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Here is Gunderson’s document library. Typically the only thing we all have to agree on is what the cap table will look like before and after the financing so that the correct numbers are put into the documents. Many founders want to do SAFE note financings for their early rounds to save time and money.

Finding “stinky clauses” in legal investment documents


Changing the deal that late in the game is nearly impossible, after other investors have already completed their documents and the deal is supposedly put to bed. How do you confront the investors who have already agreed to terms and even perhaps signed their documents?


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Swimm raises $5.7M to help teams document their code


Most developers don’t enjoy writing documentation for their code and that makes life quite a bit harder when a new team member tries to get started on working on a company’s codebase. Ideally, this will reduce the drift between the codebase and documentation.

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Docugami’s new model for understanding documents cuts its teeth on NASA archives


You hear so much about data these days that you might forget that a huge amount of the world runs on documents : a veritable menagerie of heterogeneous files and formats holding enormous value yet incompatible with the new era of clean, structured databases. “People love documents.

Dropbox to acquire secure document sharing startup DocSend for $165M


Dropbox announced today that it plans to acquire DocSend for $165 million The company helps customers share and track documents by sending a secure link instead of an attachment. DocSend raises $8M for smarter document sharing.

The Importance of Building & Maintaining Great Developer Documentation

Tomasz Tunguz

Developer documentation is one of the differentiators in developer community building efforts. If you’re an engineer, and you hear about an interesting project, the first place you’ll land is the documentation. How should B2D companies invest in their documentation? Pavi has more than 20 years of experience leading documentation and user education initiatives, at companies such as Salesforce, Amazon, Mesosphere, and MongoDB.

Collabio lets you co-edit documents without the cloud


Meet Collabio Spaces : An office suite app with a cloudless co-authoring twist that looks helpful if you need to collaborate on documents without having to worry about losing control of your data or the thread of changes. “[The] session lasts til the host keeps the document open.

Mintlify taps AI to automatically generate documentation from code


Mintlify , a startup developing software to automate software documentation tasks, today announced that it raised $2.8 Their observations agree with a 2017 GitHub survey, which found that 93% of developers consider incomplete or outdated documentation to be a pervasive problem.

VC Lab introduces free fund formation documents to make startup investing cheaper and easier


Today, VC Lab is providing a set of freely available boilerplate documents intended to streamline the process, save everyone time and money and make fund governance structures more accessible. “We Similar fund formation documents regularly run into the hundreds of pages.

Signing This Document Could Save Your Business Someday

Entrepreneurs' Organization

The post Signing This Document Could Save Your Business Someday appeared first on THE BLOG. This article was originally published on EO’s column. Saul M.

Business Canvas, a Korea-based document management SaaS company, closes $2.5M seed round


Business Canvas , the South Korean document management SaaS company behind Typed, announced today it has raised a $2.5 The seed round will be used for accelerating product development and the global launch of an open beta for its AI-powered document management platform.

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Accern lands $20M for AI that analyzes financial documents on the web


Accern , which uses AI to analyze online conversations around particular companies, trends, and industries, today announced that it raised $20 million in a Series B round led by Mighty Capital alongside Tribe Capital, Shasta Ventures, Gaingels and Fusion Fund and others.

Ocrolus lands $80M at a $500M+ valuation to automate document processing for fintechs and banks


If you’ve ever had to take out a loan, you know just how many documents are involved in the approval process. Ocrolus is a startup that is hoping to change that with an automation platform that it says analyzes financial documents with over 99% accuracy.

Gringo raises $8M to help Brazilians manage auto-related documentation with its app


What that means is that it has built an app — launched in early 2020 — to help drivers monitor and perform services related to their documents and vehicles. Everything starts and ends with documentation.

NASA wants new and innovative storytelling tech to document its Artemis moon missions


NASA has issued a new request for proposals from partners that would be able to help it supplement its own storytelling in new and innovative ways, including potentially through use of robotic camera systems, high-resolution and 360-degree video capture, immersive VR content and more.

If you've ever overpaid for a legal document, sign up for Docracy, First Round's newest investment

This is going to be BIG.

Plus, I'd make the argument that Docracy's initial userbase will be people who otherwise wouldn't have went to a lawyer at all, going without documentation or using something probably not appropriate for them. There's also no reason why you can't pay your lawyer to draft a document, put it up on Docracy for the sake of transparancy, and fork it when you need to make private adjustments for individual situations. That's why it has to charge for its documents.

Swimm nabs $27.6M Series A to include up-to-date documentation throughout coding process


Every development team needs documentation to help onboard new developers and track the details behind the project. It’s created a solution to prompt developers to include documentation, make it easier to create it, and even lets them know when it’s fallen out of date.

These 4 Entrepreneurs Share Their Startup Stories on StartupNation Radio


At launch, they’re focused on providing legal documents for life coaches and business coaches and will be expanding to other industries soon.

