2 reasons why demo days are dead


Startup accelerators are increasingly putting the brakes on demo days. But demo day isn’t a good use of founders’ or investors’ time. Many VCs who sign deals with the top startups from YC actually do so before demo day. Demo day dilutes investor engagement.

Misk 500 MENA Accelerator Celebrates First Demo Day


Its been one week since the Misk 500 Batch 1 Demo Day and we’re still smiling. The post Misk 500 MENA Accelerator Celebrates First Demo Day appeared first on 500 Startups. The energy in the room in Riyadh, on May 13th, was palpable. The 19 companies were on FIRE and rose to the occasion to give the best versions of their pitches. Due to the observance of Ramadan in the region, the event began at 10 PM and concluded at 3 AM.


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Equity Monday: Y Combinator Demo Day Approaches


This is Y Combinator Demo Day week , which means a zillion startups are going to be doing their best to make noise, stand out from their peers, and raise capital on uncapped notes sans discount.

8 open source companies from YC Demo Day Winter ’22


Here are all of the open source related companies presenting at Demo Day in the Winter 2022 cohort.

Best Practices for Accelerating the Sales Process

This eBook takes a look at three headache-free strategies you can employ today to accelerate selling the right way. Read on to learn how to adopt specific workflows and approaches that append your existing processes to deliver value to your prospects and internal counterparts.

How We Created our Digital Demo Day Experience


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the entire startup ecosystem, and in the name of safety and support of our founders, we hosted our first-ever Digital Demo Day last week. Making the switch to an online demo day was no easy task.

A look at the nine teams that just presented at Pear’s latest demo day


TechCrunch has been covering the demo days of the seed-stage venture firm Pear VC since 2015. Unlike the far bigger and more renowned accelerator Y Combinator, whose startup participants begin talks with investors nearly the moment they’re accepted into the program, Pear further tries to shield its startups from conversations with other investors until after its demo day, says Nozad. Startups TC Venture Capital demo day Pear venture capital

Everything you need to know about YC Demo Day Winter 2022, part 2


The second day of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 Demo Day is now behind us, and the TechCrunch team is recovering from watching hundreds of pitches in quick succession. Recall that nearly 400 companies presented at YC Demo Day from a cohort of 414 in total.

SaaS demo platform Demostack raises $34M to expand to new markets


Standing out is key, and demos are among the most powerful tools in a sales team’s arsenal. “I set out to find out how other companies were solving for this demo environment conundrum, but no one seemed to have a good solution,” Friedman told TechCrunch via email.

SaaS 72

Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2022 Demo Day, Part 1


Day one of Y Combinator’s Demo Day confab for the Winter 2022 batch is over. Fundings & Exits Startups TC EC Fintech EC Media Y Combinator Y Combinator Demo Day YC Demo Day Winter 2022We shook up our coverage this year, divvying things up by sector and geography.

Western Mass Demo Day! Wha who!

Paul G. Silva

Western Mass Demo Day Connects Local Startups to Investors. If you want to raise money now or in the near future, Western MA Demo Day puts you in a room full of people with money, who actively invest in companies like you, and who are keen to be helpful. This is an invite-only event for active & accredited investors to hear pitches from startups with a connection to Western Massachusetts.

Tattoos and YCombinator Demo Day

This is going to be BIG.

Similarly, picking seed investors for your first startup in and around the craziness of an accelerator demo day can be just as scarring over the long term. In fact, you'd probably be better off both deciding on a tat on demo day. I'm saying this because I went to my first YCombinator Demo Day last Tuesday. This is why I probably won't go to another YC Demo Day--on the off chance I get invited back. It was June of 2003.

Demo days definitely amplify a brand, but not the one you’d think


This week, in light of Y Combinator’s biannual Demo Day, Natasha and Alex asked about the utility of the parade of pitches. Our big question: Are demo days outdated? We also ask who demo days are really for.

Here are all 20 companies from Alchemist Accelerator’s latest Demo Day


Alchemist Accelerator is back with another Demo Day — its 29th Demo Day overall, and the latest in the series to be entirely virtual. Alchemist’s Demo Day is scheduled to start at 10:30 AM Pacific. ” Startups TC alchemist alchemist accelerator demo day

Gitai successfully demos autonomous robot inside the International Space Station


The successful demo raised what NASA calls the “technology readiness level” of the Gitai robot to TRL 7. million Series B funding round, to hire and accelerate the development of a separate satellite servicing tech demo set to take place in 2023.

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator launches 12 new startups at demo day tomorrow


The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, an incubator based in New York, is introducing 12 new companies at its 20th demo day tomorrow. Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story said that demo day was today. Startups TC demo day entrepreneurs roundtable accelerator

Highlights from Berkeley SkyDeck’s virtual demo day


With 17 startups participating, Berkeley SkyDeck’s Demo Day isn’t the largest cohort we’ve seen by any stretch. We are also hearing chatter that Demo Day will be larger than ever before because virtual events are much more scalable.”.

BrioHR raises $1.3M ahead of Y Combinator’s demo day


As the next Y Combinator demo day approaches, more startups from the current Winter 2021 batch are showing up in our inboxes. Notably, even though it has already raised capital, BrioHR intends to take part in Y Combinator’s demo day. Then again, what company at any demo day would?

SaaS 103

Here are all of the companies presenting at Alchemist Accelerator’s 30th Demo Day today


It’s Demo Day time! Today marks the 30th Demo Day for Alchemist , the enterprise-focused accelerator that helped grow companies like LaunchDarkly, Rigetti Computing and Privacera early on.

