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Rethinking Pitch Competitions: Create Value, Not a Spectacle

Venture Well

VentureWell Director of Venture Development, Eli Velasquez offers insights on how to develop pitch competitions that provide maximum support to startups. The post Rethinking Pitch Competitions: Create Value, Not a Spectacle appeared first on VentureWell.

Startup Business Funding: 5 Business-Breaking Misconceptions

Dream It

I've been an alum of Dreamit twice. The first time, back in 2012, I joined as part of a mobile gaming company. We didn't have a live product, but we had an insane buzz around us, with a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and 'The Next Angry Birds' quote from Techcrunch.

Entrepreneurs must know when to speed and when to slow down

Innovation 2 Enterprise

By Scott Meacham. Copyright © 2019, The Oklahoman. After six years of working directly with Oklahoma’s entrepreneurs and startups, I fully understand just how much of a race starting up a company really is — a race against time, against competitors and, most of all, a race against the status quo. The need for speed is something most entrepreneurs understand inherently. Most of them are wired to be impatient and driven; if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have become entrepreneurs.

Second Stage Companies: What’s All the Buzz About?

Carol Lauffer

At a recent InBIA conference, I found an overwhelming response to our session on the topic of programming for second stage companies. Second stage companies can have a strong growth trajectory, generating sales and creating new jobs in communities. So, how can we assist second stage companies? Second stage companies are defined as past the startup stage, but not yet mature. The Edward Lowe Foundation reported that, between 2005 and 2015, second stage businesses only represented 17% of all U.S.

State of MENA Startups 2019, Report

MAGNiTT and 500 Startups jointly launch first 'State of MENA Startups 2019" report. Survey findings reveal insights on trends in fundraising exercise, exit opportunities, hiring, and growth optimization.

Interview with Captain Steve Lauver, Director of Technology Accelerators, AFWERX


This interview originally appeared in a report from Innovation Leader , sponsored by Techstars, “Startup Engagement: Best Practices for Large Organizations.” ” Read the complete report here. .

How to Use a Ghostwriter to Build Your Authority and Generate Sales

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Written for EO by Nico Prins, a communications consultant who specializes in internet marketing. . When you read articles by busy CEOs on sites like Forbes or Entrepreneur, you might wonder how they managed to find the time to write the content.

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Paper Chase - Tips and Hacks For Dealing with Angel Investing Paperwork and Communications

The Seraf Compass

Before Christopher joined the world of angel investing, he spent much of his early career as a corporate lawyer working in-house for a NASDAQ listed enterprise software company. The pace of customer and strategic deals and corporate housekeeping activities was unrelenting.

Connecting Women VCs: Building Community and a Better Future


Female investors have always kept discreet lists of other women angels and VCs. We circulate local lists amongst us, created Google spreadsheets and Whatsapp groups in an effort to create community, share deals, and support each other in a male-dominated industry. .

Cybersecurity for Startups: How to Protect Your Business

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Large-scale data breaches, such as the Equifax hack , are ubiquitous nowadays. But if you think that breaches only affect high-profile companies, then you are mistaken. In fact, three out of five small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have fallen victim to a cyber attack.

Certainty Of Close

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

On Friday, I had two separate conversations with founders about fundraising strategies. Both had an easier path that would likely get them to a closing quickly but might cost them some economics and a harder/longer path that would allow them to maximize economics. I gave them both the same advice which is that certainty of close is super important, particularly early on in a venture when you see an opportunity and want to capture it before someone else does.

Growth Is Great. But Don't Take On More Than You Can Handle. Scaling Your Company.

Smart Hustle Magazine

Suhaib Zaheer built a thriving business brokerage business and grew it from 3 offices to many more multiple offices with a staff of 75 people. This was GREAT, until it wasn't.

People Ops Question: How do we compete for talent in such a competitive market?


By Sabrina Kelly, Techstars Vice President of Talent. At Techstars, we define our mission in People Ops as the following : “ We are strategic partners in building Techstars business by maximizing the value of our most important asset—our people.

How to Spot and Eliminate Nincompoopery at Your Business

Entrepreneurs' Organization

John Brandt, CEO and founder of The MPI Group and author of Nincompoopery: Why Your Customers Hate You—and How to Fix It , recently answered questions on customer satisfaction, hiring, innovation and leading change. . What is Nincompoopery?

Employee Equity: How Much?

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I wrote a blog post about this topic in November 2010 that has become one of the most searched on and referenced AVC posts of all time. The numbers in that blog post are long out of date and so I now have a popup on it warning people not to use those numbers. However, the methodology in that blog post remains sound and is used by many startup companies.

When to Shut Down a Startup

Y Combinator

YC Partner and Tutorspree cofounder Aaron Harris on when to shut down a startup. Read Aaron’s post On Shutting Down here. Advice Video Feature

John China on whether you can give too much


Can you give too much? John China, President of SVB Capital, reflects on how mentorship helped him grow into an executive, and on whether, at some point, you need to see payback from all your giving. Spoiler alert: the answer is no. Never stop giving. .

Revive Your Corporation’s Persona: Activate Brand Awareness

UBI Global

Understanding and Boosting Brand Awareness Many say a brand is a company’s personality and overall symbol of what it stands for. In a very intuitive article in Forbes, brand is simplified as follows: Your “brand” is what your prospect thinks of when he or she hears your brand name. It’s everything the public thinks it […]. The post Revive Your Corporation’s Persona: Activate Brand Awareness appeared first on UBI Global.


