Sun.Nov 20, 2022

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The Best Time of Year to Raise for Your Startup

Tomasz Tunguz

I set out to determine if fundraising seasonality had changed from this post I published in 2014 which suggested Q2 & Q4 were best for founders. The answer is yes. The US software Series A market has become much less seasonal since that post in 2014.

Einride founder on building an underlying business to support future tech goals


Swedish startup Einride was founded in 2016 with a mission to electrify freight transport. Today, that means designing electric trucks and an underlying operating system to help overland shippers make the transition to electric.

7 Ways to Supercharge Your ABM Strategy with Real-Time Intent

Streaming real-time intent is a homerun for marketing and sales’ account-based marketing (ABM) strategies—the ultimate competitive advantage. With the help of the fastest, most frictionless way to target strategic accounts with in-the-moment behavioral data, marketers can reach prospects at the very beginning of their buyer’s journey. Even before they’ve engaged with any sales or marketing channels. With real-time buyer insights, you can be first-in-line to provide solutions and lead better, hyper-personalized conversations, helping you prioritize sales outreach with companies that are ready to buy.

[Flytrex in Calcalist] FlyTrex CEO explains journey to becoming largest drone delivery service in the US


Yariv Bash, Co-founder & CEO of FlyTrex, noted how an average delivery takes 3-4 minutes so the company’s drones can even deliver ice cream and coffee. Read more here.

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[Biolojic in The Times of Israel] Cancer patients test world’s first ‘computer-designed’ antibodies, made in Israel


‘Nano-robot’ antibodies can be programmed to do much more when designed from scratch than when based on animal/human antibodies, says inventor. Read more here.


[YOOM in Calcalist] “The metaverse is not a revolution, it’s a natural evolution”


Matan Efrima, CPO at YOOM, said his company’s technology enables people to bring their real selves into the metaverse in order to engage with their audiences. Read more here.