YC-backed Pangea discusses growth, fundraising ahead of demo day


Pangea , a marketplace startup that wants to connect college freelancers and companies in need of digital help, is seeing its growth rate accelerate as it races toward the impending Y Combinator demo day.

Pear hosted its invite-only demo day online this year; here’s what you might have missed


based seed-stage venture firm that has, from its outset, attracted the attention of VCs who think the firm has an eye for nascent talent , staged its seventh annual demo day earlier this week, and while it was virtual, one of the startups has already signed a term sheet from a top-tier venture firm.

Check out these startups from Pear’s Demo Day (there’s usually a breakout or two in the bunch)


We can’t check out every investing outfit’s demo day. As notably, despite introducing a far smaller number of teams to investors than Y Combinator and more renowned accelerator programs, there always seem to be at least one or two projects in Pear’s Demo Day mix that turn into actual, sustainable and, sometimes, sizable companies. ” Startups TC Affinity demo day Pear Ventures seed stage venture capital Xilis

Why the Accelerator Model is Broken—and how 500 Startups is Fixing it


Announcements Founders Venture Capital Investing 500 startups accelerator 500 startups demo dayNo one would’ve envisioned me as a venture capitalist. I was raised in rural Wyoming, far from the high stakes and deep pockets of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Extra Crunch roundup: 500 Startups’ demo day, smart SaaS pricing and much more


Demo days at startup accelerators are a pretty big deal around here. I covered one demo day in person, spending most of my time backstage where founder teams practiced their pitches. TechCrunch’s favorite companies from 500 Startups’ latest demo day.

SaaS 108

Demo at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022, where tremendous value meets huge opportunities


Three days packed with possibilities, and early-stage founders can wring every ounce of opportunity out of them with an Early-Stage Startup Demo Package. Here’s what your $725 Early-Stage Startup Demo Package includes: . Pssst.

TechCrunch+ roundup: YC demo days, pitching warm up drills, Kentucky’s Bitcoin miners


Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2022 Demo Day, part 1. Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 Demo Day this year featured 414 startups from 42 countries across over 80 sectors. Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2022 Demo Day, part 1.

Shift your startup into overdrive and demo at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022


Along with demo space, a $725 Early-Stage Startup Demo Package includes: Four event passes to help your team maximize time and opportunities. A full day of online networking and demos — expand beyond the confines of the San Mateo County Event Center and achieve global reach.

Next-gen skincare, silk without spiders and pollution for lunch: Meet the biotech startups pitching at IndieBio’s Demo Day


Today and tomorrow, the biotech accelerator is hosting its twice-annual demo day. Biotech Startups TC accelerator biology demo day early stage indiebioBiotech can often, and sometimes literally, fly over our heads.

YC W20 Online Demo Day Now on March 16

Y Combinator

YC W20 online Demo Day will now be on March 16. On March 16, the YC Demo Day website will go live, a modified version of the website that investors and founders have used over the past five years.

Arcade launches ‘try before you buy’ demo capabilities with $2.5M in new capital


The interactive demo company, which launched to the public today, is making it easier for companies to create demonstration videos, called “arcades,” that walk people through how their tools work.

The Disappearance of the Fundraising Demo

Tomasz Tunguz

I was attending my first YCombinator Demo Day, maybe three months into my time at Redpoint. And the startup demo has disappeared. At that August Demo Day, each pitch lasted eight minutes. And the demo provided founders a chance to explain these innovations. Today, demo days are a misnomer. But I think we’ve lost quite a lot along the way in scrapping the demo. Ten years ago, Guy Kawasaki took this photograph of me.

Here are the 23 companies pitching at Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day XXVIII today


Today is the 28th Demo Day for Alchemist , an accelerator that primarily focuses on enterprise companies — or those that sell to other companies, primarily, rather than directly to consumers. Alchemist’s Demo Day will be streamed live later today beginning at 10:30 AM Pacific.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Plaid’s staffing story, RevOps for B2B sales, demo day’s demise


” Today and tomorrow, we’ll have team coverage of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 Demo Day , including a selection of staff favorites, so be sure to check the site each afternoon. 2 reasons why demo days are dead. ” 2 reasons why demo days are dead.

Our favorite companies from Y Combinator’s W21 Demo Day: Part 1


Today is Demo Day for Y Combinator’s latest accelerator batch — its largest to date, with more than 300 teams getting a minute each to pitch their companies to an audience of investors. It’s that time again!

Extra Crunch roundup: cohort analysis, YC Demo Day recaps, building your supply chain


Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 21 Demo Day, Part 1. Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 21 Demo Day, Part 1. The ongoing fintech revolution continues to level the playing field where legacy companies have historically dominated startups.

How to CRUSH Your Demo When Pitching

Dream It

Good founders know the importance of nailing their product demo. Nicholas Negroponte, Founding Director of MIT Media Lab, famously coined the term, “Demo or die.” While many demo, few excel at it. Steve suggests focusing on your top 2-3 use cases when demoing your product.

Gearing up for Demo Day


Y Combinator Demo Day is this week: We are going to see hundreds of startups make their pitch in rapid-fire fashion. See you at Demo Day tomorrow! Fundings & Exits Podcasts Startups api crypto dao Equity Monday Equity podcast Tesla Y Combinator Demo Day Zepto

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