5 Things VC Associates Wish Founders Knew Before Their Call

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In this Dreamit Dose, associates Alana Hill and I, Elliot Levy , offer five things we wish founders knew after screening over 1,000 startups in the last year. That’s something I didn’t realize when I was a founder sitting on the other side of the table.

Announcing the Founder Support Fund


I’m excited to announce the Founder Support Fund. It’s an evergreen microgrant-making fund dedicated to supporting founders’ mental and emotional health and well-being. And many startup founders have been particularly affected by the stress and unknowns of this time. .


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Why Investing in Female Founders Matters Now More Than Ever


Long before diversity and inclusion became buzzwords, we decided to make venture capital inclusive from day one at 500 Startups. The post Why Investing in Female Founders Matters Now More Than Ever appeared first on 500 Startups.

Four Questions Founders Should Ask Before Joining an Accelerator


Every year, some 30,000+ startups vie for just 1,300 spots at GAN Accelerators. Success rates for startups after they graduate from a GAN Accelerator are pretty impressive, too—more than 80% continue to be in business today. So What Should Startups Ask Before Joining a Program?

Startup School for Future Founders

Y Combinator

We launched Startup School as an online program in 2017 to support founders actively working on building their companies. On November 9th, we’re also opening Startup School to potential founders who are interested in starting a company in the future.

Founders Share Stories and Encouragement on Mental Wellness


Over the past few months, the GAN Community came together to support startup founders who have been deeply impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Startup life is hard enough; now, the pandemic has left many founders in an impossible position.

5 More Things VCs Wish Startup Founders Knew

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We did a previous dose on 5 things investors wish startups knew. Managing Partner, Steve Barsh , sat down to give us 5 MORE things investors wish startups knew. Keep reading for some more of the most common mistakes startups make when pitching and for Steve’s tips on how to fix them.

Six Reasons We Love Investing in Founders in Small Cities


Here’s the thing, though: We know that an uneven amount of dollars go to founders in major tech hubs—the Londons and San Franciscos of the world. And, three years into running our fund at GAN Ventures, with over 25 investments (almost exclusively in founders operating in cities like the ones I just mentioned), we’ve seen investment markups on a full third of our portfolio. Most founders in smaller cities are already leaders in their communities. (It’s

The Difference Between Rich Founders and Poor Founders, From an ex-VC

Entrepreneur's Handbook

It’s not about being rich, it’s about repeatedly building value What some people think will happen when you become a founder | source I love the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Let’s tastefully call this phenomenon: Rich Founder, Poor Founder. Most founders end up owning 5%-20%.

3 Simple Ways Startup Founders Eliminate Burnout

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mental-health psychology entrepreneurship startup foundersLearn how to cultivate sustainable success by optimizing your mental, physical, and emotional health. Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

How May Ph.D. Startup Founders Build for the Long term?

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What does data from the leading investors suggest Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash The current context supports research-heavy startups, there is even a special term for them?—?the the ‘deep tech startup’ search query is reaching one peak after another on Google Trends.

Inside Batch 25 at 500 Startups


Under no circumstances should any of the below content be construed as legal, tax or investment advice from 500 Startups or any of its affiliates. Alluva at 500 Startups: What it was really like being a part of Batch 25 In March of 2019, Alluva was accepted into Batch 25 of 500 Startups.

Advanced tax strategies for startup founders


Peyton Carr is a financial advisor to founders, entrepreneurs and their families, helping them with planning and investing. Smart founders and early employees should closely examine their equity ownership, even in the early stages of their company’s life cycle. Peyton Carr.

How To Raise Venture Capital Fast?—?Tips From An Investment Banker (Turned Startup Founder)

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venture-capital startup how-to entrepreneurship foundersCalibrate’s Isabelle Kenyon raised $27 million via virtual meetings Here are her tips and tricks for rapid long-distance fundraising. Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

Why We Invest in Authentic Founders


When GAN Ventures considers whether to invest in a startup, we look for four primary things: Authentic founders: Founders that know their own strengths and weaknesses and aren’t afraid to ask for help. Passionate founders: Founders that joyfully know more about their market than most people would think is normal to know about anything. Authentic founders communicate what’s going on with themselves.

Underrepresented Founders and The Discouraging Pass

This is going to be BIG.

While I got some very kind words on my recent writings , I heard from some founders that didn't feel like they got treated fairly—specifically around feeling patronized or dismissed—and that I wasn't showing enough action to improve on that. It’s easy in my position to forget how much courage it takes to pitch something for any founder—but especially founders for whom stepping out and taking this kind of risk feels like it comes with a bigger downside.

9 investors, execs and founders discuss Zagreb’s startup potential


Startups may not spring to mind when speaking about the beautiful country of Croatia. However, with competition heating up, startups looking for larger, serious investment will probably have to look beyond the country’s borders while trying to retain their engineering talent.

Why the Accelerator Model is Broken—and how 500 Startups is Fixing it


It’s what led me to San Francisco, and, ultimately, what drew me to 500 Startups. When I moved to San Francisco in 2012, I was working on my fourth startup and looking to join an accelerator. No one would’ve envisioned me as a venture capitalist.

5 Reasons Entrepreneur Therapy Enhances Startup Culture and Founder Performance

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The risks of evolving markets add to the immense responsibility founders feel for their company and employees. Further, 65% of high potential startups fail due to interpersonal issues in the cofounder partnership. Startup psychologists improve cofounder communication.

