Mission wrap: London 2018

Startup Catalyst

2018 LondonIn June we conducted our third annual mission to London for London Tech Week. 16 participants from Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales took part in the week long mission, with a total of 25 official events, meetings and tours, and another dozen private meetings organised by participants, as well as other events from the London Tech Week schedule.

Wrap-up of the Startup Community Leaders Mission USA 2018

Startup Catalyst

The second Startup Community Leaders Mission to the USA took place from 11-18 March 2018, with 20 participants taking part, including 14 from 11 different regional towns in Queensland, 3 from Brisbane, one from Sydney, one from Adelaide, and one from New York (assisting the Beach City film crew). 2018 Startup Community


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The Moments that Define Investor and Founder Relationships

This is going to be BIG.

In almost every single investment I’ve ever made, I can think of a singular moment in my relationship with a founder that, no matter what came before or what might come after, defined our relationship. Often times, it came in a very vulnerable and down moment for the founder—perhaps they just lost out on a big opportunity, had someone from the team leave, or they’re running low on capital before sales have come around.

The Breakout Tech Company Of 2018


Whereas in 2016 I struggled to come up with one, and whereas in 2017 it was obvious it was Coinbase, with 2018 comes the most money poured into U.S. In 2018, it was that kind year. So, after all of those warnings and disclaimers (and, yes, you are free to disagree with my selection here), but after months of reflection, I believe Airtable is The Breakout Tech Company of 2018. This is the company, in my opinion, which only first appeared on the radar of most investors in 2018.

Looking Back On Tech, Startups, And VC In 2018


And, with that warning, I offer to you, the big stories in the startup and investing ecosystem of 2018, written in ascending order of importance and magnitude…. Now in 2018, there’s been significant rounds they’ve led or participated in — Pitchbook here recaps some of the biggest. Then 2018 arrived. It’s that time of year, time to look back and reflect on the most significant storylines in the tech, startup, and VC world.

25 education trends for 2018

eSchool News

In almost all of the commentary from both educators and industry, the mention of AR and VR for 2018’s big trends were ubiquitous. In this straight-forward report, eSchool Media discusses what to expect, overall, in 2018; how 2017 compares to 2018 for both K-12 and higher ed; and predictions from educators and industry on both K-12 and higher ed trends for the new year. 2018 promises to be a year that epitomizes the term “transformational.”

Coworking in Europe 2018


Whilst membership numbers and area are increasing in European coworking spaces, their popularity is slightly decreasing. Do large spaces with more members, private offices and employees lead to worse ratings among members? Yes, but less than expected. Surprisingly, it’s smaller coworking spaces in particular that are becoming much less popular. Read on to find out more about this trend as well as other developments in the European coworking scene

Remind Me Why I Love You? (Why “In Person” is Everything)

Both Sides of the Table

You had an amazing meeting with an investor. Your product demo crushed. The dialog was great. They told you how much they loved your space. The meeting was only supposed to last 45 minutes but you ran 90. The assistant tried to end the meeting twice but was shoooshed away. You race back to the office to tell everybody how well it went and you wait for the follow-up call to have a partners’ meeting or talk about term sheets or at least dip into due diligence. One week. Two weeks. Oh, fork.

3 Top-Paying MBA Concentrations in 2018

Startup Grind

Many Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs offer their students the opportunity to choose a concentration, which can also be called a "specialization" or a "track." In Australia, some educators may refer to this as a "major." While concentrating in any one aspect of business administration is not essential for career success, it can sometimes lead to higher paychecks and increased credibility in your area of specialization.

A Scorecard: Should a decision be fast, or slow?

A Smart Bear

We all know that startups should make decisions quickly. Fast decisions leads to rapid action, which accelerates the loop of production and feedback, which is how you outpace and out-learn a competitor, even one that already has a lead. But some decisions should not be made in haste, like a key executive hire , or how to price , or whether to raise money, or whether to invest millions of dollars in a new product line.

7 Predictions for SaaS in 2018

Tomasz Tunguz

The SaaS fundraising market remains ebullient through 2018 as vibrant M&A and an open IPO window trigger substantial liquidity for shareholders. Blockchain in the enterprise takes the reign as the buzzword for 2018. Below are 7 predictions about the startup software ecosystem. How many of them do you agree with? The tax holiday for repatriation creates one of the most active M&A environments of the past ten years. The repatriation holiday is part of the new tax plan.

SaaS 64

How a Little Bit of Fear Breeds Innovation

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Krupa joined EO Las Vegas in 2018. . Co-founder of Owned Outcomes Krupa Srinivas explores the value of fear in an entrepreneur’s journey as she describes partnering with a US healthcare intermediary to solve the problem of cataloguing hospital supplies.

