Why Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Is Essential for Entrepreneurs

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Mentorship is one of the best gifts. I’ve made monthly peer-mentoring sessions of 10 to 12 other entrepreneurs an integral part of my ongoing education. Peer-to-peer mentorship and learning programs provide multiple benefits—not the least of which is perspective.

The unbundling of professional learning and entrepreneurship education


The emergence of these companies is part of a broader trend of the democratization of professional development, sparked in part by increasing awareness and recognition of the mismatch between what traditional education is delivering to young people and what’s demanded by employers.


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5 Best Practices of a Robust Mentorship Program

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The agency has developed a robust internship and mentorship program. Mentorships, on the other hand, usually occur after a beginner has entered a specific field, pairing an inexperienced person with a senior sponsor who can impart wisdom and guidance to enhance their future success.

How one YLAI Professional Fellow unlocks potential through mentorship in Antigua and Barbuda

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Catherine, Jamaica, she saw her community experiencing low education rates. Her parents instilled in her the importance of education, good morals and values. By Caroline Sachdeva. “I I believe each individual is unique and possesses greatness within them,” says Janese Henderson.

Selling your company? 4 issues at the intersection of parenting and entrepreneuring

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EO members are fortunate to have a variety of resources to tap into as they prepare for this critical step, including situational mentorship , executive education opportunities and virtual learning events.

Why Every Established Entrepreneur Should Be a Mentor

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Now, have you ever thought about mentorship from the flip side? Everyone has a unique view of the world, and their experiences can help fast track your growth,” explains EO Brisbane member Gerard Murtagh, who has experienced both sides of the mentorship equation, thanks to EO Mentorship. “We

Formation raises $4M led by Andreessen Horowitz to train truly ‘exceptional’ software engineers


Sophie Zhou Novati worked as a senior engineer at Facebook and then Nextdoor, where she struggled to hire great engineers for her team. Frustrated, she decided to try training engineers to meet her team’s hiring standards by mentoring at a local coding bootcamp.

StartupNation Radio featuring SCORE of Southeast Michigan and PIXO VR


First up, Jeff welcomes Armando Ojeda, certified mentor with SCORE of Southeast Michigan , an organization that provides free mentorship, networking and educational services and resources to entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways From Startup Grind Global

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Carlo Santoro was born and educated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Entrepreneurial Journey Mentor Mentorship 2019 Startup Grind Global Carlo Santoro early-stage entrepreneurs eo melbourne mentor peer-to-peer learning RetailCareCarlo G. Santoro attended the 2019 Startup Grind Global as an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) ambassador and mentor. He has been an EO Melbourne member for almost 25 years and is currently the managing director of RetailCare.

The idea that university degrees don’t matter is a Silicon Valley fantasy


Secrets to Gaining Admission to the World’s Topic Universities,” and is CEO of Crimson Education , a university admissions consulting company. of co-founders completed some form of postgraduate education. Jamie Beaton. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Manara gets $3M to grow tech talent pool in the Middle East and North Africa


They are also looking to launch a self-service product for interview practice, networking and mentorship, targeting software engineers from across the globe.

Leland breaks into the coaching space with a focus on careers, not classes


Tech has tried to increase access to mentorship before, but always hits a clear challenge: demand is there, but serendipity — or the chasm between what makes someone an effective mentor versus just a speed dial for questions — is hard to scale. The coaching world is crowded.

Mentor Collective shakes off its boots to scale student support services


Mentorship is a crucial ingredient to a student’s success. For Mentor Collective , a Boston-based startup founded in 2014, answers to the challenges and opportunities within scaled mentorship have taken time to figure out.

Leverage Edu raises $6.5 million to help Indian students land in top colleges abroad


Crimson Education, a platform to help students get into top universities, nabs $5M at a $245M valuation. One of the earliest iterations of Leverage Edu offered mentorship to students and rewarded counselors with points.

Sounding Board raises cash as startups wake up to executive coaching


In an unprecedented work environment defined by distributed teams and virtual-only communication, two co-founders think their 2018 bet reigns truer than ever: mentors need mentorship, too. Education Recent Funding Startups TC Canaan Partners COVID-19 Executive coaching Sounding Board

board 107

UK’s WhiteHat rebrands as Multiverse, raises $44M to build tech apprenticeships in the US


While it’s been assumed that to get into tech, the obvious route was a two-to-four year (and often more) tour through college or university to pick up a higher education degree, the bet that Multiverse is making here is that apprenticeships can easily, and widely, become another.

Career Karma raises $10M to connect students to coding bootcamps


For as remote education drags on, students are unenrolling from school held on video conferencing software and opting for alternative programs. Education Recent Funding Startups Career Karma initialized capital

Finding your brand identity in 4 steps

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Understand your audience and educate your community. Providing five-minute tips and tricks about what to do and not to do with your computer during these sessions allowed me an easy way to start educating my community as well.” By Bryce Kelly.