Look Outside of Silicon Valley to See How Founders Can Be Successful Post-Covid-19


500 Startups kicked off a new series called Innovation Coffee Breaks. Experts from leading companies, venture capital firms and startups join us every week to discuss how to innovate during this time of uncertainty.

Founders Factory Africa partners with Small Foundation to invest in 18 agritech startups


Johannesburg-based investment company Founders Factory Africa (FFA) today announced a partnership with Small Foundation that will see it select 18 agritech startups for an acceleration and incubation program. Some of the startups include Bwala, LipaLater, MVXchange and OkHi.

Partnering with CodePath and ColorStack to support future technical founders

Y Combinator

We believe that technology startups should include a technical founder because it is critical that a CTO have a seat at the table where key decisions regarding the future of the startup are made. Female Founders YC News Feature

UK report spotlights the huge investment gap facing diverse founders


VC has been invested over the past decade according to race, gender and educational background makes for grim reading — with all-ethnic teams and female entrepreneurs receiving just a fraction of available funding versus all-white teams and male founders.

8 Simple Strategies for Founders To Improve Startup Culture

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Leaders want more efficient workplaces, and founders are in the unique position to set the cultural tone of their organization. When founders invest in their team, it results in greater cohesion, performance, and a more supportive atmosphere.

Future Founders Conference for Women Globally

Y Combinator

On November 18, we are hosting our first Future Founders Conference for women who aspire to become a startup founder. Speakers will share their honest accounts of entrepreneurship, as well as essential startup advice. Adora Cheung, Partner at YC and Co-founder of Homejoy.

Launch Your Business in Georgia (The Country, not the State)


500 Startups recently launched 500Georgia, the first international accelerator in the country, in partnership with two. The post Launch Your Business in Georgia (The Country, not the State) appeared first on 500 Startups.

Edlyft Co-Founder and CEO Erika Hairston: How Community Can Elevate Tech

Y Combinator

Edlyft co-founder and CEO Erika Hairston never imagined herself as a “techie,” but was drawn to computer science while at Yale University—not that it was a cinch for her. “I Through Hairston and Ansong’s first startup experience, Edlyft was born. Female Founders Founder Stories Featur

Why Startups Fail: A Harvard Business School Professor’s Letter to a First-Time Founder


The following is excerpted from the book “Why Startups Fail” by Tom Eisenmann. Dear Founder: Congratulations for taking the plunge—for committing to work full-time on that startup concept you’ve been pursuing. I asked them: Do you regret founding your startup?

Social Media and Thought Leadership for Founders

This is going to be BIG.

Running a startup consumes a ton of time. Just the immediate priorities seem to take up more than one person’s potential working hours—so it’s no surprise that when it comes to something like social media, many founders have trouble making it a priority. The consequences of failing to position a founder’s profile aren’t always obvious—and it’s usually all about missed opportunities. Running a logistics startup?

New Jersey announces $10M seed fund aimed at Black and Latinx founders


Today, in a twist, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has announced a proposal for a $10 million allocation in the state budget to create a seed fund for Black and Latinx startups, TechCrunch has learned exclusively. 31, Black and Latinx founders had raised $2.3

Announcing Founders’ Co-op V

Founders Coop

Our LPs, many of whom are founders themselves, love our commitment to being first and fast, writing high-conviction pre-seed and seed checks to the best technical founding teams in the Pacific Northwest. We have an enviable track record of helping those founders raise from the best later-stage investors in the world. And with over 200 companies in our combined portfolios, we’ve assembled the most powerful founder support network in the region.

From Our Founder: New Legislation Makes Equity Crowdfunding the Go-To Source for Startup Funding


Venture capital funding, while essential to the startup growth ecosystem, is a funding source that makes its way into only a small percentage of companies seeking critical startup and growth funding. Related: From Our Founder: Creating Opportunity During Times of Crisis.

How Valence Aims to Provide Better Access and Funding for Black Founders & Executives

Both Sides of the Table

Venture firms wanted to meet talented Black founders but didn’t know where to start to find them. I always say that you can judge a startup’s future based on how fast they’re able to execute when it counts. “I gotta say it was a good day.” I’m so fricking pumped today. Really, truly.

How much can you pay yourself as a founder?

This is going to be BIG.

If founder salaries are supposed to be no more than some set number, how does that work if a founder is a single mom with three kids and a mortgage. For example, if Katrina Lake, the founder of Stitch Fix, went off to start a new company, pretty much any investor would give her a blank check to do it. The vast majority of startups are started by people who would have absolutely no problem getting a job elsewhere. Does that mean you can’t be a founder?

How Startup Founders Can Better Manage Their Time


As we tell our founders at 1000 Angels , the private investor network that connects startups with investors, time management is an important component of any business, but when it comes to launching a startup it is even more critical. Without that, your startup is a rudderless ship from the outset. There are many different approaches to time management, but we're going to focus on a six-step plan to get your startup on track. Fund Your Startup.

Should Founders Still Raise in an Economic Downturn?

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Jason sat down with Steve Barsh , Managing Partner of Dreamit, to give founders relevant downturn strategies. Jason answers critical questions for founders, including: How can your company ensure survival? Your primary job as a founder is to save the business.

Want to Be a Technical Founder? Here’s What Not to Do

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Startup date gone wrong: technical advice from a non-technical founder. business entrepreneurship startup founders startup-lessonsContinue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».