The Achilles Heel of Startup Ecosystems

This is going to be BIG.

Across the world, various economic development organizations, government agencies, and non-profits are putting in admirable and well-intentioned efforts to develop startup ecosystems. Everyone is excited when a new company gets funded in their ecosystem, but no one spends much time thinking about where the money comes from to fund that deal. Take the example of goTenna , a thriving communications hardware startup located in Downtown Brooklyn that employees almost 50 people.

Kenya’s Pariti raises $2.85M led by Harlem Capital to develop startup ecosystems in emerging markets


Pariti , the Kenya-based community-led marketplace building the digital infrastructure for startup ecosystems in emerging markets, has raised $2.85 This led to a significant increase of interest from local and international investors for African startups.


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What minority founders must consider before entering the venture-backed startup ecosystem


But most venture-backed startups are “still overwhelmingly white, male, Ivy-League-educated and based in Silicon Valley,” according to a study conducted by RateMyInvestor and Diversity VC. Venture funding does remain elusive , but here are some tricks for startup founders to hack the system.

Detroit’s Monica Wheat Strengthens Startup Ecosystem with Equality and Inclusion


A strategist, educator and venture developer, Southfield native Monica Wheat has dedicated her career to venture capital, but what truly sets her apart is her dedication to improving Detroit’s startup community and making it more inclusive to women and girls.

What does it take to create a startup ecosystem?


Say it louder for the people in the back: As tech grows bigger by the minute and venture capital adds dollar signs by the day, a startup hub’s success is not an either/or situation. It made me immediately wonder if all it takes to create a startup ecosystem is deep pockets.

The Startup Community Way

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

My friend Brad Feld has updated his excellent book on startup ecosystems called Startup Communities. The updated and expanded book is called The Startup Community Way and it is available for pre-order on Amazon. This suggests to me that we will see tech entrepreneurship and innovation move even more broadly around the US and around the world this decade and The Startup Community Way can be a playbook for how to make that happen.

Israel’s startup ecosystem powers ahead, amid a year of change


It had produced, and was poised to produce, an enormous number of technology startups, given its relatively small size. The moniker became so ubiquitous, both at home and abroad, that “Israel Startup Nation” is now the name of the country’s professional cycling team. After a record year for Israeli startups, 16 investors tell us what’s next. Israel’s startups industry began emerging in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

VCs discuss the opportunities – and challenges – in Pittsburgh’s startup ecosystem


Like many in the Steel City startup community, both share a focus on the historically difficult task of keeping startups in town. I asked Peduto and Mawhinney what the single biggest obstacle has been in building out Pittsburgh’s startup ecosystem.

Pittsburgh: A City Fueled By a Culture of Innovation and Community


It was the first of five trips we’re making around the world where accelerators, corporate partners, and startups come together around one purpose: Helping startups who are operating in unique places around the world (“everywhere else” places—the cities that might not be considered major tech hubs) gain more momentum, wherever they call home. A Strong Community. ” “There is always time to help out a startup founder.”

How VCs, Accelerators, and Coworking Spaces Put Communities in Buildings vs. Buildings in Communities

This is going to be BIG.

I'll bet you don't know where the Center of NY's Tech Community and Center of Creativity is. In fact, it is "well-known internationally as the original home of New York's technology community.". Despite the attempts at seeding things way downtown, Flatiron and Soho is where tech startups grew, just like today. What you had with 55 Broad was a case of trying to thrust a building into the community without necessarily seeding and connecting the community to the building.

SeedFuel–Rowad, Flat6Labs, and Nest on the Bahrain Startup Community


If you’ve ever wondered what an island like Bahrain has to offer to entrepreneurs and startups, we’re happy to fill you in and let you know how the ecosystem here has developed with the support of key stakeholders. Bahrain positions itself as business-friendly, with advantages that any startup would find valuable. In addition, there are a number of accelerators based in Bahrain, which can be viewed on Startup Bahrain’s ecosystem page.

