Hacking Innovation Education in New York

This is going to be BIG.

The local tech community is figuring this out, not surprisingly, way before the academic institutions are—and where it is being discovered by academia, it’s being done on a one-off basis by educational revolutionaries in the innovation space who aren’t stopping to ask their schools for permission or to change curricula. HackNY is a terrific example of how academics should be inspiring innovation.

10 Key Buildings in the Brooklyn Innovation Community

This is going to be BIG.

I wanted someone who was experimenting with computer controlled LEDs as an art form to feel part of the community as well--which is why I started referring to it as the "Innovation Community". This outer borough community is fueled by the creativity of an even wider assortment of innovators--and what I find most interesting is where they do what they do.


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Innovative businesses that support local communities

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

YLAI Network members Juliana Nieva de Castillo from Tucumán, Argentina and Julio César Bueno Cruz from Cali, Colombia illustrate two forms of social innovation and community support through unique business concepts. Juliana has dedicated herself to supporting the environment and developing a vision to “generate an ecological and sustainable awareness through a new form of design.” Coffee with a Pinch of Social Innovation.

Accelerating Sustainable Food Business Solutions to Reshape Our Cities

Impact Hub

It is clear that without rapid innovation on a global scale, what we eat in our cities and how we produce it poses an existential challenge. 2007 marked an important milestone for the Earth’s cities. It happened without us realizing at the time.

Press Release: Impact Hub Joins Pact for Impact Summit 2019

Impact Hub

This event aims to build a coalition of States, institutions, actors and networks, for the development of SSE, inclusive economy and social innovation. Pact for Impact aims to build a coalition of States, institutions, actors and networks, for the development of SSE, inclusive economy and social innovation. Pact for Impact Conference 2019 marks the beginning of the Global Alliance for a social and inclusive economy.

bluShift Aerospace launches its first rocket powered by biofuels


These differ from traditional fuels in that they offer safety advantages during handling, and ecological advantages during production and use.

Founders from MIT With a Plan to Change How We Grow and Eat Food

Both Sides of the Table

Today we’re proud to talk more about Grove Labs – we really hope you’ll quickly check out this innovative product and we think many of you will be as impressed with Grove as we have been. Tack on the challenges with land, bee population decline, heavy use of ecologically destructive fertilizers and pesticides and extreme food waste and this adds up to a real global challenge. .

Climate Crisis: Extinction Rebellion


I recently recorded a podcast about the climate crisis where I made the point that we should not think about innovation versus activism, we need both. In fact the level and speed of innovation that is required if we want to have any chance, can only be achieved if we make massive changes at the collective level (e.g. Tell the truth: Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.

Why Yelp should pay attention to not shooting itself in the face (and what ripping off Foursquare and taking big money from Elevation mean)

This is going to be BIG.

Whitney McNamara referred to as the “post that launched 1000 VCs”, but it was really meant to open up a dialogue between an innovative little company hyperfocused on an important piece of data—when people show up to venues—and a bigger company dependent on relationships with venues. Good luck hiring anyone innovative, too. That’s not the kind of place innovators tend to like to work. Undoubtedly, that kind of strategy will actually work against Yelp in today’s ecology.

10 Zurich-area investors on Switzerland’s 2020 startup outlook


Lawyers and accountants tend to err on the conservative side, leading to a low failure rate of businesses but less “moonshot innovation,” shall we say. European entrepreneurs who want to launch startups could do worse than Switzerland.

Marie Ekeland launches 2050, a new fund with radically ambitious, long-term goals


What we’re doing is quite innovative, so we’re learning by doing,” Ekeland said. For instance, 2050 will contribute to Université Paris Dauphine’s class on the ecological challenges of the 21st century. Marie Ekeland has unveiled her next act — and it’s a new fund called 2050.

Spain’s ten-year plan to put startups in the economic driving seat


The broad-brush goals for the strategy are to increase growth in startup investments; attract and retain talent; promote scalability; and inject innovation into the public sector so it can bolster and support Spain’s digital development.

Five common misconceptions about building a startup in New York City

This is going to be BIG.

I grew up here, went to school here, and have worked hard over the last 5+ years to help build up the NYC innovation community. There’s more media here in NYC than anywhere and it’s up to the startup to get themselves in the thick of the conversation as a relevant player innovating in a space. Just because there are a lot of startups living off of a certain ecology in a city doesn’t mean you can’t build a different kind of company in that place.