A close look at Singapore’s thriving startup ecosystem


In addition, Toni works on several digital-economy-related initiatives that support the scaling of digital businesses, stimulate startup ecosystems and accelerate the digital transformation of key industries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Toni Eliasz. Contributor.

Israel’s startup ecosystem powers ahead, amid a year of change


It had produced, and was poised to produce, an enormous number of technology startups, given its relatively small size. The moniker became so ubiquitous, both at home and abroad, that “Israel Startup Nation” is now the name of the country’s professional cycling team. After a record year for Israeli startups, 16 investors tell us what’s next. Israel’s startups industry began emerging in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


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New Zealand’s startup ecosystem poised to grow more ‘tall poppies’


Notable companies and exits like Xero , Pushpay, Aroa Biosurgery , Vend , Seequent , Halter and Rocket Lab have put local startups on the map, but the scene is still immature and will need steady direction before it becomes a globally competitive ecosystem.

LG reveals the first shortlisted startups for its LG Nova incubator


Based out of Santa Clara in Silicon Valley, California, the LG business unit is finding new and interesting ways to work with startups to further LGs mission in some of its core growth areas. Startups Venture Capital ces 2022 CVC LG LG Nova startup incubator

Should founders join incubators?

Tomasz Tunguz

We had a conversation about the role of incubators and accelerators (or the moniker of your choice) within the startup ecosystem. Education - Examples include General Assembly runs a substantial education program and YCombinator operates Startup School and First Growth’s Venture Network. Office space - Only a few incubators offer office space and many of them at a fee. Yesterday, I spoke at Columbia Business School.

“We are going to create the best environment for startups in Europe”


Spain’s government is gearing up to pass the country’s first ever startup law. The process of debating and agreeing the details of this startup ecosystem support framework is expected to take between six and nine months. In Spain, the average lifespan of a startup is 2.7

Dear Sophie: How can I get my startup off the ground and visit the US?


Dear Sophie, I’m a female entrepreneur who created my first startup a few months ago. Once my startup gets off the ground — and as COVID-19 gets under control — I’d like to visit the United States to test the market and meet with investors. Sophie Alcorn. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Black Innovation Alliance, Village Capital team up to support founders of color


Resource aims to give local accelerators and incubators support in the form of training and community. Resource’s “ESO Accelerator” will train startup ecosystem leaders on how to build a more financially sustainable organization, as well as help connect them to potential funders.

Why every VC should spend a month with an accelerator


Juan Carlos Hernández is the executive director at parallel18 , a top-level, performance-driven international startup program with a social mission, part of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust. Juan Carlos Hernández. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

8 investors, founders and execs predict cybersecurity, fintech will take Belfast by storm


And as far as the local startup scene goes, the U.K.’s With that in mind, we reached out to founders, investors and executives in the city to get an inside look at the state of the current tech startup ecosystem. Which sectors is your tech ecosystem strong in?

Startup Communities – Where to Find Them and How to Get Involved

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

While entrepreneurs can be found everywhere, some startup ecosystems are thriving more than others. Building a startup community, or startup ecosystem, is no easy task and requires a lot of intentional work. An interconnected startup community is one that shares common values and whose interests support the entrepreneurs, their ventures, and the startup community as a whole. What is a startup community? Why create a startup community?

SeedFuel–Rowad, Flat6Labs, and Nest on the Bahrain Startup Community


If you’ve ever wondered what an island like Bahrain has to offer to entrepreneurs and startups, we’re happy to fill you in and let you know how the ecosystem here has developed with the support of key stakeholders. Bahrain positions itself as business-friendly, with advantages that any startup would find valuable. In addition, there are a number of accelerators based in Bahrain, which can be viewed on Startup Bahrain’s ecosystem page.

Next Media Accelerator on How Hamburg Helps Startups Gain Momentum


According to Hamburg Startup Monitor 2018, more than 660 young companies are to be found in the harbour city. Leading innovation hubs such as Next Media Accelerator (NMA), Next Commerce Accelerator, Next Logistics Accelerator, Airbus BizLab Accelerator, Social Impact Lab Hamburg, and successful incubators like Hanse Ventures and Media Lift are attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world. The NMA serves as an entry point for startups to connect with established companies.

