Innovative businesses that support local communities

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

YLAI Network members Juliana Nieva de Castillo from Tucumán, Argentina and Julio César Bueno Cruz from Cali, Colombia illustrate two forms of social innovation and community support through unique business concepts. Juliana has dedicated herself to supporting the environment and developing a vision to “generate an ecological and sustainable awareness through a new form of design.” Julio’s clients ask for products associated with social responsibility and community support.

One social entrepreneur and activist’s mission to defend the environment and indigenous communities in Venezuela

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

By Bryce Kelly. 2017 YLAI Fellow Victor Rujano Bautista is the co-founder of Culturas Indígenas y Medio Ambiente Sustentable (CIMAS), an organization committed to promoting and defending the human rights of indigenous peoples and the protection of the environment in the Venezuelan state of Zulia.


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Ocean Solutions Accelerator doubles down on blue economy with new track for later-stage companies


“It became clear to us that now more than ever, ocean tech startups need powerful community support, mentorship, and access to those unique opportunities that truly propel their businesses.

The Unified Theory of Food Investing for Tech VCs

This is going to be BIG.

That's why Sherbrooke and Benchmark just put $8mm into Farmingo , to support these food communities via social software. Will they all be part of a movement to get a lot more conscious about our own ecological footprints, where our food comes from, and it's quality? One of the aspects of running a venture fund that I am most excited about is turning over rocks that other VCs might not.

Accelerating Sustainable Food Business Solutions to Reshape Our Cities

Impact Hub

This year saw the launch of Feeding the City Accelerate in the UK, which aims to support more established small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working in the realm of sustainable food to scale. 2007 marked an important milestone for the Earth’s cities.

10 Zurich-area investors on Switzerland’s 2020 startup outlook


The country’s Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI) supports CTI-Startup and CTI-Invest, providing startups with investment and support. Fundraising platforms such as Investiere have boosted the angel community support of early funding rounds.

10 Key Buildings in the Brooklyn Innovation Community

This is going to be BIG.

menagerie of creative entrepreneurs occupies the seven-story building, now known as the Metropolitan Exchange, or MEx, including biotechnologists, ecologically minded architects, organic fashion designers and even miniature-cupcake makers. Back in 2006, when I started working on putting together some community groups for entrepreneurs and tech people, I looked for a better name to reference this collection of people.

Press Release: Impact Hub Joins Pact for Impact Summit 2019

Impact Hub

This Global Alliance is created to face the many social and ecological challenges of today and of tomorrow — including climate change, the fight against poverty, precariousness and inequalities, migrations, healthcare, among others. Pact for Impact Conference 2019 marks the beginning of the Global Alliance for a social and inclusive economy.

Why Yelp should pay attention to not shooting itself in the face (and what ripping off Foursquare and taking big money from Elevation mean)

This is going to be BIG.

Back in July, I wrote a piece called “ Why Yelp (…and every single retail establishment) Should Support Foursquare ”. Undoubtedly, that kind of strategy will actually work against Yelp in today’s ecology.

LaunchPad Lift Spotlight: May West


The more they researched the plant, the more fixated they became on the ecological implications of milkweed as well. Their support will be invaluable as May West continues to evolve and grow.”. Highlights of student-led ventures participating in LaunchPad Lift, part of the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars entrepreneurship program.

Nana nabs $6M for an online academy and marketplace dedicated to appliance repair


“I am not a supporter of what they told you,” he said in an angry voice. Nana has created a new, scalable approach to giving people the agency, tools and support systems they need to build new skills and pursue fulfilling work opportunities.”.

Spain’s ten-year plan to put startups in the economic driving seat


The broad-brush goals for the strategy are to increase growth in startup investments; attract and retain talent; promote scalability; and inject innovation into the public sector so it can bolster and support Spain’s digital development.