Rallying for rural entrepreneurship: addressing the challenges that face rural small businesses

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74% of employers in rural areas stated they had difficulty finding candidates with the right education, skills or training. I grew up in a small town in north Iowa—Cedar Falls, to be exact.

3 Impactful Stories From Impact Hub Madrid

Impact Hub

As a finalist, Merce was awarded a place on a 6-month bespoke incubation program at Impact Hub Madrid – Alameda and mentorship with Leyre Romero, also an entrepreneur and the co-founder of the social consultancy firm Areteia, with whom she still enjoys a close and trusty relationship. This mentorship has given me reassurance and has really empowered me to move forward at the age of 50. #ImpactOnTour ’s next stop this year is Impact Hub Madrid: at the forefront of innovation.

In Solidarity, We Continue to Learn


We’re seeing GAN Accelerators turn the tides to ensure Black founders get access to funding and mentorship that they were never able to access before. We will continue to educate ourselves on how to make the most positive impact we can. This week has been heavy.

EO to Support Global Entrepreneurial Summit 2016

Entrepreneurs' Organization

From 22-24 June, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) , the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs, will be a leading participant in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 (GES) , an event that showcases, connects and educates inspiring entrepreneurs and investors from around the world to address the world’s most difficult challenges.

Meet the Female Founders Alliance startups from TC Include at TC Sessions: Justice 2021


TechCrunch, in collaboration with these organizations and VC firms like Kleiner Perkins, Salesforce Ventures and Initialized Capital, provide these young founders with educational resources and mentorship over the course of a year.

Cities Championing and Expanding Awareness of Entrepreneurship

Ecosystem Builder Hub

To increase public understanding of the role of entrepreneurship we need to educate our communities about its power and impact. The campaigns that these communities have produced serve as inspiration and examples that other communities can look to develop their own educational campaigns.

Free Money for Student Tech Founders

David Teten VC

Participants from all over the world are eligible to compete for more than $100,000 in prize money and also receive mentorship and other resources. Eligible startups compete to win funding, legal support, and mentorship totaling more than $100,000.

Empowering European Women in Agrifood

Impact Hub

EWA is one of the projects supported by EIT Food, which focus on supporting female entrepreneurs through education, network building, and dedicated programme resources. Did you know that, in Europe, only around 30% of women account for top positions in agricultural and livestock farms?

Students ‘get to the better version’ of themselves at OSSM

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The OSSM experience is a lot more than a quality education. As Rey continued his mentorship and research, the outcome of his project changed. “At This school is one of the finest sources of STEM education in the United States.

How to Create a Healthy Local Startup and Tech Community

This is going to be BIG.

They can have some longer term impacts through educational institutions. In 2010, Antonio Garcia Martinez, the founder of AdGrok, wrote, “New York will always be a tech backwater, I don’t care what Chris Dixon or Ron Conway or Paul Graham say.”

500 Startups & Misk Innovation to Launch Second Batch of the Misk 500 Accelerator Program


Batch 2 of the Misk 500 Accelerator Program will bring experts from Silicon Valley and beyond to educate 15-20 early-stage startups from MENA. The program will consist of 14 weeks of mentorship and workshops that will have an emphasis on growth hacking techniques, product design, and fundraising. In addition to the educational component of the program, participants will have a unique opportunity to make long-lasting connections with investors and corporate partners from the region.

Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding: $50,000 Per Startup

Both Sides of the Table

We have significant VC commitments (listed below) – every entering company will get $50,000 in funding, mentorship from top VCs and successful entrepreneurs plus free office space. The goal for this organization is four-fold: To provide mentorship for some of the most promising young companies based in Los Angeles or willing to relocate to LA. The first two years of the program focused on education & mentorship. This education will continue.

Supporting and empowering children with autism in Nicaragua

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Angel is the founder of Blue Hope ( Azul Esperanza ), an organization that provides educational therapy to children on the autism spectrum. I have formed great friendships and mentorships and acquired entrepreneurial knowledge that has helped my organization. By Ana Gonzalez.

How To Leave Your Day Job – Side Hustle To Full Hustle

Smart Hustle Magazine

Know your target market, and educate yourself on all aspects of running a business. Take advantage of free mentorship and paid programs that can guide your process and…relish the moment! You’ve been doing double duty for a long while.

The New Era of Benefits: Work/Life Balance, Flexibility, and Purpose


Mentorship programs, learning budgets, professional development resources are all great benefits offered by StockX , DocNetwork , Dynatrace , and Physna. Just to name a few: StockX : mentorship program, tuition reimbursement.

7 Resources to Help You Find a Mentor Today

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Online Mentorship Networks. Online mentorship networks bridge the gap if you have a limited professional network and take some of the guesswork out to help match you with a mentor. . If you needed another reason to love this mentor service, they provide free educational resources to women in need through international partners such as the UN. . If you value continuing education (which, you should!) Seek out mentorship moments when the opportunity arises.

WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Valuable Mentoring Offered by SCORE (Episode 223)


They’ve been doing it since 1964 and they’ve provided education and mentorship to more than 11 million entrepreneurs.