With $2.4M seed, Zing Data wants to put data analysis in the palm of your hand


If data is at the heart of any modern business, it needs to be easier to access and manipulate it without expertise. Co-founder and CEO Zack Hendlin says they used Figma , a collaborative design program, as an inspiration when they created Zing Data. Image Credits: Zing Data.

Neo4j raises Neo$325M as graph-based data analysis takes hold in enterprise


What makes graph databases like Neo4j unique is their focus on the connections between individual data entities. CEO and co-founder Emil Eifrem said that Neo4j, which was founded back in 2007, has hit its growth stride in recent years given the rising popularity of graph-based analysis. “We


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Cloud Data Lakes - The Future of Large Scale Data Analysis

Tomasz Tunguz

Cloud Data Lakes are a trend we’ve been excited about for a long time at Redpoint. This modern architecture for data analysis, operational metrics, and machine learning enables companies to process data in new ways.

The industrial data revolution: What founders got wrong


In February 2010, The Economist published a report called “ Data, data everywhere.” Little did we know then just how simple the data landscape actually was. That is, comparatively speaking, when you consider the data realities we’re facing as we look to 2022.

Decipad wants to help everyone do data modelling


Put simply, it’s building an interactive notebook to help non-technical people do data modelling. “It was just so complicated for non-developers to meaningfully collaborate and contribute to modern businesses in a data-driven way.

Companies betting on data must value people as much as AI


Asaf Cohen is co-founder and CEO at Metrolink.ai , a data operations platform. Those working with data may have heard a different rendition of the 80-20 rule: A data scientist spends 80% of their time at work cleaning up messy data as opposed to doing actual analysis or generating insights.

Hacking my way into analytics: A creative’s journey to design with data


My first job as a product designer was at a small but energetic fintech startup whose engineers also dabbled in pulling data. I was curious about quantitative analysis but did not know where to start. But where does this data come from? Data discovery for all: What’s in the way?

Canvas gives non-technical teams data exploration knowledge without needing a degree in SQL


While some startups are trying to get people to leave spreadsheets behind, Canvas , which is developing a collaborative data exploration tool, is going all in with a spreadsheet-like interface for non-technical teams to access the information they need without bothering data teams.

Seqera Labs grabs $5.5M to help sequence COVID-19 variants and other complex data problems


For a new virus about which so little is understood and that is still persisting, that’s invaluable data. So the problem is not if the data exists for better insights (it does); it is that it’s nearly impossible to use more legacy tools to view that data as a holistic body.

Data collection isn’t the problem: It’s what companies are doing with it


Data is a company’s most powerful asset. Nearly all digital businesses collect some type of data from their users, so there has been growing concern from privacy rights groups about how that data is used. Yet, data collection is not wrong in and of itself.

thatDot launches Quine, a streaming graph engine


Portland, Oregon-based startup thatDot , which focuses on streaming event processing, today announced the launch of Quine , a new MIT-licensed open source project for data engineers that combines event streaming with graph data to create what the company calls a “streaming graph.”

CockroachDB, the database that just won’t die


EC-1 Enterprise SaaS Startups Amazon cockroach labs CockroachDB CockroachDB EC-1 data analysis data management databases EC Cloud and Enterprise Infrastructure EC Enterprise Applications ec-1 Larry Page mysql new york city relational database Snapchat

No-code business intelligence service y42 raises $2.9M seed round


Berlin-based y42 (formerly known as Datos Intelligence), a data warehouse-centric business intelligence service that promises to give businesses access to an enterprise-level data stack that’s as simple to use as a spreadsheet, today announced that it has raised a $2.9

SourceLink + National League of Cities – Impacting Entrepreneurship in Rural Communities

Source Link

Our team’s experience in entrepreneurial data analysis and asset mapping helped both communities to organize and visualize their ecosystem of resources. “We

Meet 5 YLAI Fellows Traveling as Youth Delegates to the Summit of the Americas

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Luis Villatoro Villaherrera, El Salvador, founder of Gobdata/ TRACODA , the first organization in El Salvador using data analysis to create transparency. This information enables users to cross-reference and verify data and thus have a more comprehensive overall vision. Meet 5 YLAI Fellows Traveling as Youth Delegates to the Summit of the Americas. By Jewelle Saunders. The United States will host the Ninth Summit of the Americas from June 6 to 10 in Los Angeles, California.

NASA’s Thomas Zurbuchen tackles cosmic questions at TC Sessions: Space


As a professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor — where he taught classes in space science, aerospace engineering and innovation — he focused on solar, heliospheric and planetary instrumentation and data analysis.

The Spicy Future for Data

Tomasz Tunguz

If you’ve never seen a data app, that’s the question you should be asking yourself. Data apps are living documents that weave narratives around data and charts to explain, persuade, or empower. This workflow is why data apps are the future.

Hex - The Best Product for the Technical Analyst

Tomasz Tunguz

We believe the 2020s are the decade of data. The number of data teams is growing as more companies rely on data for daily operations. During this period, there have been three main categories of data work: business intelligence, machine learning, and exploratory analytics.

ODAIA raises $13.8M for its AI-powered commercial insights platform for pharma companies


The platform combines data analysis, process mining and AI to offer predictive analytics to pharmaceutical and life sciences commercial teams. Toronto-based ODAIA , an AI-powered commercial insights platform for pharmaceutical companies, has raised $13.8

Is the modern data stack just old wine in a new bottle?


