MMOs (MMORPGs) Continue to Rock

MMOs (MMORPGs) Continue to Rock There is a great deal of interesting activity in MMO land these days. You may remember that we highlighted the invest-abilty of this trend/category about 18 months ago. Despite my enthusiasm, I could have never anticipated the massive impact of World of Warcraft. It appears today to be the most

Techdirt: The Fake Broadband Price War

Link: Techdirt: The Fake Broadband Price War. Techdirt has a great article on the reality with respect to broadband pricing in America. The monopololistic carriers want congress to believe prices are low and falling. Nothing is further from the truth. Turns out that they routinely overstate coverage and availability of DSL also. Internet DSL pricing Internet broadband


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As Wifi Grows, So Do the PR Attacks



Why SOX Will Lead to the Demise of U.S. Markets

Everyone should read this article from the CEO of Nasdaq. He is properly concerned that the overly bureaucratic Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) processes could lead to the end of global domination by the U.S. capital markets. Ironically, the two gentlemen that created SOX did it with the intention of “preserving” U.S. capital market leadership. Their fear was [.]. Web/Tech

Half Of All VCs Beat The Stock Market

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

2006 3.65 There has been this narrative about investing in VC funds that you have to get into the top quartile (25%) or possibly the top decile (10%) in order to generate good returns. I have heard that for as long as I have been in VC and probably have written it here a few times. Well, it turns out that is not right. Half of all venture funds outperform the stock market which is the benchmark most institutions measure VC funds against.

How to Create a Healthy Local Startup and Tech Community

This is going to be BIG.

I built a 3,000 person tech networking organization in NYC back in 2006 and was one of the first 100 members of the NY Tech Meetup back in 2005 so I’ve participated in a lot of these conversations.

EO Impact Day: ‘Reimagine Success’ for your business and the planet

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Dave Anderson , EO Chair-Elect, interviewed EO San Diego member, Jennifer Case , President and CEO at New Leaf Biofuel, a biodiesel refinery operating in San Diego since 2006, recognized nationally as a major player in the biodiesel space.

Innovation in Sustainability: From Trash to Textiles

Entrepreneurs' Organization

I was intrigued when I learned about a game-changing technology in 2006: the manufacture of fabric from recycled plastic bottles. Monique Maissan is an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member in Shanghai, CEO of Vision Textiles, and founder of Waste2Weave.

Why Has Seed Investing Declined? And What Does this Mean for the Future?

Both Sides of the Table

As you can see below the number of seed funds shot up dramatically between 2006 and 2014. With seed up massively between 2006–2014 and A and B rounds relatively flat what you see is a widening of the funnel going into traditional venture. Seed investments are down by any measure (funds, deals, dollars) over the past 3 years in deals < $1 million AND in deals between $1–5 million. What gives?

Six tips for SaaS founders who don’t want VC money


Established in 2006, JotForm allows customizable data collection for enhanced lead generation, survey distribution, payment collections and more. I started my company, JotForm , in 2006. Aytekin Tank. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

SaaS 113

A Weird and Wacky Approach To Angel Investing


I had promised myself I would at least enjoy grad school before "officially" jumping back into a startup and so I held off on officially launching HubSpot until the day I had my graduation ceremony (June 9, 2006). An Odd Start To My Angel Investing.

Stack Overflow For Teams Goes Freemium

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

For those that don’t know, the word Freemium was invented here at AVC, back in 2006. I could not help but use the word Freemium in the headline to this post. I am quite proud of that fact, even though I did not come up with the word myself. With that business taken care of, let’s move on to the topic of the day.


Happy Birthday, HubSpot! 15 Lessons Over 15 Years


15 years ago today, on June 9, 2006, HubSpot was “officially” started. I say “officially”, because unofficially, I had been noodling on the idea of HubSpot for a couple of years with my co-founder, Brian Halligan while we were both classmates in grad school.

Startup Investing: The New Trend in Alternative Assets


There were over 200 as of 2006.” By Tim Hoghten. By definition Angel Investors are individual investors. But the data shows a rapidly growing trend in accredited investors investing together. This is something that we have experience at 1000 Angels , the private investor network that connects startups with investors. So how are sophisticated investors putting their money to work today?

Do SaaS Startups Still Require Less Capital than 10 Years Ago?

Tomasz Tunguz

The era after 2006 and through the 2008 financial crisis was a different time to raise capital. The median revenue at IPO has increased from $55m in 2006 to $200m in 2018-2019. In 2014, I published a post called Do Startup Require Less Capital to Succeed than 10 Years Ago ? It’s been five years and time to see how things have changed. In the analysis, I created a metric, the return on invested capital (ROIC).

SaaS 84

News – eCommerce and Digitization Grows For Many Businesses Says Alibaba B2B Survey

Smart Hustle Magazine

eCommerce platforms such as eBay (founded in 1995), Shopify (founded in 2006), , Big Commerce (founded in 2009) and more have been around for years. Selling online is not new.

Input from women key to successful companies

Innovation 2 Enterprise

I have been thinking lately about how the seeds of innovation get planted — in an individual. In a family. In a state. Women are key to growing successful companies. My great-great grandmother on my father’s side was an innovator. Her name was Moning Rix Tarpley Gannaway.

Cyber risk startup Safe Security lands $33M from UK telco BT


BT said the investment, which is its first major third-party investment in cybersecurity since 2006, reflected its plans to grow rapidly in the sector. Safe Security, a Silicon Valley cyber risk management startup, has secured a $33 million investment from U.K. telco BT. .

Kaltura files to go public on the back of accelerating revenue growth, rising losses


When TechCrunch last covered Kaltura’s financial results , we noted that the company founded in 2006 had raised just north of $166 million, crossed the $100 million ARR mark, and was, per its own reporting, “profitable on an EBITDA.”