How to Kick Start Your Community’s Startup Scene

Both Sides of the Table

I have never been more optimistic about the impact that the tech startup community is having on cities in America or about the role that cities outside of San Francisco / Silicon Valley can play in our future. I believe the next 20 years will be an excited time of regeneration for Cincinnati and many more progressive communities across the country. Changes in the Startup Ecosystem. So the startup work moves to where the startup founders live and not vice versa.

Startup Communities – Where to Find Them and How to Get Involved

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

While entrepreneurs can be found everywhere, some startup ecosystems are thriving more than others. Building a startup community, or startup ecosystem, is no easy task and requires a lot of intentional work. An interconnected startup community is one that shares common values and whose interests support the entrepreneurs, their ventures, and the startup community as a whole. What is a startup community?

How Will Beneficial Ownership and Blue Sky Fees Legislation Impact the Startup Ecosystem?

Angel Capital Association

Proposed legislation for the Anti Money Laundering Act could severely impact the small business community and impinge upon an economic recovery. If these startups don’t comply, they face substantial fines and potential jail time. By: Pat Gouhin, Chief Executive Officer One of the fundamentals pillars of the Angel Capital Association is protecting and advocating for the rights of angel investors and the entrepreneurs they support.

Engaging with the startup community: in conversation with Reece Walker and William McCullough

Startup Catalyst

We talked about how startups have changed over the last few years, what support has meant to them, Startup Catalyst missions and their impact, as well as ways to get involved in the startup community. Reece Walker is a partner at McCullough Robertson and a director of Startup Catalyst. He has been a supporter of the startup community since before the word startup was in general conversation. The 2017 Startup Catalyst Europe Mission cohort?—?Will

Why “The Culture of Failure” is Imperative to Startup Communities

Both Sides of the Table

I recently wrote about the 12 tips to building successful startup communities. I lived in London from 1997-2005 and for 6 of those years ran my startup based out of London. If your startup went belly-up (the Brits have a much more crude slang term for it) there wasn’t likely somebody lined up to fund your next attempt at a startup. Everything I learned about startups I learned by making mistakes at my first one. Startup Advice

A university’s role in an emerging startup community and other conversations

Startup Catalyst

It still felt the same, even though I had changed so much, QUT had changed so much, and the ecosystem had changed so much. Why QUT and Startup Catalyst have stayed friends. QUT has been a supporter of Startup Catalyst for four years. It was just quite extraordinary to give students the opportunity to go to Silicon Valley, see what’s happening in firms, and to do a startup weekend in the middle. It’s not all startups! Roles within the ecosystem.

Time to grab your pass to TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco


We can’t wait to welcome you and more than 10,000 other attendees to our flagship event — the epicenter of the startup ecosystem. . Startup Battlefield 200: Startup Battlefield is expanding! It is, by far, the best launching pad for early-stage startups.

How can Australia kickstart the local startup community?


Australia has some very active, organized, groups of angel investors, and they should be embraced and brought into the startup community as a resource. An online central hub of the entire startup ecosystem would be a great way to bring all of the startup constituents and components together. Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin makes some excellent points, most of which are ones that I would have made.

How Pariti is connecting founders with capital, resources and talent in emerging markets


According to Startup Genome , Beijing, London, Silicon Valley, Stockholm, Tel Aviv are some of the world’s best startup ecosystems. Startup ecosystems from emerging markets excluding China and India didn’t make the organisations’ top 40 list last year.

Coral Capital closes third fund with $128M for startups in Japan


About 30% of its third fund is from global investors including the US, Asia and Europe, and Coral Capital wants to be a bridge between its Japan-based portfolio companies and global venture capital community for reaching international scale, Riney continued.

Meet the early stage founder community at TC Early Stage 2021


Building a startup is never easy, especially when you’re in the early innings and navigating a huge learning curve. Education, support and sage advice are arguably as essential to startup success as fundraising. Startups Early Stage 2021

Gregslist – The Strange Attractor

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Igniting Startup Ecosystems. What ignites a startup ecosystem? Thriving startup ecosystems are good for the economy, good for society, and good for pretty much everyone. But ecosystem building is hard.

