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Cultivating Connections: Phaedon Stough’s Vision for the Startup Community at Innovation Bay


Founded in 2003, it began as a platform for founders to connect, exchange insights, and glean knowledge from peers. Innovation Bay, a pioneering community group in the tech sector, powers collaboration and innovation.

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Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Honors Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

American Entrepreneurship

Most prominent is the G-Unity Foundation he launched in 2003 which supports programs fostering conscious capitalism and promoting social and leadership skills for youth nationwide. Jackson was recognized for his success in the music industry and his other endeavors.


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A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I recall when my partner Brad and I were raising our first USV fund, back in 2003, and potential investors wondered about my blogging habit. They asked if I was making a mistake telegraphing our investment thesis for everyone to see, including our “competitors.”

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I’ve Moved Onchain

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I started out in September 2003 at but moved to a few years later. So I am starting a series called “I’ve Moved Onchain” to explain this journey to everyone and today’s opening post is about blogging, naturally. I’ve blogged at for a very long time.

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From Startup To Life-Changing Exit – The 4 Secrets Behind Ruby Receptionists’ Amazing Success

Entrepreneurs' Organization

In 2003, she started Ruby Receptionists , a one-of-a-kind virtual receptionist company where high-tech meets great people and 5-star performance. Our Forum thinks so highly of Jill that we nicknamed her JBoss — an honorific she more than earned. Here’s her story.

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#22. Medium Founder Ev Williams Shares New Thoughts On Future of Creator Economy and More

Entrepreneur's Handbook

His first major company was Blogger (acquired by Google in 2003) which was where the term “blog” was first popularized. He’s been a titan of silicon valley for more than two decades and was one of the first innovators of the internet. He later went on to cofound Twitter and served as the platform’s CEO.

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Keeping It Simple

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I met Mena Trott at a Nick Denton party in NYC in 2003 and she explained blogging to me. I bought Bitcoin and went about finding a Bitcoin investment to make. That was Coinbase. The same was true with blogging and tweeting a decade earlier. I was struck by the idea that anyone could be a publisher.

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