How Employers Can Support Workplace Mental Health

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Our mental health clearly affects all aspects of our daily life—including the way we do business and conduct ourselves in the workplace. Unfortunately, mental health is not a topic people typically discuss openly. Contributed by Bethany Seton.

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Announcing the Founder Support Fund


I’m excited to announce the Founder Support Fund. It’s an evergreen microgrant-making fund dedicated to supporting founders’ mental and emotional health and well-being. 94% of founders have experienced severe anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges. “No

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Net Health Acquires Tissue Analytics

Dream It

Net Health, a premier provider of cloud-based EHR software for specialized care settings, today announced that it has acquired Tissue Analytics , a pioneering developer of automated mobile wound and skin imaging and predictive analytics solutions.

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Universal Support: ESHIP Goal 6

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Goal 6: Universal Support: Expand external stakeholder understanding of and support for ecosystem building. Economic dynamism, a key indicator of economic health, has been in decline for decades, as has the rate of new business starts.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Mental Health Should Be Your Top Priority Right Now. Here’s Why

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As COVID-19 devastates nations and businesses, there’s a potential casualty you may not have fullly realized: your mental health. Uncertainty around the health of your family, company and employees can be overwhelming. How can we protect mental health when we’re directed to stay home?

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How COVID-19 is Changing Digital Health

Dream It

Earlier this month, Adam Dakin , Managing Director of Dreamit Healthtech, joined Phase2 Health to share his insight on how the pandemic is changing healthcare. Enterprise Sales | Are health systems engaging with innovation right now?

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Unsung Heroes of Ecosystem Building: Meet the Voices Championing “Universal Support”

Co Starters

ESHIP GOAL 6 | Universal Support: Expand external stakeholder understanding of and support for ecosystem building. Economic dynamism, a key indicator of economic health, has been in decline for decades, as has the rate of new business starts.

Founders Share Stories and Encouragement on Mental Wellness


Over the past few months, the GAN Community came together to support startup founders who have been deeply impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. And if you or your organization would like to support the next round of founders, go here. . Industry: Health Tech.

2 Reasons Why Forums Are Important for the Mental Health of Entrepreneurs

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Forum is an amazing way to navigate and manage your mental health. Here are the two main ways that Forum can help you with your mental health issues. This is one way forum can serve your mental health. Best Practices Health Inspirational Mentor

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Techstars New Health Care Partner: Announcing UnitedHealthcare Accelerator Powered by Techstars


Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and UnitedHealthcare, a leading health care company, today announced the UnitedHealthcare Accelerator Powered by Techstars.

Presbyterian Health Foundation awards $4.6 million in new research grants

Innovation 2 Enterprise

OKLAHOMA CITY, July 20, 2020: The Presbyterian Health Foundation has awarded nearly $4.6 million in biomedical research grants to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF). “We About Presbyterian Health Foundation.

Supporting and empowering children with autism in Nicaragua

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Before establishing this organization, I searched for support but was unable to find it. We are very honored that so many people in Nicaragua have supported us through our national walks, our Zumbatóns , raffles, and other various events. By Ana Gonzalez.

NeuroFlow Closes $7.5M Series A Financing to Advance Behavioral Health Integration and Engagement

Dream It

NeuroFlow ( Healthtech - Fall 2019 ) is a platform for getting patients with behavioral health issues better by supporting clinical teams with collaborative and measurement-based tools in all care settings.

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Linear Health Sciences founder ‘living his dream’

Innovation 2 Enterprise

During one of the earliest conversations I had with Dr. Ryan Dennis, CEO of Linear Health Sciences, he told me that he was living his dream. Or is his dream the success of a tireless physician and entrepreneur who started his own hospital group and then co-founded Linear Health Sciences, a medical device company with a safety valve technology having the potential to improve the care of virtually any patient connected to an intra-venous (IV) line. By Scott Meacham.

Why I support Chris Quinn

This is going to be BIG.

She came to a Startup Weekend and gave a speech about how New York wasn''t doing such a great job supporting tech entrepreneurship. Her support made the Brooklyn Tech Triangle study possible and I''m always getting questions from her team about making sure their policies are keeping the fast growing tech sector in mind. But her effort and responsiveness in the tech sector isn''t why I''m supporting Chris. I first met Chris Quinn in person three years ago.

How Extreme Adventure Racing Informs Entrepreneurship

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He is currently the president and CEO of Support Services of Virginia , a mid-sized company that provides Intellectual and Developmental Disability Waiver services, supports and housing in community-based integrated settings across Virginia, USA.

Dreamit Invests in TrekIT Health

Dream It

TrekIT Health , a clinical workflow management and analytics company, announced their newest round of funding from IP Group , Inc. For me, this is a mission to ensure clinicians have the best possible tools to support the countless medical decisions they make on a daily basis.”

Revolution Companies Offering Resources and Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic


In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, it has been encouraging to see businesses and individuals around the world step up and support affected communities. Founders across our portfolio have moved quickly to pitch-in and provide everything from healthy meals to children out of school, mental health services to frontline workers, access to a platform connecting clinical researchers to patients for vaccine trials, and virtual playdates and activities to families hunkering down at home.

