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Pro-Broadband Muni Issue Goes National



Texas Sets Key Precedent for Other States in Refusing to Ban Municipal Wireless

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Why Has Seed Investing Declined? And What Does this Mean for the Future?

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Between 1999–2005 the costs went down by 90% and between 2005–2010 they went down a further 90%. million and my A Round in 2005 was only $500,000 (and that’s all I ever raised). Seed investments are down by any measure (funds, deals, dollars) over the past 3 years in deals < $1 million AND in deals between $1–5 million. What gives?

10 Questions for Brooklyn's Innovation Community

This is going to be BIG.

From 2005 to 2009, I was fortunate enough to be part of a small group of New York City innovation community leaders that sowed some of the seeds of the thriving tech hub we have today. Honestly, it was a fair bit of hand waving and maybe a little smoke and mirrors--saying in 2005 that we had a ton of startup-ready tech talent. Brooklyn now is an even better position than the rest of NYC was in 2005--with its critical mass of talent, creativity, friendlier real estate, etc.

A Thriving Family Business + How They Make It Work

Smart Hustle Magazine

The Jonas family has been raising goats and making goat milk soap since 2005. A family owned and operated business is nothing new, but a family business managed by two parents and eight and children is pretty unique. Goat Milk Stuff.

Impact Hub Montréal rebrands as they switch to regional focus

Impact Hub

Since launching in 2005, the Impact Hub network has undergone significant growth, now reaching over 16,500 members in 100+ locations across the globe. Impact Hub Montréal has been committed to being a driver for the achievements of the SDGs through multi-stakeholder convening.

Salon Owner Chelle Neff Talks Scaling, Sustainability and Success

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You opened Urban Betty in 2005 and it’s been growing ever since. At the start of 2020, Chelle Neff is wrapping up a decade of considerable success, growth and innovation. In addition to developing Urban Betty , a successful salon with two locations, Neff also created an app for stylists , produced a book about homes in Austin, Texas, and even reached the Inc. 5000 list twice! .

Impact Hub Oakland leaves Impact Hub network

Impact Hub

Since launching in 2005, the Impact Hub network has undergone significant growth, now reaching over 17,000 members in 100+ locations across the globe. Impact Hub Oakland has always been a lighthouse for driving the inclusion and equality agenda of the Impact Hub Network in North America. After six years of successful operations, we are sad to see Impact Hub Oakland leave the network.

Impact Hub Honolulu Rebrands as They Depart From Global Impact Hub Network

Impact Hub

Since launching in 2005, the Impact Hub network has undergone significant growth, now reaching over 17,000 members in 100+ locations across the globe. After 5 years, Impact Hub Honolulu has decided to depart from the global Impact Hub Network in an effort to localize their focus and best serve their local community. .

Recruiting At-Home Workers

EntreWorks Consulting

And, their recent growth rates—up 47% since 2005—is pretty impressive too. New York’s Rockefeller Institute of Government has created a new Future of Labor Research Center , and the Center’s first study is making me optimistic about their future work. Where the Mobile Workforce is Living shares data and insights on, you guessed it!, where the mobile workforce is living. Specifically, it reviews the latest numbers on home-based workers, and shows that, nationally, about 5.3%

Taller con Ramón Candel: ¿Cómo desarrollar ambientes laborales inclusivos?

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Continuó sus estudios superiores al obtener un MBA en 2005 de Goizueta Business School de Emory University en Atlanta. ¿Cuándo? Martes 18 de agosto de 2020 a las 3:00 PM, hora de El Salvador. Tema: ¿Cómo desarrollar ambientes laborales inclusivos?

How the Seed-Stage VC Trend Began, The Downsides of Unicorns & Much More

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Let me take you back just 10 years ago to 2005 in Silicon Valley where I returned after 11 years of living in Europe. But back in 2005 there were a few people who spotted the trend before others and one of the true pioneers was (and continues to be) Jeff Clavier who founded SoftTech VC. *. If you are a 20-something tech entrepreneur you could be forgiven for thinking that seed-stage investors, Angellist Syndicates and widely available angel money always existed.

Investing in New Tech Hubs

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In fact, only five metro areas account for 90% of America’s innovation sector growth since 2005. Today, I attended a Capitol Hill briefing on a new Brookings/ITIF report on The Case for Growth Centers: How to Spread Tech Innovation across America. The report and its recommendations build on the uncomfortable fact that America’s innovation and technology economy is highly concentrated, with most activity centered in a few states and metro areas.

