7 Ways to Boost Online Security: A Dell Technologies White Paper


Dell Technologies offers seven ways to boost online security in the white paper below. The post 7 Ways to Boost Online Security: A Dell Technologies White Paper appeared first on StartupNation.

Built for Speed: Why It’s Important to be Fast


The GAN team has spent time over the past few months digging into some of the most relevant research on the topic of how startups can do business with corporations, summarized in a freshly minted white paper. Read the White Paper.


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The Science of Gratitude


This white paper defines gratitude as 1) “recognizing that one has obtained a positive outcome” and 2) “recognizing that there is an external source for this positive outcome.” I’m Told To Be Thankful. We’ve all heard that gratitude is the answer to many problems.

At Last – An Asset Class Achieving High Ownership at Low Cost

Angel Capital Association

With their unique model, studios create the opportunity to achieve high ownership at a low cost ( see Exhibit A in the white paper ), thus mitigating the risk for loss and creating a great opportunity for gains.

Dell Quarterly Business Sale: Take a Deeper Look into the Dell XPS Family of Solutions


Related: 7 Ways to Boost Online Security – Dell Technologies White Paper. Dell’s Quarterly Business Sale runs Jan. 14 through Feb. 1 and includes exclusive savings on the Dell XPS family of solutions.

Dell Offers Top Tech Solutions to Boost Productivity Remotely


To learn how to boost your productivity while working remotely, check out Dell’s white paper below: To learn more and speak to an advisor, call 855-900-5548 or visit Dell.com/StartupNation to save online.

History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Does Rhyme

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

The Bitcoin white paper was published in 2008. So goes the famous Mark Twain quote. I thought of this in reading a few blockchain sector reports this morning.

Reading On Paper

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I’m staring at a pile of paper on my desk that is my stack of things I found on the Internet that I want to read. It’s a bit ironic to write this on a blog, but if I come across something on my computer or phone that is longer than a page or two, I print it out and read it on paper. But it is not great for an eight page blog post, a white paper on a new crypto project, or a memo from one of my colleagues or portfolio companies.


Revolution Ventures backs Casted in B2B-focused podcast play


Of course, podcasting for B2B marketing makes all the sense in the world when you look at the evolution of tools that have been available to business marketers, such as blogs, white papers and webinars,” Golden told TechCrunch. “It Historically, podcasts have been aimed at consumers.

An Era of Fundamental and Massive Change - The Capital Markets Innovation of the ICO

Tomasz Tunguz

Today, the protocol must be detailed in a white paper. In December 2017, the amount raised in ICOs nearly equaled the amount raised by Series A investments globally. The technology innovation catalyzed by Bitcoin and Blockchain is creating many multibillion dollar economies quickly. The ICO market today bears many similarities to the dotcom era. Startups can raise hundreds of millions of dollars on an idea. Twenty years ago, the idea had to be sketched on a napkin.

Oklahoma Businesses and College Students Benefit from OCAST Internship Program

Innovation 2 Enterprise

What we were doing was so cutting edge,” said Helps, who authored a white paper that he presented in a series of regional and then national undergraduate research competitions. By Scott Meacham. Oklahoma businesses and college students benefit from OCAST internship program. .

Appboxo gets $1.1 million seed to build a mini-app ecosystem for all developers


The group, including people from Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, Intel, Xiaomi and China Mobile, published the first working draft of its white paper in September 2019 about how mini-apps can be created to work across platforms.

Why Your Startup Needs a Sales Methodology

Both Sides of the Table

If they don’t then it’s a case of putting your prospect into a “marketing funnel” so that non-sales resources can focus on staying in touch with the customer through white papers, seminars, etc. This article originally appeared on Inc.com. Like most startup entrepreneurs, when I began my first company in 1999 I had no formal sales experience.

HyperWHO? HyperWHAT?

Startup Grind

So, you’re probably thinking, what on earth is this guy going on about in the title of this paper that I am about to venture into. The Hyperloop is a new mode of transportation, essentially the “5th Mode” that the world will see as labeled by the brainchild of the idea in his 2013 White Paper, Mr. Elon Musk.

Can data fix healthcare?


During that time he learned that Providence had put together a white paper concerning the idea that Truveta would become, that by collecting data from healthcare providers a dataset of sufficient size and diversity could be compiled to allow research of all sorts to leverage it.

What Do You Need to Do to Improve Sales? Here’s a Start …

Both Sides of the Table

If you create content marketing programs and drive traffic to websites where you can measure how long somebody spends reading your materials or downloading your white papers you’ve at least confirmed some level of interest. I write about sales often both because it’s the lifeblood of any organization and because in my experience it is the area in which more startups are least experienced or inclined.

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Customer Operations - An Idea for Maximizing Efficient Growth in SaaS Companies

Tomasz Tunguz

If you’d like to read more about RevOp theory, Radius published an excellent white paper on the topic. Over the last year in particular, Revenue Ops is a term that’s gaining some mindshare in the SaaS world. Revenue operations teams combine marketing operations and sales operations into one team. Yesterday, I heard time a further refinement of this idea: Customer Operations.

[CB4 in PR Newswire] CB4 Report: How to Unlock the Potential of Your Part-Time Retail Workforce


Today CB4 released their new white paper, Unlocking the Potential of Your Part-Time Retail Workforce, which reveals retail’s increasing reliance on part-time associates and shares proven strategies for how to motivate, train, and retain them.

This Article About Andy Dunn and Bonobos is the Blueprint for Founder Storytelling

This is going to be BIG.