Making Steps Toward Better Mental Health in Your Workplace

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And our workplace environment, culture and habits have a significant impact on our health—particularly our mental health—which, in turn, has a great effect on our productivity. The Top Signs of Mental Health Issues at Work. Risk Factors That Affect Mental Health in the Workplace.

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How Viper Imaging Found Support to Scale a Small Business During COVID-19

Smart Hustle Magazine

Eric Day is the Senior Vice President of Small Business at Dell Technologies and got a chance to talk with us, in conjunction with Viper, about how his team is able to support small businesses during this time in a pandemic to scale for the future. Helps protect public health.

OCAST Health Research Conference focuses steps to advancing products to market

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Once a year, the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) gathers scientists from across the state who are currently receiving funding from its health research program in a sort of show-and-tell educational event. Recently, about 100 OCAST-funded life science researchers assembled at the Samis Family Education Center on the Oklahoma Health Center campus for OCAST’s 32nd Health Research Conference. By Jim Stafford.

Tulsa startup aims to improve health care communication

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Some companies bring in wellness programs to help employees get more fit, but the actual impact of wellness initiatives on employee health and cost savings remains an open question. Medefy Health ( ), a Tulsa-based software company, is succeeding with a new approach. “A lot of people want to use their benefits effectively; they just don’t know how,” said Matt Scovil, CEO of Medefy Health. News Matt Scovil Medefy Medefy Health Scott Meacham

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month


In case you’ve been under a rock and didn’t know – It’s Mental Health Awareness Month. If you are not familiar with us here at GCUC, we strongly believe in advocating and supporting mental health. It’s time that we make a change and destigmatize the conversation around mental health. For over a year now, our founder, Liz Elam, has been opening our conferences with a talk called “Health is the new black”. Beginnings Mental Health Awareness

[OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved in Health Europa] World’s First Government Supported Medical Cannabis Incubator in Israel


Leading medical cannabis researcher, Israel, will be host to the world’s first government supported cannabis technology incubator. The post [OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved in Health Europa] World’s First Government Supported Medical Cannabis Incubator in Israel appeared first on OurCrowd.

Video: Your Mental Health - 9 Things To Keep in Mind

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Hence the strain on our mental health. It's important that you ensure your mental health is strong, for you and your family - and your business. Some of these tips are adapted from this blog post about mental health on HelloAlice. We all need help, we all need support.

App is Crap (why Apple is bad for your health)

Both Sides of the Table

I would argue that if Apple’s app model continues to succeed it is bad for your health. Flash is not supported, which means that all assets you’ve developed for the Internet that work in Flash are worthless for this device. It’s the best thing for our health.

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Data-Driven Hope


As my friend Aaron Ginn says about this: “This infection bell curve is supported in academic research. The Industry coronavirus covid-19 culture data family health hope mental health remote startup success work world

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Are you heading toward burnout?

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If you choose to be honest, the world will reward you with the support you are looking for. I have always found comfort in openly expressing my fears and trusting those around me to offer their support. HEALTH WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION burnout EO Montreal Shawn Johal stress

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What the New Normal Looks Like in Three Industries and Three Countries

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We have goosebumps every other day at each manifestation of loyalty and support. Keyless entry was never as important as now, video introduction of our hosts and virtual support in the apartments instead of a physical reception was implemented quickly.

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Creating Jobs and Helping Grow the PA Economy: Ben Franklin Technology Partners Invests in 17 Tech Startups!

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

The Ben Franklin program, which has been investing in tech startups and small manufacturers for nearly 40 years, recently received additional funding support from the Department of Community and Economic Development to invest in its portfolio clients that have been adversely affected by COVID-19.

BrainCheck Raised $8M in Series A Funding to Help Doctors Assess the Cognitive Health of Patients

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The startup helps physicians assess and track the mental health of their patients. BrainCheck , a 20-person, Houston-based startup whose cognitive healthcare product aims to help physicians assess and track the mental health of their patients, is among the latter.

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On the Road to Racial Equality, Start with These 10 Steps

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Evaluate your relationships, partnerships and the brands you support against the values that are important to you when it comes to systemic injustice and discrimination. Support minority-led businesses. Written by Parveen Dhupar , chief creative officer at BTI Brand Innovations Inc.

Ascend BioVentures helps determine right path for health care discoveries

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A subsidiary of i2E, Ascend leverages the team at i2E for venture and investment services, as well as operational support. The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OU), Presbyterian Health Foundation, and OMRF (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation) are Ascend community partners and ready sources of new science. There are folks on the east and west coasts who are finding it hard to find support and raise funds. By Scott Meacham.

The Good News You Need Today

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Industrialists and business owners from the Indian city of Pune—including the EO Pune chapter—have pledged financial support to the area’s healthcare sector and government in order to fight COVID-19. HEALTH INNOVATION Inspirational Make a Mark members

The Value of Letting Go to Gain Perspective

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In the midst of wilderness and raw environment, we were supported by a team that removed any distraction or worry and took care of our every need. HEALTH INNOVATION Inspirational LEADERSHIP WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS Adrienne Palmer africa eo dallas Insite leadership myeo Tasimba

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An Introduction to Happiness: Relationships


Studies show how much we need community for our happiness and health: This study out of the University of Michigan found that friendship alone was seen to be a solid predictor of positive overall health at later ages. .