Next Level Entrepreneurship: Investing in a New Generation of Startups

Entrepreneurs' Organization

With its innovative model for empowering rural women and youth, IndiVillage introduces balance to India’s ecosystem—where cities tend to grow exponentially while rural villages have few economic opportunities. “We The program’s name reflects its focus on five pillars for startup success: Customer, Achievement, Recognition, Education and Social. EO CARES is designed to address learning, networking, growth and scalability for startups.

Venture studio Adanian Labs fuels startup growth in Africa


In February 2020, as the world was shutting down, and as businesses downsized on account of the Covid pandemic, John Kamara was busy establishing another new startup Adanian Labs in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. It makes equity investment of up to $120,000 in these startups.

Brazil’s Black Silicon Valley could be an epicenter of innovation in Latin America


Over the last five years, Brazil has witnessed a startup boom. Salvador (Bahia’s capital) is the natural birthplace of Brazil’s Black Silicon Valley, which largely centers around a local ecosystem hub, Vale do Dendê. Paulo Rogério Nunes. Contributor.

Engaging with the startup community: in conversation with Reece Walker and William McCullough

Startup Catalyst

We talked about how startups have changed over the last few years, what support has meant to them, Startup Catalyst missions and their impact, as well as ways to get involved in the startup community. Reece Walker is a partner at McCullough Robertson and a director of Startup Catalyst. He has been a supporter of the startup community since before the word startup was in general conversation. The 2017 Startup Catalyst Europe Mission cohort?—?Will

How VCs, Accelerators, and Coworking Spaces Put Communities in Buildings vs. Buildings in Communities

This is going to be BIG.

Despite the attempts at seeding things way downtown, Flatiron and Soho is where tech startups grew, just like today. Just because you put up a structure doesn't mean it's going to sprout a whole innovation ecosystem. These are people whose business it is to support startups. You can get just about any wealthy person to part with some small portion of their wealth to put into risky investments, but these people don't contribute back to the ecosystem.

How to Find a Job as a VC Scout: Compensation and Which Firms Are Recruiting

David Teten VC

For emerging VC and private equity investors: accelerators, platforms, communities, and incubators. E.g., senior executives or lawyers who want to be exposed to the ecosystem, education, and the upside of potential carry. Refer a startup, get $2,500”.

The Rise of the Rest Class of 2019


At the end of each tour day, we hosted a pitch competition where a local startup received a $100,000 investment from Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund. For the pitch competitions in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Miami, and Puerto Rico, innovative startups based within a 100-mile radius of a tour stop were invited to apply. Why did you launch (or land) your startup in Orlando? Why did you launch your startup in your city? Why did you launch your startup in your city?

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The Four Cities Every Startup Should Invest in Visiting

Entrepreneurs' Organization

When you’re growing your startup, there’s something to be said for the old-fashioned meet and greet. However, hitting the streets of large cities to chat over coffee can be daunting and expensive for cash-strapped startups.

What Startup Studios Look Like in 2020


Startup studios are one of the hottest topics in the startup world right now. Yet, most people, even those in the startup world, still have no idea what startup studios do or how they support startups. Now they’re one of the main avenues startups use to launch their companies. And just this past year, we began supporting a similar community of the world’s most-respected startup studios through GSSN.

Q&A with Meg Salyer

Innovation 2 Enterprise

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs pursuing a startup in Oklahoma? Oklahoma’s startup ecosystem is disproportionately male, how can we improve the number of women-led startups in our region? Q&A with Meg Salyer. Founder, and former President and CEO.

Sequoia debuts Arc, a London/SV program to find and mentor outlier startups, backing each with $1M


Now, as competition heats up among investors to work with the most promising startups earlier, and the field of the founders hoping to build and launch companies gets wider and wider, the firm is taking a new approach.

9 investors, execs and founders discuss Zagreb’s startup potential


Startups may not spring to mind when speaking about the beautiful country of Croatia. The city’s angel investor scene isn’t very strong yet, but that could be attributed to the ecosystem’s youth. Which are the most interesting startups in your city?

Top Ann Arbor Tech Companies and Startups to Watch in 2022


Ann Arbor continues to be one of the top growing tech ecosystems around the country with some of the best startups to watch. This was a year like no other for Ann Arbor startups, so we’ve spent lots of time keeping up with all the news from Ann Arbor tech companies.