If you want to get press, or speak at a conference, or just get your content strategy going, bite sized chunks of this narrative can be turned into posts of their own, slides, white papers, video interviews, etc., I just read an article about Bonobos --or was it a press release. I'm not completely sure.

How To Size Your Marketing Budget For Funding


Create meaningful content and engage others online (free downloads, white papers, webinars, regular blogging). Image via Flickr.com. It’s not uncommon for me to see a startup business plan “mission” to be the “premier brand” for their product, yet their marketing budget in the financials is trivial. This combination will almost certainly get your plan tossed by potential investors, who understand all too well the need and cost for marketing in today’s environment.

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The Most Obvious Mobile Ad Unit and What the New York Times Got Wrong

Both Sides of the Table

If you want to understand more about the real trends in phone calls there are a bunch of white papers here. The New York Times recently ran an article titled, “ Tech Companies Leave Phone Calls Behind.” ” I love the NY Times and am a paying subscriber. But this article missed the real trend.

media 263

The Parallel Between Cryptocurrency and Continentals

Tomasz Tunguz

Many of the states issued too much paper money, causing inflation and eventual collapse in confidence of these currencies. They each have a white paper, drafted in the font of academic papers with LaTeX equations. The white paper outlines the monetary policy of the economy. There’s a parallel between cryptoassets today and the British colonial period predating the US. In the late-1600s, colonies began to print their own money.

The 5 Marketing Channels of Great SaaS Companies

Tomasz Tunguz

Content marketing takes many forms: blogs, white papers, social media engagement, eBooks, videos and so on. Paid ads are sometimes used to drive potential buyers to white papers and other content, but this can get pretty expensive really quickly. Leads are the lifeblood of every SaaS company. As a SaaS startup grows, the limiting factor of the business quickly becomes demand generation.

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BrainCheck Raised $8M in Series A Funding to Help Doctors Assess the Cognitive Health of Patients

Dream It

But the tests were classically done on paper and it was a lengthy process. We meet doctors at conferences and we publish blog posts and white papers and through that process, we meet them and sell products to them, beginning with a free trial for 30 days, during which time we also give them a web demo. BrainCheck (Dreamit Healthtech Fall 2016) raised $8M in funding. The startup helps physicians assess and track the mental health of their patients.

health 195

Flexible VC, a New Model for Companies Targeting Profitability

David Teten - VC

Womble Bond Dickinson has released a white paper on Performance Aligned Stock and a term sheet on ImpactTerms.org. . (If White or Asian, and 89.9% (co-written with Jamie Finney, Founding Partner at Greater Colorado Venture Fund. His work on VC and small communities can be found at greatercolorado.vc/blog. blog. ). Of the Inc. 5000 companies, only 6.5% raised money from VCs and 7.7% raised from angels. Where else can fast-growing companies get funding?

What Are Key Result Areas? How To Identify Them?


While destinationless journeys do appeal to many, work without clear paths and goals is inefficient. What happens here is that people waste their time and energy on tasks that yield little results and are then barely left with resources to do the actual work.

[Virgin Hyperloop One in Forbes] Virgin Hyperloop Is Designing Travel That Will Enable You To Work From Anywhere


In 2014, the trio set out to build faster, cheaper, and greener transportation based on Elon Musk’s seminal Hyperloop white paper. This is the future of travel being reimagined by Virgin Hyperloop One, a startup founded by serial investor Shervin Pishevar and space engineers Josh Giegel from Virgin Galactic and Brogan BamBrogan from SpaceX.

What to Look for When Hiring a Head of Marketing for Your Startup

Tomasz Tunguz

Marcom teams typically create sales collateral, white papers, the content for content marketing, event materials and so on. When a startup is confronted with the prospect of hiring a head of marketing, founders heads often spin. What should be the day-to-day tasks for this person? What skill sets are important?

Why Content Matters

Wesley Cherisien

Good content is useful in numerous marketing activities including social media posts, blogs, eNewsletters, website articles, videos, white papers, infographics, webinars and webcasts, presentations, reports, eBooks, magazines, books, mobile apps, podcasts, games and so on.

What’s your VC tech stack? Results from a survey of early-stage VC funds

David Teten - VC

In his white paper How Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors Are Eating Their Own Dogfood , PEVCTECH.com founder David Teten explored how private equity and venture capital investors are trying to automate more of their job. Based on this paper, Blue Future Partners and PEVCTech recently completed a large-scale survey to find out which tools are most commonly used by venture capital firms.

An Exceptional Story with Exceptional Data

Tomasz Tunguz

There are a huge number of ways to deploy this skill within companies: whittling user stories and personas from data to improve product design, carving insights from sales and marketing performance data to illustrate best practices, and distilling the success of customers into white papers and sales collateral.

Five Words of Wisdom from SaaS Office Hours with Bill Macaitis

Tomasz Tunguz

In other words, to create marketing materials, websites, white papers and other collateral that are focused on the specific industry. Last night, at our inaugural event, SaaS Office Hours welcomed Bill Macaitis , CMO of Slack, former CMO of Zendesk and former SVP of Online Marketing and Operations at Salesforce. Having worked in three hypergrowth companies, Bill is an expert in building massively successful marketing teams. These are the five kernels of wisdom I learned last night.

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The Defining Characteristics of Successful SMB SaaS Startups

Tomasz Tunguz

No White Papers; Just Mass Media Marketing Typically, this sales process leads with a product that excites users and triggers word of mouth sharing, and blog posts, and news articles. At first glance, SMB SaaS companies, those who sell Software-as-a-Service to small to medium businesses, may seem like any other software company. But they are quite a different breed.

SaaS 40