Impact Hub and UNDP collaborate to support social entrepreneurship policy development in Jordan

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Jordan, 23 April, 2021 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in its efforts to assist the social enterprise policy process in Jordan, led by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE), organised a workshop in collaboration with Impact Hub.

How Madrid Promotes Female Entrepreneurship

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This issue gave rise to the GIRA Mujeres program, promoted by Coca-Cola Spain and undertaken in partnership with numerous organizations specialising in female entrepreneurship, including Impact Hub Madrid. The program’s aim is to facilitate personal and professional training for women, helping them on their road to entrepreneurship or to reinvent their business. It regularly brings together more than 30 women to network and gain inspiration in areas relating to entrepreneurship.


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Raising Awareness about Entrepreneurship as an Economic Development Strategy

Ecosystem Builder Hub

“Communities seeking to grow their economy need to understand the impact entrepreneurship and small business play in economic growth.” — Grow Your Own: Entrepreneurship-based Economic Development for Local Communities, Dell Gines, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Cities Championing and Expanding Awareness of Entrepreneurship

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Society doesn’t understand the value of entrepreneurship. Research shows that entrepreneurs and young companies are the key drivers of economic growth. But most people are unaware of this and the enormous potential of entrepreneurship in their communities and society in general.

3 West African Startups Prove It’s Possible To Thrive In Uncertain Times

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From healthcare to education, agriculture, and engineering, meet the resilient entrepreneurs who are creating a positive impact on their local communities as well as national economies and contributing to the country’s post-pandemic economic recovery during these incredibly tough times. .

The New Economy Starts with Gender Inclusive Programs

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The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Women Entrepreneurship Report 2018/19 shows that the average rate of women’s overall entrepreneurial activity is 10.2%, which is more than three-quarters of the overall rate of men’s entrepreneurial activity.

What the Pact for Impact Summit can Teach us about Measuring Success

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With burning fires in Australia to rising international tensions and now a pandemic, moving to a more sustainable political and economic system is more critical and more urgent than ever before. In 2019, we saw a proliferation of protest movements around the world.

Insights into Best Practices in Pandemic Response for Social Entrepreneurs in Africa

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When we were asked to join and collaborate with 39 global (impact) organizations to launch the World Economic Forum COVID-19 Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs , we immediately saw this as an opportunity to shape the new economy with exciting partners.

What Will Workplaces Look Like After The Pandemic?

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The Global Membership was offered to new members for free to keep them involved and connected with other like-minded people working in the Social Entrepreneurship sector.

9 Ventures Forming the Future of Fashion

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The founders of Nata y Limón , based at Impact Hub Munich & Impact Hub Berlin , combined their passions for design and social entrepreneurship, and have partnered with weaving cooperatives in the highlands of Guatemala. This is a great example of a large global brand using their clout and resources to support innovation in social entrepreneurship.

Forget Presidential Politics: Here’s How We Create Jobs — And How You Can Help


growth to other developed countries, “It isn’t difficult to be the least dirty shirt in the hamper these days.” Nevertheless, there are literally thousands of other examples scattered around the country, each of which grew from a founder or two with an idea to a successful growth company employing scores, hundreds or even thousands of skilled employees, with the attendant benefits to the local and national economy.

expanding equity in STEM innovation: showcasing female founders of color

Venture Well

Innovation and entrepreneurship are fundamental drivers of economic growth. Inclusive entrepreneurship STEM

Emerging Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: GIST Net Launches


This public-private partnership is part of the State Department’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative to increase innovation around the world, and was launched today at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Morocco. At GES, over 3000 entrepreneurs, heads of state, high-level government officials, and corporate leaders have come together to exchange ideas and strengthen alliances for a more vibrant global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Impact Hub Honolulu Is Growing In Hawaii

Impact Hub

The founding team at Impact Hub Honolulu is deeply rooted in the entrepreneurship community of the island, and deeply committed to helping Hawaii’s founders, managers, and entrepreneurs thrive. North America SDG 4 - Quality Education SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth Social innovation#ImpactOnTour ’s next stop this year is Impact Hub Honolulu: at the gateway to the Norwegian fjords….

The New Business Preservation Act and the Tradition of U.S. Federal Government Support for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

Ian Hathaway

As venture capitalist and economic historian Bill Janeway remarked : “… the federal government funded construction of a platform on which entrepreneurs and venture capitalists could dance.” government’s support of venture capital and entrepreneurship. Earlier this month, a group of U.S.

Our Economy Measures Success with the Wrong Metrics. Here is How We Should Measure Successful Economic Development


A collection of people organized toward achieving shared economic goals is a “business.” If we want to know if a city, state, or nation is thriving we measure their entire economic output and divide it among their population. By Enoch Elwell.

How To Grow Your Economy. Build It, Don’t Buy It!

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Building Startup Communities is the Way to Economic Growth and Recovery. And yet, our economic policies espoused by governments and traditional economic development approaches continue to focus on attracting big businesses. Fewer startups leads to less productivity growth.

How High Rents Hinder Startup Activity


This multiplier effect is powerful for economic growth, but comes with drawbacks. This is a serious, but under-discussed, hurdle for entrepreneurship. Many of these five multiplier jobs don’t pay that wage, and without those jobs it’s hard to sustain future tech growth.

