The Big Short: A Case Study on Greed, Irrational Exuberance, and Human Nature

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Psychology lessons from the 2007–08 financial collapse Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». investing psychology stock-market money entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurs find success despite lack of access to investment capital

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Since 2007, the number of businesses owned by Black women has grown by 163%. Throughout history there are numerous success stories of female entrepreneurs, yet women continue to face a number of challenges when starting and growing their businesses.


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A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

USV seeded Tumblr along with our friends at Spark in the summer of 2007 and were actively involved in the development of the company until its sale to Yahoo! I maintained an active Tumblog from before we invested in 2007 until October 2016, when I stopped posting there. The news hit yesterday that WordPress has purchased Tumblr from Verizon (which owns it by virtue of its acquisition of Yahoo! and AOL).

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Venture Hacks goes rogue

Venture Hacks

And for cleaning up this old blog which launched on April 1, way back in 2007. Venture Hacks is now independent of AngelList. Muchos thanks to AngelList for assisting with this transition (Aaron, Jake, Kevin). The first version of AngelList was a blog post on Venture Hacks. It shipped in one day, maybe two. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but it was called AngelBase back then. They’ve come a long way since then.

Today’s entrepreneurs weigh in: Is entrepreneurship a lonely journey?

Entrepreneurs' Organization

In 2007 I came across EO. At the core of Entrepreneurs’ Organization ‘s mission is helping entrepreneurs achieve their full potential. And one of the most powerful ways to accomplish this is by encouraging valuable experience sharing.

Including the 50+: Overlooked Aspects of Inclusion in Ecosystem Building, Part 1


In 2007, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg famously—or infamously, depending on your perspective—said “Young people are just smarter.” By Rich Bailey. This article is the first in a three-part series covering sometimes overlooked aspects of inclusion in entrepreneurial ecosystem building. Conversations about inclusion often focus on race and gender, but those factors—while vital—are not the only dimensions of inclusion that may need to be addressed. Part one considers age inclusion.

Techstars introduces Techstars Studio to rapidly envision, validate, and launch startups


In 2007, Techstars forever changed the way entrepreneurs build companies by introducing the mentorship-driven accelerator model,” said David Cohen , founder and co-CEO of Techstars. Techstars Studio Will Create Disruptive New Startups and Help Large Corporations Innovate. January 16, 2019 — BOULDER, Colo.

Will Brazil’s Roaring 20s see the rise of early-stage startups?


Since 2007, the number of publicly listed companies in Brazil has decreased from 400 to just a little over 300. Matheus Tavares Dos Santos. Contributor. Share on Twitter. Matheus is a hedge funds investment analyst for a major global investment manager and technology provider.

Clear River Enviro

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Since 2007, iMCI and i2E, Inc. The Center for Disease Control estimates that more than 90 people die in a day from misuse of prescription opioids, and more than 1,000 are treated in emergency rooms.

CommonGround raises $19M to rethink online communication


This isn’t the first time Amir Bassan-Eskenazi and Ran Oz have launched a startup together — they also founded video networking company BigBand Networks , which won two technology-related Emmy Awards, went public in 2007 and was acquired by Arris Group in 2011.

Israel’s closes $13M to use AI to understand early signals in the changing jobs market


s CEO is Dr. Shay David, who is best known for co-founding the video enterprise leader Kaltura, which first appeared at TechCrunch’s first-ever conference in 2007.

i2E leads $11.5 million investment in Oklahoma City-based Linear Health Sciences

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Since 2007, iMCI and i2E, Inc. April 1, 2020. Contact: Sarah Seagraves, Senior VP for Marketing. 405) 813-2403.

MasSpec Pen

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Since 2007, iMCI and i2E, Inc. Genio Technologies, Inc. has acquired exclusive rights to the MasSpec Pen System, a revolutionary technology from the University of Texas at Austin that is proven to accurately identify the difference between cancerous and normal tissue during surgery.

What is the Definition of a Seed Round or an A Round?

Both Sides of the Table

There weren’t a lot of seed funds in 2007 so this was often done by angels, funding consortia or sometimes early-stage funds that existed then (First Round Capital, True Ventures, SoftTech VC, etc.). 5 million was always the classic definition of an A-round between the late nineties (crazy financings aside) and say 2007.

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ChiliSleep’s parent company raises $37M and merges with Ebb Therapeutics


Founded in 2007, Kryo/ChiliSleep’s products include the chiliPAD , a device designed to improve sleep by adjusting the temperature of your bed.

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Startup Investing: The New Trend in Alternative Assets


While the Wall Street Journal claims “very few start-ups” received angel investment in 2007, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies proclaims “90% of all see and start-up capital” comes from angel investors. By Tim Hoghten. By definition Angel Investors are individual investors. But the data shows a rapidly growing trend in accredited investors investing together.

[DreaMed in Med-Tech Innovation] Artificial pancreas algorithm used in new Medtronic system


Moshe Phillip in 2007. The development of the MD-Logic algorithm was initiated at the Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes at the Schneider Children’s Medical Centre of Israel headed by Prof.

The History of Nokia


of the market share in 2007. In 2007, the market share of Nokia swelled up to 49.4%, making it the one and only company in the world to do so. From being the largest telecom company in the world in 2007 to being on the brink of bankruptcy in 2013, Nokia saw their worst days.

Why You Should Put Yourself Out There and Try New Products

Both Sides of the Table

In 2007 I started using Twitter and most of my friends & colleagues wondered why people would care what I ate for lunch. In 2006 I started using Facebook and most of my friends & colleagues thought I was strange. They thought it was like MySpace and why did I need a MySpace page? In 2008 I started VC blogging. I had blogged when I was an entrepreneur. I went to an industry event where people actually called me self-centered for writing publicly.