Airspace Link raises $10M to make drones safer for both operators and communities


The Detroit, Michigan-based startup anticipates using the additional funds to expand its domestic offering and expand overseas. Founded in 2018 by Michael Healander, Daniel Bradshaw and Ana Healander, the Detroit-based startup employs 20 full-time staff.

Dispatches from the Road: Q2 2022


miles to visit founders, college campuses, co-investors, ecosystem builders, and communities in rising cities. The panel took place at The Ion, a 266K-sqft space designed to bring together Houston’s entrepreneurial, corporate, and academic communities.

How To Grow Your Economy. Build It, Don’t Buy It!

Ecosystem Builder Hub

Building Startup Communities is the Way to Economic Growth and Recovery. All across the country, communities need to jump start and rebuild their economies. The research and evidence supporting the impact and value of startup community building is strong.

Impact Hub Belgrade – 5 years of making, failing and creating impact

Impact Hub

As a team, we are dedicated to supporting and developing the Serbian innovation ecosystem. We do this by organizing panels on emerging topics in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with academic, business and startup leaders. How Impact Hub Belgrade supports its members.

Newsletter: Singapore meets Startup Nation


Startup of the Week: Polaris qb : Quantum-powered drug discovery. Israeli gaming startup Edge promises to send the already eye-popping numbers soaring by enabling gamers to monetize their most exciting gameplay moments. Singapore executives meet Startup Nation.

Newsletter: Israel’s most active investor


Startup of the Week: AutoBrains, new AI for automotive. Startup of the Week: AutoBrains: A new kind of AI for automotive. This is the ninth year in succession that OurCrowd has won the PitchBook accolade for our leadership of Israel’s tech investing ecosystem, CTech Calcalist reports.

Newsletter: We made Oprah’s holiday list + Micro-robots in the brain


Startup of the Week: Bionaut micro-robot inside the brain. ICON prints 100-home community with 3D technology. Startup of the Week: Bionaut: Micro-robot delivers drugs inside the brain. She included our culinary startup in her Favorite Things 2021 gift list.

Newsletter: Historic Israel-UAE free trade deal + Freightos to go public


Startup of the Week: 3d Signals: Modernizing the world’s factories. Israeli startup 3d Signals has created an integrated IoT/hardware/software product that can connect these machines to a cloud-based, AI-driven platform in a matter of days.

Newsletter: Biden in Jerusalem


Startup of the Week: ThetaRay: Trusted global payments. The enhanced OurCrowd mobile app allows you to open the world of startup investing on your Android or iOS device, as reported in the Times of Israel.

Newsletter: Some good news for a change


Startup of the Week: Trials show Sufresca keeps produce fresher, longer. Israeli startup ProFuse aims to cut the production price of lab-cultured protein. That’s all about to change with the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle revolution – and it’s making its way into the startup ecosystem.

Newsletter: Shopping enters the metaverse


Startup of the Week: Scopio, AI-powered digital blood diagnosis. Startup of the Week: Scopio: AI-powered digital blood diagnosis. Weekly Newsletter investing investment Israeli tech Job Opportunities jon medved ourcrowd startup startup community startup nation technology

We Built a More Inclusive Accelerator—Here’s What We Learned


Guest Blog by Lunar Startups. Yet, consumers with purchasing power are getting younger and more racially diverse every year, creating a huge market opportunity for startup founders who deeply understand this under-served group. Accelerator programs—one of the best tools we have to increase a startup’s survival rate—are limited in solutions provided, in ambition rewarded, and even more limited in regards to the founders who participate.

How to Replicate Amazon’s Success in Rising Cities


Does it mean that big tech will always choose to invest in coastal cities, further enriching strong startup ecosystems? But to say that the end result dispels the notion that great companies can start and scale anywhere suggests that startup ecosystems require a big tech outpost to progress. Here’s why: The HQ2 search process galvanized cities to drive collaboration between universities, economic development groups, civic leaders, and startup ecosystem builders.

Newsletter: OurCrowd Arabia opens for business


Startup of the Week: MAOLAC, benefits of breast milk proteins. Startup of the Week: MAOLAC: Benefits of breast milk proteins for all. Our cutting-edge digital healthcare startup Top investment opportunities. OurCrowd Arabia opens for business in the UAE.