A theory about the current IPO market


And the late-stage venture capital markets, along with the changing value of tech stocks and the huge boom in consumer (retail) investing.

4 Reasons Why Choosing the Right Business Model is a Make-or-Break Decision


After all, there are significant differences between B2B brands and a direct-to-consumer retailer. When launching a startup, most entrepreneurs are focused on fine-tuning their product or service.


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StartupNation Radio: Shark Tank Tips and Success Stories


To purchase Makeup Junkie Bags, visit the official website at makeupjunkiebags.com , or if you’re a retailer, apply to become a wholesale retailer here. On today’s episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff is joined by leading business coach and co-host, Jon Dwoskin.

The Fantastical, Stupendous, Wonkariffic Tale of How Ample Hills Creamery Raised a $4 Million Venture Capital Round

This is going to be BIG.

I was working for the GM pension fund, an institutional LP, as an analyst, doing a research project on consumer private equity and venture capital investing. I was researching consumer focused funds, building and fixing brands, and talking to just about every consumer minded investor I could find. Jerry was a great guy and his love of retail investing kind of stuck with me. At least, that would be the title if somebody made a kids movie out of it.

Get to Know Richard de Silva of Highland Capital

Both Sides of the Table

At the time consumer internet venture capital was still suffering from the collapse of the Tech Bubble. They also have a separate $300 million fund focused on bricks-n-mortar consumer retail. I’ve just finished a week away from the office for Spring Break, which was much needed. I’m now back & ready for action. I took the opportunity this past week to publish summary notes of some of the VCs and entrepreneurs I had interviewed on This Week in VC.