Why document your company’s tribal knowledge?


It is not common for the CEO of a rapidly growing company to think of slowing down the furious pace enough to have each manager (including the CEO) document the job process managed, as well as see to the documentation for each process managed below.

The “Hold Your Nose” theory of legal documentation


Changing the deal that late in the game is nearly impossible, after other investors have already completed their documents and the deal supposedly put to bed. How do you confront the investors who have already agreed to terms and even perhaps signed their documents? Then again, it is those improbable future events that end up causing lawsuits years later, often just because a party to an agreement did not understand the implication of a clause or even a document.

Mindee’s API automagically parses documents without manual data entry


Mindee offers an API that lets you turn raw data in a paper document into structured data. Behind the scenes, the company has trained its algorithms using machine learning on large data sets of documents. It is supposed to get better over time as it processes more documents.

Denmark’s Templafy raises $60M for its B2B SaaS platform that does business document creation


Templafy , a Denmark-born B2B SaaS platform that does business document creation, has raised a $60 million D round of funding led by Blue Cloud Ventures.

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Construction tech startups are poised to shake up a $1.3-trillion-dollar industry


Artificial Intelligence Column Labor Real Estate Startups Venture Capital Banking construction coronavirus COVID-19 document management financial services machine learning project management real estateAllison Xu. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Select Star raises seed to automatically document datasets for data scientists


With many of these tools, “they don’t do the work of connecting and building the relationship,” between data she said, adding that “documentation is still important, but being able to automatically generate [metadata] allows data teams to get value right away.”.

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Document your tribal knowledge.


It is not common for the CEO of a rapidly growing company to think of slowing down the furious pace enough to have each manager (including the CEO) document the job process managed, as well as see to the documentation for each process managed below. And it is even more of a challenge to consider documenting the tribal knowledge of a company’s key employees. Especially when we are young, we feel invincible, and documenting tribal knowledge seems a chore with no reward.

Mendel raises $18M to tease out data structure from medicine’s disparate document trove


The medical industry is sitting on a huge trove of data, but in many cases it can be a challenge to realize the value of it because that data is unstructured and in disparate places.

Never handle a document twice!


But to find what is important, we usually have to at least scan a document or email, engaged for no less than a short moment and perhaps for the full reading of the document before moving on to look for important issues to resolve. But there is good research to back up the statement that returning to a reading from a distraction causes the reader to lose up to 20% of his or her time in getting back to speed in mentally processing the document and its issues.


[Medisafe in HIT Consultant] Medisafe launches digital document exchange to speed up medication approvals


. Today, Medisafe, a leading digital therapeutics and patient engagement company launches its new Digital Document Exchange module to streamline the medication approval process.

5 Ways to Grow Your Startup Using the Power of Negotiation


This will serve as a temporary agreement while the formal document is being written up and signed. Negotiation is one of the fundamental parts of staring your own business.

How to Avoid the Closing Package from Hell

The Seraf Compass

The deal lead and founders worked hard together to line up investors, negotiate terms, work through deal documents and disclosure schedules, and track down every last detail of cap tables. The moment of truth has arrived: it is time to close the round.

Funding Friday: Westbeth

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Earlier this week, I backed a photobook project on Kickstarter to document many of the artists who live there. The Gotham Gal and I have lived a block away from Westbeth for almost fifteen years. Westbeth is a treasure. It was Bell Labs for most of the first half of the twentieth century and became an artist community in 1970 about twenty years after Bell Labs left for New Jersey. That project was funded and is over now.

How Caribbean entrepreneurs are tackling climate change with their businesses?

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

After Nikita learned of the effect of pesticides on bees and became more aware of what goes into the food we consume, she began growing more of her own food at home and documented the journey on social media under Ah-Grow.

Dreamit Startups on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Dream It

Health Tensor reduces burnout through automated COVID-19 documentation. The burden of documentation falls on front line caregivers, consuming more than 50% of their day.

Crowdsourcing, collaboration, support groups. Oh my.


Then find ways to build concepts, plans, documents, and actions through the collective collaboration of your key group. Create a document with your basic plan or idea for action.

How to Get Out of Day-to-Day Operations and Into Leadership


As has been documented by books like “ The E-Myth ,” most people find that starting a business ends up involving a lot more administrative and managerial work than expected. Step 6 : Label each task as “easily documented” or “not easily documented.”

A Canvas That Tells a Story: KISS Canvas (v4.0)

Paul G. Silva

15+ years ago the Business Model Canvas (BMC) changed everything by giving us a 1-pager (or 4×3 foot poster) to help you quickly document and test the key hypothesis behind your business model. [This is part of a series on the KISS Canvas ].

ACT Tulsa Annual Submission

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If you receive any errors after uploading your financial documents and attempting to submit this form please submit this form without your documents. After submitting this form please email your financial documents to Shaun O'Fair at ACT Tulsa Annual Submission.