Why We Think B2B Crowdsourced Logistics Will Be a Big Hit

Both Sides of the Table

Six months ago Upfront Ventures announced its first Partner hire since 2007 – Greg Bettinelli. I wrote about him here. More importantly, he has just announced his first investment – he led a $7 million investment in Deliv – please read about it on Greg’s spiffy new blog. It’s been a really exciting time for me personally to be able to see a partner come in with the energy, enthusiasm and new ideas that remind me of myself 6 years ago.

Thinking of Starting a Business with Your Spouse? 5 Tips to Ensure Success and Productivity


Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners in 2007 (the most recent year available), 1.4 It’s not uncommon for couples to consider going into business together. After all, your life partner is an easy pick, as many spouses are loyal, supportive and even share the same dreams and goals.

Why You Must Be Self-Reliant to Succeed as an Entrepreneur 


In 2007, I was enrolled at Montclair State University, taking a slew of classes that did not interest me. Over the years as an entrepreneur, I have fallen flat on my face many times. Looking back, I realize I lacked the understanding of just how critical it is to be truly self-reliant.

One Decade In, Saying Hello to the Next One: Announcing Founders’ Co-op IV

Founders Coop

The long-running property bubble had popped in late 2007 and global markets were unraveling, eventually turning into what would become known as the Great Recession. Where does the time go? In early 2008 we announced the formation of Founders’ Co-op. We called it a fund, but at $2.7 million it wasn’t much of one, just some of our own money and some from a few local friends who knew how hard it was to be a founder up in this remote corner of the world.

4 Startup Myths That Hold Innovation Back (and How to Overcome Them)


businesses that were started during a recent eight-year period (2007 to 2014). We live in a world with a stereotypical representation of what a startup founder looks like, so it’s no wonder that a large portion of the population feels underrepresented.

What Could the Venture Market Look Like in the Coronavirus Era

Tomasz Tunguz

That grew to about $5B per quarter in 2007 and early 2008. What could happen to the fundraising market in the coronavirus era where organizers cancel events, the financial markets suffer from a bear market, and there is a lot of uncertainty?

Why Did Nokia Fail?


At its peak, in 2007, Nokia’s worldwide market share stood at 49.4% , the highest in the world. The collapse of Nokia had already begun, way before 2007. The Arrival of New Companies: In 2007, Apple stepped into the smartphone game and launched the iconic iPhone.

How Much Due Diligence Does An Angel Really Need To Do?

Paul G. Silva

A 2007 study found that angel investments in which at least 20 hours of due diligence was done were five times more likely to have a positive return than investments made with less due diligence time. Due diligence (AKA “doing your homework” on a startup to see if investing is the right call) should clearly take time… but how much?

Taboola is going public via SPAC


Founded in 2007, Taboola powers content recommendation widgets (and advertising on those widgets) across 9,000 websites for publishers including CNBC, NBC News, Business Insider, The Independent and El Mundo.

Capital Gains, Carried Interest, and Ordinary Income

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

As far back as 2007, before USV had paid any carried interest to me, I wrote on this blog that I did not believe that carried interest deserved capital gains treatment and that, in my view, it was a fee and should be taxed as ordinary income. Most of our family’s income comes in the form of capital gains. And most of that comes in the form of carried interest on capital gains.

Rad Power Bikes raises $150 million as electric bike sales boom


The company, which was founded in 2007, initially was a low-volume custom bike builder. Electric bike sales boomed in 2020, a phenomenon driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption it delivered consumers’ daily lives.

Because the Domain Makes it Really Real

This is going to be BIG.

What might be a more relevant date is May 22nd, 2007. Three years ago today, I grabbed the domain name It''s kind of a funny answer to "When did you start Brooklyn Bridge Ventures?". That''s the day I sat down for lunch at Coffee Shop with Henry Blodget, just six days after Silicon Alley Insider launched.

Pngme, a financial data platform, closes $3M seed to accelerate growth in Sub-Saharan Africa


Since M-Pesa’s mobile money infrastructure came into play in 2007, there has been a proliferation of fintech services ranging from wallets to savings and loans. came to East Africa in 2007 to work on philanthropic biofield projects.

Longtime investor and operator Adam Nash says he just launched a new fintech startup


Nash said on Twitter that the two met at LinkedIn, where Nash was himself VP of product management for four years beginning in 2007. Adam Nash, a Silicon Valley-born-and-bred operator and investor, is back at it again.

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AcousticSheep Installs Artificially Intelligent Art at Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

AcousticSheep was founded by Wei-Shin Lai and Jason Wolfe in 2007. ERIE, PA – October 9, 2019: ?. AcousticSheep LLC, the Erie-based company that invented the? world’s most comfortable headphones for sleeping, branched out with its first art installation at Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania and Penn State University’s Behrend campus for the “Art + Tech + Entrepreneur Experience.”.

iMCI leads $750,000 investment in OKC-based PrivacyBrain

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Since 2007, iMCI and i2E, Inc. March 17, 2021. Contact: Sarah Seagraves, Senior VP for Marketing. 405) 813-2403. or email OKLAHOMA CITY — i2E Management Co., iMCI) recently led a $750,000 seed-round investment in Oklahoma City-based PrivacyBrain.

5 Steps for Launching an Online Business in 2021


This is the largest increase in new businesses since 2007. The pandemic has made life difficult in innumerable ways, but it has also presented business opportunities to savvy entrepreneurs.

TechCrunch: Where top VCs are investing in construction robotics

Dream It

From 2007 to 2011, during which the Great Recession of 2008-09 took place, the construction industry lost approximately 2 million workers.