Stepping Up in Crisis: EO Members Respond to COVID-19

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We asked three EO members what strategies they are implementing at work and in their personal lives as COVID-19 continues to spread. In times of crisis, entrepreneurs step up to take the lead on creating groundbreaking pathways toward renewal.

How to Project Cash Flow to Forecast the Impact of COVID-19

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BUSINESS GROWTH FINANCES STARTUP STRATEGY balance sheet coronavirus COVID-19 economy EO birmingham greg crabtree small businessAs uncertainty swirls around how long the COVID-19 crisis is going to last, many businesses are temporarily shuttered.

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Hustle As Strategy

Tomasz Tunguz

In 1986, Amar Bhide wrote “ Hustle as Strategy ” for the Harvard Business Review. It’s not a powerful new strategy that a new leader infuses into the organization. Finance, like many other industries, and many software segments, sells a commodity. What differentiates the best banks from the middle of the pack aren’t differentiated financial products or novel go-to-market strategies or new insights into the market.

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

Both Sides of the Table

These include building products, recruiting, managing your finances, marketing, selling, getting feedback from customers and … fund raising. It’s important in aligning internal strategy, communicating with others, talking with partner, recruiting and, yes, raising VC.

Top Four Survival Tips for Small Business Owners

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Every day—perhaps every hour—you feel forced to reset your expectations, your goals and your strategy. BUSINESS GROWTH FINANCES INNOVATION LEADERSHIP PEOPLE/STAFF PR/MARKETING coronavirus COVID-19 small businessRemember when owning a small business was risky but rewarding?

New Study by MPOWER Financing Shows the Value of Investing in Immigrants

Dream It

The report, “Empowering Global Citizens to Create Global Change,” focuses on the impact of MPOWER Financing’s core product, the world’s only fixed-rate, no-cosigner education loan for international and DACA students at top U.S.

Experts Share Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business

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Finance to keep you recession-proof. Consider adding or repositioning staff: This is part of the strategy to make sure you have a division in your company that is recession-proof. Contributed by Bill Lyons, CEO and president of Griffin Funding.

Revisiting Paul Graham’s “High Resolution” Financing

Both Sides of the Table

When I first read Paul Graham’s blog post on “High Resolution&# Financing I read it as a treatise arguing that convertible notes are better than equity.

Happy Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money

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While his financial expertise comes from owning and managing several businesses, his writing spans topics that include finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty.

Growing as a Couple and a Startup

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Lindsey—who, at the time, was my girlfriend, programmer and designer—said, “I will take over the finance piece, you go sell and run the shop. Our conversations often moved from things we cared about in our personal life to business strategy and hiring and finances.

Embracing Your Community as a Strategy

Both Sides of the Table

I believe this strategy has paid off in spades. It’s important that we stay current in and debate others on what is actually happening: In late-stage financings, in IPOs, in M&A, in crowd funding, etc. 5 years ago I sat at our annual meeting bored beyond belief.

How to Start a Business in Canada

Smart Hustle Magazine

Smarter Loans is the go-to resource for Canadians seeking any kind of loan or financing when starting up their new business. Lean Start Up Business Plan: This plan focuses more on high-level strategy and only contains the most important information without going into all of the details.

Do You Need a Crowdfunding Campaign for Your Startup?

Startup Grind

Develop your outreach strategy, test it and keep your list up-to-date. Plan your social media strategy beforehand, as it takes considerable time and efforts to build an active fan base and to keep them engaged. Finances Fund Raising Marketing YerevanIs your startup dying?

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[CrediFi in Yahoo Finance] CrediFi Launches CRE Strategy Dashboards for Risk, Competition and Opportunities


CrediFi, a leading source for data and analytics for commercial real estate (CRE) finance, today announced the release of two new products, CrediFi Analyticsand At-Risk reports to empower brokers, lenders and asset managers.

Good Credit is Good For Business: Nav is Making it Even Easier to Build Business Credit

Smart Hustle Magazine

Unless you are running a business that specializes in providing financial services, dealing with your own business finances probably isn’t your favorite thing in the world to do. Open a business bank account - it’s important to keep your personal and business finances separate.

What Driving in Italy Taught Me About Business Growth

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He oversaw multi-million dollar business operations, marketing and management strategies for various private companies and profit-generating government agencies before launching Propelo.

How to Know if You’re Working with a Bad Broker

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A bad business broker, working without a strategy in place, could significantly delay the sale of your business. Business/Finance Tips Leadership business broker Scot Cockroft Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions

A Tale of Two Go To Market Strategies

Tomasz Tunguz

After last week’s post, Is There a No Man’s Land in SaaS ACVs , a founder asked me to highlight some of the go to market strategies in different segments. Fleetmatics financed its growth early on by generating cash. And, upfront cash collections finance more inside sales hiring. The critical observation from this story is that each company matched its product and go to market strategy and stuck to it. There are approximately 22 million trucks in the US.

Uber’s New BHAG: UberPool

Of course, Uber is not the first company to choose a corporate strategy of price leadership. ’ And I submit to you that that second question is actually the more important of the two — because you can build a business strategy around the things that are stable in time.

On the Road to Recap:

Why the Unicorn Financing Market Just Became Dangerous…For All Involved. By the first quarter of 2016, the late-stage financing market had changed materially. Investors were becoming nervous and were no longer willing to underwrite new Unicorn-level financings at the drop of a hat. The second reason they are a massive problem is that their complexity will render future financings all but impossible.