Selling your business? Find the emotional buyer


This is one of my favorite insights, since I lived this one in a positive exit from my computer business. Types of business buyers expanded. Most people will tell you that there are two kinds of eventual buyers for your business: financial and strategic. A financial buyer will analyze your numbers, past and forecast, to the n’th degree, and calculate the price based upon the result, after carefully comparing your numbers with those of others in the same and similar industries.

board 240

How Entrepreneurship is Changing Our World: A Localized Perspective

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Written for EO by Michael Neidert, a writer and consultant. . Entrepreneurship is difficult in any part of the world, but entrepreneurs in developing nations face an especially steep uphill climb.

Preparing to Start a Company

This is going to be BIG.

It’s that time of year again—the season of people quitting their jobs soon to start a company. I don’t know whether it’s New Years resolutions or end of year bonuses, but I feel like there’s a bit of a peak in people wrapping up previous things looking to start something new.

Shut Up and Invest? Investors Weighing in on Politics

This is going to be BIG.

For the last two years, I’ve been pretty vocal about politics on social media , in my weekly tech community newsletter and on this blog. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more progressive—which is a big shift for me because I grew up conservative. More and more, I’ve felt the need to speak out—but the question was asked of me recently whether or not it does more harm than good for me professionally.

How Small Businesses Can Easily Adopt Cloud Computing

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Written for EO by Ashley Fletcher Frampton. Anyone who has embarked on the entrepreneurship journey knows the risks are plentiful. One area of risk that cannot be underestimated is your company’s information technology (IT) system: It can impact everything from data security to business performance.

The 2018 State of Coworking Spaces


Coworking spaces are growing. Each year they offer larger workspaces and serve more members than the year before. These findings are not new. But what does a detailed view of coworking spaces look like presently? In this article, you will learn not only about membership numbers, but also how they divide their expenditure and revenue, how many locations they operate, where they are located, or what internet speeds they offer.

Why Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Is Essential for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Mentorship is one of the best gifts. Having someone you admire invest time and energy in your goals builds successful companies and careers. Likewise, transmitting your experiences to others feels energizing. It’s what being an entrepreneur is about.

How to Out Amazon, Amazon

Both Sides of the Table

There has always been tension between CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies and the retailers who sell their products to consumers. If a consumer will pay a fixed price for a product or service then the battle over who gets the margin in any sale is between the person who merchandises a product and the person who manufactures it. This is an age-old marketplace tension where leverage often determines the value captured. This is true whether it’s physical products or media products.

What Can You Learn From Ring’s Astounding Success?

Both Sides of the Table

Many people will write the history on why Ring became an enormously successful company and why it became a real-world unicorn in a world when many startups are anointed that merely on paper. Since I had a ringside seat to the company before it really existed all the way through the end I thought I’d offer my version and what I think it means for our future.

One Reason Why Your Technical Recruiting Isn't Working

This is going to be BIG.

Time and time again, I hear how hard of a time startups are having recruiting, especially for software developers. While candidate quality is sometimes an issue, or culture fit, or some other quality, most of the time the issue is that the company just isn't getting enough people into the top of the funnel. When I was a startup founder, I had this same issue. That's when I had a conversation with Max Ventilla, the founder of AltSchool, who at the time was running Aardvark.

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Why you should never have a data room — the most counter-intuitive fund-raising advice you’ll ever…

Both Sides of the Table

Why you should never have a data room?—?the the most counter-intuitive fund-raising advice you’ll ever get I’m about to offer you some fund-raising advice that flies directly in the face of what most conventional wisdom will tell you. If you stick through to the end I’m guessing I can persuade most of you. Let me start out with my premise: “Data rooms are where fund-raising processes go to die.” I have to back up and give you more context.

advice 287

How Many Investors Should You Talk to in a VC Fund Raise? And How Do You Prioritize?

Both Sides of the Table

This is part of a series of advice for founders who need to raise money from venture capitalists. The first in the series is “ Lemons Ripen Early ,” which also has a link to other posts. The most important advice I could give you before you set out in fund raising mode is to understand that fund-raising a sales & marketing process and needs to be managed. Somehow many first-time founders equate “sales” with something that is beneath them.

advice 285

5 Hidden Entrepreneurship Lessons from 5 Christmas Movies

Entrepreneurs' Organization

We have come to the last month of 2018! Written by Violet Lim, CEO and co-founder of Lunch Actually and EO Singapore. The original version of this article appeared on Violet’s LinkedIn blog. . I don’t know about you, but this year passed by like lightning for me.