Navigating the Stages of Community Growth


Despite suffering significant economic loss which spawns a culture of grim survival, a growing number of communities are beginning to break free of the past in an unexpected comeback. Taking local institutional leaders by surprise, rapid economic and cultural transformation is occurring in unlikely places, often led by strange grassroots groups of creatives and non-traditional entrepreneurs. A new model for economic development. A community growth pattern.

Supporting Entrepreneurs Wherever They Are, Including Prison


Within a growing network of three Colorado prisons, Defy runs a rigorous eight-month program focusing on reentry planning, employment readiness, entrepreneurship and character development, culminating in a Shark Tank-style pitch competition.

The Startup Community Way: Five Lessons for U.S. Policymakers

Ian Hathaway

This article originally published on the Center for American Entrepreneurship Ideas Blog My new book with CAE Advisory Board member Brad Feld published yesterday. For this reason, the topic of “entrepreneurial ecosystems” has begun to play a bigger role in many economic policy agendas.

The importance of “Grow Your Own” (Part One)

Carol Lauffer

Grow Your Own is an umbrella term for economic development models that use entrepreneurship and small business development as the tool to create economic growth. Grow Your Own focuses on local strengths, small businesses and entrepreneurs in one’s own community–instead of spending resources to attract companies from outside–as a way to foster economic growth.

Minority-Owned Small Businesses Especially Impacted by COVID-19, Can Get Free Help From SCORE


Setting the stage on Hispanic entrepreneurship. Prior to 2020, Hispanic entrepreneurship was on the rise. And yet, Hispanic entrepreneurs have continued to demonstrate strong growth, outpacing other groups in recent years. COVID-19 has had a major impact on U.S.

Your deal flow is not diverse enough


Alisee de Tonnac is co-founder and co-CEO of Seedstars , a Swiss-based group with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. Michaela Villaroman. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Why Recessions Are a Good Time to Start a Side Hustle


They’re not so regular as to be predictable and they cause real economic damage, but they don’t halt business and entrepreneurship entirely. Recessions both expose existing economic problems and create new issues specific to that downturn.

Community Spotlight: Wheeling Heritage // Wheeling, Virginia


Half a century ago, Wheeling, West Virginia was a hub of entrepreneurship, innovation and manufacturing. Wheeling Heritage’s strategy is to preserve the city’s historical heritage by stimulating economic growth and supporting entrepreneurs. . In collaboration with the Regional Economic Development Partnership , a local economic development organization, Wheeling Heritage joined the CO.STARTERS network in February 2018. .

Jess Edwards’ Reflections as Dan River Region Ecosystem Builder

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Why Rural Entrepreneurship & Innovation Was My Next [Ecosystem Building] Step…. They all agree entrepreneurship and innovation are absolutely necessary components of their overall economic growth strategies and 2.

Why I support Chris Quinn

This is going to be BIG.

She came to a Startup Weekend and gave a speech about how New York wasn''t doing such a great job supporting tech entrepreneurship. Since then, her staff has been open and extremely responsive with regards to issues around tech and entrepreneurship. The next mayor will have to deal with unions, pension reform, and the challenge of keeping up the city''s economic growth--but these are things that can''t be done by a machine.

Top 4 benefits of joining the YLAI Network

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Network is a community of inspiring young entrepreneurs and change-makers from Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada who are committed to promoting economic growth, strengthening civil society and creating change in their communities.

ACA Chair Emeritus Christopher Mirabile Appointed to SEC?s Investor Advisory Committee

Angel Capital Association

Start-ups are the engines of job growth, and early stage investors are the fuel for those engines. Christopher has been a columnist on entrepreneurship for Inc. Thank you for representing the views of early-stage investors and continuing to fight for the ideas that will provide the best possible environment for American angel investors and for the economic growth that new businesses provide

Frustrations and Challenges of Ecosystem Builders

Ecosystem Builder Hub

As an emerging field that is challenging the status quo of entrepreneurship in economic development, ecosystem builders are bound to run into obstacles along the way which – if repeated and consistent – make us want to pull our hair out.

EO Hosts International Entrepreneurial Summit at the United Nations in Support of UN Sustainable Development Goals

Entrepreneurs' Organization

SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth. Sustainable Development Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. both winners and non-winners), EO Cares Startup Engagement, and Young Entrepreneurship Academy.

Startups have about $1 trillion worth of reasons to love the Biden infrastructure plan


“From the invention of the semiconductor to the creation of the Internet, new engines of economic growth have emerged due to public investments that support research, commercialization, and strong supply chains,” the White House wrote.

Expanding Our Entrepreneurial Imagination in Indianapolis

Forward Cities

As Forward Cities journeys with communities to develop equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems, one thing we are learning is that our collective imagination around entrepreneurship will have to expand. The spirit here was one of grit, hustle and resilience, all essential elements of entrepreneurship that we hope to enhance and elevate through our work in neighborhoods across the country. By Brandon Hudson, Director of Membership and Brett Brenton, Director of Readiness Assessments.

Why I’m Turning Over a New Leaf & Refocusing My Energy

Both Sides of the Table

He argues that economic insecurity certainly tells part of the story of this US election cycle but not all of it. It is rising in countries in Northern Europe [like Sweden], where economic growth has been robust; in Germany, where manufacturing jobs have stayed strong; and in France, where the state provides many protections for the working class. This election has been hard on our country.

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