai Palette raises $4.4M to help companies react faster to consumer trends


Its funding will be used to expand into more markets and fill engineering and data science roles. Upreti, an advanced machine learning and big data analysis expert, previously worked at companies including Visa, where he built models that can handle petabytes of data.

Data, Data Everywhere, Not a Second to Think

Tomasz Tunguz

More and more companies realize their proprietary data contains insights that drive tremendous competitive advantage. Enabling an organization to make data driven decisions is a long term process. Below is the current big data adoption process and where we are within it: Companies generate proprietary data whose volumes can’t be handled by existing tools. Companies build or buying the tools and expertise to store and process that data.

Understanding Gender Bias In Venture Funding

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

After 4 rounds of VC, I ran my own data analysis to see if my experience is unique. USV portfolio company goTenna ‘s founder and CEO Daniela Perdomo and USV analyst Dani Grant did some number crunching on VC funding and published the info last week. Women founders in female-focused sectors raise equitable VC, but women in non-female sectors raise 54% less than their fair share. In deep-tech, women raise up to 75% less! link]. Daniela Perdomo (@danielaperdomo) June 18, 2019.

TrustLayer raises $6M seed to become the ‘Carta for insurance’


TrustLayer comes in by “attacking a messy, data-rich and unstructured problem within the insurance industry that is a major friction source for commerce.”. TrustLayer , which provides insurance brokers with risk management services via a SaaS platform, has raised $6.6 million in a seed round.

EnsoData Raises $9M Series A Financing to Empower Clinicians with Waveform AI

Dream It

EnsoData (Healthtech - Spring 2019) has a platform that transforms billions of waveform data points collected from sensors in medical devices and wearables into an easy-to-read report, so clinicians can make faster, more accurate diagnoses.

Millennials May Not Be ‘the Entrepreneurs of Today’ Everyone Thinks They Are

Wesley Cherisien

According to a Federal Reserve data analysis by the Wall Street Journal , the number of people under the age of 30 who own businesses has dropped by 65 percent since the 1980s and is currently at a quarter-century low.

Lessons from Oura CEO Harpreet Rai on improving sleep, hardware, landing NBA partnerships & more | E1213

Jason Calacanis

For example, “if you’re a PM at a software app, making the right decisions on data analysis or UX flow can lead to dramatically different outcomes.” Oura data showed that people slept 45min less on Election night. More data improves the fidelity of the insights.

Electric utility bike startup Ubco raises $10 million to fund its global expansion


The 2X2 is built on an intelligent platform that includes vehicle and power systems, cloud connectivity and data analysis, which enables the subscription model to work alongside fleet management systems. .

MachEye raises $4.6M for its business intelligence platform


We’ve seen our fair share of business intelligence (BI) platforms that aim to make data analysis accessible to everybody in a company. Will automation eliminate data science positions?

Love Superheroes? NetSuite Takes It Up a Level with New Superhero Series [The Origin of Captain Finance]

Smart Hustle Magazine

She mastered the automated close by age 9 but when her parents were lost to a terrible spreadsheet-related incident, Jen swore to put an end to spreadsheets and manual data entry forever,” says the NetSuite narrator. Manual data entry mistakes.

Andreessen Horowitz could make the carbon offset API Patch its latest climate bet


Meanwhile, KoBold is a software developer that uses machine learning and big data processing technologies to find new prospects for the precious metals that companies need to make new batteries and renewable energy generation technologies.

With $21M in funding, Code Ocean aims to help researchers replicate data-heavy science


Every branch of science is increasingly reliant on big data sets and analysis, which means a growing confusion of formats and platforms — more than inconvenient, this can hinder the process of peer review and replication of research.