How to Improve Your Odds of Getting to Yes with a VC — “Land and Expand”

Both Sides of the Table

If you’ve read any of my ongoing series on fund raising from venture capitalist (episode 1?— ?controlling controlling your psychology ) you no doubt have heard me say that raising capital is a sales & marketing process.

FundersClub Portfolio Follow-On Rounds Update - Q3 2018


We'd like to congratulate FundersClub portfolio companies on their ongoing progress, as well as to welcome aboard their new VC investor partners. Selected recent FundersClub portfolio company follow-on rounds: GitLab announced its $100M Series D, led by ICONIQ, and minting it a new $B portfolio company. GitLab provides open source code collaboration software. We invested at Seed, Series B, and Series D.

My 10 Favorite Books of 2018

Tomasz Tunguz

These are my ten favorite books from 2018. The (Mis)Behavior of Markets - Written by Benoit Mandelbrot, the Belgian mathematician who pioneered fractals, this book and theory inspired Naseem Taleb. It’s a powerful book on the uncertain nature of financial turbulence. Creative Selection - Ken Kocienda, a former Apple engineer who co-authored Safari and the iPhone keyboard, writes about culture at Apple.

The Top Coworking Events in 2018


Have you already planned your vacations for this year? Combine some of them with exciting coworking events, extend your trip and turn them into a coworkation! From vibrant New York City, the breezy Hanseatic cities Bremen or Gdansk, to the tropical climate in Georgetown, Malaysia. the coworking gatherings are as diverse as the cities where they take place. However, there are two things all those events have in common.

How to Talk About Valuation When a VC Asks

Both Sides of the Table

One of the hardest things about the fund-raising process for entrepreneurs is that you’re trying to raise money from people who have “asymmetric information.” VC firms see thousands of deals and have a refined sense of how the market is valuing deals because they get price signals across all of these deals. As an entrepreneur it can feel as intimidating as going to buy a car where the dealer knows the price of every make & model of a car and you’re guessing at how much to pay.

The Blockbuster Software M&A Market of 2018

Tomasz Tunguz

2018 is a blockbuster year for software M&A multiples. Billion-dollar plus acquisitions in 2018 have commanded a median 17.7x In 2018, three acquirers have paid greater than 14x trailing multiples, and two have paid greater than 20x trailing. That small decline is driven by Cisco’s acquisition of Broadsoft earlier in 2018, but does nothing to change the conclusion that acquirers prize growth.

My Journey from GSEA Global Finalist to Digital Nomad

Entrepreneurs' Organization

At Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) , our vision is to build the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs.

When “fits and starts” is the most efficient path

A Smart Bear

You roll down the windows and wear a helmet when you take your car to the track. This does not make me less terrified of a fiery death. The American Autocross champion was sitting in my passenger seat screaming at me to not let my foot off the pedal until I bounced off the RPM limiter. She was properly intense. I didn’t know what I was doing, but it’s fun to power through curves in a high-speed tenuously-controlled skid in my Mini Cooper S (plus Cooperworks).

A Meeting of Unreasonable Minds

Entrepreneurs' Organization

For 2018 we are planning for 300-plus attendees. Suhaili’s commitment to education and innovation as a path toward decent work and economic growth earned him a nomination for 2018 EO Global Citizen of the Year. .

EO Honored by Nuway Foundation for its Work Supporting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Entrepreneurs' Organization

The InfoTrust Foundation undertakes charitable events quarterly, including its annual Basket Brigade , which is providing nearly 2,000 Thanksgiving baskets in 2018. EO’s delegation, led by then-Global Chair, Brian Brault, later presented EO’s vision at a UN special session in May 2018. “We

Swimming With EO’s Angel-Sharks at the Inaugural MyEO Deal Exchange Conference

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Attendees at the inaugural MyEO Deal Exchange Conference in 2018. In 2018, Alan Peterson, an EO member in Orange County, California, formed MyEO Deal Exchange (MyEO DX), a resource for connecting EO members who wish to find mutually beneficial deals.

Just Where Are SaaS Companies Priced After the 2018 Correction?

Tomasz Tunguz

The market pushed higher for nearly 36 months to a new high in September 2018 at 9.5x Multiples at IPO will be lower in 2019 than for most of 2018. But 2018’s multiples were at decade highs, and 2019s figures are are 40%+ larger than the trailing 8 year median. Reading the news in the past week made me wonder. Just where are we pricing SaaS companies today? The Nasdaq and the S&P have toyed with a bear market. Many stocks are down 10 to 50%.

SaaS 51