A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Our portfolio company Open Bazaar released a new mobile app called Haven today.

Startup School Podcast Preview with Kevin Hale

Y Combinator

Today’s episode is a preview of the Startup School podcast. We’re putting all the Startup School lectures on their own podcast feed. You can subscribe here: iTunes. This is the first lecture from Startup School 2019. It’s Kevin Hale on How to Evaluate Startup Ideas. It’s also not too late to sign up for Startup School. The course just started and the deadline to sign up is August 4th. Select companies who complete the course will also receive 15,000 dollars in equity-free funding. Topics.

Create a More Sustainable Future: The 2019 class of Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy


Today ten companies from around the US and Mexico are joining us in Denver, Colorado for an intensive three-months where they will accelerate their companies, and their impact, to create a more sustainable future for us all.

Announcing Courtney Powell as COO of 500 Startups


500 has seen incredible growth over the past 9 years, yet our goal has always stayed constant: back the world’s most talented founders. Everything we do is centered around bringing incredible ideas and entrepreneurial ecosystems to life through inspiring individuals around the world.

NBA Top Shot

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I’ve written on this blog about extensible blockchain games, the ability to own the virtual goods you earn or buy in your games, and the idea that these virtual goods can move from game to game.


Lessons in Equity

Forward Cities

By Kim Louis , Forward Cities’ Project Manager – New Kensington, PA. Stories are important. . Listening is important. . Context is important. Sharing our perspectives for deeper understanding is important and it’s a joy to find someone who is willing to share and listen. Selfie with Sadell and Kim. Meet Sadell, an entrepreneur from Cincinnati doing great work in bridging people of color into greater entrepreneurial success.

Techstars Announces $42 Million Investment


Investment round led by SVB Financial Group to speed Techstars global expansion and continued growth. BOULDER, Colo.

Truth, Fiction and Media Literacy

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

By Belinha De Abreu, Ph.D. Media Literacy Educator / Sacred Heart University. Critical thinking, critical discourse and — frankly — critical understanding of our media-laden world are essential, universal skills. Today, people question the certainty of information. Truth appears to be unclear.

media 28

Video Of The Week: Albert Wenger on AI and Attention

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

This is a talk my partner Albert gave at an AI conference in Berlin last month. Although he gave it to an AI conference, it is really about where we are in our society and what we need to do about it. It is about 20mins long. machine learning


500Kobe Accelerator Program is back, now with a Focused Track on Health


500 Startups and Kobe City are thrilled to announce our 4th consecutive accelerator program, which will commence on November 4th, 2019. This year’s program will continue to support startups across all industries and sectors, but will include a special focus on startups within the health space. For the past three years, 500 Startups and Kobe City have together supported the growth of startups from around the world, including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, United States, and more.

LaunchPad Lift Spotlight: Sondr


Highlights of student-led ventures participating in LaunchPad Lift, part of the Blackstone LaunchPad® powered by Techstars® entrepreneurship program. Who better to share the lesser known—and best—parts of a place then a local?

Want Growth? Focus on the Customer Experience

Smart Hustle Magazine

Ramon Ray had a quick chat with Molly Moore, head of marketing at Ruby Receptionists , at B2SMB in Napa, California about the importance of customer experience. Ruby Receptionists provides virtual receptionists.

energy 105

Funding Friday: Bellwether

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I saw this project this morning and backed it immediately. Bellwether is Sam Greenspan’s next project (after doing 99% Invisible for five years). It is about the future and what might happen and is half journalism and half sci-fi storytelling. And it is delivered via 30min podcast episodes.

How to Navigate Israel’s Evolving Tech World


Israel is home to more than 6,500 innovative tech companies and startups, dozens of public and private innovation players, and over 530 multinational corporations (MNCs) from 35 countries. The institutional know-how is there, as is the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

LaunchPad Lift Spotlight: ROSEN


Highlights of student-led ventures participating in LaunchPad Lift, part of the Blackstone LaunchPad® powered by Techstars® entrepreneurship program.

Taking Care of Employees Has a Big Impact

Smart Hustle Magazine

Ramon Ray and Ben Brewer met up at the B2SMB Institute in Napa , California to talk people and impact. Ben runs the small and mid-sized business segment for SAP Concur , a travel and expense management company based in Bellevue, Washington.

Negotiating a Job Offer from a Private Equity/VC Portfolio Company

David Teten - VC

“The board has met and we’d like to extend you an offer to join the company. We’ll send you all the details via email. We are excited to have you join us!” ” If you get that phone call, what should you be thinking about? I compiled the best resources I found here: Due Diligence as a Team Member. Ready to join a new management team? Here’s how to do your due diligence first. Due Diligence as an Investor.

board 20

Edition #2: Nicole Vasquez


Here at GCUC, we are immensely fortunate to cross paths and work with so many amazing people. Through our work, we’ve cultivated a global community of people we think you should know about. Community of Cultivators is a new blog series to introduce you to coworking game changers and connectors.

One Call to Make Before Picking Your Startup's Headquarters

Tomasz Tunguz

If you must choose a long term headquarters for your startup, call an executive recruiter who focuses in that city. Ask her about each of the key roles your company will need to hire in the next 2 to 3 years. VP Engineering, VP Product, VP Sales, VP Customer Success, VP Marketing, or VP Operations. How large is the candidate pool for each search? Which are the hardest searches to complete in this geography? Where are the best talent pools to sift through?