Impact Hub Recife leaves global network

Impact Hub

Since launching in 2005, the Impact Hub network has undergone significant growth, now reaching over 16,500 members in 100+ locations across the globe. After six years of collaboration, the global Impact Hub Network and Impact Hub Recife are now parting ways. The entrepreneurial community and coworking space of Impact Hub Recife, embarks this month on a new vision. Moving forward, the local team is setting up a new infrastructure that takes on an independent direction.

Clean Energy Venture Group and E8 Angels Announce Partnership to Boost Innovation in the Climate Tech Sector

Angel Capital Association

About CEVG Formed in 2005, the Clean Energy Venture Group is an investment group with offices in Boston and New York which provides seed capital and management expertise to early stage clean energy companies. By: Sarah Dickey, ACA Membership Director Earlier this week the Clean Energy Venture Group (CEVG) and E8 Angels announced a partnership for national climate tech angel investing with the goal to achieve greater efficiencies and impact.'s Exit: A billion reasons to focus on one thing early and do it ridiculously well

This is going to be BIG.

Back in 2005, I was a lowly analyst at Union Square Ventures with a million product ideas that I'd blog about all the time. I'm so excited to hear that, a company that Union Square Ventures invested in while I worked there, just exited for a reported billion dollars. When you're on the VC side, you come up with a lot of ideas, because every company you see inspires three new things you wish someone would build across a wide variety of sectors.

Second Stage Companies: What’s All the Buzz About?

Carol Lauffer

The Edward Lowe Foundation reported that, between 2005 and 2015, second stage businesses only represented 17% of all U.S. At a recent InBIA conference, I found an overwhelming response to our session on the topic of programming for second stage companies. Second stage companies can have a strong growth trajectory, generating sales and creating new jobs in communities. So, how can we assist second stage companies?

She Breaks Barriers: Enabling an Equal World for Girls in Sport

Impact Hub

Boxgirls Berlin has supported the sporting and social engagement of women and girls since 2005, doing so through power, endurance and boxing training for girls, with certified trainers. We could not agree more with the International Women’s Day 2020 campaign theme for this year’s celebrations of female achievement: “An equal world is an enabled world.”.

Ycombinator - Where unicorns are born

Don Dodge

They were part of the Ycombinator Cambridge class of 2007, after being rejected by YC in 2005 and 2006. Back in 2005 no one anticipated the success of YCombinator, not even its founders. This is amazing when you consider that back in 2005 Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, iPhone, and many of the successful product platforms that enabled startup innovation didn’t exist or were not well known. Angel investing in tech startups is a gut wrenching and risky business.

Congrats to Backupify! A Great Exit Story for the First Company I Ever Backed

This is going to be BIG.

I don''t remember when I started talking to Rob, but I know it was before February of 2005, because I found "" in the contacts I ported over when I left GM and went to USV. Today, Backupify announced that it is getting purchased by Datto. It''s a solid exit to a company that has lots of revs, is growing, and together will form a very formidable player in the data backup space--one that can definitely be a public company in the next couple of years.

How to Avoid a Common Product Mistake Many Teams Make

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We built our product at Koral in 2005 with this design philosophy in mind. I’ve been involved with technology product design in one form or another for nearly 25 years and seen one mistake consistently repeated. The single biggest mistake most product teams make is building technology for what they believe the user would want rather than what the actual end-user needs.

Turns at Albuquerque: How I Measure My Career

This is going to be BIG.

Ten years ago, in 2005, I started working for Union Square Ventures as their first analyst. I love thinking about career paths and how people get from A to B. It''s my favorite thing to teach as well--and I''ll be giving a class at Startup Institute this Tuesday night about it. They''re a career accelerator, which is a pretty neat concept--doing what YC and Techstars do for startups, but for your career. Anyway, 2015 marks a couple of big career anniversaries for me.

Why the NYC startup scene needs Sean Parker

This is going to be BIG.

So what would have happened had Sean met Joshua Schachter in 2005--would Josh have still sold out early to Yahoo! I have never met Sean Parker. I don't know if the movie portrayal of him is accurate and I don't particularly care. What I do care about is that a person who is long on vision and has a knack for being around big companies early on is now living in New York City. Parker made a huge dent in the web as co-founder of Napster, then built Plaxo up to 20 million users.