The Impact of Varying Sales Hiring Strategies on SaaS Startups

Tomasz Tunguz

First, let’s compare the financial impact of three different sales hiring strategies: six sales people hired at once, two sales people hired for each of three quarters and one sales person hired each month. The plot at the top of the post compares the MRR trajectory of these three sales strategies. aAfter about the 8th month, all sales strategies reach the same constant growth rate created by six sales people achieving quota.

Three Strategies for Engendering Negative Net Churn in Your SaaS Startup

Tomasz Tunguz

However, most early-stage SaaS companies offer only one product, so product expansion is typically limited to later stage companies who can finance multiple product development. Many SaaS startups are starting to combine expansion strategies. If you use the 3 part tariff pricing strategy , it’s easy to see how feature expansion maps to the platform fee and usage expansion maps to the marginal cost fee. That all depends on the strategy of the business.

When “fits and starts” is the most efficient path

A Smart Bear

The proper driving strategy for Autocross is bizarre. The strategy solves for the spaghetti-like pattern of the track, which is composed mostly of turns and banks, so that the winner is the one who can best negotiate a complex path, rather than which car is fastest on a straight-away.

Same Sheet of Music: The Importance of Alignment between Investors and the Management Team

The Seraf Compass

In the case of a startup company, alignment means that investors and management agree on key corporate development issues such as strategy, team, financing and exit planning

Good Sources for on Pros & Cons of Convertible Notes


I’d suggest you start with Fred Wilson’s Financing Options: Convertible Debt , one of his MBA Mondays series on his AVC blog. Which leads me to another recommendation: all five of Anton Johnson’s “knowledge is power” five-part series on convertible note financing terms, on this blog.

IPOs, M&As, Liquidity, & You. (the entrepreneur)


In the “good old days,” angels invested in seed-stage startups and teed up promising companies for subsequent venture capital financing. Locate the nearest exit angel investment angel investors entrepreneurs entrepreneurship equity exit strategy initial public offering IPO liquidity shareholders startups VC venture capitalIf the company was successful, this quickly led to an IPO – a very happy ending for the entrepreneur, the angels, and the venture capitalists.

A Scorecard: Should a decision be fast, or slow?

A Smart Bear

If the company’s strategy is clear and detailed, if relevant data is at hand, if it’s clear what your goals are , if the deciding team has confidence, then the decision could be easy and fast; if these things are absent, perhaps more deliberation is needed to clarify those things.

How to Build Auction Pressure in Acquisitions and Financings

Tomasz Tunguz

By mid-April, Salesforce, Microsoft and Google were all diligencing the merger, meeting with LinkedIn teams and discussing their strategy in the board room. Salesforce’s bids would be a combination of cash and stock, and Salesforce would likely have to raise debt to finance the acquisition. Public companies are often required to disclose the process of their acquisition.

Advice from an entrepreneurship expert, with Professor Michael Goldberg

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs and professionals looking to finance their business? What advice do you have for entrepreneurs looking to expand—how can they use marketing strategies, social media, and product development to grow their businesses?

The Sales and Marketing Spend Strategies of Billion Dollar SaaS Companies

Tomasz Tunguz

In the first 3 years, these public SaaS companies spend between 80 to 120% of their revenue in sales and marketing (using venture dollars or other forms of capital to finance the business). How much should your SaaS startup spend on sales and marketing?

Keep It Under Your Hat: Valuation Caps and the $650 Million Sale of MySpace for $125 Million


Entrepreneurs and investors who have spent any time dealing with convertible debt seed financing transactions are likely to have encountered the subject of valuation caps. The cap is irrelevant if the next equity financing is at a valuation below the cap amount.) Valuation caps can come into play in settings other than seed-stage convertible note financing rounds. was spun out, and the valuation was set by that financing round.

Building auction pressure in financings

Tomasz Tunguz

The most effective financing processes, like the most effective auctions, create scarcity. Of late, many founders have been triggering pre-emptive financing processes for their raises. Strategy. An early process has the potential to eliminate financing risk much earlier than expected. Founders can steer the financing to investors of their choice with more control than a standard process. First, like any financing, these processes are time expensive.

How to set SMART goals toward a targeted financial future

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

As a young leader and changemaker, you should make sure that the goals you have worked so hard to achieve also align with the management of your finances. You may have heard of goal-setting strategies before, and maybe you’ve heard of the common SMART criteria for goal setting.

HPA’s Talent and HR Resource Guide During COVID-19

Hyde Park Angels

HPA recently created a resource guide that aggregated information on finance assistance and business operations. Wipfli : Features resources tied to business topics, including a section focused on talent and strategy.

Certainty Of Close

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

On Friday, I had two separate conversations with founders about fundraising strategies. While that is a great strategy if you have the luxury of time on your side and the ability to spend several months focused on raising capital, there is often merit to the quick close that maximizes certainty over other things. At some point, in very late stage or public financings, the people issues lessen and you can optimize for other things.

Revenue-Based Investing: A New Option for Founders who Care About Control

David Teten - VC

Does the traditional VC financing model make sense for all companies? 2018 also had the fewest number of angel-led financing rounds since before 2010. John Borchers, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Decathlon Capital, claims to be the largest revenue-based financing investor in the US. Factoring, MCAs and receivables financing are all short-term oriented with pay-back periods measured in weeks, months or quarters, while RBI is generally measured in years.

The Pegasus Startup: Flying Over VCs on the Wings of Profits

Jason Calacanis

No Seed Extension, No Series A, No Series B … straight to what most would consider a Series C financing. If you skip 2-3 rounds of financing this could double your ownership at an exit.