The Double Standard of Female CEOs Moving Fast and Breaking Things

This is going to be BIG.

The tech community has been having a long-overdue conversation about mental health and work/life balance and it’s something I’ve been talking up as far back as 2006 , 2009 , and 2014 on my blog and in public.

Entrepreneurs reflect on value of i2E’s e3 mini-accelerator

Innovation 2 Enterprise

CRISALIS, LLC – Founded in 2006, Oklahoma City-based CRISALIS – an acronym for Custom Research Information Systems and Logistically Integrated Solutions — developed specialized research database applications for research institutions, government agencies and non-profits across diverse fields. We have a mission at i2E to invest in entrepreneurs and help them build successful high growth companies right here in Oklahoma.

Conceal My Rear end VPN Assessment


The company opened in 2006 by Uk student Plug Cator, who had been fed up with getting restricted by school firewalls. Hide My Ass is among the best VPN services available. Its global network of servers, beginner-friendly apps, and consistent tempo make that an excellent decision for net security. To circumvent these constraints, Jack decided to develop a net proxy. He shared that online and ultimately decided to widen it into a broader range of users.

Lessons Learned After 15 Years in Business

Entrepreneurs' Organization

2006 / Surprise! But in 2006, I found my peer group by joining the Entrepreneurs Organization —and it was a game-changer. Jill Nelson joined EO in 2006. Jill Nelson is the founder and CEO of Ruby ® Receptionists , which recently reached its 15-year anniversary.

10 Key Buildings in the Brooklyn Innovation Community

This is going to be BIG.

Back in 2006, when I started working on putting together some community groups for entrepreneurs and tech people, I looked for a better name to reference this collection of people. Interior of the Batcave, 2006 ( Jake Dobkin / Gothamist). I have a special relationship with Etsy, because I was at Union Square Ventures, the VC firm that backed the company, back in 2006.

On the Rise on the Fort Worth Food Scene

Entrepreneurs' Organization

I was a sous chef on the show “Iron Chef America” in 2006, so I had a taste of what it’s like to compete on the Food Network. In a July 2019 episode of the Food Network’s show “ Chopped ,” EO Fort Worth member Juan Rodriguez competed against other chefs in hopes of landing the top stop. Spoiler alert.). Juan Rodriguez was chopped.

23andMe set to go public via a Virgin Group SPAC merger


23andMe, founded in 2006 by CEO Anne Wojcicki, Linda Avey and Paul Cusenza, has raised a total of just under $900 million to date, including an $85 million Series F round announced last December.

What Could the Venture Market Look Like in the Coronavirus Era

Tomasz Tunguz

In 2006, VCs invested about $3.5B What could happen to the fundraising market in the coronavirus era where organizers cancel events, the financial markets suffer from a bear market, and there is a lot of uncertainty? The most recent event to use as an analogy is the 2008 financial crisis.

18 Films Entrepreneurs *Should* See

Entrepreneurs' Organization

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006). American actress and activist Susan Sarandon, when asked about the importance of movies in shaping identity, responded with this thoughtful statement: “Oh, movies are important and they’re dangerous because we’re the keeper of the dreams.

Verbit acquires UK’s market research transcription company Take Note


Since 2006, Take Note has offered efficient, accurate and general data protection regulation (GDPR) compliance service. Verbit , a Tel Aviv- and New York-based AI-powered transcription and captioning service platform, has acquired Take Note — the U.K.-based

Learn More, Grow More, Be More

Entrepreneurs' Organization

” Michele Hecken is an EO Edmonton member who joined the organization in 2006. It happens: You build a successful organization and business is humming along. Suddenly you realize: You’re bored and you want more.

Why You Should Put Yourself Out There and Try New Products

Both Sides of the Table

In 2006 I started using Facebook and most of my friends & colleagues thought I was strange. They thought it was like MySpace and why did I need a MySpace page? In 2007 I started using Twitter and most of my friends & colleagues wondered why people would care what I ate for lunch. In 2008 I started VC blogging. I had blogged when I was an entrepreneur. I went to an industry event where people actually called me self-centered for writing publicly.

Why Young Entrepreneurs Are Crucial to Growing the Economy

Entrepreneurs' Organization

And these new businesses are particularly important in times of economic uncertainty and comparative stagnation in GDP growth: Between 2006 and 2009, young firms remained a net positive source of employment growth, whereas older and larger firms shed more jobs than they created.

Slava Rubin and Sahil Lavingia break down crowdfunding options at TechCrunch Early Stage


Slava Rubin co-founded Indiegogo in 2006 and, as CEO for more than a decade, led the organization to become one of the world’s largest crowdfunding platforms with more than $1 billion distributed worldwide.

Best Minority Small Business Grants (Updated for 2021)

Wesley Cherisien

Since 2006, when the growth grants program began, NASE has awarded member small businesses more than $650,000 in grants. Last Updated on February 12, 2021 by Wesley Cherisien. SBA 8(a) Business Development Program. Best minority small business grant when seeking government contracts.

Entrepreneurs: How to Focus Ruthlessly and Win in 2022


In 2006, Google had the opportunity to buy YouTube. Shchegolev and Melnikov began experimenting with different SEO strategies in 2006. New and aspiring entrepreneurs often fall victim to impatience and imperfection.

Implement differential privacy to power up data sharing and cooperation


In 2006, UT Austin researchers re-identifed movies watched by thousands of individuals in a supposedly anonymous dataset that Netflix had made public by combining it with data from IMDB. Maxime Agostini. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Rocket Lab to go public via SPAC at valuation of $4.1 billion


The launch company was founded in 2006, and is led by founder Peter Beck. The SPAC run is on for space startups, which have been relatively slow in their overall exit pace before the current special purpose acquisitions company merger craze got underway.