This Week in VC with Mo Koyfman of Spark Capital

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Spark Capital is relatively new to VC (founded in 2005) yet has become one of the hottest new VCs having invested in Twitter, Tumblr, AdMeld, Boxee, KickApps and many more companies. RockYou (US) was founded in Redwood City in November 2005 by Lance Tokuda and Jia Shen. We had a special edition of This Week in Venture Capital this week shooting out of the Next New Networks offices in New York. Our guest was Mo Koyfman of Spark Capital.

The @TWTFelipe Story – A Tale of US Visa Policy Gone Awry (#startupvisa)

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In 2005 he was graduated and took a job in South Carolina working for technology company while he started his own web design company on the side. By 2005 I had moved back to the US and we started hiring US employees (The first two employees we hired had both grown up in India! Friedman again in this weekend’s (Apr 3, 2010) NYTimes: “Between 1980 and 2005, virtually all net new jobs created in the U.S.

Money Out of Nowhere: How Internet Marketplaces Unlock Economic Wealth

In his 2005 book, The World Is Flat , Thomas Friedman recognizes that the Internet has the ability to create a “level playing field” for all participants, and one where geographic distances become less relevant. Launched in 2005, Etsy is a leading marketplaces for the exchange of vintage and handmade items. The company was founded by Andrew Geant and Mike Weishuhn in 2005. (*) Benchmark is/was an investor in companies labeled with the asterisk.

I'm Running for the New York Tech Meetup Board

This is going to be BIG.

I was one of the first 100 members, dating back to February 2005. I’m just as familiar with the New York Tech Meetup as anyone. I was also part of the original New York Tech Meetup board and participated on it until last year. I offered to step aside to bring a few more faces onto the board last year. Now that there are four open spots, I’d like to return and I have a few specific things I’d like to accomplish.

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After 20 years: Updating the Berkus Method of valuation


In 2005, Alan McCann created a graphic representation of the Method: Note that Allan changed the title of the risks from technology-execution-market-production to investment-marketing-execution-development. Well, it had to happen.

One Great Adventure After the Next

Tomasz Tunguz

I remember reading about Google’s Android acquisition in 2005 and wondering what would become of the technology; and then later at Google seeing some of the first versions of the G1, the first Android phone. Yesterday, Redpoint announced something amazing: Andy Rubin, the creator of Android is joining Redpoint.

When Should You Allow Exclusivity in Deals?

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Before weighing in on the subject I would point out one thing that should be obvious to many of you – the iPhone was originally launched in 2007 in an exclusive partnership with AT&T and this was vital to both Apple and AT&T and was a hard negotiation throughout 2005 and 2006.

In Cloud We Trust: First Round invests in Backupify

This is going to be BIG.

We met back in 2005 through our respective blogs—he was writing at Businesspundit at the time. I am excited to share the news of First Round Capital 's recent investment in cloud-to-cloud backup service Backupify. This is the first deal I've closed for FRC and I've also joined the board of the company. Josh Kopelman will be working closely on this investment as well. Joining our investment in the $900k round were General Catalyst, Betaworks, Jason Calacanis, and Chris Sacca.

Technology Trends: 10 Areas of Innovation to Watch for 2012

This is going to be BIG.

It feels a lot like NYC as a whole did back in 2005--a handful of relatively disconnected folks, a few marquee companies and a whole lot of pent up interest in doing something impactful in the local community. Tweet. One of the best things any investor can do is to pull back from the day to day of getting pitches and think about high level trends. What areas are going to change? What areas need to be disrupted?

Here are More Signs that LA Tech is Moving to the Next Level

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This was 2005 when I had no exits under my belt, no blogs … nobody was looking. I wrote a blog post on how to work with lawyers at a startup nearly two-and-a-half years ago. It was very widely read. If you don’t have much experience in working with law firms at a startup it’s a good primer. In that post I talked about how to select a law-firm for a startup. It should be: Local; Right-sized; and. Startup-focused.

Keep It Under Your Hat: Valuation Caps and the $650 Million Sale of MySpace for $125 Million


Never missing an opportunity for a good war story, I’d like to revisit one high-profile transaction, the $650 million acquisition of MySpace by Fox Interactive Media in 2005, on which I spent many sleepless nights along with the rest of the deal team. The spin-out took a few months to negotiate and didn’t actually close until February 2005.