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Finding Founder-Market-Geography Fit


In 2017, we partnered with iconic leaders in American business to turn the thesis we developed on the road — that great companies can start and scale anywhere when given a chance — into an investment vehicle. In the last decade, we’ve socialized several Rise of the Rest-isms to describe investments that check those boxes.

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An Angel Investing Overview of Key Founder Issues

The Seraf Compass

Whether true or not, startups with multiple founders face key issues that will affect the company and its ability to raise money, grow, and ultimately be successful. Conventional wisdom is that startups with cofounders succeed more often than startups run by solo entrepreneurs.


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The BSList: You Need a Co-Founder (No. 93)

This is going to be BIG.

A recurring theme in a lot of my BSList posts is that, if an investor thinks they can make a boatload of money with you, they’ll go to all sorts of lengths to invest. That includes investing way earlier than they would normally, investing outside of scope, investing with their personal capital outside of the fund, etc.

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The Moments that Define Investor and Founder Relationships

This is going to be BIG.

In almost every single investment I’ve ever made, I can think of a singular moment in my relationship with a founder that, no matter what came before or what might come after, defined our relationship. The key to having difficult conversations with founders is setting expectations.

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The Founder Resolve

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Investing in founder-led businesses is comforting to me. Coinbase has reacted by making huge new bets on Coinbase Wallet and Coinbase NFT and is committed to winning in those markets like it did in the investment era of web3. Investing in founder-led businesses is comforting to me.

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Sisterhood of Success: Female Founders Share Insights on Thriving Together

Entrepreneurs' Organization

. — Shivani Gupta, EO Queensland, multi-business founder, author, speaker and coach Profit from profit My big learning from EO Malaysia member Fong Leng Wong is: Profit from profit. My first female mentor was the incredible Janine Allis , founder of Boost Juice. I have always liked people that go against the grain.

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Introducing Trust, and the Importance of Product-Founder Fit

Both Sides of the Table

founders, marketers, investors?—?and Trust, which today has announced a $9 million financing (Upfront is an investor), is a platform designed to help make the most of marketing investment by providing both analytics and a community of likeminded executives to share what’s working, and what’s not, across platforms.

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