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Opportunity Amid Volatility


Much of this can trickle down into the startup ecosystem. You’ll see posts like this on TechCrunch about various VCs warning their portfolio founders to brace themselves for a cash crunch, and today USV’s Fred Wilson reiterated an important point he often returns to, that in the game of startup financing, it’s a game of going for growth or profitability, and eventually, valuation multiples compress. It’s an unusual time in the markets.

In the News: Israel’s exit value grew 800% in the last decade


Startup Nation and beyond. Startup nation: Israeli high-tech sector notes record 2019, outstanding decade. Mobility… Phantom Of The Operator: Self-Driving Tech’s Slowing Timetable Creates Opening For This Monitoring And Guidance Startup , featuring Phantom Auto.

8 founders, leaders highlight fintech and deep tech as Bristol’s top sectors


The city also has the most fintech startups per head in the U.K. outside London, according to Whitecap’s 2019-2020 Ecosystem Report. Bristol is also home to an important startup accelerator, SETsquared. A collaborative effort by the five universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey, the accelerator has supported over 4,000 entrepreneurs and helped their startups raise a total of £1.8 Which sectors is Bristol’s tech ecosystem strong in?

Dutch startup hub Utrecht emerges from Amsterdam’s shadow


While Amsterdam garners the lion’s share of attention in the Netherlands tech ecosystem, the not-so-far-away region around Utrecht has its fair share of tech startups and investors, as is evidenced by our latest survey of locals, below. Notable startups from the region include Distimo (acquired by AppAnnie), unicorn GitLab, MoneyMonk and StuComm. It just goes to show the region has a strong and growing ecosystem. Stefan Braam , incubation lead, UtrechtInc.

The Screwy Logic of Crowdfunding and Venture Fund Regulation

This is going to be BIG.

You know, because sometimes startups just simply don't make it [shrug] but you gotta watch out for those financial hucksters who are looking to take your money and run off to kick it in Fiji. 25 people I've actually placed at companies as part of a message of how I help startups. But crowdfunding investments in startups is the answer to all our worries in life, right? At least startups have accelerators, incubators, etc.

Ycombinator - Where unicorns are born

Don Dodge

Angel investing in tech startups is a gut wrenching and risky business. Ycombinator is the largest and most successful startup incubator in history, and it was started right here in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Startup incubators and accelerators are everywhere today, but were relatively unknown when Ycombinator started 10 years ago. But, no matter how smart we think we are at avoiding risky startups, we can miss on surprising “unicorn” winners too.

Don't ask "Why Brooklyn?" Ask "How?"

This is going to be BIG.

To me, there are a couple of basic reasons: 1) If nothing else, it's geographically closer to more startups than midtown firms like RRE, Greycroft, and Firstmark.so, *why not* put my office here? Eighty percent of Etsy's employees live in Brooklyn and I'd venture to say that half the startup community in general lives here. None of these reasons stem from the idea that Brooklyn is where better startups will be born.

How to Win Consulting, Board, and Deal Roles with Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

David Teten VC

connects startups to experts in building new businesses. Particularly relevant is Startups.com , which help tech startups identify consultants with relevant domain expertise. Startup board meetings template presentation.

Surging homegrown talent and VC spark Italy’s tech renaissance


As Italy reinstates many COVID-19 restrictions, the country’s tech ecosystem is watching and waiting to see what the wider effects of the emergency will be. However, seed rounds for startups remain low, even for Europe, ranging from anywhere from €300,000 to €1 million.

Spain’s ten-year plan to put startups in the economic driving seat


Spain is preparing to push forward with pro-startup legislation, having recently unveiled a big and bold transformation plan with the headline goal, by 2030, of turning the country into ‘Spain Entrepreneurial Nation’, as the slightly clumsy English translation has it.

Newsletter: Shopping enters the metaverse


Startup of the Week: Scopio, AI-powered digital blood diagnosis. Startup of the Week: Scopio: AI-powered digital blood diagnosis. Weekly Newsletter investing investment Israeli tech Job Opportunities jon medved ourcrowd startup startup community startup nation technology