I know this because I used to be a data engineer and built extract-transform-load (ETL) data pipelines for this type of offer optimization. Our statistics team then used the clean, updated data to model the best offer for each household. Ashish Kakran. Contributor.

Cloud Data Lakes - The Keystone to the Decade of Data

Tomasz Tunguz

Cloud Data Lakes are the future of large scale data analysis , and the more than 5000 registrants to the first conference substantiate this massive wave. Also, Tableau’s Chief Product Officer François Ajenstat will discuss the Tableau’s role in the cloud data lake. In my predictions post for 2021, I said that the 2020s will be the decade of data. Cloud data lakes are a key technology enabling the innovation in analytics and machine learning.

Napoleon's Influence on the Modern Data Stack : hyperdimensional Analysis with Malloy

Tomasz Tunguz

Data visualization is a passion of mine. Malloy makes hyperdimensional data analysis straightforward. This is automobile recall data in the US using Malloy. You can click on any data point to drill into it. We’re in the Decade of Data.

Data Lake Engines - The Essential Layer of the Next Generation Data Architecture

Tomasz Tunguz

We shared a vision for a new way of working with data. More data is being stored in data lakes like Amazon S3 and Azure Data Lake Storage. There needs to be a layer between them to make all that data accessible to these users - a data lake engine.

My Laptop is Faster than Your Cloud : Announcing MotherDuck

Tomasz Tunguz

For the last ten years, the data ecosystem has focused on big data - the bigger the data set, the more exciting. Interest in DuckDB has grown geometrically over the past few years because of what it can do with data. Snowflake uses DuckDB to build data apps with Streamlit.

Akros Technologies, an AI-powered asset management platform, raises funding from Z Holdings


In Deloitte’s 2019 report , the firm reveals that AI is transforming the financial ecosystem to reduce costs and make operations more efficient by providing automated insights and alternative data, analysis and risk management.

[Ravin in Automotive World] AI and Big Data can help OEMs build safer vehicles and avoid recalls


Advanced data analysis and machine learning will allow OEMs to parse through real-world data about how vehicles behave under specific driving circumstances, writes Ron Soreanu.

Singapore’s KNN3 wants to enable social discovery for decentralized apps


There’s no shortage of startups trying to make sense of the explosive growth of data generated from blockchain applications. Nansen has the support from a16z to provide on-chain data analysis for crypto investors.

[data.world in Globe Newswire] data.world Earns Highest Scores Possible in Data Governance and Management and Solution Vision Criteria in New Report from Leading Independent Research Firm


AUSTIN, Texas, July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — data.world, the cloud-native enterprise data catalog company, today announced it was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Solutions, Q3 2021.

Atlassian is acquiring Chartio to bring data visualization to the platform


The Atlassian platform is chock full of data about how a company operates and communicates. Atlassian launched a machine learning layer, which relies on data on the platform with the addition of Atlassian Smarts last fall. million along the way, according to Pitchbook data.

The Power of Open Source to Solve the Data Fragmentation Challenge

Tomasz Tunguz

Most modern data architectures employ many different data stores and processing engines. Data analysts looking to unearth insights within these data stores must move data back and forth between different systems and different data formats. As the number of new open source projects continues to grow geometrically, this data fragmentation is likely to splinter further. ” Arrow promises data engineers three things.

Unsung Hero Spotlight: Steven Rodriguez

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Someone who works at the intersection of economic/community/ecosystem development, is data-driven, collaborates and connects diverse stakeholders, focuses on being the right kind of busy and has a give #GiveFirst attitude. Data analysis and science in ecosystem work.

CybSafe raises $7.9M Series A led by IQ Capital for its ‘behavioral’ cybersecurity platform


data breaches are generally due to human error , for instance. CybSafe’s “behavior-led” platform manages these people-related security risks using behavioral science and data analytics by delivering personalized cyber support for users.

[Cyabra in CNN Business] Elon Musk commissioned this bot analysis in his fight with Twitter. Now it shows what he could face if he takes over the platform


Spam and fake accounts are more prevalent on Twitter than on comparable social platforms, according to a data analysis firm hired by Elon Musk as part of his legal battle with Twitter. The post [Cyabra in CNN Business] Elon Musk commissioned this bot analysis in his fight with Twitter.

Enso emerges from stealth to help enterprises make sense of their data


One of the biggest challenges enterprises face is processing all the data that they gather, and — by extension — deriving insights from that data. A 2021 Databricks and MIT survey found that only 13% of organizations are delivering on their data strategy.

How to Build Authentic Customer Relationships That Spark Innovation

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Along with establishing formal ways to capture customer feedback through surveys and data analysis, look for opportunities to engage in conversations. Put it into context by combining it with all of the customer insights and market data you’re capturing. Prioritizing customer conversations and data gathering is what keeps innovation flowing, so don’t miss the boat. Written for EO by Jason McCann , a lifelong entrepreneur and experienced founder.

Credit Suisse leads $20M Series A in data extraction startup Daloopa


Daloopa closed on a $20 million Series A round, led by Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors, to continue developing its data extraction technology for financial institutions, which is now being expanded globally.

Research Assistant (Full Time – 6 months)

Forward Cities

The Research Assistant will primarily support the research team in the deployment of our primary data collection tools, including both the Survey of Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneur Support Organization Survey, and the production of data visualizations for all of our data sources. Ability to communicate data to internal and public audiences. Comfortable learning new technology/software for data analysis and visualization. POSITION SUMMARY.